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Tweens are a very complex group! Do you know what they care about most? The first step is to know your tween audience. Stay engaged with their likes and dislikes which will give them the opportunity to fall in love with YOUR brand. Unlock the passion of tweens, teens, and young adults through cohesive solutions that emotionally connect, inspire, and positively change behaviors. Lastly, don't forget about the parents! Simultaneously connect with parents because although tweens are driving demand, they aren't driving themselves anywhere. How can you make tweens a part of your brand?

Text of Tween Commandments

  • 1. We live in an era where every brand is in a constant screaming match with one another. Look at us! Were here! Hey listen! Avoid sounding like a broken record, quit trying to convince all tweens who you are and why they should care. Instead, focus on smaller segments with the highest likelihood of subscribing to your brand, (or those who already do). These groups of young people have the potential to build something even better with you -- and thats harnessing passion. Make tweens feel special and empower them to influence those who arent listening to your brand. DO YOU REALLY KNOW YOUR TWEEN AUDIENCE SEGMENTS AND WHAT THEY CARE ABOUT MOST? FOCUS ON SEGMENTS 1. TWEENS ARE A COMPLEX GROUP:
  • 2. 2. BE AUTHENTICFind your voice and use it to your advantage. Be personal and relatable, so tweens have the opportunity to fall in love with your brand on its own merit. Lets say for instance, you really think that people should stop trying to make fetch happen (ahem, Mean Girls 10th year anniversary), then say so! Having opinions and sticking with them builds authenticity into your brand regardless of the medium. Sharpening the focus on authenticity keeps hot tween brands like Envy Scooters and puzzle app Dwarven Den relevant. The same goes with established brands like MTV, Forever 21, and McDonalds who, (grossly enough) have stayed in tune with tweens for decades. Nostalgistic authenticity even drove the beloved Furby toy's comeback with tweens. WHAT UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS OF AUTHENTICITY CAN YOUR BRAND LEVERAGE TO ATTRACT TWEENS?
  • 3. MEME: DOGEMEME: DOGE 3. RESPECT THE POWER Tweens arent driving themselves anywhere, yet they are driving serious demand on product purchases, which creates many challenges. Parents are the true buyers and determine where and when tweens go shopping, brands need to simultaneously connect with parents in order to close the loop and earn the big bucks. In reality, tweens themselves only make an estimated 8% of their purchases. HOW IS YOUR BRAND CONNECTING WITH PARENTS WHILE STAYING CONNECTED WITH TWEENS? OF PARENTS
  • 4. MEME: DOGE 4. TRY LESS @MENTIONS AND DEEPER ENGAGEMENT Its easy for distracted tweens to forget your brand, and fast! Think about it, the average tween will see over 150,000 marketing messages before they hit age 15. Successful brands realize the need to start building meaningful connections with tweens that will last well into their teendom. Invest time understanding what tweens in your targeted segments are going through in life, discover their real aspirations, and develop products and content they care about. Better yet, co-create directly with tweens. Upcoming band R5 is a great example of doing engagement right. They RT fans, tweet directly to them, and frequently hold #AskR5s (real-time Q&A). This deeply fostered connection with their audience resulted in a fast growing tween fan base, nearing 1 million followers in their first year. HOW CAN YOUR BRAND FACILITATE THE DEEPER LEVEL OF ENGAGEMENT THAT TWEENS WANT?
  • 5. 5. EARN THEIR TRUST AND GO FOR THE LONG HAULThis goes hand in hand with authenticity and is worth calling out. Tweens can smell a half-baked endorsement from a 1,000 miles away. Lets put this into perspective... Justin Bieber endorsing Party Pieces, a resource for parents to plan parties and shop online. In our opinion it's a big FAIL, just so obviously not real. No different are the misguided brands leveraging action sports with images of athletes flying through the air without context. What about about One Direction & Beyonc endorsing Pepsi? SUCCESS! Why? They are larger than life and it all emotionally connects. In the end, artists and athletes come and go, but trust is forever. Whether you work with celebs or not, be transparent and choose opportunities to earn consumer trust over a flash in the pan campaign. WHY PAY $$$ FOR A PHONY BOOST TODAY, JUST TO FADE AWAY TOMORROW?
  • 6. MEME: DOGEMEME: DOGE 6. LET TWEENS HAVE A SAY! Everyone has an opinion, and tweens are just dying to have theirs heard! Sure, you can just ask the typical fluffy stuff, but why not try giving your audience a real voice? Popstar Magazine is a great example of letting their tween fans impact the brand by inviting them in and asking, who would you like to see in next months mag?. Popstar wins, with direct insights into who is cool, and who isnt. HOW CAN YOU MAKE TWEENS A PART OF YOUR BRAND?
  • 7. MEME: DOGEMEME: DOGEMEME: DOGE 7. ALLOW YOUR BRAND Take the time to lay the groundwork. Today, so many brands want to aggressively build a community overnight in order to propel business growth. It's essential to realize that pouncing on tweens in pushy ways will be ignored 9 times out of 10. Great brands like GoPro, in reality are a "10-year overnight success. Commit to being in the right places, at the right times, and for the long haul. Chances are, if your brand is good, it will be discovered. TWEENS LOVE BEING FIRST ON THE BRANDWAGON: HOW IS YOUR BRAND EMBRACING TWEENS TO BE DISCOVERED
  • 8. 8. ENTERTAIN THE Winning retailers create environments where tweens can play around with products and make them feel like its their clubhouse for the moment. Activate retail spaces with sensory overload. Relevant music, vibrant colors, aromas, and loads of products: thats the combo that keeps tweens coming back for brands at retail. Create experiences that engage, from in store events, contests, product testing, and more. Always consider touch points that connect the real world with mobile. HOW IS YOUR BRAND CREATING INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES WITH TWEENS AND YOUR PRODUCTS? SENSES AT RETAIL
  • 9. 9. I WAS HERE BEFORE Stay connected with your audience to find out what mobile apps and social platforms are emerging. Experiment on new platforms that fit your brand before they go mainstream, and test them. It may even strike relevant conversations and generate content for your existing social media platforms. Worse case scenario, your brand stays in tune with tweens and learns a few valuable lessons. If you have a good sense for what's cool and get lucky, your brand might even be on the forefront of digital tweendom before everyone else. Reminder: lock down usernames ASAP! DOES YOUR BRAND EMPLOY A DIGITAL STRATEGY OF EXPERIMENTATION? WHEN IT COMES TO TWEENS, YOU SHOULD. IT WAS COOL
  • 10. 10. AGE COMPRESSION Tween consumers are becoming even more empowered, and continue to seek interests that previously captivated late teens and young adults. More than ever before they resist being treated like kids, which is evolving rapidly with the exposure to media content focused on older audiences. Streetwear, beauty, and entertainment industries are in many ways benefiting from these changes, yet toy brands and other industries reaching children are faced with whole a new set of challenges. HOW IS YOUR BRAND ADAPTING FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF YOUNG PEOPLE? AINT EASY
  • 11. IMMERSIVE IS THE cultivating brand relevance with young people. Unlock the passion of tweens, teens, and young adults through cohesive solutions that emotionally connect, inspire action, and positively change behaviors. Some of the world's greatest brands we work with, include; Qualcomm, Funny Or Die, Bravo Sports, Polaroid, Hansen's Natural, Konami Digital Entertainment, Givit, and Body Glove. Areas of expertise include; youth and parent consumer insights, brand strategy, social media and mobile technology, content marketing and experiential engagement. YOUTH MARKETING AGENCY