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October 04, 2013 edition of the Bowen Island Undercurrent

Text of Bowen Island Undercurrent, October 04, 2013


    A new policy aimed at fostering good relations between Bowen Island Municipality (BIM) and the business community has been given councils unanimous approval.

    BIMs economic development advisory committee chairman Gordon Ganong, who spent nearly a year helping to develop the guidelines, said the thumbs up from council has the potential to stabilize the islands economy.

    For us to be able to have a vibrant economy, we really need to be able to encourage businesses to be

    here and have a welcome mat, you might say, for them when they arrive, he told The Undercurrent after coun-cil approved the policy Sept. 23.

    The policy calls for BIM to support amendments to development permits, the land-use bylaw and the official community plan to address specific issues. Encouraging local ownership, skills development and positive impacts to local employment are among the criteria included in the new guidelines.

    Ganong said the policys goal is to formalize a value system for BIM to adopt when dealing with those look-ing to open new businesses or expand existing ones

    Ride share forms as Blue Bus workers reject contractTYLER ORTONC O N T R I B U T O R

    Blue Bus drivers and mechanics, who handle the No. 250 and No. 257 ser-vices between Horseshoe Bay and downtown Vancouver, are posed to strike after rejecting a final offer from the District of West Vancouver.

    Members of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) local 134 voted 97 per cent in favour of job action on Sept. 27, but no strike notice has been served.

    Meanwhile, a Bowen Island ride share program, which launched the day after the ATU rejected the contract, is providing possible alter-natives to residents depending on those buses when commuting to Vancouver.

    It was really just born out of necessity, said Gil Yaron, founder of the Bowen Island ride share pro-gram.

    We are a bedroom community.He noted many of the people on

    the island share the same commuting patterns when heading to the Lower Mainland, so it only makes sense to co-ordinate.

    Those interested in joining can register at

    Yaron said members simply post in the Facebook group to let oth-ers know they are either a passenger looking for a ride or a driver willing to give someone else a lift.

    A typical post states, Driver. Horseshoe Bay to downtown. Leaving 7:30 a.m. ferry.

    Yaron added gaps in Bowens on-island transportation, such as infrequent buses and lack of a taxi service, means residents have always been creative when it comes to get-ting around the municipality as well as travelling to the Lower Mainland.

    The Bowen Island Pub launched a designated driver shuttle in late September to help fill some of those gaps in the communitys transporta-tion system.

    While Yaron noted there have been efforts to create ride share pro-grams on Bowen Island in the past, he figures social media can play a big part in making this particular one successful.

    We have a community of trust thats the first thing. Because only people who live on Bowen Island can be part of the group, he said, add-ing one of the groups administrators must approve someones member-ship before he or she is allowed to

    Bowen Island residents have a new commuting alternative if drivers and mechanics go on strike

    Canucks are back in actionBowen Island bars expect more locals to pop by to watch hockey

    Council wants to go electronicLocal politicians look for ways to make faster decisions on smaller matters

    Music to your earsThe classical music concert series returns to Bowen Island

    FRIDAY OCT. 4 2013V O L . 4 0 , N O . 1 9

    Watch for more online at: WWW.BOWENISLANDUNDERCURRENT.COM

    75 including GST

    Blue Bus drivers and mechanics, who handle service between Horseshoe Bay and downtown Vancouver, voted in favour of strike action Sept. 27. Meanwhile, Bowen Island residents have started a ride share program that could help those affected by any possible job action. Tyler Orton

    Council rolls out welcome mat for businesses

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  • already on the island.Where this will

    be determined, as to whether theres any

    affect from this policy or not, will be how the municipal staff and council handle it, he said.

    Quite honestly, I have every faith that this council and this staffwill be handling it in a very positive fashion.

    BIMs chief administrative officer Kathy Lalonde told council the new policy had the support of staff at municipal hall.

    New economic policy aims to formalize values


    Last weekends first fall storm left hundreds without power on Bowen Island. Tyler Orton

    Bowen Island hit with power outages, fires and closed road after first fall storm

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    The first storm of autumn slammed into Bowen Island last weekend, leaving hundreds with-out power and even shutting down one stretch of road.

    Rain pounded hard across the Lower Mainland Sept. 29, while wind gusts as high as 91 kilometres an hour were recorded at Point Atkinson in West Vancouver.

    Just under 500 Bowen Island residents were left without power in their homes, according to BC Hydro.

    (Bowen Island) was hit pretty hard

    from both sides of the storm, so there is a lot of localized areas that (repair crews) need to attend to one at a time, BC Hydro spokeswoman Simi Heer said.

    She estimated power would return to most customers by the afternoon or early evening.

    Meanwhile, Bowen Bay Road was closed to traffic the night of the storm after rough weather knocked over a tree and downed a power line.

    Bob Robinson, public works superinten-dent for Bowen Island Municipality, said traffic was only open to one lane along the road the morning of Sept. 30 before returning to normal in the afternoon.

    Robinson, who is also a member of the

    Bowen Island fire department, said four calls came in reporting trees had caught fire due to downed power lines.

    He added its important people always have a cache of emergency supplies pre-pared for occasions such as this latest storm.

    Its no different than if theres a big (earthquake) that comes. Youre on your own for the first few days, he said.

    (The fire department) just cant do everything. When power lines are down, we do not touch the power lines.

    Meanwhile, BC Ferries spokeswoman Deborah Marshall confirmed there were no cancellations between Horseshoe Bay and Snug Cove.



    PERMISSIVE TAX EXEMPTIONS BYLAWPursuant to Sec on 224 of the Community Charter, Bowen Island Municipal Council intends to adopt a bylaw exemp ng from property taxa on for 1 year (2014) the lands and improvements or both that are owned or held by charitable, philanthropic or other not for pro t organiza ons and that Council considers are used for a purpose that is directly related to the purposes of the Corpora on. The proper es applying for exemp on will be considered at the Council mee ngs of October 7th and 15th, 2013, and the es mated total property taxes for all purposes that would be imposed if they were not exempt are:

    For further informa on, please contact Kristen Watson, Manager of Finance at 604-947-4255 or

    Owner/Occupier Roll # 2014 2015 2016

    Rivendell Founda on - Rivendell Retreat Centre 10400 $22,377 $23,048 $23,740 B.C. Camping & Recrea on Guild for Chris an Scien sts (Camp Bow-Isle) 3080000 $4,999 $5,149 $5,303 B.C. Camping & Recrea on Guild for Chris an Scien sts (Camp Bow-Isle) 3059005 $3,202 $3,298 $3,397 B.C. Camping & Recrea on Guild for Chris an Scien sts (Camp Bow-Isle) 3060000 $7,191 $7,407 $7,629 B.C. Camping & Recrea on Guild for Chris an Scien sts (Camp Bow-Isle) 3061000 $12,932 $13,320 $13,720 B.C. Camping & Recrea on Guild for Chris an Scien sts (Camp Bow-Isle) 5818000 $3,719 $3,831 $3,945 Bowen Island (PAC#150) Royal Cdn Legion 4452000 $3,013 $3,103 $3,196

    WCD Developments (Tir na nOg Theatre School Society) 10450 $7,860 $8,096 $8,339

    Seymour Bay Founda on (Bowen Island Golf Assn) 3795005 $1,205 $1,241 $1,2780954217 BC LTD (Municipal Hall class 6 por on only) 10600 $12,319 $12,689 $13,069Bowen Island Municipality 11003 $5,508 $5,673 $5,843

    $84,325 $86,855 $89,460

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