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  • 8/9/2019 Cenius Leaflet





  • 8/9/2019 Cenius Leaflet


  • 8/9/2019 Cenius Leaflet




    Operational steps

    Loosening and mixing Levelling and crumbling

    Concave discs arranged in two rows

    The spiral spring tines arranged in three rows in the

    main frame provide the even incorporation of straw

    residue into the soil surface. The line spacing of only

    230 mm allows for full area work even on dry and hard


    Tine spacings of 750 mm within and between the rows

    provide good blockage free material flow.

    Two kinds of spiral spring tines are available, depen-

    ding on the local conditions. The 35 mm square

    steel tines of the Cenius Special are suitable for light

    to medium soils with less stones and for heavy, stony

    soils the 45 mm round steel tines of the Cenius

    Super are used.

    Spring tines Rubber sprung mountings for the safe depth guidance

    Square steel tines

    Vario-Clip quick tine change system without tools and ingeniously simple

    The share carrier is firmly fixed on the spiral spring

    tine, the share body allows the simple exchange with-

    out tools.

    Narrow share50 mm

    Universal share110 mm

    Stubble share170 mm

    Stubble share220 mm

    For varying site conditions with frequent tine change

    the use of the Vario-Clip quick tine change system is


    Stubble-, inversion- or narrow shares

    for any kind of use the right coulter type

    The Cenius mulch cultivator can be equipped with

    different shares. Available, depending on the range of

    operation and working depth, stubble shares, inver-

    sion shares and narrow shares. The 170 mm wide

    stubble share is especially suited both for shallow

    stubble working and also for seed bed preparation

    in spring season. The 75 mm wide inversion share

    should be used for the even and intensive straw mixing

    in medium soil layers. For the top soil deep loosening

    after harvest, for example root crop, the 50 mm wide

    narrow share is available.

    Stubble share170 mm

    Inversion share75 mm

    Narrow share75 mm

    An excellent levelling of the worked soil horizon is

    the pre-condition for an even re-consolidation pro-

    vided by the concave discs arranged in two rows.

    Fixing the individual discs on sprung rubber moun-

    tings allow for individual soil adaptation and yet, at

    the same time, is the best protection against over-

    load. Of course, the disc bearings are maintenance-

    free. With the aid of square eccentric pins the disc

    gangs can be set centrally to different operational

    intensities. Adjustable side discs ensure the clean

    matching to the next bout.

    Disc arranged in two gangs Telescopic side disc

    Face seal builtin conical seats

    Gear oil fill

    2 x cast ringswith gliding plane

    2 x O-ring

    2-row angularcontact ball bearing

    Bearings with integrated face sealMaintenance-free disc bearings

    reliable and comfortable!

    No daily greasing thanks to the maintenance-free disc

    bearings. The integrated face seal provides the discs

    with absolute robustness and longevity even in toug-

    hest operational conditions.


  • 8/9/2019 Cenius Leaflet




    Re-consolidation and depth guidance Implement setting made easy!

    Not too much and not too little

    re-consolidation in strips with the wedge ring roller

    Depth and disc row adjustment without tools

    Wedge ring rollers provide the re-consolidation in

    strips the best pre-condition for an even emergence

    of volunteer grain. The open and less re-consolidated

    strips in between ensure the gaseous exchange and

    allow the passage of rain. In this way the danger of

    capping is prevented. Depending on tractor sizes two

    sizes of wedge ring rollers are offered.

    The program with the wedge ring roller KW 580 is

    supplemented by the somewhat lighter wedge ring

    roller KW 520.

    Alternatively available for light soils and soils with

    stagnant water problems:

    the alternative open cage roller.

    Quick working depth setting without tool via square

    eccentric pins on the main frame. Clear scales serve as

    a guide. Working depth from 5 to 20 cm are possible.

    In addition the mounting position of the following roller

    can be changed for top soil deep loosening in depth

    of about 25 cm. For crumbling and levelling also the

    position of the disc gangs is set centrally and without

    tools via square eccentric pins.


    KW 520 wedge ring roller

    Wedge ring roller with tine harrow

    the powerful combination for the spring season

    The tine harrow (option) behind the wedge ring roller provides additio-

    nal crumbling and the perfect levelling of the soil surface the ideal

    starting conditions for sugar beet or maize.

    During operation the tine harrow is put into a slight vibration. Coarse

    clods remain on the surface preventing capping even in heavy rainfall.

    The fine soil is moved into the range of the seed bed.

    s two




    KW 580 wedge ring roller

    SW 520 open cage roller

    Setting of the disc depthSetting of the total working depth

    From the practician for the practician!Cenius in profi-Test (Edition 02/05) Cenius on its way to genius

    Stability and finish

    .... at the first sight the Cenius leaves a robust

    impression ....

    .... the choice of shares, the wedge ring roller and

    the finish are plus points ....


    .... the setting of the side discs is examplary ....

    .... the very good operators manual also mentions

    axle loads, tyre carrying capacity and ballasting on the

    tractor ....

    Operational quality

    .... the inversion share is made for the shallow and

    deep soil tillage ....

    .... the 4 cm to 6 cm deep full area, shallow stubble

    working was possible with the wing shares without

    any problem ....

    .... the operational performance of the Cenius

    could fully convince no matter whether in shallow

    or deep operation ....


    .... there are only two grease nipples ....

    In the following ranges the Cenius can show its strengths: (excerpts and quotes from the original text)


  • 8/9/2019 Cenius Leaflet


    Technical data

    MI 1967 (GB) 08.08

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    Technical data


    Descriptions, illustrations and technical data are not binding and subject to change without prior notice!

    Cenius 3001 Special Cenius 3001 Super

    Working width 3,00 m 3,00 m

    Operational speed > 10 km/h

    Number of tines 13 13

    Tine type square steel tines 35 mm round steel tines 45 mm

    Number of discs 8 8

    Disc diameter 460 mm 460 mm

    Power requirement from 100 KW / 140 HP 100 KW / 140 HP

    Transport width 3,00 m 3,00 m

    Weight 1900 kg 2100 kg

    Cenius at home in conservation and

    conventional systems

    Stubble working Cenius

    Conservation establishment systems from stubble working to sowing

    Soil tillage Cenius

    Sowing for example KG with AD-P Super

    Sowing for example KG with AD-P Super

    Sowing for example KG with AD-P Super

    Stubble working Catros Soil tillage Cenius

    Conventional establishment systems from stubble working to sowing

    Stubble working Cenius Soil tillage Plough