Chapter One: Section Two.  Prehistory – 2 eras  Old Stone Age / Paleolithic Period  2 million B.C. – 10,000 B.C.  New Stone Age / Neolithic Period

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  • Chapter One:Section Two

  • Prehistory 2 erasOld Stone Age / Paleolithic Period2 million B.C. 10,000 B.C.New Stone Age / Neolithic Period10,000 B.C. 3,500 B.C.Similarities - In both periods people used stone toolsDifferences - New Stone Age new skills and tech. that lead to changes in daily life

  • Early humans lived in the end of Old Stone AgeNomads people who move from place to place to find foodLived in groups of 20 -30Men jobsWomen jobsMade tools out of bone, wood, stoneUsed fire for cooking and skins for clothingDevelopment of language

  • 40,000 yrs. Ago people boated to SE Asia and AustraliaReligion?End of Old Stone Age/100,000 yrs., began burying their dead with great careHow is this a sign of a belief in afterlife?

    Animism belief that spirits reside in animals, objects, or dreamsCave drawings, deep in caves away from living areas religious rituals

  • How would life be different for a person that lives in a settlement compared to a nomad?

  • Neolithic Revolution People began to be able to produce their own foodNo longer needed to search for foodCould remain in one place year roundEstablished first permanent villagesLed to new technologiesWhy is it called a revolution?

  • Domestication raise plants and animals in ways best for human use

    Realized seeds could be saved and plantedRounded up animals that they hunted

  • Did the Revolution happen everywhere around the world at the same time?China 13,000 B.C. dogsWestern Asia 8,000 6,000 B.C. goats, sheep, pigsTurkey and Africa domesticated cattle / S. America llama and alpacas, around the same time10,000 B.C. 6,000 B.C. Africa, SE Asia yamsChina millet and riceCentral America and Mexico squash, gourdsMiddle East barley, chickpeas, peas, lentils, wheatAfter all this domestication what life changes did people make?

  • First Neolithic VillagesCatalhuyuk Turkey 7,000 B.C. 6,500 people three times bigger than Jericho

    Jericho Israel built 10,000 9,000 B.C.Few thousand people lived there smallSurrounded by a wall What did that mean?

  • Work divided by genderMen dominated family, economic, politicalAlso, heads of family Older men = Council of EldersMade important decisions plant / harvest

  • Ability to accumulate possessions and differences in wealth appearedFarming to be successful needed new tech.Invented calendars why?,Specialization in occupation tools, weaving cloth from hair or vegetable fibers, clay potteryAgain: Technologies not created everywhere at the same time slowly traveled thousands of yearsSome invented similar but separate showing diff. and sim.

  • By yourself:What is one invention you could not do without? How has it changed your life? If it was gone, how would your life be different? Be specific.