By: Rikki Hufford. Creative Writing; Character Recipe The point of this character recipe of Ralph is to focus on his characteristics and what he is made

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Multigenre ArtifactsBy: Rikki HuffordCreative Writing; Character RecipeThe point of this character recipe of Ralph is to focus on his characteristics and what he is made of. It is supposed to give you more of an idea of what this character is like, and make you feel like you know him a little better.Recipe for Ralph Cupcakes1 cup of leadership2 tablespoons of youthA pinch of courage3 teaspoons of good intentions1 cup of fair featuresA dash of mixed loyalties2 cups of hard work1.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.2.) Start by combining the leadership, hard work, and good intentions together in a medium sized bowl. 3.) Add a pinch of courage and a dash of mixed loyalties as you stir.4.) When creamy, add 1 cup of fair features. Let stand for 5 minutes.5.) Pour into muffin cups and let bake in oven for 12 minutes.6.) Let cool until about 11 years old.7.) Drizzle 2 tablespoons of youth over the tops.8.) Enjoy!

Visual With Words; PostcardWith this postcard I hoped to portray Ralphs initial thoughts on the importance of being rescued when the boys first landed on the island. I also hoped to show the way they felt about whether or not they could stay alive without any guidance or advice. (Front)

Greetings from the Island!(Back)

Dear Mom,I know you probably expect me to be in America visiting Grandma right now, but Im not; which is part of the reason Im writing. The plane crash landed on a deserted island on the way up here and now we are stuck here without food, shelter, and no adults. There is a whole group of boys, my age and younger, on the island as well. Please tell dad to come rescue us. I dont know how we can stay alive if we are stuck here forever. Unfortunately, I dont know exactly where we are, but I trust that dad will find a way. Thank you, and give everyone a hug for me. I cant wait to come home someday.Love, Ralph652 Forest Creek RdLondon, England W11 2BQ

Visual Display; Wanted PosterThe main goal of this wanted poster was to show the restrictions of the society in which Guy Montag is hiding from. It is also to show that the society is determined to find Montag, shown by the reward offered for him. This is supposed to portray the power they like to feel, and the idea that they are in control.(Dead or Alive)Guy Montag

Reward of: $100,000*has spoken out against society wanting to allow reading. Used to be a fireman but now is on the run, stealing and killed a former coworker-Captain Beatty. Do you want someone like that running loose around your family? Keep an eye out for him. Features include dark hair and eyes, and tanned skin from being a firefighter.


Visual Display; CollageThe purpose of this collage is to represent the power society has over the citizens in the novel Fahrenheit 451. The picture of the burning book represents what societys main restriction was-no books. That could lead to people thinking for themselves and rebelling. The school uniforms represents the way that the people just let the society tell them what to do and took away their individuality. The flamethrower and salamander pictures represent the main helpers to society-the firemen. The fire represents book burnings, deaths, and power-which society made sure they had. The ear buds represent the seashell earpieces that kept citizens so easy to mislead. Finally, the gravestone represents the consequences of choosing to rebel. The gravestone represents all the people who chose to die with their books or speak out for what they believed was right.

Creative Writing; ListThis list shows the restrictions of both fictitious societies. It proves just how restrictive they were; not permitting things that same like 2nd nature to us in our modern world.

You might be in trouble in Montags society and/or the islands society if.You chose to think for yourselfYou went against common beliefYou chose to follow RalphYou spoke out in favor of booksYou didnt obey ordersYou wanted to readYou didnt agree with you leader