Careers, Employability and Skills Supporting PDP Personal Development Planning

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Text of Careers, Employability and Skills Supporting PDP Personal Development Planning

  • Careers, Employability and Skills

    Supporting PDPPersonal Development Planning

  • Session ObjectivesHow Careers can support PDP

    Using the Career Development Learning AuditLaws Career Task see PDP handbook

    Constitutional Law in Context: wk 10


  • Learning about yourself to support Career Development Setting, planning and achieving clear personal targets is a feature of autonomous learners and effective professionals. Personal Development Planning prepares you for CPD: Continuous Professional Development in Working Life

    Careers activity supporting your PDP

  • What do Employers look for in Graduates?

    All the As you have to aim for and demonstrate:

    Academic attainment Achievements: Awards, QualificationsAttitude identifying with business culture/valuesAptitude competent in carrying out tasks (skills)

    Aspirational creative, innovative, passionate

  • Employer expectations of (Graduate Skills for the 21st Century Peter Hawkins report )SpecialistConnectedSelf ReliantGeneralistExpert Knowledge

    Self-AwarenessConfidenceIT LiterateProblem solver

  • Check your EmployabilityThe ability to get a job,

    do the job and get another jobC. Gilleard UK Association of Graduate RecruitersMarket and Promote your Ability and Motivation Delivery through Work Ready Skills & Experience Manage Your Career & Learning

  • *Graduate Employer Selection Process testing EmployabilityOnline numerical, logical and verbal reasoning testsCompetency basedPsychometric Tests Group ExerciseCase StudyCompetency based Interview

    AttractionPre-screeningPsychometric Tests

    Telephone InterviewAssessment CentreCampus ActivityMediaWebsiteEligibilityMobility Degree result Job

  • Accessing and using your e-folioNavigateusing pagetabs andblue hyperlinks12

  • PDP E-FolioYour Space to reflect, critically evaluate and manage your development and progressTools:Action PlannerLearning LogSkills BuilderMy School ResourcesCareer Development Learning Audit

  • A process of Self AwarenessCareer Ideas and ReflectionCareer Research and ResourcesCareer Testing and ExperiencingCareer Evaluating and ReviewCareer Managing and DevelopingCDL Audit 5 Stages

  • Review: what you want, what you can offer and where this is needed and how well you are doing: Manage the Process32145

  • Completing the AuditCarefully read through each statement and score yourself on the following basis:0=I feel that Im under developed in this area and need to do a lot of work1=Im OK at this but still need to work on it2=Im good or above average at this3=Im excellent in this area, and can back up by confidence with clear and current evidence of my achievements.Action EvaluationReflectionResearch an employer website to identify the personal qualities they seek ReviewWhat examples have I got to illustrate these qualities write up in Learning log

    1.1I have thought about whether I have the personal qualities associated with succeeding in my career options 0123

  • How the Audit can helpIdentify your Strengths WeaknessesGive you a Measurement of your ProgressThe stages give you a guidance frameworkThe statements give you guidance on things to do address your developmentIntroduces you to the vocabulary of Career DevelopmentCreate plans to manage your development

  • Careers publicationsEvents: Workshops & PresentationsOptions & Occupations files

    Employer, Directories, Files and Marketing MaterialsOne-to-one GuidanceFAIRS SGC Careers ResourcesInformationQoL: Videos, PDP, Presentations

    Selective Websites

  • Certificate inCareer Development LearningCareer Management and Employability ProgrammesA 7-week accredited programme that will engage and focus you on the transition to graduate employment. Organised by Careers, Employability and Skills, this Programme will help you develop skills for working life increase your confidence and competence in selection procedures enabling you to compete more effectively for jobs.Open to All Undergraduatesand Taught Postgraduate StudentsSemester week w/c 01 Feb 1 {Graduate Labour Market and Career Development {Self Awareness and Networking

    w/c 08 Feb2 {Job Search and Recruitment Selection{CVs and Application

    w/c 15 Feb 3 Interviews

    w/c 22 Feb 4{Team work{Negotiation w/c 01 Mar5 Communication, Assertiveness and Presentations

    w/c 08 Mar 6Student Presentationsw/c 29 Mar 7Reflection, Course Review and Final Assignment

    Please register for further details now by email Email:

  • Exercise: Constitutional Law in ContextEnd of Week 10Application for a summer placement with a law firmLawyers need to be able to explain complex material clearly and accurately, both orally and in writing. They need to possess strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team. Give specific examples of how you have developed these skills so far during your legal studies.Answer this question.

  • Evaluating Skills Development?Written Communication /InterpersonalOral Communication /InterpersonalTeamwork

    Identify Personal Example - descriptiveSpecific reference /detail- descriptiveHow I performed- analysisWhat I learned / recognised - analysis

  • Evidencing STAR Competencies

    Situation - set the scene

    Task - problem/challenge

    Action - what I did

    Result - outcome, feedback

  • > EVENTSNorthern Ireland Solicitor Marketplace9th November 2009, 11.00 12.00pm, PFC, Room G07Presentation provided by NI Law Society Chair of the Education Committee within an opportunity for Q&A

    Northern Ireland Barrister Marketplace12th November 2009, 10.00 11.00pm, PFC, Room G06Presentation provided by Chief Executive of the Bar of N. Ireland within an opportunity for Q&A

    Solicitor/Barrister RolePlay Demonstration19th November 2009, 6pm Student Guidance Centre, Foyer

  • Open Days Hong Kong