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    The rst collection was the name of the very rst publication of Capricci. The collection is also called rst because every publication from the collection is di erent. Every book could be considered as a series of its own: interviews, shooting diaries, monographs, unpublished scripts, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs... From philosophical essays to rst-person writing, from unpublished texts to classics, and to translations from English, German, and Japanese, The rst collection explores all possibilities in writings on lm.

  • 5JEAN-CLAUDE BIETTE, THE SENSE OF PARADOXEPierre Lon Filmmaker and critic, Jean-Claude Biette has directed seven fi lms. In this both scholarly and playful book, Pierre Lon traces a meandering body of work from one fi lm to another (and not necessarily in chronologi-cal order). The ironic realism of this fi lmmaker ended prematurely with his death 2003. The work of a pe-destrian, runaway artist, a Democratic poet describing a mysterious world of secrets big and small. In this world, guarded by an army of conspirators, labrynthes and mazes, everything is possible dreams as well as disasters.

    Size: 12,2 x 19 cm, 204 pages, 18 (France)

    ISBN: 9782918040729June 2013

    OH BROTHERS !ON COEN BROTHERS TRAILMarc Cerisuelo and Claire DebruFrom Blood Simple (1984) to Inside Llewyn Davis (2013), Joel and Ethan Coen manage to make the most demanding critics agree with a broad public. Film noir, romantic comedy, thriller, western, remake: they permit themselves all genres. With a fi ne knowledge of folk and rock, avid readers of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler or Cormac McCarthy, soaked in Yiddish stories and philosophy, their cinema juggles between pop and scholarly references. Marc Cerisuelo and Claire Debru follow the two brothers throughout the joyful exploration of each of their sixteen movies.

    size: 12,2 x 19 cm,252 pages, 19 (France)

    ISBN: 9791023900118November 2013

    TO FILM, SHE SAYSMARGUERITE DURAS CINEMACollectif(With an interview of Marguerite Duras by Jean Nar-boni and Jacques Rivette and texts of Philippe Azoury, Stphane Bouquet, Luc Chessel, Jean Clder, Pierre Eugne, Fernando Ganzo, Xavire Gauthier, Solange Mascolo and Luc Moullet). One century ago Marguerite Duras the writer was born. The writer ? Shouldnt we say the artist, to include her work as a fi lmmaker? Lets just say she is a voice, which marked, through its singularity, above the form of her works. The centenary of her birth was for Capricci an opportunity to take stock of a cinema unknown but valued.

    size: 12,2 x 19 cm,216 pages, 18 (France)

    ISBN: 9791023900491September 2014

  • 6THE APOCALYPSE-CINMA2012 AND OTHER ENDS OF WORLDPeter SzendyApocalypse-cinema does not simply describe an end-of-the-world scenario supported by well-known special effects baloney. The philosopher Peter Szendy brings forward the hypothesis that this is exactly where the cinema has its role and has to face its proper limits. With one and the same terrible blow, apocalypse-cinema declares the end of time and the end of fi lm.

    Size: 12,2 x 19 cm, 160 pages, 15 (France)

    ISBN: 9782918040514October 2012

    QUENTIN TARANTINO, AN UNCHAINED CINEMACollective work (With texts by Herv Aubron, Pascal Bonitzer, Emmanuel Burdeau, ric Chauvier, Marie Gil, Nomie Luciani, Patrice Maniglier, Jean Narboni, Corinne Rondeau, Nicolas Vieillescazes.)Quentin Tarantino, un cinma dchan is a deep and passionate study of cinema, history and politics. The authors, from different backgrounds critics, philosophers, anthropologists, researchers reconsider one of the greatest fi lmmakers of the past twenty years.

    Co-published with Les Prairies Ordinaires

    Special size: 15 x 21 cm, 160 pages, 18 (France)

    ISBN: 9782918040590January 2013

    PHILIPPE GARREL, IN SUBSTANCEPhilippe Azoury This is the fi rst book in France dedicated to Philippe Garrel. Philippe Azoury focuses particularly on the complex dialectic between Garrel and his actors (Catherine Deneuve, Laura Smet, Monica Bellucci, Louis Garrel ...) and his characters often inspired by his friends and companions (Nico, Jean Seberg, Jean Eustache ...). He unveils the poetic, intangible, invisible, under the silence of Philippe Garrels fi lms.

    Size: 12,2 x 19 cm, 264 pages, 19 (France)

    ISBN: 9782918040681March 2013

  • 7PHILIPPE CASSARDIN A SNAPA PIANIST IN CINMAInterview with Marc Chevrieand Jean NarboniWhat links Franz Schubert and Ingmar Bergman? Louis Beethoven, Jean-Luc Godard and the Rolling Stones? Teaching piano and Andrei Tarkovsky? Through interviews conducted by Marc Chevrie and Jean Narboni, Pianist Philippe Cassard offers a novel look at the associations between music and cinema.Book published in collaboration with France Musique.

    Size: 12,2 x 19 cm, 272 pages, 18,30 (France)

    15 Illustrations in black and white

    ISBN: 9782918040361January 2012

    Size: 12,2 x 19 cm, 256 pages, 16 (France)

    ISBN: 9782918040477May 2012

    BENOT DELPINE & GUSTAVE KERVERNFROM GROLAND TO THE BIG NIGHTInterview with Herv Aubron and Emmanuel BurdeauBenot Delpine and Gustave Kervern give new life to Isabelle Adjani and Grard Depardieu, lock Maurice Pialat in a closet, make David Lynch scream, travel across Finland by wheelchair, have a bullfi ght with a rhino... The fi rst book of interviews with Benot Delpine and Gustave Kervern in conjunction with the release of The Big night selected at Cannes in the category Un Certain Regard.

    Size: 12,2 x 19 cm, 192 pages, 18 (France) 64 Illustrations in color

    and black and whiteISBN: 9782918040484

    June 2012

    CECIL B. DEMILLE THE EMPEROR OF MAUVELuc MoulletThe American Cecil B. DeMille (1881-1959) is perhaps Hollywoods most well-known classic fi lmmaker. But he is also the least well-known. LEmpereur du mauve pays vibrant homage to the emperor of blockbusters by analyzing his fi lms and his career, written by the prince of slapdash cinema and the funniest of French critics.

  • 8MONTE HELLMANSYMPATHY FOR THE DEVILInterview with Emmanuel BurdeauSympathy for the Devil is an event: the fi rst book-length interview with Monte Hellman in French celebrates the return of an auteur after twenty years of absence.

    Size: 12,2 x 19 cm, 192 pages, 13,70 (France)

    15 Illustrations in black and white

    ISBN: 9782918040279March 2011

    Size: 12,2 x 19 cm, 224 pages, 14,70 (France)

    ISBN: 9782918040323April 2011

    STORY OF JULIEN AND MARGUERITEJean Gruault1603: Julien and Marguerite de Ravalet, son and daughter of the Lord of Tourlaville, are executed publi-cly for adultery and incest.1973: Jean Gruault gives Francois Truffaut the screenplay for a grand fi lm of passion adapted from the famous event.

    ABOUT TELVISIONFROM THE AVENGERS TO MAD MENLouis SkoreckiThis collection brings together chronicles from three decades, mostly published in Libration by Louis Skorecki and devoted to U.S. and British series new and old as well as a few from French TV. Contents: The Prisoner, Columbo, Little House on the Prairie, The Avengers, Magnum, Mission : Impossible, Mad Men, House

    Size: 12,2 x 19 cm, 208 pages, 16,20 (France)

    ISBN: 9782918040330November 2011

  • 9 WHY THE HAIRDRESSERS ? CURRENT NOTES ABOUT THE GREAT DICTATORJean NarboniA study of Chaplins Dictator that asks lots of whys: Why does the little soldier get amnesia after his stay at the hospital? Why little Jewish barber and not hairdresser? Why doesnt anyone see the resemblance between the Jewish barber and Hynkel? Why does the fi lm still have a power and foresight that feels even greater now than at the time it was made?Size: 12,2 x 19 cm, 144 pages, 13,20 (France)

    ISBN: 9782918040187April 2010

    JUST BEAUTIFULMichel DelahayeFrom Cahiers du cinma to the Lettre du cinma, Just Beautiful is a collection of texts by Michel Dela-haye that spans 40 years of his writing, offering rea-ders the chance to discover one of the major French critics of our time.

    Size: 12,2 x 19 cm, 336 pages, 16,20 (France

    ISBN: 9782918040217June 2010

    JUDD APATOWTHIS IS COMEDY Interview with Emmanuel BurdeauA lengthy interview with Judd Apatow, the key fi gure of the recent revival of American comedies, from his debuts in stand-up to his numerous productions. How does one write jokes? Whats both pleasurable and laborious about trying to make people laugh?

    Size: 12,2 x 19 cm, 144 pages, 13,20 (France)

    ISBN: 9782918040132September 2010

  • 10

    WERNER HERZOG SURVIVAL MANUALInterview with Herv Aubron and Emmanuel BurdeauSurvival Manual is the fi rst book of interviews with Werner Herzog to be published in French. He speaks about his fi lms Aguirre, la colre de Dieu (1972), Nosferatu, fantme de la nuit (1978), Fitzcarraldo (