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  • cdfmThe Certified Defense Financial Manager

  • ASMC Pledge of Professionalism

    As a CDFM, I will:

    Be guided in all activities by loyalty to the highest principles always remembering that public office is a public trust.

    Refrain from activities which are in conflict with the public interest or are discreditable to the Society, and avoid activities which create the appearance of such conflict.

    Exercise diligence, objectivity and integrity in professional activities, ever aware of the responsibility to avoid improprieties.

    Refrain from the transmission or usage, for personal gain or advantage, of information obtained in the professional environment.

    Carefully earn and continuously protect my reputation for good moral character in comptrollership.

    Recognize that professional example will influence associates and efficiency.

    Continuously strive to increase my professional knowledge and skills to improve service and value to associates and the Society.

    Extend the same consideration to the rights and interests of others that I seek for myself.

    Respect the professionalism of fellow-members and work with them to promote the goals and programs of the Society.

  • The Certified Defense Financial Manager, CDFMIn the US a significant portion of the federal budget is devoted to the defense sector. As a result, the field of defense financial management is both demanding and complex covering a multitude of interrelated disciplines and intertwined with a highly developed body of codified fiscal law. The American Society of Military Comptrollers offers the Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) Program to those persons desiring to demonstrate proficiency in the core aspects of defense financial management.

    The Certified Defense Financial Manager Program is open to all candidates who have the qualifications shown below. ASMC anticipates that most candidates will be civilian or military members of the Department of Defense, US Coast Guard, or employees of defense contractors and suppliers.

    The candidate must:Adhere to the ASMC Pledge of Professionalism.Have a high school diploma or equivalent.Successfully complete the required examinationsHave completed the required years of financial management experience as follows.

    Complete three years of defense-related financial management experience (without degree), ORComplete two years of defense-related financial management experience if the candi-date holds an associate degree or higher, ORIf no defense related financial management experience, then complete four years of federal government-related financial management experience (with an associate de-gree or higher).

    Candidates may take examinations before completing the required experience; however, certi-fication will not be awarded until all requirements have been satisfied. ASMC members receive a substantial discount on the enrollment. A membership form is provided in this brochure for your possible use.

    Examination FormatThe CDFM examination series contains four separate modules. Each examination module is multiple-choice and the primary delivery method is by computer. Examinations are adminis-tered at selected commercial testing organizations throughout the United States. Each exami-nation module contains a minimum of 80 questions and candidates are allotted two hours to complete each module. To achieve CDFM certification, a candidate must successfully complete modules 1-3. The fourth module, Acquisition, is optional. Completion of all four modules will result in the award of the CDFMA (Certified Defense Financial Manager with Acquisition Specialty). Modules may be taken one at a time or all in one sitting and may be completed in any order. In order to best prepare for the examination, the ASMC recommends that only one module be taken at a sitting.

  • Competencies Covered(with approximate representation)

    MODULE 1: RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ENVIRONMENTGovernment Resource Management Environment (15%)Defense Resource Management Environment (35%)Manpower Management (10%)Personnel Management (15%)Management and Internal Controls (10%)Fiscal Law (15%)

    MODULE 2: BUDGET AND COST ANALYSISPlanning, Programming, Budgeting & Execution (60%)Cost and Economic Analysis (20%)Business Management Process Improvement (10%)Fiscal Law (10%)

    MODULE 3: ACCOUNTING AND FINANCEFiscal Law (15%)Finance (35%)Accounting (35%)Auditing (15%)

    MODULE 4: ACQUISITION (optional) Goals, Strategy and the three Major DoD Decision Support Systems (11%)Systems Engineering (15%)Resource Management (10%)Life Cycle Logistics (8%)Human Systems Integration (5%)Acquiring Information Technology (7%)Technology Protection (5%)Test and Evaluation (9%)Decisions, Assessments and Reports (11%)Special Management Activities (Emphasis on Earned Value Management) (19%)

    Methods of PreparationModules 1, 2 and 3 of the Certified Defense Financial Manager examination cover a broad spectrum of financial management in twelve core competencies. ASMC anticipates that most members of the workforce will need to prepare in order to pass all the modules. Methods of preparation are outlined below:

    Attendance at ASMCs Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course

    The Department of Defense makes available a one-week Enhanced Defense Financial Manage-ment Training course presented by ASMC licensed instructors. The primary purpose of this course is to broaden your overall understanding of the financial management system and pre-pare you for the CDFM examinations. Open enrollment sessions are also available from ASMC licensed providers. Please check the web site for availability.

  • Attendance at ASMCs Module 4 Acquisition Training Course

    ASMC provides a one and one half day training course emphasizing the Defense departments approach to acquisi-tion of major systems. The course teaches an overview of the defense acquisition system, review and approval pro-cedures, milestones and program management terms in preparation for taking the module 4 examination. Please check the ASMC web site for availability.

    Attendance at DoDs Resource Management Universities and Schools

    Selected elements of the curriculum at these educational institutions, such as the Defense Financial Management and Comptroller School at Maxwell AFB, the Syracuse University Army Comptrollership Program, the Defense Resource Management Institute and the Naval Postgraduate School, will contribute to preparation for the examination.

    Group Study at Local ASMC Chapters

    Chapter group study may include sharing of administrative information and/or presentation by local CDFMs serving as instructors for the chapter members. Contact your local chapter president or program committee chair for details.


    The textbook used in the one-week Enhanced Defense Financial Manager training course is available for individual purchase through the ASMC. Information on textbook sales is available online at the web site cited below.

    Procedures for EnrollmentThe first step is determining your eligibility to sit for the CDFM examination. Candidates should review the prerequisites listed in this brochure and, if eligible, complete an application form. Upon the acceptance of the candidates enrollment a candidate ID will be assigned and a welcome letter will be sent to the candidates with specific instructions on exam purchase. Your enrollment begins a certification eligibility file which remains open for two years. If all required modules are completed within the two-year period this enrollment fee will not be charged again. In the event that a candidate takes more than two years to successfully complete the examinations, an extension of enrollment fee must be paid to remain eligible for examinations. All test modules completed in the initial enrollment period will remain valid toward the certification if there is no significant lapse in enrollment. However, each exam has a life of 48 months. If the 3-exam series is not completed in that time (measured from the date of the first exam success) then any exam(s) older than 48 months must be taken again.

    Candidates go to the ASMC web site to purchase an examination to be taken at a commercial testing center. Your welcome letter will contain detailed instructions. When purchasing an examination candidates should be prepared to pay for the exam using a major credit or debit card. Please note that if for some reason you cannot make your com-mercial testing center appointment and need to cancel, you must follow that organizations policy on cancellations.

    Many government agencies are authorized to reimburse employees for the cost of certification programs. Check with your employer to determine if this reimbursement is available to you. Also, the Veterans Administration has a reimbursement program for military members who qualify for the Montgomery GI Bill. See the ASMC web site for more information on published reim-bursement policies.

  • Testing Center ProceduresComputer-based testing is conducted at authorized commercial testing facilities located nationwide. Candidates must have proper identification (two forms of identification with signature are required).

    Acceptable signature identification may include government or company identification cards and credit cards. One must include a recent photograph, such as a passport, drivers license, or military/state identification cards.

    Americans with Disabilities Act ProceduresThe testing centers located in the U.S. are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and provide special accommodations. All testing centers are wheelchair accessible, have adjustable height desks, can accommodate requests for readers, and can be adapted to accept special peripheral equipment.