Carnival of Venice 2016

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  • Carnival of Venice 2016 23 January 9 February

  • From January, 23

    To February, 9

    Venice historical Centre,

    islands, Mestre,


  • Number of visitors:

    more than 1.000.000 attendants, with daily peaks of 150.000 persons

    Programm of Carnival 2015

    18 days of events and celebrations: from the prologue to the Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday) that marks the grand finale of the gala.

    Crowds are expected to peak during the three weekends of the event (January 23-24 and 30-31, February 6-7), the Thursday before Lent (February 4) and Mardi Gras (February 9).

  • Program: the highlights

    Prologue (January 23-24): the official opening of the Carnival

    with the Festa Veneziana in Cannaregio, made of a water

    parade of rowers in costume and food tasting.

    First weekend (January 30-31): the Volo dellAngelo, the

    Festa delle Marie (that recalls a historical event elaborating it in

    the form of a beauty contest in Renaissance costumes), the

    historical re-enactments.

    Second weekend (6-7 February): final of the best masked

    costume contest, the commedia dellarte shows, music

    concerts, the volo dellAsino in Mestre.

    For the whole period of the carnival: daily shows for the best

    masked costume contest, cultural events (itineraries and

    nighttime visits to museums and cultural seats in the city,

    exhibitions, readings, ecc.), dj-set.

  • Lets all spend marvellous Carnival nights at the Arsenal!

    The Arsenal dresses up in

    magic, poetry, music and

    sensational special effects

    on water and turns into

    Carnival at the Arsenal.

    Music and traveling

    entertainment will be

    introduced by a magic


  • The Carnival of Venice Statistics data

  • Ord. Event %

    1 Carnival of Venice 79,5

    2 Venice International Film Festival 74,0

    3 Palio di Siena 71,0

    4 EuroChocolate in Perugia 70,0

    5 Viareggio Carnival 69,4

    6 Roma International film Festival 63,8

    7 Turin book fair 57,7

    8 Giffoni Film Festival 54,2

    9 Miss Italia 51,0

    10 Vinitaly in Verona 42,9

    More than 250 accredited Italian and foreign journalists at each edition.

    First event on a national level for potential visitor interest: 31.8 million interested Italian citizens, 79.5% of the population

    between the ages of 14 and 64.

    The classification of the first 10 events:

    Fame of Carnival

  • 35% young people under the age of 18

    90% daily excursionists ,

    10% overnight stays in Venice (70% foreigners - 30% italian)

    * = duration of 13 days instead of 11 days of the previous editions

    Source: Azienda di Promozione Turistica di Venezia

    Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011* 2012* 2013* 2014*

    Foreign arr. 69.967 83.606 66.282 80.278 89.368 107.651 89.280 87.039 100.457

    Foreign pres. 184.373 211.217 178.396 223.148 219.846 272.142 227.277 212.220 264.694

    Arr. from


    22.180 26.941 23.971 29.904 26.028 32.144 24.276 28.197 30.923

    Pres. Italy 51.138 59.573 55.875 69.642 64.030 74.073 56.235 61.545 72.602

    Arr. total 92.147 110.547 90.253 110.182 115.396 139.795 113.556 115.236 131.380

    Pres. total 235.511 270.790 234.271 292.790 283.874 346.215 283.512 273.765 337.296


    lenght of stay


    2.55 2.44 2.59 2,66 2.45 2.47 2,49 2,38 2,57

    Tourist flow in the citys reception structures durin the event:

    Carnival public profile

  • Country Arrivals Country Arrivals



    Poland 889

    Great Britain 8.977 Greece 748

    Germany 7.295 Czech Republic 669

    Spain 5.380 Sweden 626

    Russia 4.007 Irleland 441

    Austria 3.345 Norwey 377

    Belgium 2.574 Croatia 356

    Switzerland 2.564 Slovenia 351

    Hungary 1.305 Slovakia 282

    Turkey 1.282 Finland 254

    Portugal 1.200 Denmark 189

    Others countries 1.136 Luxemburg 97

    Netherlands 1.005 Iceland 17

    Pubblico profile: nationality Europa (2014)

  • Country Arrivals Country Arrivals


    17.797 Canada 1.101

    USA 8.782 Mexico 905

    China 5.278 Other Asia 725

    South Corea 5.255 Other Middle Est 725

    Other countries 4.337 Mediterranean Africa 331

    Brazil 4.242 Other Africa 254


    2.045 Suth Africa 207

    Other Latin


    1.867 Venezuela 191

    Israel 1.783 New Zeland 156

    Australia 1.271 Egypt 87

    Public profile: nationality World (2014)

  • Pubblic profile, main users basins (ed. 2014)

  • Sorgenti di


    Period: March 2013 - March 2014:

    Visitors: 898.824 unique visitors: 674.086 page views: 2.662.318 pages per visit 2,96 rebound frequency 46,38% avarage time on site: 00:02:42 new visits: 73,78%

    Most of visitors are Italian and English speakers.

    Statistics from the official website of Carnival (ed. 2014)

  • visitors: 701.127

    daily visitors 25.265 (picco)

    page per visit: 3,14

    rebound frequency: 44,26%

    avarage time on site: 00:02:54

    new visitors: 72,16%

    Also in the months when the event doesn't take place there are constant visits, with an average of around 300 visits a day.

    The main interest of the visitors is for the homepage, for the Photo Gallery and for the event program.

    Statistics from the offical Carnival website Period: February and March 2014

  • Partnership Commercial proposal

  • Sponsor of the event Exclusive company for its relative market sector;

    Possibility to use the official logo and the official image of every event on the

    sponsors products and communication.


    Official press conference Press kit

    - inclusion of one corporate press release

    - inclusion of the companys advertising material

    Coordination with the activities of the Official Press Office of the event

    - direct contacts with accredited journalist and TV networks

  • Inclusion of the sponsors logo on all official advertising material:

    - posters coverting the entire municipal area;

    - official brochure of the event handed out at the main hotels, restaurants,

    bars and shops, at tourist information offices and hand2hand at the main

    city hubs;

    - website of the event linked to the sponsor website;

    - advertising spaces bought by Vela Spa on media.

    Inclusion of an advertising page or box in the official brochure.

    Brand Communication

    Possibility to set up branded temporary stores in location with a constant flow of visitors at the time of the event (effective for advertising and sampling activities).

    Maximum expected duration: 15 days pre/post-event.

    Temporary Store

    Technical sponsorship e collaborazioni We offer companies the opportunity to become partners of the event, also by

    contributing to the production of specific parts of the event or through the supply of the necessary products/services to perform the event.

  • Hospitality

    Reserved seat at Gran Teatro of Saint Marks Square and at Carnival gala dinners.

    Possibility to hold a private event at a prestigious location.

    The Carnival of Venice Special Projects

  • 2016 Venice Carnival special projects Case history

    Combining the local expertise of Vela spa with

    the added value of the city you can create

    original initiatives based on the brand

    requirements and on the scheduling

    opportunities which will be offered by the


    Examples of past case histories: Angel Flight

    with Reebok and Guinness-record spritz

    drinking in Saint Marks Square with Aperol

    and over 2500 people wearing orange.

  • 2016 Venice Carnival special projects The childrens Campo

    Partnership: the partner can become

    title sponsor of the event, exhibit its

    products, foster promotional activities

    and achieve brand visibility of the

    campo advertisements, customize a

    performance show, obtain preferential

    seats for its VIP guests on Saint

    Marks Square.

    Location: Campo San Polo.

    Visibility: 18 days.

  • 2016 Venice Carnival special projects il Carnevale dellArsenale

    Arsenal is synonymous of originality in a magic

    place symbol of venetian history.

    Partnership: customization complete of all Carnival

    area material, temporary locations, specific

    consumer activities, presence of sponsors, guests

    and testimonials on stage, speeches of company

    representatives on stage.


    DINNER SHOW 120 exclusive seats

    8 Dinner with Entertainment

  • 2016 Venice Carnival special projects Sponsorship of cultural initiative

    The Carnival cultural schedule aims at making the

    most of the network of museums, libraries, theatres

    and concert halls, holding high-profile indoor

    events: concerts, musical readings, movie

    showings, plays. The audience of these events is

    selected from generally medium/high-profile culture

    regulars, mostly Italian.

    Partnership: the cultural schedule offers the

    opportunity to advertise the corporate image by

    endorsing the entire programme. There are also

    various product placement options in select