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One for all – all with one: ECU Diagnostics with the new KTS 200 from Bosch

Bosch KTS 200 Brochure EN

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Bosch continues to deliver innovative vehicle solutions with our ESP chassis control system, guiding vehicles when drivers need help the most. This philosophy now extends to the workshop, with our KTS 200 delivering a simple guided ECU diagnosis.The KTS 200 is an inexpensive hand held tester featuring:Game console styling for easy useA guided menu for defining the vehicle linked to accurate ECU communicationComprehensive diagnostic functionsVehicle specific connector program

Text of Bosch KTS 200 Brochure EN

  • One for all all with one: ECU Diagnostics with the new KTS 200 from Bosch

  • Easier to check, target achieved faster

    ECU diagnostics directly at the vehicle becomes easier

    than ever before: At a weight of less than one kilogram,

    the compact KTS 200 combines an extremely high

    performance with almost completely intuitive han-

    dling. Operation requires only one hand, which is a

    particular advantage in many work situations.

    For reliable, fast and comprehensive ECU diagnostics

    of all electronic systems in modern vehicles, the work-

    shop has all necessary interfaces and data at its dis-

    posal. The KTS 200 offers a simple and inexpensive

    introduction to the ECU diagnostics from Bosch.

    KTS 200 from Bosch: The right testing device

    for every workshop

    Todays daily workshop operation is impossible with-

    out an efficient and easily handled testing device.

    The new KTS 200 is light, robust and compact and,

    at the same time, provides complete ECU diagnos-

    tics. Its strength lies in fast and reliable testing of

    modern vehicle technology. Particularly practical: It

    can be connected directly to the vehicle. This facili-

    tates and accelerates the vehicle receiving inspec-

    tion. This type of mobility alone makes it an ideal

    secondary device for every workshop. For workshops

    with tight work processes, in particular, such as im-

    mediate service, oil service, light service, tire serv-

    ices, etc., it proves to be perfect test equipment.

    KTS 200: Perfectly suited to the workshop

    The workshop pro KTS 200: Compact, fast and tough


  • Value for money, easy handling, suitable for the workshop

    The advantages of the KTS 200 at a glance:

    Complete ECU diagnostics New, simple menu navigation All service-related functions available easily and quickly Inexpensive introduction to modern test technology Unit for left and right handers Powered by ESI[tronic] software Integrated, software-controlled multiplexer

    for the diagnostics protocols:

    ISO 9141-2, K and L-Lines, flash code

    SAE-J1850 VPW (GM, ...) in line with

    SAE-J1850 PWM (Ford) ISO 11 519-4

    CAN ISO 11898 ISO 15765-4 (OBD)

    Highspeed, Middlespeed, Lowspeed and

    Singlewire CAN

    Rapid vehicle identification

    Click by click: Clearly arranged and movable to all sides

    Plastic housing with solid rubber coating for edge protection



  • Perfectly tailored to your Service profile

    For systematic Service and cost-effective repair,

    whether in tire service or mechanical operation,

    every workshop needs important information from

    the vehicle's control units.

    Bosch knows the workshop market and its increasing


    To increase workshop competence in specific service

    areas, the KTS 200 is provided with software packages

    which comprehensively cover the various service

    focal points:

    Profession service package

    The ideal package for allrounders with the complete

    scope and range of ECU diagnostics.

    Service package

    The ideal package for daily, routine tasks in the


    Resetting Service intervals Oil change Tire change Headlamp service Air conditioner service Brakes service Initializing sensors after chassis examination Installation of accessories (AHK, radio, navigation

    systems, luggage racks, etc.)

    Comprehensive software packages for individual workshop requirements

    Whether you are carrying out a brake test, oil change or Service tasks: Work in the modern workshop is no longer possible without ECU diagnostics.


  • Oil check: Level and quality always under control

    Brake test: Bleeding at the push of a button

    Exact headlamp adjustment

    Brake test: Bleeding at the push of a button

    Control of the oil quality

    Automatic brake bleeding

    Precise adjustment of the automatic headlamp leveling control


  • Powered by ESI[tronic] software

    The car is increasingly becoming a "computer on

    wheels". In many cases, therefore, professional vehicle

    diagnostics is only possible with modular and custom-

    ized software. The KTS 200 is supplied with the prein-

    stalled, specially further developed ESI[tronic] software.

    This makes operation of the KTS 200 particularly simple

    and fast. Key functions are displayed on the screen. For

    each of the Service packages, all essential information

    about the control units and special functions, e.g.

    engine/brake systems, are available.

    Your advantages at a glance:

    Reliable vehicle recognition / identification Comprehensive market coverage Covers different brands and is adapted to specific

    requirements of the workshop

    Always up-to-date with ESI[tronic]

    You decide yourself which of the ESI[tonic] subscription

    versions is the best for your workshop:

    As up until now, you will be supplied with the basic DVD and 3 further updates on DVD

    Alternatively, you can download the 3 updates onto your PC via the Internet. Then, simply transfer the data

    from your PC onto the KTS 200.

    In both cases, the KTS 200 is supplied with the prein-

    stalled software version valid at the time of production.

    * Following conclusion of the licensing agreement, the software still has to be activated

    ESI[tronic] software: Specially developed for the KTS 200 KTS 200 in mounting piece: Developed by professionals for daily use


    KTS 200: The professional package with an extensive range of accessories

    Scope of supply


    KTS 200 1 687 023 279

    Power component 100 - 240 V 1 687 022 889

    Power cable 1 684 461 106

    USB connecting cable 1 meter 1 684 465 491

    OBD Adapter cable 1.5 m 1 684 465 555

    Cigarette lighter connecting cable; DC-12 V supply 1 684 465 584

    Carrying case 1 685 438 019


    Order number KTS 200 0 684 400 210

    Computer Embedded System

    Display 3.5" color LCD display 14

    VGA with 320x240 pixels

    Operation Keyboard with 4 cursor keys,

    selection keys duplicated for

    left/right operation,

    2 function keys

    Housing Plastic housing with

    rubber coating

    Operating temperature Functional range 5 - 40C

    Weight 600 g

    Supported diagnostic protocols ISO 9141-2, K and L-lines flash

    code SAE-J1850 VPW (GM,..)

    SAE-J1850 PWM (Ford)

    CAN-ISO 11898 ISO

    1576-4 OBD, Highspeed,

    Middlespeed, Lowspeed and

    Singlewire CAN

    Connections OBD, USB, supply


    Dimensions 220 x 140 x 40 mm (WxHxD)

    Voltage supply 12-24 V via plug, OBD socket for

    100-240 V power component

    Languages all 23 ESI[tronic] languages

  • KTS 200 Equipment supply: Complete set for most testing tasks KTS 200 Special accessories: Expandable for special requirements



    Designation Order number

    *) Adapter cable Opel Vauxhall 1 684 463 464

    *) Adapter cable Opel Multec 1 684 463 410

    *) Adapter cable BMW 1 684 463 465

    Adapter cable Nissan OBD 16-pin (in conjunction with adapter cable 1 684 463 651) 1 684 463 490

    *) Adapter cable Nissan/Ford 1 684 463 651

    *) Adapter cable VW/Audi/Seat 1 684 463 467

    *) Adapter cable Renault 1 684 463 468

    *) Adapter cable Daewoo 1 684 463 489

    Level adaptation 12 V/5 V 1 684 463 495

    *) Adapter cable Mercedes-Benz (1 mm pin) 1 684 447 032

    *) Adapter cable Mercedes-Benz (Sprinter, Atego) 1 684 463 494

    *) Test adapter Mercedes-Benz 38-pin 1 684 485 382

    *) Adapter cable Scania 16-pin (R 124, R144) 1 684 463 497

    *) Adapter cable MAN 37-pin (EDC, MS 5) 1 684 463 498

    *) Adapter cable MAN 12-pin (EDC, MS 6.1, MS 6.4, CR, EDC7C) 1 684 463 499

    *) Adapter cable PSA (in conjunction with **) 1 684 460 181

    *) Adapter cable PSA (+/- clip) 1 684 460 182

    *) Adapter cable PSA (10-pin) for engine control systems 1 684 463 399

    *) Adapter cable PSA 3-pin for e.g. ABS (prerequisite is 1 684 463 399) 1 684 463 400

    *) Adapter cable Hyundai/Mitsubishi 1 684 461 144

    *) Adapter cable Fiat Group 1 684 463 394

    *) Adapter cable Rover 1 684 463 439

    **) Power supply, banana plug and power supply unit socket 1 684 460 231

    *) Adapter cable Ford 1 684 463 440

    *) Adapter cable Ford EEC4 1 684 463 496

    *) Ford adapter PSG-5 pump device via CAN 1 684 463 652

    ***) Adapter cable VW/Audi 1 684 463 611

    ***) Adapter cable Citroen 1 684 463 612

    ***) Adapter cable Fiat Group 1 684 463 613

    Universal adapter cable 4-pin 1 684 463 539

    OBD adapter cable 5 m 1 684 465 567

    OBD adapter cable 3 m 1 684 465 557

    OBD adapter box 1 684 462 346

    OBD adapter box with OBD connector 1 684 462 514

    Tire valve activator (Remote-control trigger) 1 687 200 663

    USB connector cable, 5m 1 684 465 563

    Test cable set 1 687 011 208

    Mounting 1 681 320 082 *) Only in conjunction with adapter cable UNI 4, 1 684 463 539 **) Only in conjunction with 1 684 460 182 ***) New adapter concept

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    Bosch: skilled partner for workshop business

    Where to find Original Bosch Quality:


    Automotive Garage Equipment

    e-mail [email protected]



    Developments from Bosch stand for innovative

    progress in automobile manufacturing

    Geared to the growing proportion of electronics in the vehicle, Bosch

    offers workshops the suitable test technology for all sizes

    of company and service concepts. Sturdy, innovative, state-of-the-art

    automobile technology: computer-assisted diagnosis systems help in

    finding any fault more quickly and more reliably. The modular layout

    using future-oriented technologies enables broad networking and

    efficient use of comprehensive information from the ESI[tronic] soft-

    ware. Mobility and user-friendly user guidance support the workshop

    in reliable and timesaving diagnosis.

    ECU Diagnostics KTS

    Engine System Testing FSA

    Emission Analysis BEA

    Diesel System Testing EPS

    Wheel Alignment FWA

    Air Conditioning Service ACS

    Battery Service BAT