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This is a collection of odds and ends I've created or gathered for teaching Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes.


<p>TEACHER ACTIVITY GUIDEREADING ACTIVITIES Before Beginning RA: Chant from You Hear Me Affinity diagram: poetry Discuss what we know about poetry TW: What problems do teens face that make them feel they dont have a future? define/revisit: allusion</p> <p>Novel: Bronx Masquerade by Nikki GrimesWRITING ACTIVITIES After each days shared reading, write poems from the books models. Thumbprint poem (see directions)- connect to uniqueness A dream poem Start with a Think Write on dreams or I dream of. . . or dreams are... CONNECTIONS &amp; EXTENSIONS Text Connections: Holbrooks last time/brownie poem to go with Chankara p. 12 The Island by Paulsen for Tyron p.17 Internet Connections:</p> <p>Film/Music Connections: Muddy Waters Jazz</p> <p>p. 1-22 RA: Dreams Deferredby Lanston Hughes TW: What are your dreams for the future? p9 (PR) What are Tyrones dreams? (TC) How does Hughes poem connect to these first few chapters. Do: Connecting to the Characters (GO) or keep character notes on a sheet of paer folded into quarters. List all the characters for the students so they can keep track of them</p> <p>READING ACTIVITIES p. 23-44 RA: Mother to Son What is the mother saying to her son? How does what she says reflect who she is? TW: What are your best qualitites? DO: Write a self portrait poem in the shape of the first letter in your first name. Try to use a comparison like Raul did in his Zorro poem (22) Do: What are Diondras, Devons, Lupes &amp; Glorias best qualities? Add to your character notes. How do they see themselves? How do others see them? What are they? What do they want to be?</p> <p>WRITING ACTIVITIES Letter/name/describe self poem (like Rauls Z) -freewrite about yourself use one or more of the following prompts to get started I am . . . I like. . . I wish. . . - highlight words/phrases from your freewriteing that you could shape into a poem -create your poem in the shape of significant letter</p> <p>CONNECTIONS &amp; EXTENSIONS Text Connections:</p> <p>Internet Connections:</p> <p>Film/Music Connections:</p> <p>READING ACTIVITIES p. 45-64 RA: Cluade McKay TW: What do you wish people could see in you? Are looks more important than personality? Why or why not? or What are your best qualities? Do: Add to your character notes. Language Connection: Chart it out on paper with headings Gut Words/ Imagery / Sounds/ Actions or create a list. the truth of his words pinned me to the wall (135) Collect interesting words or phrases that you might like to use in your own poetry/writing. You will probably want to note the source for quotes in case you want to go back to the original. Begin by taking 3 minutes to list gut words words you seem to hang onto, to repeat, to luxuriate in... model and then have students try it for a few minutes. Give them time to share/savor their favorite words</p> <p>WRITING ACTIVITIES 3. If I ... would you poem Free write using the prompt above. Then use your ideas in the If I would poem model.</p> <p>CONNECTIONS &amp; EXTENSIONS Text Connections:</p> <p>Internet Connections: 4. Write an I wish poem Go back to your free writing from yesterday and see if you wrote any I wish statements. If you didnt start by clustering on the word wish or by freewriting with the I wish prompt.</p> <p>Film/Music Connections:</p> <p>READING ACTIVITIES</p> <p>WRITING ACTIVITIES</p> <p>CONNECTIONS &amp; EXTENSIONS Text Connections: Listen to poets of the Harlem Renaissance at - searc h the listening booth by title or last name</p> <p>p. 65-85 RA: Labels by Sara Holbrook TW: Brainstorm a list of ideas/words for sterotyping of judging people (like labels, dising, etc.) Or write about labels... TW/PR: Define self confidence; how does each character deomnstrated self confidence (or a lack of self confidence) Do: Discuss the characters and add to your character nots; return to think write and craft a poem about labels/boxes/being judged Ill</p> <p>Compare/Contrat: Cocoon by Janelle (p. 62) with Damn I Look Good by Mirian Stone from Things I Have t Tell You</p> <p>Internet Connections: TW: What labels box you in? Are you put in a certain box? Judged in a certain way? What do you think about that? What label or box fits you? Write an I am Not poem-- use labels, boxes, and being judged as your theme. You choose your form. Consider repeating, I am not and ending with an I am stanza; or alternating both</p> <p>Film/Music Connections:</p> <p>READING ACTIVITIES p. 86-106 RA: Creation by Johnson (hear audio file at search the sound booth) TW: If I were to show anyone who I really am inside... (104) What do you think or fear would happen? (99) High Dive what is Diondra comparing to a high dive? How is being your true self like risking the high dive? (PR) Why is Amy afraid to get close to people? see p. 53 and reread what Leslie says about her (How does what Leslie sees in Amy compare with how Amy sees herself?)</p> <p>WRITING ACTIVITIES TW: Write about your world to write a world poem. Start with these prompts: My world is. My world feels like (looks like, smells like, etc) Try your hand at a world poem Quick Write: I am like a . . . (choose a natural object) then write a comparison poem like Anys, Ode to Stone (105) Four Square quiz: 1. What happens to Sterling and how does his true character show itself? 2. Give two examples of how the theme of self identity is illustrated--say how the theme shows up in the writing 3. Choose 2 literary terms from our word wall . Define them and then explain how they are used in todays reading of the novel. 4. AMy says, forget the pillar of salt./Ill look back at the count of three/ and you can turn me into stone. (106) To what or whom do these line allude? What allusion is the author making here?</p> <p>CONNECTIONS &amp; EXTENSIONS Text Connections:</p> <p>Internet Connections:</p> <p>Film/Music Connections:</p> <p>revisit literary terms as we read allusion (87) Sterling says Dont call me Sampson. genre ode</p> <p>READING ACTIVITIES</p> <p>WRITING ACTIVITIES</p> <p>CONNECTIONS &amp; EXTENSIONS Text Connections: Juliets name speech from Romeo &amp; Juliet</p> <p>p. 107-132 RA: Countee Cullen, Incident TW: Whatys in a name? What story does your name tell about you? What is the story behind your name? Write a name poem. You could start with the prompt, Whats in a name? or with My name is... like Shelia Gamberonis poem, Whats in a Name? on (111)(or think of another question to lead your readers into the poem.) Write a cipher or a rap. Try to use a social issue as your topic, like Wesley, Tyrone and Steve did in News at Five (130) one day the whole world will hear what I have to say. Last week, my English calss was the world. (124) connect to having something to say! TW: If you could say anything to the world, what would it be today? this moment? Remember Mr. Wards question What do you know?(14) Chankara said, Yesterday I said my name, but today would be different. Today Id tell him a woman aint no punching bag. Thats what I know. What do you know? What do you want to say?</p> <p>Internet Connections:</p> <p>Film/Music Connections:</p> <p>Bronx Masquerade Model Poem</p> <p>Bronx Masquerade Model Poem</p> <p>Bronx Masquerade Model Poem</p> <p>1 If I 2 3 4 would you 1 If I 2 3 4 would you still 1 If I 2 3 4 would you 1 If I 2 3 would you 4 Or would you 5. 6 I wonder. then? then? ? ?</p> <p>1 If I 2 3 4 would you 1 If I 2 3 4 would you still 1 If I 2 3 4 would you 1 If I 2 3 would you 4 Or would you 5. 6 I wonder. then? then? ? ?</p> <p>1 If I 2 3 4 would you 1 If I 2 3 4 would you still 1 If I 2 3 4 would you 1 If I 2 3 would you 4 Or would you 5. 6 I wonder. then? then? ? ?</p> <p>in Bronx MasqueradeCharacter Comes from. . . is called . . . wants . . . believes . . . ends up . . .</p> <p>in Bronx MasqueradeCharacter Wesley Boone Comes from. . . is called . . . wants . . . believes . . . ends up . . .</p> <p>Tyrone Bittings</p> <p>Chankara Troupe</p> <p>Raul Ramirez</p> <p>Diondra Jordan</p> <p>Devon Hope</p> <p>in Bronx MasqueradeCharacter Comes from. . . is called . . . wants . . . believes . . . ends up . . . Lupe Algarin</p> <p>Gloria Martinez</p> <p>Janelle Battle</p> <p>Leslie Lucas</p> <p>Judianne Alexander</p> <p>in Bronx MasqueradeCharacter Tanisha Scott Sterling Hughes Comes from. . . is called . . . wants . . . believes . . . ends up . . .</p> <p>Amy Moscowitz</p> <p>Shelia Gamberoni</p> <p>Steve Ericson</p> <p>Raynard Patterson</p> <p>Porscha Johnson</p> <p>Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes Somebody-Wanted-But-So Somebody Wesley Boone Wanted But</p> <p>9/24</p> <p>So</p> <p>Tyrone to stay in school;</p> <p>Tyrone wasnt interested in school;</p> <p>to write poetry in Mr. Ward response to poetry wants him towrite an essayTyrone Bittings</p> <p>Mr. Ward liked the poem and started an Open Mic Friday which got Tyrone interested in school</p> <p>-to be a famous rapper -a future</p> <p>-hes afraid he has no future -he thinks black people are judged or kept down by white folk her boyfriend tries to go too far too fast</p> <p>Chankara</p> <p>-to be in love &amp; have a boyfriend</p> <p>Tyrone</p> <p>to know why his his dad is dad drank and hit killed in a his mom drive-by shooting</p> <p>Wesley (and Steve) convince him he does have a future; starts getting rap pieces ready for Open Mic she hits him and gets hit back; realizes she doesnt want to be abused like her sister he never finds out why; but his dad did get sober</p> <p>Tues.9/28 Somebody Raul Ramirez Wanted But So</p> <p>-to be a famous painter / poet -the next Diego Rivera</p> <p>he is poor, Hispanic, others think he wont make it</p> <p>Tyrone</p> <p>to accept that Raul is rightmake your own way</p> <p>but he still thinks that white folk stereotype and hold people of color back</p> <p>Mr. Ward buys him art supplies &amp; he paints during lunch in his class so he doesnt say anything out loud to Raul, just thinks it</p> <p>Diondra Jordan</p> <p>to be an artist</p> <p>her father wants her to play b-ball</p> <p>she does not like basketballhe reassures them</p> <p>Tyrone</p> <p>wants classmates to students are relax while reading nervous poetry</p> <p>Poetry &amp; Art Rotations We are writing poetry that imitates the poetry we are reading in Bronx Masquerade. 1. Red &amp; Orange tables start at Letter Poem 2. Yellow and Purple tables start at Finger Poem 3. Blue table start at If I would you poem 4. Green table start at Self Portrait drawing</p> <p>You will have 6 minutes at each station to jot down the directions and begin each piece; rough drafts of the poems and the drawing are due on Monday 10/4.</p> <p>Bronx Masquerade Creative Writing</p> <p>Page 1 of 2</p> <p>Your Name: Mrs. Spillane English I March 2003 Bronx Masquerade, Part II: GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: To select and use appropriate prewriting strategies To use the writing process effectively by drafting and revising writing that is focuses and purposeful has support and detail that is substantial, specific, relevant and concrete ASSIGNMENT: BRONX MASQUERADE CHARACTER STORY AND POEM Write a character narrative featuring a new character to be added to the novel Bronx Masquerade. Also write a poem that the character would have written. Keep in mind the format and function of both types of writing in the novel. Purpose: To entertain Audience: Teenagers Evaluation: General impression. Self Evaluation (20) _____ (16 if points not recorded) Peer Evaluation (20) _____ (16 if points not recorded) Teacher Evaluation (10) _____ Total Points: ______________ TEACHER EVALUATION Is the main character well described? The writing is well organized in paragraphs. Does the main character talk about other characters in the novel? Does the character have issues? Is the difficulty the character has written about in the poem? Does the writing reflect creativity? Does the writing reflect understanding of the novel? Peer Evaluation (2 points each) Is the main character well described? Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No YES NO</p> <p>The writing is well organized in paragraphs. Yes No Does the main character talk about other characters in the novel? Yes No Does the character have issues? Yes No</p> <p>Is the difficulty the character has written about in the poem? Yes No Does the writing reflect creativity? Yes No</p> <p>Does the writing reflect understanding of the novel? YES NO What is the best part of this writing? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What needs improvement? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p> <p>Self Evaluation (5 POINTS EACH) What do you like best about your story? Why?</p> <p>What do you like the least about your story? Why?</p> <p>What do you still need to work on in order to make this story good?</p> <p>file://\\hccms03\8370$\My Documents\English I\Bronx&amp;Poetry\bronxwrt.html</p> <p>10/1/2010</p> <p>Name:_________________</p> <p>Directions: Read the following pages in your Elements of Literature book and complete the chart below. Note the definitions of the terms. Then, find a poem that uses the term and note the example poem you found!</p> <p>Date Read</p> <p>Elements of Literature Pages Imagery: Seeing Things Freshly p. 492-93</p> <p>What Term does this section discuss?</p> <p>Definition &amp; Example from your reading (give the title of the poem and the example)</p> <p>image imagerysimile metaphor personification Meter</p> <p>Figures of Speech: Seeing Connections</p> <p>p. 520-521</p> <p>Sounds of Poetry: Rhythm p. 554-555</p> <p>Iamb fo ot scanning fe vre re esRhyme</p> <p>Sounds of Ryme Scheme Poetry: Rhyme p. 559-560 approximate rhymeinternal rhyme onomatopoeia alliteration</p> <p>Tone: Its an Attitude p. 586-87</p> <p>tone diction</p> <p>in PoetryGOALS: Students will be able to experience poetry as something enjoyable to both read and write. Students will be able to understand the elements of poetry such as imagery, theme, figures of speech, tone and how each contributes to the meaning(s) of a poem Students will be able to make personal connections between literature, society, and their lives. Students will gain confidence as writers by creating something unique from their own life experiences. ASSIGNMENTS: 1. Read, share and discuss a variety of poems from Elements of Literature including All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace Richard Brautigan p. 543 Women by Alice Walker p. 556 Forgive my Guilt by Robert P. Tristram Coffin p. 562 American Hero by Essex Hemphill p. 573 The Girl Who Loved the Sky by Anita Endrezze p. 576 Legal Alien by Pat Mora p. 599 The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost P. 602 Aint I A Woman by Soujourner Truth p. 611 Langston Hughes Poems (handouts in class) Poetry Packet poems (handed out in class) 2. Read poems of your choosing, respond to them in your reading journal and log the poems you have read for classwork grades. 3. Read pages in Elements of Literature as noted on Poetic Techniques Graphic Organizer. Complete the Graphic Organizer for a classwork grade. (included in packet) Due:___________________ 4. Write a formal personal response typed in MLA format to a poem of your choice.(Assingment sheet will be handed out and posted to web). Due:___________________ 5. Write an original poem that emulates (copies) the style of a poem of your choice. Include the poem you are copying with your o...</p>