Black and white living room design

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Who would have thought that black and white may be a motivating mixture of colours once applied to the planning of your front room.


<p>Black and White Living Room DesignWho would have thought that black and white can be an interesting mix of colors when applied to the design of your living room. Some people may think that black is the color of dark and demoralizing. Meanwhile, the white color is considered to be the color that is too susceptible to dirty. However, behind it all, black and white can be applied in the design of your living room. With the touch of other accents plus additional wall ornament, black and white living room will be ready to become your favorite room. First, choose white as the base color of your living room wall. After that, the selection of furniture become one of the important and will determine the final outcome of the room. In addition, the furniture is also influential to determine whether or not a comfortable guest room. So that all families feel comfortable, of course you must select the right furniture. You can choose a soft sofa of material coated foam or leather and has a white color. Elongated overstuffed sofas facing each other and be a great option for a family room. In addition to the sofa, white table with a rectangular shape and a pedestal table made of glass, can add to the beauty of your living room. Then you can also put the white cabinets and white display cabinet around your living room. In addition to furniture, there are several other elements that can be added. To give the impression of a warm and familiar in black and white living room design, part of the floor area of the living room can be a big black carpet. In addition to carpet, additional elements that can be given is to use a chandelier.</p>