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Building Simulation. B M E A. uilding. odeling. nergy. nalysis. What is BMEA? Models a building Existing or proposed. Shell and Core Lighting Equipment Load Occupancy Internal Mass. Environmental Systems Schedules Climate Utility Service. Shell and Core. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Building Simulation

  • BuildingSimulation

  • BMEAuildingodelingnergynalysis

  • What is BMEA?Models a buildingExisting or proposed

    Shell and Core Lighting Equipment Load Occupancy Internal Mass

    Environmental Systems Schedules Climate Utility Service

  • Shell and CoreExterior walls Structure and finishWindows Glass, frame, sizeDoors Type and sizeRoof Type, material, overhangShading Natural and structuralInsulation Type and R-valueFloors Floor covering and insulationCeiling Construction and insulationInterior walls Construction and arrangementInterior massFurniture

  • LightingBulbFixturePlacementRecessed, surface, or hangingOpen or enclosed

  • Equipment LoadOffice EquipmentInfrastructureIndustrial Process

    Load Breakdown

    UtilityTotal building loadThermostatLoads in zonesMeterLoads in non-HVAC spaces

  • Environmental SystemsBuilt-upPackageSplit systemAir & waterGeothermalSolar Process HVAC

    VFD Pumps and fans

    T-stat warm-up and setback

    Exhaust fans


    Domestic hot water

  • Schedules

    Daily, weekly, and annual

    Weekends and holidays

    TypesOccupancyLightingEquipmentEnvironmental Systems

  • ClimateModel anywhere in the U.S.SeasonalDay and night30-year average

  • Utility ServiceElectric and gasAnywhere in the U.S.Basic and demand chargesBlock and ratchet chargesRate analysis

  • What can BMEA do for me?

    Evaluate options

    Optimize strategies

    Compare costsSimple paybackLife cycleReturn-on-investment

    Evaluate energy usageRate reductionsRebatesTax creditsReduce energy costs

  • CaveatsClearly defined objectives

    Cost-effective modifications

    Energy-usage figures are relative

    Cost vs. Value

  • Two-Story Office BuildingPortland, OR

    Structure -25,000 sq. ft.6 concrete slabExt. Wall 2 x 6 metal frameFiberboard sheathingR-19 battBuilt-up roof3 polyurethane R-18

  • Two-Story Office BuildingWindows- Double-clear on North Double-bronze all other

    Doors - clear glass w/ 3 Al frame

    Int. Wall -2 x 4 metal frameDrywallR-13 batt

  • Two-Story Office BuildingCeiling-Lay-in acoustic tileNo ceiling insulation

    Floors-Carpet w/ fiber pad12 foot floor-to-floor9 foot floor-to-ceiling

  • Two-Story Office BuildingLighting-2 x 4 concealed trofferT8 ES fluorescentHigh-efficiency magnetic ballast

    Loads-2 watt/sq. ft.No exterior loads

  • Two-Story Office BuildingOccupancy-8 am 5 pmMon FriMajor US holidays90% while open

  • Two-Story Office BuildingEnvironmental Systems

    AHUSupply and return fansEconomizerConstant speed+1 hour open/closeChill water coil55F discharge air for cooling

  • Two-Story Office BuildingVAVCore and perimeter zones74 / 72 Occ. 82 / 64 Unocc.Plenum returnHot water heating coil95F discharge air for heat

  • Two-Story Office BuildingChiller-Electric recip. hermeticAir-cooled condenser44F supply water

    Boiler-Natural gas80% efficiency rating180F discharge water

  • Two-Story Office BuildingDomestic Hot WaterNatural gas88-gallon tank135F discharge

    PumpsConstant speedStandard motor

  • Two-Story Office Building

    ElectricityPGE Schedule 32Small Non-Residential0.085/kW

    Natural gasNW Natural Schedule 31Non-Residential0.95/Therm (100,000 Btu)

  • Running the SimulationBaselineElectricity146,650 kW $12,465

    Natural gas5,252 Therms$4,935

    Energy Total$17,400

  • Running the SimulationRaise Cooling Set Point

    Raise cooling set point from 74F to 75F

    Reduce annual electricity consumption

    2250 kW annually$190 per year1.1% of annual energy cost

  • Running the SimulationReplacing the BoilerInstall 90% efficiency boilerReduce natural gas consumption

    550 Therms annually$525 per year3.0% of annual energy costOregon Business Energy Tax Credit35% of project cost over five years

  • Running the Simulation SynergyRaise the temperature and replace the boiler

    2250kW$190 annually737 Therms$695 annually$885 in energy savings

    5.1% of total energy bill

  • Wrapping it UpBuilding Modeling Energy Analysis

    Simulate an existing or proposed building

    Model a wide range of building elementsStructuralEnvironmental

    Flexible and adaptable

    Cost-effective analysis