Career Pathways Clothing & Textiles. Textiles– fiber, fabric or yarn. Fiber– what fabric is made of. Fabric– yarns woven or knitted together. Construction

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  • Career Pathways Clothing & Textiles
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  • Textiles fiber, fabric or yarn. Fiber what fabric is made of. Fabric yarns woven or knitted together. Construction sewing fabrics together. Interior Design plan/decorate a room. Fashion what is in style right now. Key Vocabulary
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  • Job Description Grow & produce fibers Produce yarns & fabric Design Sew Market & Sell Clean
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  • Working with hands Technical (working with machines) Quality/Accuracy Focus Time Management Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Creativity School Skills math, reading, science, art Clothing & Textile Skills
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  • Agriculture: Production/Processing: Animal Science Plant & Soil Science Science & Management: Farmer/Rancher Sales and Service Marketing Entrepreneurship: Retail Owner Purchasing Agent, Buyer Merchandise Displayer Career Pathways- Agriculture
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  • Agriculture is the nations largest employer with more than 21 million workers. Production and Processing jobs are nontraditional for females Production & Processing jobs are high skill. Agriculture jobs pay high wages. Get the Facts Agriculture
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  • Fashion Design, Manufacturing & Merchandising Fashion Designer Tailor/Seamstress Buyer Retail Sales Person FACS Teacher Interior Design Interior Designer Retail Manager Display Designer Furniture Designer Career Pathways- FACS
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  • Fashion Designers need to have a 2-4 year degree and be knowledgeable about textiles, fabrics, and fashion trends. 2/3 of fashions designers are employed in New York or California. The best job opportunities will be found in clothing for mass markets. Fashion Design is a high skill and high wage job. Fashion Design is nontraditional for males. Get the Facts Fashion Design
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  • Interior Design is a small occupation with about 65,000 people in the profession. Interior design employment is expected to increase 9-17% by 2014. Interior Design is a high skill and high wage job. Get the Facts Interior Design
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  • Related FACS Classes 1.FACS Exploration 2.Fashion Strategies 3.Clothing 1 & 2 4.Designer Sewing/Fashion Design 5.Interior Design 1 & 2 6.Advanced Interior Design 7.Fashion Merchandising 8.Sports Sewing 9.Entrepreneurship in FACS
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  • 1.FACS Exploration (8 th ) 2.Fashion Strategies (9-12) 3.Clothing 1 (9-12) 4.Clothing 2 (9-12) 5.Designer Sewing (10-12) 6.Beginning Interior Design (10-12) 7.Fashion Merchandising (11-12) Check out the Fashion Institute at Taylorsville High School. Check out Animal Science at Wheeler Farm. Example: Change to fit the classes available in your area. Classes You Can Take