British Isles – Ireland and United Kingdom. England Vs. Great Britain (Scotland, England Wales) Vs. United Kingdom (Scotland, England, Wales (AKA Great

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  • British Isles Ireland and United Kingdom

  • England Vs.Great Britain(Scotland, EnglandWales)Vs.United Kingdom(Scotland, England,Wales (AKA GreatBritain) and Northern Ireland)

  • Early HistorySequent Occupance Settlement by successive groups, each creating their own distinct cultureCelts, Scots, Welsh, Irish, Romans, Angles and Saxons (Germanic Tribes), Vikings, Normans (early French) have all occupied the British Isles.

  • British EmpireWhy?1. Oceans Protected the United KingdomLast invasion by the Normans in 10662. Strong Navy to control colonies

  • British ColoniesWhy colonies? Natural Resources = MONEY! - $$$$$

    How?Colonies to U.K. -> raw materials (cotton)U.K. to Colonies -> Finished goods (clothes)

    Legacies?Wealth of Britain, Spread of British law, English language, sports, culture

  • Legacy - English Lingua Franca of World

  • Irish History - Britain little brother Key Event --- Irish Potato Famine

    The Irish, or white potato actually originated in South America. Spanish explorers brought it to Europe in the 1500s. By the end of the 1700s, it was a major European crop. The Irish came to depend on the high nutritional properties of the potato for good health. The potato was also vital to the Irish economy. The potato was eaten at almost every meal and was approximately 75% of the Irish diet. As a result, when a plant disease called blight ruined Irelands potato crop, starvation and economic crisis were almost inevitable. The disaster made clear the danger of depending on the potato or any other single crop for many nutritional needs.When crops are crucial to the United States?When would we do if these crops were destroyed by disease or weather disasters?

  • Two Choices Starve or LeavePotato BLIGHT! INEDIBLE potatoes

  • Who has Irish ancestors?

  • United Kingdom vs. Ireland

  • EconomyIndustrial Revolution began in BritainCoal, iron1st railroads and 1st subways in BritainColonial Era Britain dominated world tradeBritish economy remains strong high tech industry, services and tourism

  • Irish Independence 1919 -Anglo-Irish Treaty, Ended British rule in most of Ireland and established the Irish Free State. However, six northern counties would remain within the United Kingdom as Northern Ireland.

  • Issue Today -Troubles in Northern IrelandCatholic Minority vs. Protestant Majority


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