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Chad Townsend, Town of BanffAlberta Sustainable Tourism ForumDec 9, 2010Nakoda Lodge, Morley,

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  • 1. Banff Community PlanNatural environment goal: Be an environmental role model for communities around the world

2. municipal solid waste 3. residential waste diversion 4. commercial waste diversion 5. waste water treatment and biosolids 6. community energy and water usage 7. Town energy and water usageLEED 8. Town building; leading by example 9. Town purchasing; leading by example 10. Celebrating and communicating leadership20082009 Sustainable Transportation Finalist - Outstanding Achievementsby an Alberta Government Institution 11. our role in wider National Park ecosystemmanagement 12. our role in wider National Park ecosystemmanagement 13. Urban Forest Management 14. Chad Townsend, Environmental Coordinatorchad.townsend@banff.ca762-1110