Caring Theories

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<ul><li>1.Caring Theories Part 2</li></ul> <p>2. Lydia Eloise Hall 1926-Feb. 27,1969 3. Central theme: 3 components of nursing core, care, and cure Core 4. Caring is the nursesprimary function. Care(hands-on bodily care)represents nurturance andis exclusive to nursing. 5. Core involves thetherapeutic use of selfand emphasizes the useof reflection. 6. Cure focuses onnursing which relatesto medicalknowledge. 7. Person: The patient is composed ofbody, pathology, and person. People set theirown goals and are capable of learning andgrowing. Person 8. Environment:It shouldfacilitate theachievement ofthe clientspersonal goal. 9. Health: Thedevelopment of amature self-identity thatassists in theconsciousselection ofactions thatfacilitate growth. 10. Anne Boykin 1944- Savina Schoenhofer 1940-Nursing as Caring 11. Central Theme: Nurturingpersons, living, caring and growing incaring know persons as caring person 12. Two Perspectives: Perception of Person as Caring allpersons are caring Conception of Nursing as a Discipline andProfession 13. Discipline : Nursing is a unity of science, art and illness Nursing is a response which involves knowing, living, and valuing all at once Develops knowledge 14. Profession: Based on everyday human experiencesand responses to one another Uses knowledge to respond to specifichuman needs 15. Fundamental assumptions1. Person-as-person2. Person-as-whole3. Person-as-caring 16. 7 MajorAssumptions1. Persons are caring by virtue of their humanness.2. Persons are fully caring, moment to moment.3. Persons are whole or complete in the moment.4. Personhood is a process of living, grounded in caring. 17. 7 Major Assumptions5. Personhood is enhanced through participating in a nurturing relationship with caring others.6. Nursing is both a discipline and a profession.7. Persons are viewed complete and continuously growing in completeness. 18. The Dance of Caring Persons 19. The Dance ofCaring PersonsRepresents lived caring between the nurse and thenursed. The contributions of each dancer including the nursed are honored. Dancers enter the nursing situation, visualized as a circle of caring that provides purpose and integrated function. 20. The Dance ofCaring Persons:Ground Rules Move freely, touch or dont touch; all dance inrelation to each other and to the circle Each dancer brings a special gift. With different notes and rhythms, all harmonizein the unity of the dance and the oneness ofthe circle. Personal knowing of self and others leads torespect. </p>