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<ul><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 1/31</p><p>BreastcancerBy: Brittany TokurahMakoulako Fofana</p><p>&amp; Tyson Jones</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 2/31</p><p>What is breast</p><p>cancer?As defned by the National</p><p>Cancer Institute, breast canceris the cancer that orms in thetissues o the breast, usually</p><p>the ducts (Tubes that carrymilk to the nipple and lobules</p><p>(!lands that create milk"</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 3/31</p><p>BreastAnatomy</p><p>1. Chest Wall</p><p>2. Pectoralis</p><p>Muscle</p><p>3. Lobules</p><p>4. Nipple</p><p>5. Areola</p><p>6. Lactiferousducts</p><p>7. att! "issue</p><p>#. $%i&amp;</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 4/31</p><p>#ocation o breast cancer</p><p>Image from the American Cancer Society website</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 5/31</p><p>The malignanttumor can ina!e</p><p>into the surroun!ing</p><p>tissues an! lym"h</p><p>no!es to s"rea!</p><p>#metastasi$e% to</p><p>!istant areas in thebo!y</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 6/31</p><p>$istory 'ea!ing cause of !eath of women between ages</p><p>() an! **</p><p> It is the secon! most common cancer among</p><p>women+ with about ,-*+))) new cases eachyear</p><p> Breast cancer is known as a woman.s !isease+</p><p>but men also !eelo" breast cancer</p><p> Surial rates to!ay are higher eer !ue to</p><p>a!ances in !iagnosis an! treatment</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 7/31</p><p>Cases o breast cancer in%&amp;''</p><p>/ew cases of</p><p>breast cancer</p><p>,-)+(0) #Female%</p><p>,+1() #Male%</p><p>2eaths from breast</p><p>cancer</p><p>-3+*,)#Female%</p><p>(*) #Male%</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 8/31</p><p>i!ns and symptoms</p><p> A lum" or thickening in or near the breast or in the</p><p>un!erarm area</p><p> A change in the si$e or sha"e of the breast</p><p> /i""le !ischarge or ten!erness+ or the ni""le"ulle! back #inerte!% into the breast</p><p> 4i!ges or "itting of the breast+ making the skin</p><p>look like the skin of an orange</p><p> A change in the look or feel of the skin of the</p><p>breast+ areola or ni""le such as warmth+ swelling+</p><p>re!ness or scaliness</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 9/31</p><p>ta!es o breast cancer</p><p>$ta'e (efi&amp;itio&amp;</p><p>Stage ) Cancer cells remain insi!e the breast !uct an! lobules</p><p>Stage I Cancer is , centimeter big but still in breast #lym"h no!esclear%</p><p>Stage IIA /o tumor in breast but cancer cells in a5illary lym"hno!es#un!er arm%6rtumor is , cm or smaller an! has s"rea! into a5illary lym"hno!es6rtumor between ,7* cm an! has not s"rea! into a5illary lym"hno!es</p><p>Stage IIB Tumor is between ,7* cm an! has s"rea! into lym"h no!es6rThe tumor is larger than * cm an! has not s"rea! to the a5illary</p><p>lym"h no!es </p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 10/31</p><p>$ta'e (efi&amp;itio&amp;</p><p>Stage IIIA /o tumor foun! in breast Cancer is locate! in a5illary lym"hno!es that are sticking together or to other structures+ or cancer isfoun! in lym"h no!es near breastbone6r</p><p>The tumor is any si$e Cancer has s"rea! to a5illary lym"h no!es+which are sticking together or to other structures+ or cancer isfoun! in lym"h no!es near breastbone</p><p>Stage IIIB The tumor is any si$e an! has s"rea! to the chest wall an! 8or skinof breastA/2</p><p>may hae s"rea! to a5illary lym"h no!es that are clum"e!together or sticking to other structures or cancer is foun! in lym"hno!es near breastbone</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 11/31</p><p>$ta'e (efi&amp;itio&amp;</p><p>StageIIIC</p><p>There may either be no sign of cancer in the breast or tumor may beany si$e an! may hae s"rea! to the chest wall an!8or skin ofbreastA/2</p><p>The cancer has s"rea! to lym"h no!es aboe or below collarboneA/2The cancer may hae s"rea! to a5illary lym"h no!es or to lym"hno!es bear the breastbone</p><p>Stage I9 The cancer has s"rea! or metastasi$e! to other "arts of thebo!y</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 12/31</p><p>Stage 1</p><p>Stage ,</p><p>Stage -Stage (</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 13/31</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 14/31</p><p>)isk *actors</p><p> ;en!er*</p><p>Risk factors you cannot control</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 15/31</p><p>Risk factors you cannotcontrol</p><p> ;enetic risk factors</p><p>About *? to 1)? are thought to be here!itary+ inherite!from a "arent</p><p> Family history=aing a first7!egree relatie such as mother+ sister+ or</p><p>!aughter !oubles a woman.s risk of breast cancer @hilehaing , first7!egree relaties tri"le the risk of breast</p><p>cancer This is a significant factor+ BT 0*? of women</p><p>who get breast cancer do &amp;ot hae a family history of</p><p>this !isease</p><p> ersonal history of breast cancerA woman with breast cancer on one breast increases her</p><p>risk of !eelo"ing breast cancer on the other breast by</p><p>-7( fol! </p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 16/31</p><p>Risk factors you cannot control</p><p> 4ace an! ethnicity@hite women are slightly more likely to !eelo" breast</p><p>cancer than African7American women+ but African7</p><p>American women are more likely to !ie from this cancer</p><p>In ages un!er (* howeer+ breast cancer is more</p><p>common in African7American women Asian+ =is"anic+an! /atie7American women hae a lower risk of</p><p>!eelo"ing an! !ying from breast cancer</p><p> 2ense breast tissue@omen with !enser breast tissue #more glan!ular tissuean! less fatty tissue% hae a higher risk of breast cancer</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 17/31</p><p>Risk factors you cannotcontrol</p><p> Menstrual "erio!s@omen who starte! menstruating at an early age</p><p>#before age 1,% an!8or went through meno"ause at a</p><p>later age #after age **% hae been though more</p><p>menstrual cycles an! hae an increase! risk of breast</p><p>cancer !ue to longer e5"osure to estrogen an!"rogesterone</p><p> reious chest ra!iation@omen who hae ha! ra!iation thera"y to the chest</p><p>area as treatment to another cancer hae a slightlyincrease! risk of breast cancer </p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 18/31</p><p>Risk factors that CAN becontrolled</p><p>2iet an! lifestyleA !iet high in saturate! fatan! alcoholic intake of</p><p>more than two !rinks "er</p><p>!ay increases the risk of</p><p>breast cancer+ while</p><p>"hysical actiities</p><p>!ecrease the risk In one</p><p>stu!y+ a woman who !i!</p><p>1,*7,* hours of briskwalking "er week re!uce!</p><p>her risk by 10?</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 19/31</p><p>Risk factors that CAN becontrolled</p><p> @eight6besity an! oerweight increases the risk of breast</p><p>cancer+ es"ecially for women after meno"ause</p><p>4e"ro!uctie history=aing your first chil! at an age "ast -) or not haing</p><p>gien birth slightly increases the risk+ as "regnancy</p><p>re!uces a woman.s total number of menstrual cycles</p><p>Taking birth control "ills also increases the risk</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 20/31</p><p>+reention Aoi!ing risk factor an! increasing</p><p>"rotectie factors may "reent</p><p>breast cancer</p><p> Changing lifestyle or eating habits</p><p> Aoi!ing things known to causecancer</p><p> Taking me!icines to treat a</p><p>"recancerous con!ition or to kee"</p><p>cancer from starting</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 21/31 </p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 22/31</p><p>$o- to do a +artner el Breast</p><p>./am</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 23/31</p><p>$o- to do a +artner el Breast</p><p>./am</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 24/31</p><p>@hat is a Mammogram</p><p>DA mammogram is the current gol!stan!ar! non7inasie techniEue for</p><p>reliable early !etection of breast cancer</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 25/31</p><p>Types o 0ammo!rams</p><p>$cree&amp;i&amp;' Ma))o'ra)s</p><p> Are use! to check for</p><p>breast cancer in women</p><p>who !o not hae signs orsym"toms of breast</p><p>cancer</p><p> These 57ray images make</p><p>it "ossible to !etect</p><p>tumors an! micro</p><p>calcifications</p><p> =el"s with early !etection</p><p>an! treatment</p><p>(ia'&amp;ostic Ma))o'ra)s</p><p> Are use! to check for</p><p>breast cancer after a</p><p>lum" or other signs an!sym"toms of the !isease</p><p>hae been foun!</p><p> These 57rays take much</p><p>longer an! also are use!</p><p>in certain circumstances</p><p>like breast im"lants</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 26/31</p><p>Mammogram</p><p>done?Dou will stan! in front of as"ecial G7ray machine</p><p>DA technologist will "lace your</p><p>breast on a clear "lastic "late</p><p>DAnother "late will firmly "ress</p><p>your breast from aboe</p><p>DThe "lates will flatten the</p><p>breast+ hol!ing it still while the G7</p><p>ray is being taken ou will feel</p><p>some "ressure</p><p>DThe other breast will be G7raye!</p><p>in the same wayDThe ste"s are then re"eate! to</p><p>make a si!e iew of each breast</p><p>D@ait for you results</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 27/31</p><p>Normal s" Abnormal</p><p>0ammo!ram</p><p>Nor)al Ab&amp;or)al</p><p>HHAn abnormal mammogram !oes not always mean that there is cancer But you will</p><p>nee! to hae a!!itional mammograms+ tests+ or e5ams before the !octor can tell for</p><p>sure </p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 28/31</p><p>Treatments Screening for early !etection Surgery</p><p> 4a!iation thera"y</p><p> Chemothera"y</p><p> =ormonal thera"y</p><p> Treatment metho!s are classifie! as local or systemic</p><p> 'ocal treatments #such as surgery an! ra!iation thera"y%</p><p>remoe+ !estroy or control cancer cells in a s"ecific area</p><p> Systemic treatments+ such as chemothera"y an! hormonalthera"y+ !estroy or control cancer cells throughout the bo!y</p><p> 2e"en!ing on your con!ition+ you may receie a single</p><p>treatment or a combination of thera"ies gien at the same</p><p>time or in succession </p><p>B t</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 29/31</p><p>Breast cancer</p><p>a-arenessS"rea! the wor! an! sae lies</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 30/31</p><p>1iscussions</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Breast Cancer Epidemiology ppt.</p><p> 31/31</p><p>)eerences</p><p> American Cancer Society</p><p>htt":88wwwcancerorg8Cancer8BreastCancer82etaile!;ui!e8breast7ca</p><p>ncer7what7is7breast7cancer</p><p> Breast Cancerorgani$ationhtt":88wwwbreastcancerorg8sym"toms8un!erstan!bc8whatisbcs"</p><p> /ational Breast Cancer Foun!ation</p><p>htt":88</p><p>wwwnationalbreastcancerorg8about7breast7cancer8risk7factorsas"5</p><p>/ational Cancer institutehtt":88wwwcancergo8cancerto"ics8ty"es8breast</p><p>D niersity of California San Francisco Me!ical center</p><p> htt":88wwwcsfhealthorg8con!itions8breast7cancer8</p></li></ul>