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Upcoming Events : 10/10: Reading Assessment 10/12: College Spirit Day 10/17: Start of the second nine weeks 10/17: Library Pumpkin Patch 10/18: Math DLA 10/24: Red Ribbon Week 10/31: Book Character dress up day 10/31: Fall Party Blazing through Third Grade 3 rd Grade Newsletter October 7, 2016 Math: We will continue working on Multiplication using arrays, repeated addition, skip counting, and equal groups. Science - We will be working on the Formation of Soil by Weathering and Decomposition Reading - In reading we will be finishing our unit on building a reading life. We will also be starting our new unit on expository writing. If you would like to help your child on the upcoming reading assessment, ask these questions at home! 1. What kind of person is the main character 2. What do you think will happen next? 3. Give a summary. 4. Why did the author do________? Word Study- This week we will focus on contractions and homophones Grammar - This week our focus will be on adjectives Writing - We will begin our new unit on the art of information writing. Students will learn the “key ingredients” to their writing and choose a topic Social Studies- We will begin our unit on government and elections! THANK YOU! Thank you for all the science materials. Our hearts (and cabinets) are overflowing!

Blazing through Third Grade

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PowerPoint PresentationOctober 7, 2016
on building a reading
expository writing.
your child on the
is the main character
will happen next?
contractions and
information writing.
government and
THANK YOU! Thank you for all the science materials. Our hearts (and cabinets) are overflowing!
Book Character Day! Monday, October 31, 2016
Dear Parents:
We are excited to announce that Davidson Elementary School will have a Book Character Dress-Up Day on Monday, October 31st. On this date, students should come to school dressed up as a character from a favorite book. The character must be from a book your child has read by themselves or with an adult. Your child should be prepared to describe both the character and the book. Please fill out the attached planning sheet with your child about the simple homemade costume he or she will be wearing, the name of the character, the book in which the character is in, and a description of the character. Students are studying characterization in class and teachers are preparing lessons in character development in reading and writing. Please return the completed planning sheet to your child’s teacher on or before Monday, October 24th.
Costumes may be purchased, but you are encouraged to use items you already have at home to create your character. Just do your best to gather an assortment of hats, clothing, or other props to create a homemade costume. All costumes must be school dress appropriate. Please do not bring toy weapons. Your child should bring a copy of the book to class on October 31st for the in-class share and school parade. Parents are invited to come to the gym to view the parade. Raptor badges are not required for parents coming to only watch the parade because parents will ENTER and EXIT through the gym at the end of the parade. Parents will be provided a place in the gym to view all classes as the students parade in their book character costumes through the building. We will begin the parade at 8:40. We are looking forward to an exciting day!
Davidson Elementary Staff
October 31, 2016
Please return this completed form by October 24, 2016 to your child’s teacher.
Student’s Name: ___________________________________________
Character’s Name: ___________________________________________
Briefly describe how the character looks, acts, feels, and what words the character says.
Looks Acts Feels Says