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British Mycological Society Award at the Chelsea flower show

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  • Volume 13, Part 3, August 1999

    The Austrian Journal of Mycology.Programme information for the members ismaintained by a newsletter, but our long termaim has been to revive the OsterreichischeZeitschrift fur Pilzkunde. This has finally beenrealised, since 1992, with Dr Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber as editor. Our journal appearsannually and publishes mycological and licheno-logical articles in German, English and French.It is a great stimulus for mycology in Austria,not only for the few professional mycologistsbut especially for very active amateurs, forexample papers by Hauslmecht (1996); Klofac &Krisai-Greilhuber (1994) and Mader & Mader(1994). The journal is supported by the AustrianMinistry of Science, Art and Traffic.

    ReferencesHausknecht, A., 1996: Beitriige zur Kenntnis der

    Bolbitiaceae 3. Europiiische Conocybe-Arten mitwurzelndem oder tief im Substrat eingesenktemStiel. Osterreichische Zeitschrift fur Pilzkunde 5: 161-202.

    Klofac, W., Krisai-Greilhuber, I., 1994: ZurTypusdiskussion des Boletinus cavipes.Osterreichische Zeitschrift fur Pilzkunde 3: 1-3.

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    British Mycological Society Awardat the Chelsea Flower Show



    British Mycological Societyat the Chelsea Flower Show 1999

    were demonstrated on their host plants andalso under the microscope, at both low andhigh power magnification with the imagesprojected on to video screens.

    Modern science relating to fungi was shownby a demonstration of the use of thepolymerase chain reaction for distinguishingclosely-related Fusarium and Microdochiumspecies which take part in plant root

    rots. Posters complementingthe exhibits occupied thewall space.

    At the judging of theexhibits, to the delight ofthose participating, theSociety was rewarded withthe RHS Silver-gilt Medalfor this its first-ever stand atthe Show. About 20 membershelped to man the stand,which attracted muchinterest and favourablecomment from visitors.Some further detail is givenin the BMS Newsletter andthe Society's Website.

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    The BMS was invited to exhibit at the RoyalHorticultural Society's 1999 Chelsea FlowerShow and used this opportunity with a displaysimply entitled 'Fungi', made up of three parts.Macrofungi were represented by a range ofartistically displayed. fresh specimens, andmodels made by members to indicate absentseasonal fungi. Microfungi were represented byplant pathogenic rusts and mildews. These

    For an exhibit of Fungi Henry TribeBMS Publicity Secretary