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2. How you get started 150 x 10 free, given out every day 1. Watch and learn the following10 commandments2. Follow the next 3 steps to getyour first free 10 Start building your bankroll and acquire up to 200 extra cash! 3. 1st commandment Practice with free money: Playing with free money is a great way to not only practice your skills but also warm up for real money play.As soon as you have your account, you can start playing for free money.Simply log in to the poker client, click on the Fun Money tab and choose your table. 4. 2nd commandment Manage your bankroll: Bankroll management is the most crucial part of your Pokercareerandyouneedtobefirminyourapplication.You cant be scared of playing your money and hence its Stick to the 50 buy-in rule and choose games where your bankroll therefore allows you at least up till 50 buy-ins. More aggressive players will use the 20 buy-in rule.The mark of a top player is not how much he wins when he is winning but how he handles his losses. 5. 3rd commandment Stick with PREMIUM hands: Many players often loose with their starting hand selections, dont limp in with bad cards in hopes of hitting somethingontheflop,blindsaddupanditsnotworthit.As an example, at an 8 player table, focus on playing hands like pocket pairs, suited connectors, A-X Suited or two face cards.Leave hands such as K-3, J-8, Q-2 and 10-7 alone, fold them pre-flopdontgettoexcitedfortheaction,itllcomeifyou arepatientpatienceiskey 6. 4th commandment Play your position right: Good positioning is when you are placed in the round that allows you to see your opponents actions before you have to act. Therefore GOOD positioning is LATE positioning.You want to play more aggressively, i.e. more hands, at a later position and conservative, i.e. less hands in early positions. This also applies if you bluff where you should make sure you are at a later position. 7. 5th commandment Play the right stakes: The action plan recommended is to build your bankroll where you KNOW you can win, again referring to the 50 or 20 buy-in rule. When you are comfortable, you can try and move up. If you lose your bankroll, dont be afraid to move back down again and rebuild it. Then move up in stakes and make another attempt.When you try to move UP in stakes, dont be afraid to move BACK DOWN if it isnt working.This process LOWERS YOUR RISK. Follow these steps and you wont be gambling with next months rent. 8. 6th commandment Read your opponents: Opponents bluff, but they can also hold a great hand. The best way to decide to call a bluff is to think to yourself is my hand the type of hand Id go all in with?. In most cases its not so you should fold instead of call. If it was a bluff you still managed to protect your stack. Checking the real strength of their hand can be wise but if they re-raise FOLD!Ultimately, the cards determine whos the winner for a hand, but thats only when a hand plays out until the VERY END andallcardsareflippedover. 9. 7th commandment Be un-predictable: Just as you should be studying your opponents, your opponents should be studying YOU. If you are predictable, your opponents will be able to outsmart you easily whereby theyll fold every time you have good cards and bet every time you have bad cards.Remember your position and ensure you mix it up to kill consistency, play some crazy things ones in a while. 10. 8th commandment Know when to quit:Knowing when to get up from a table is crucial and will saveyou a LOT of money in the short and long term. This applieswhether youve won a ton of money or just LOST a lotof money. The reason being that in either case, the tendency from thatpoint forward is going to be loose. Losing streaks suck... because they take hold of some weird part of your brainthat virtually always PREVENTS you from making acomeback. So if youre WAY UP or WAY DOWN in a game, just stopplaying for the day and go back at it tomorrow instead. 11. 9th commandment Get familiar with the odds: Knowing the ODDS and PROBABILITY in poker is a standard ingredient for success.Its more than possible to win some games by just predicting your opponents and guessing the types of betting decisions to make. However ultimately, knowing the odds is what it takes to be a REAL Texas Holdem poker player.The good news is, you dont have to be a math genius to know the odds of a hand as theres several shortcuts and tricks you can use to calculate pot odds, hand percentages, outs, and other important numbers. 12. 10th commandment Control your emotions: Emotional control plays a crucial role in Poker. Youve got to be able to let go and become un-attached from the outcome of the game.The key is to EXPECT IN ADVANCE that things will get stressful and intense. EXPECT that youre going to get rivered and sucked out.The reason its important is because if you let go of your log in and start playing based on EMOTION, youll never, EVER win. Avoid TILT at all costs as its one of the main reasons why poker players go broke. Stay in control of yourself, stay focused on winning. 13. Get startedKeep the commandments in mind and followthe 3 steps below to get started with your onlinePoker career here at Poker. Have Fun!