Blogging for Small Businesses Presented By: Deepika Gupta

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  • Blogging for Small Businesses Presented By: Deepika Gupta
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  • Overview Definition Why should you blog? How to Start a Blog? Case Studies Host your Own Blog 2
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  • A blog or a weblog is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries ("posts"). B log is like your online personal diary or journal. I t is a place to share your thoughts and passion and a way to express yourself to the world. B logging is the act of writing a post for a blog. 3 What are blogs? What are blogs?
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  • Improve customer engagement: Directly promote products, services and events Build relationships with clients and customers - Get feedback and suggestions from clients - Build trust Build authority and brand awareness: Share information and expertise Promote company vision and developments Support SEO and SMM Why should you Blog?
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  • How to start a Blog? CHOOSE YOUR PLATFORM o Word Press- Plenty of options for customization, popular, opt for self hosting and own domain or host on e.g. o Blogger - By Google. Good for text, one of the first blogging platforms, less customizing available, use your own domain name o Tumbler- By Yahoo. Great for images, use your own domain name o Medium- Started by Twitter founders. Less customizing options, nice user interface, a great place to showcase your content to a large audience. o LinkedIn Influencers- Blog right within LinkedIn on your profile page. If you have a strong LinkedIn network this is one way to engage it. 5
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  • How to start a Blog? DECIDE WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO BLOG ABOUT o Pick a blog topic- Is there anything you enjoy or are really passionate about? o Find your niche (specialization) Spy on your competition 6
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  • Case Studies Triveni Sarees- G3 - Rajgreen Group of Companies- August Infotech - 7
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  • 8 Host Your Own blog on
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  • 9 prolifecycle augustinfotechteam ************
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  • Post your first Blog
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  • Questions? Drop an email to Deepika on 20
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