By Dra. Ni Ny. Sukina Zulfawati,S.Pd 2010 KT S P Standar Kompetensi: Berkomunikasi dengan bahasa Inggris setara level Novice 1 PEMERINTAH KOTA MATARAM DINAS PENDIDIKAN SEKOLAH MENENGAH KEJURUAN ( SMK )NEGERI 1 MATARAM Jl. Pejanggik no 28 Mataram. Telp. (0370) 631244 Fax. (0370) 645133 Web: smkn1mataram.com emaill: [email protected]

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ByDra. Ni Ny. Sukina



KT S PStandar Kompetensi:Berkomunikasi dengan bahasa Inggris setara level Novice




Jl. Pejanggik no 28 Mataram. Telp. (0370) 631244 Fax. (0370) 645133Web: smkn1mataram.com emaill: [email protected]

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UNIT 1KOMPETENSI DASARMemahami percakapan sederhana sehari-hari baik dalam konteks professional maupun pribadi dengan orang bukan penutur asli

Indikator: • Menjawab pertanyaan tentang kegiatan rutin• Mengungkapkan kalimat-kalimat yang menyatakan kegemaran / hobby• Menangani tamu hotel, restoran, kantor atau toko.Materi :

- Daily activities- Handling guests- Getting information/Interview- Language focus:

Simple present tenseGerund

I . DAILY ACTIVITIESTask 1Read the text below and then answer the questions.A. Reading 1

The Hadi family is early raisers. Every morning Mr. and Mrs. Hadi get up at four o’clock. Then Mrs. Hadi wakes up the children. Before they go to school the children help their mother with the house work.

Mrs. Hadi assigns chores to each of the children. One child washes the dries dishes, another cleans the room and the third sweeps the yard outside the house. Everyone is busy, and Mrs. Hadi is busier than any one else. She prepares breakfast for the family. They usually have fried eggs for breakfast.

They are happy family. The children talk and joke at the breakfast table. Mr. Hadi usually listens to the radio. Sometimes he discusses the program with the children.

This morning, Mr. Hadi has just turned on the radio.Mr. Hadi : Listen, it’s a nice songNita : Yes, it is. Would you mind turning it louder? I know the singer she is my

friend, Sri. I recognize her voice. She can sing very well and can play the piano too.

Mr. Hadi : She must be a talented girlNita : Yes, she is. She won the first prize at the singing competition last year

The family usually finishes breakfast at six o’clock. After breakfast Mr. Hadi and the children say good-bye to Mrs. Hadi. Then Mr. Hadi goes to the office and the children go to school. Mrs. Hadi stays at home to continue her housework.

(Taken from the English for vocational school)Questions:

1. What time does Mrs. Hadi get up in the morning?2. Who wakes up the children?3. What does Mr. Hadi usually do in the morning?4. Who is Sri?5. What time does the family usually finish getting breakfast?


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Reading 2Task 2Yustine is a famous photo model. She is very busy doing the modeling. Tya, the reporter, asks her some questions.

Tya : You are very busy. Are you working on Sunday too?Yustine : No, I’m free on Sunday.Tya : What do you usually do on Sunday?Yustine : I usually stay at home. I wake up late and stay longer in my bed. I worked late

on Saturday evening, so I let my self relaxed on Sunday. I sometimes go to the swimming pool in the afternoon. I do almost nothing on Sundays.

Tya : Do you watch television?Yustine : Yes, I do. My favorite TV program is quizzes. I like quizzes.

1. Who is Yustine?2. Who is Tya?3. Does Yustine work on Sundays?4. Why does Yustine wake up late on Sundays?5. What TV program does Yustine like?

DialogueTask 3Read the dialogue and then answer the questions

Read the dialogue below and then answer the questionsHadi : Hi Tatang, wait for me!Tatang : Hurry Hadi! The bell is ringing.Hadi : You always arrive at school early. How far is your house from here?Tatang : Well, about ten minutes by motorcycle.

My mother always wakes me up at five - thirty.Hadi : It’s not easy for me to get up early. Sometimes I go to school without breakfast

because I’m in a hurry. I often forget many things too.Tatang : That’s not good. I always get my things ready the night before, and then I have

time for breakfast.(English for the SLTA, book one)

Questions1. Who always goes to school late?2. What time does Tatang get up in the morning?3. Does Hadi always have breakfast at home?4. When does Tatang prepare his things for school?5. Is it good to get up late every morning? Why?

In talking about daily habit we often use the adverb of time below:UsuallyAlwaysOftenSometimesSeldomNever


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In the morningEvery dayEvery SundayEvery morning

Study the sentences below1. I always get up early in the morning2. My mother gets up early too.3. Before going to school, I usually help my mother to clean the house.4. I take a bath before seven and go to school by motor cycle.5. I usually have breakfast before going to school.6. My father works in an office. He is a public servant.7. He usually goes to the office by motorcycle.8. My mother stays at home. She works hard every day.9. We have lunch at one p.m. but sometimes we have lunch after two10. I usually take a nap in the afternoon for about one hour.11. After getting up, I help my mother and I take a bath at about 6.00 p.m.12. We always have dinner after 7.00 13. I like watching TV. But I never forget to study my lesson and do my homework.14. After studying I prepare my lesson for the following day.15. I usually go to bed before ten p.m. Because I have to get up early in the morning.

Task 4Answer the following questions in your own words.

1. What time do you get up in the morning?2. What time does your mother get up in the morning?3. What time does your father get up in the morning?4. What do you do before going to school?5. Do you usually have breakfast before going to school?6. Who clean your bedroom in the morning?7. How do you go to school?8. Do you like watching TV?9. What program do you like best?10. What time do you go to bed in the evening?

B Listening taskTask 5Complete the dialogue below while listening to your teacher!

Teacher : Hi, Anton, how are you this morning?Anton : I’m very well sir, and what about you?Teacher : Fine, thanks. How do you (!) __________ to school?Anton : (2)_________ I usually go to school with my (3)_______ She is the third class

at junior high school.Teacher : What time do you usually get up in the morning?Anton : (4)__________ but my sister gets up earlier than me, because she has to

(5)_______ our breakfast.Teacher : Does your father go to the (6) ________?Anton : Yes, he works in (7) ________ and my mother is (8) ________, she works in

the (9) __________


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Teacher : Well, I know that you live in a happy family. Have you ever come to school late?

Anton : No, never. I always go to school (10) ____________ and I don’t want to be in a hurry.

Teacher : Very good, that’s a good habit, you are a good student, I’m very proud of you Anton : Thank you sir

Task 6Listen to the information given then answer the questions!

1. Where does Henry live?a near his schoolb on Jl. Nusantarac on Jl. Nusa Indahd in the office

2 How many brother and sister does Henry have?a One brother and one sisterb One sister but he doesn’t have any brotherc One brother but he doesn’t have sisterd He doesn’t have brother and sister

3 What is his father?a a bank tellerb a nursec an office workerd a teacher

4 How does Eddy go to school?a by motorcycle b by public transportationc on footd by bike

5 What does Henry always do in the afternoon?a plays foot ballb watches TVc cleans the housed reads newspaper

C. Writing taskTask 7Make a short speech telling about (choose one of them)

1 Your family’s activities2 Your daily habit3 Your mother’s routine activities 4 Your father’s habit


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II GUEST HANDLINGA. Reading taskDialogue 1Task 8Read the dialogue and then answer the questions

Receptionist : Good morning Miss, whatcan I do for you?

Salesgirl : Good morning, I’d like to see the purchasing manager, is he not busy this morning?

Receptionist : Is he expecting you, Miss?Salesgirl : I haven’t got any appointment

with him. I’m just passing by and wondering whether I couldsee the manager to introduce my new product.

Receptionist : What product are you introducing, miss?Salesgirl : StationaryReceptionist : I see. Now let’s see whether you can see Mr. Thompson, the

purchasing manager right now. But first of all, would you mind filling in this form, Miss?

Salesgirl : Certainly, Oh, but..... I forgot my pen. May I borrow your pen, please?Receptionist : Yes, here you are.Salesgirl : Thank youReceptionist : Now, please write down your name on here, your address on here and

what your company is for on here.Salesgirl : Yes, thank you. And what’s this blank for?Receptionist : Oh, yes sorry I forgot that. Please write the name or occupation for the

person who you wish to see.Salesgirl : I see.

(Taken from English for vocational school, Book 2)

Question1 What is the purpose of the girl who comes to the office?2 Does she have an appointment?3 What should she do before meeting the person she wants to meet?

Dialogue 2Task 9Read the dialogue and then answer the questions


Investor : I have some funds, and I’m wondering whether I should put it in a saving account

Bank teller : It’s good idea, if you want to Keep your money fairly liquid.


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Investor : Which one do you think is moreprofitable, Tabanas or a time deposit?

Bank teller : It depends on the amount of themoney. The saving ranging from Rp. 500.000,- to Rp. 10.000.000,- gets 13,5% per year, and you can withdrawit with in a month. Tabanas offers only 18% of interest per year but you can withdraw your money anytime.

Investor : Oh, dear me, I don’t want to get puzzled about the figure of the interest, I only want to put my money here for security, I heard a lot of robberies recently.

Questions1 What does the investor put the money for?2 Where does the dialogue take place?3 How much does the teller offer the interest per year?

Dialogue 3Task 10Read the dialogue and answer the questions

Making an appointment

Secretary : Hallo, Bumi Putra insurance, can I help you?Mr. Satria : Good morning, Satria is speaking here; I’d like to make an appointment to see

the manager tomorrow at ten o’clock.Secretary : I’m sorry, sir. But his time is tied up this week. What about Monday for next

week?Mr. Satria : I see. What date is the next Monday?Secretary : It’s the seventeenth, sir.Mr. Satria : Can’t I see him on Saturday, the fifteenth?Secretary : He’ll have a meeting on Saturday, sir. But, sir if there is a cancellation of his

previous appointment, you may be able to see him sooner. So would you mind giving me your name and telephone number, sir? We’ll ring you if there is a cancellation of his program.

Mr. Satria : Yes, my name is Satria, and the telephone number is 632344Secretary : Thank you sir, but may I know what the nature of your business is, sir?Mr. Satria : Well, I’d like to ask for a loanSecretary : Thank you sir. Well, then! So your appointment will be on Monday the

seventeenth at 10 o’clock, sir. But if there is any cancellation of his program, we will ring you, sir

Mr. Satria : All right. Thank you very much, good bye.Secretary : Good bye, sir, thanks for calling. Questions1. Who is the caller?2 What does he call the secretary for?3 When can he meet the manager?


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These are some sentences used in handling guest - Good morning, can I help you?- Good afternoon madam, what can I do for you?- Good evening, ma’am, may I help you?- I’d like to meet Mr. Wibowo, is he in?- Is Mr. Wibowo in, please?- I want to make an appointment to see the manager- I need some sugar, please- I want to reserve...........- I’m sorry, sir/ma’am, he is not in- I’m sorry, he has gone out for lunch- Sorry, sir he is going out for a meeting- Sure, wait for a moment, please- Have you made an appointment?- May I have your name, please?- May I have your address and your telephone number, pleas?- May I know the nature of your business?- Will you call back after eleven please?

There are some sentences used in talking on the telephone:1. Good morning, Indo Karya Motor. Can I help you?

2. This is Lucy calling. Untuk maksud yang sama dapat pula diganti dengan kalimat:This is Lucy speakingMy name is LucyIt’s LucyI’m Lucy

3. Is Mr Anderson in, please? Dapat juga dikatakan:

Is Mr Anderson there please?Is Mr. Anderson in his office?

4. Hold the line, please Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan:Hang on for a moment, pleaseJust a minute, please!Hold on, please.

5. I’ll try to put you through to ….Untuk maksud yang sama dapat pula dikatakan:

I’ll try to connect you through….

6. It’s okay. (Diucapkan sebagai reaksi atas permintaan maaf yang dianggap tidak perlu.)

Ungkapan lain dengan maksud yang sama:It’s all rightNever mind


Page 9: bhs inggris 2

No problem.

7. I want to speak to ….Untuk maksud yang sama dapat dikatakan :

I’d like to speak to ….May I speak to ….

8. May I have your name?Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan:

What’s your name, please?May I know your name?

9. Sorry, you have the wrong number?

10. May I have your telephone number?Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan:

May I know your telephone number?Can I have your number?Can you tell me your telephone number?Let me take your number.

11. Who is speaking, please?Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan:Who is calling, please?Who is it?

12. Would you like to leave a message?Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan:Do you have any message?Is there any message?

13. I have noted it down.Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan :I have taken a note

14. Would you spell your name, please?Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan:Would you mind spelling your name?How do you spell your name, please?

Catatan: Operator perusahaan biasanya menjawab telepon masuk dengan mengucapkan salam, menyebut nama perusahaan, dan menanyakan apa yang dapat dilakukan. Sedangkan telepon rumah, dijawab dengan menyebutkan rumah siapa / penerima telepon


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B. Listening TaskTask 11Listen to the dialogue about shopping and fill in the missing word!


Shopkeeper : Can _________ (1), ma’am?Mrs. Jack : Yes, I need___________ (2), soap, milk, _____________ (3).Shopkeeper : What _______(4) is your toothpaste, ma’am?Mrs. Jack : My husband and I use Pepsodent, but __________ (5) use Close Up.Shopkeeper : And _________ (6) soap, milk, coffee and sugar do you need, ma’am?Mrs. Jack : I need two cups of ________ (7), three tins of Indomilk, coffee and sugar

one kilogram each.Shopkeeper : Here you are. ________ (8) is forty thousand rupiahs.Mrs. Jack : _________ (9), this is my money Rp. 50.000,-Shopkeeper : (10) your change, ten thousand rupiahs.Mrs. Jack : Thank you

Task 12 Listen to the dialogue about ordering book and then fill in the missing words!


Headmaster : Hello, is this Erlangga Bookstore, please?Shopkeeper : Yes, ma’am, what _________ (1)?Headmaster : I need some books on correspondence for my students, do ________ (2)?Shopkeeper : _________ (3), ma’am, how many copies ____________(4)?Headmaster : One hundred ________ (5). Can you send the books with in this month?

_______ (6) soonShopkeeper : Sure, may I have your name and ________ (7), please?Headmaster : Mrs. Nurhasanah, I’m the _________ (8) of SMK1 Mataram, Jl. Pejanggik

no. 28 Mataram, and NTB.Shopkeeper : Well, ________ (9) you pay for the books, ma’am? The books cost Rp.

1.250.000 and you have 15% discount.Headmaster : All right, I will ________ (10) the money through BRI BankShopkeeper : Ok, thank you madam, and good bye.

C. Writing taskTask 13Writing a short dialogueSituation:You are at a grocery store, to buy something you need to make a cake.Please write a short dialogue between you and the shopkeeper.


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III. Getting information Study the dialogue below

a About family

Teacher : What’s your name, please?Student : HasanTeacher : Where do you live Hasan?Student : I live on Brawijaya Street with my parents and my younger brotherTeacher : What does your father do for a living?Student : He is a teacher and my mother is a nurseTeacher : And your brother, where does he study?Student : He is studying at SMP 2 Mataram. We go to school at 7.00 in the morning, so we

must get up early in the morning because we don’t want to go to school late. Excuse me sir, the bell has rung I should go to the class

Teacher : All right, bye

Task 14Based on the dialogue above, write some sentences about Hasan in your own words

b. InterviewEmployer : Good morning, have a seat, pleaseApplicant : Thank youEmployer : What’s your name please?Applicant : My name’s AlitEmployer : Where do you live Alit?Applicant : I live on Jl. Erlangga, I live with my parentsEmployer : Can you tell me about yourself and your family?Applicant : I’m the second child in my family, my older sister is a nurse and I have two

younger brothers

c. TelephoningMiss Annie : Rinjani Company, can I help you?Caller : Yes, may I speak to Mr. Danny, please?Miss Annie : I’m sorry, ma’am he has gone out for a meeting. Do you have any message?Caller : Well, no but may I have his phone number?Miss Annie : Yes, it is 0852 39564574, but I’m sorry to tell you that you may not contact

him now as he is in the meeting.Caller : So, what time can I call him please?Miss Annie : After one pm. May I have your name, please?Caller : I’m Nadia, his friend when I was at senior high school, thank you and good

byeMiss Annie : You’re welcome

Task 15Write some information about the dialogue


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IV LANGUAGE FOCUSSimple present tense & Gerund

SIMPLE PRESENT TENSEKalimat present tense digunakan untuk menyatakan kegiatan sehari-hari atau kegiatan yang dilakukan secara rutin. Misalnya:

1. I go to school every day2. My mother usually gets up before 5 am3. We study English twice a week

Bentuk kalimatnya:

Contoh:1. I go to school every day2. My father reads newspaper every morning3. The students study English once a week

Keterangan waktuKeterangan waktu yang biasa dipakai pada kalimat simple present tense adalah:every day = Setiap harievery morning = setiap pagiusually = biasanyaoften = seringalways = selalunever = tidak pernahseldom = jarangsometimes = kadang-kadangonce a week = sekali seminggutwice a week = dua kali semingguin the morning = pada pagi hari

Khusus untuk kalimat simple present tense, bila subyeknya kata ganti orang ke tiga tunggal maka kata kerjanya harus ditambah s/esContoh:

Tina gets up at 5 in the morningMy mother goes to the market every morning.My father reads newspaper in the afternoon

Contoh kata ganti orang ke tiga tunggal.She (mother, sister, Tina, a nurse, aunt, etc)He (father, brother, Tono, uncle, etc)It (a dog, a table, a house etc)

Untuk a teacher, a student, a doctor, dll, bisa diganti dengan he atau she.

Untuk membuat kalimat negatif gunakan kata bantu do + not (don’t)


S + V1 + O

Page 13: bhs inggris 2

Bila subyeknya kata ganti orang ketiga tunggal (she, he, it) gunakan kata kerja bantu does + not (doesn’t) sedang s/es pada kata kerja harus dihilangkan.Contoh:

I don’t like getting up early in the morningMy little brother doesn’t get up early in the morningMy father doesn’t read newspaper in the morning.

Untuk membuat kalimat tanya, pindahkan kata bantu kedepan subyek.Contoh:

Do you get up early in the morning?Does your mother get up late every morning?Do you like English?Does he read newspaper in the morning?

Kata Tanya:What = apa (menanyakan benda)Where = kemana/dimana (menanyakan tempat)When = kapan (menanyakan waktu)Why = mengapa (menanyakan alas an)How = bagaimana (menanyakan keadaan)How many = berapa banyak ( untuk benda yang dapat dihitung)How much = berapa banyak (untuk benda yang tidak dapat dihitung)How often = berapa seringHow far = berapa jauh ( menanyakan jarak)What time = jam berapa (menanyakan waktu)Contoh:

What time do you get up in the morning?How does your father go to the office?Why do you come to school late?

Task 16Write the verbs in brackets in the correct form.

1. Tatang (wake) up early every morning.2. The children (take) a bath every morning.3. A cup of milk (be) his favorite drink every morning.4. Hadi (prefer) tea to milk5. She always (bring) umbrella with her.6. They (be) vocational school students.7. The boy never (walk) to school.8. His mother (make) good breakfast for him.9. Tatang (have) a lot of good book at home.10. Tom and Rudy often (borrow) some books from me.

Task 17Change the sentence into questions.Example: Harry studies in the morning.

Does Harry study in the morning? What does Harry do in the morning?

1. Rita practice English every day.When ….

2. The teachers have meeting every Monday.Who ….


Page 14: bhs inggris 2

3. The man speaks English well.How ….

4. The train arrives at 07.30.What time ….

5. My father likes coffee.What ….

6. The cars pass the road every morning.Do ….

7. The secretary answers the telephone calls.Does….

8. The waiters serve the guests every day.Who ….

9. Rita usually goes to school by car.How ….

10. Ronny leaves the house at 7.00 every morning.What time….

GERUND.Gerund is a verb used as a noun by adding –ing at the verbExample: go - going

take - takingstudy - studyingbuy - buyingstart - startingexplain- explaining

The function of gerundI Gerund as a Compliment

- Her work is typing- Their activities are selling and buying- The prices are increasing

II Gerund as a subject- Gardening is an interesting hobby.- Swimming is a good sport.- Studying France is not easy

III Gerund as an object- My hobby is reading a book.- The best sport is swimming.- His only activity is sitting and doing nothing.

IV Gerund after Preposition- I have breakfast after taking a bath- He left the room without saying anything.- Mira is good at cooking.

V Gerund after a certain verb- I dislike cooking.- He has finished studying.- They stop crying.


Page 15: bhs inggris 2

Here are verbs usually followed by Gerund.1. finish2. enjoy3. deny4. continue5. consider6. begin7. prevent8. prefer9. neglect10. postpone11. mind12. admit13. advise14. stop15. resist

Write the meaning of the verbs by looking up your dictionary! And then write some sentences using gerund!

Task 18Answer the following questions by using gerund.Example:

What is she fond of? (garden)She is fond of gardening.

1. What is the boy tired of? (study)2. When did he take a bath? (after/come home from school)3. What are you thinking of? (go with you)4. What is she afraid of?(walk in the dark)5. When do you have breakfast? (before/ go to school)6. How do you comfort him? ( by/sing a song)7. How do you study English? (by/ practice a lot)8. What is your mother good at? (cook)9. How do you make a well? (by/ dig the ground)10. When do you cook? (after/ finish my exercise)11. What is your father’s hobby? (read a book )12. What is the most expensive sport? (play golf)13. What is a good hobby for women? (cook )14. What is your mother interested in? (shop )15. What is the easiest thing to do? (sleep )16. What makes people fat? (eat too much)17. What makes you healthy? (eat nutritious food )18. What is necessary for you to do if you are sick? (go to a doctor)19. What is a good hobby for men? (fish)20. When do you watch TV? (after/study)


Page 16: bhs inggris 2

Task 19Replace the underlined words by gerund or gerund phrase.Example: John didn’t mind the punishment. (be punished)

John didn’t mind being punished.1. He stopped his correspondence with each other. (write to)2. I can’t imagine a quarrel with you (quarrel)3. Have you given up cigarettes? (smoke)4. Some people dislike photographs (be photographed)5. I will go to your house as soon as a finished my meal. (eat)6. Mrs. Tom hates detective novels (read detective novels)7. Winarto enjoys alcoholic drink ( drink alcohol)8. Uncle Tom always enjoys a big meal.(eat much)9. He likes badminton. (play badminton)10. The boy has just finished his work. Sweep the floor)

ASSESSMENTI. ListeningListen to the dialogue from the cassette and then answer the question below.

1. How many sisters does Novi have?a. one sisterb. two sisterc. three sister

2. How old is her second sister?a. 10 years oldb. 20 years oldc. 2 years old

3. Does Rendi have three sisters?a. Yes, she doesb. No, she has one sisterc. No, she is the only one in her family

4. What is Rendi’s father?a. a teacherb. a doctorc. a farmer

5. Does her mother work in an office?a. no, she is teacherb. no, she is a doctorc. Yes, she works in a post office

Listen to the dialogue to answer the questions no. 6 - 106. What is Titin?

a. she is an office clerkb. she is a teacherc. she is a doctor

7. What time does the work start?a. at 7.00b. at 7.30c. at 8.00


Page 17: bhs inggris 2

8. What does she usually do in the office?a. makes proposalb. types lettersc. prepares a meeting

9. What time does Titin go home on Friday?a. at 5.00b. at 3.00c. at 4.00

10. Does Lany works in an officea. Yes she doesb. No, she doesn’tc. No, she doesn’t like it

II. Read the dialogue and then answer the questions!Shop keeper : May I help you, madam?Mrs. Budi : Yes, I’d like to get 15 kg of rice, please!Shop keeper : Which quality would you like, madam? Mrs. Budi : Give me the best quality.Shop keeper : All right, this in the best one, it’s Rp. 6500 for each Kg.Mrs Budi : Okay, give me fifteen kg, please!Shop keeper : Is there anything else?Mrs. Budi : Yes, 2 kg of sugar, one can of milk and a bottle of coconut oil.Shop keeper : Here you are madam, the sugar is Rp. 7000 /kg, one can of milk is Rp. 6000,

and Rp. 8500 for a bottle of coconut oilMrs. Budi : Thank you and how much are they all?

Questions1. Where is the conversation take place?2. What does Mrs. Budi want to buy?3. How many kilo grams of rice does Mrs. Budi want to buy?4. How much does two kilo gram of sugar cost?5. How much should Mrs. Budi pay for all the things?


In this unit you have learned:1 how to talk about daily routine and make a short conversation about daily habit

e.g. I always get up early in the morningMy mother gets up early too.Before going to school, I help my mother to clean the house.I take a bath before seven and go to school by motor cycle.

2 About handling guests, in the office, in the shop and restaurant

3 Making an application letter

4 Structure about simple present tense & gerund


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Mencatat pesan sederhana baik dalam interaksi langsung maupun melalui alatIndikator:• Mencatat pesan melalui telpon• Mencatat registrasi, pesanan tiket, pesanan kamar hotel, pesanan barang secara langsung• Mengkonfirmasi pesanan

Materi :- Making an appointment- Reservation- Confirming or canceling arrangement- Language focus:

Present continues tense

I. MAKING AN APPOINTMENTStudy the dialogue below!

Secretary : Good morning. PT Gerhana Nusantara. Can I help you?Caller : Good morning. May I speak to Mr. Handoko, please?Secretary : I’m sorry madam, he is not in. He has gone out for a meeting. Would you

leave a message, please?Caller : What time will he be back?Secretary : The meeting will be finished after twelve, and he will go to his friend’s

house for lunch after the meeting.Caller : Well, would you tell him to call me back after lunch.Secretary : May I have your name and your telephone number, please?Caller : I’m Susi Susanti from CV. Intan Permata. My telephone number is 657234.Secretary : OK, your name is Susi Susanti, from CV Intan Permata. The phone number

is 657234.Caller : Yes, that’s right. Thank you for your help.Secretary : You‘re welcome.

To understand the dialogue, please answer the questions below1. Who does the caller want to speak to?2. Who answers the telephone call?3. Who is the caller?4. What time will the meeting finish?5. What did the caller ask the secretary to do?

Note:As a secretary, you should be able to take a message for your manager when he was out.Here is an example of telephone message:

WHILE YOU WERE OUTDATE : Feb. 20th , 2008TO : Mr. HandokoFROM : Susi SusantiOF : CV. Intan PermataPHONE NO : 657234 MESSAGE :Ms. Susi Susanti wants you to call her after lunch. Her phone number is 085239594774



Page 19: bhs inggris 2

Task 1Read the dialogue and then write the telephone message.The following message is taken on July 20th, at 4.15 p.m.Receptionist : Front office. Can I help you?Customer : I’d like to speak to Mr. Sutarja in room 254, but there is no answer.Receptionist : Would you like to leave a message?Customer : Could you tell him to call Mr. Hidayat as soon as he gets back?

My number is 331368.Receptionist : 331368. And your name is…?Customer : Sembiring. S-E-M-B-I-R-I-N-G.Receptionist : Thank you Mr. Sembiring. The message is for Mr. Sutarja and you want

him to call you after coming back to 331368Customer : That’s right. Thank you very much.Receptionist : Don’t mention it.

Telephone message form



Task 2Read the dialogue, and then fill in the form of telephone messageMan : Good morning, I’d like to see the purchasing manager, is she not busy this

morning?Woman : Let me see. Do you have an appointment with her?Man : Oh, I’m sorry I don’t. I’d like to introduce my new product in this office

can you help me, please?Woman : What is your new product, sir?Man : StationaryWoman : Will you write your name, pleaseMan : All right, my name is Riyanto and my phone number is 672345Woman : Mss. Lisa, the purchasing manager is having a meeting at the moment. Will

you come after one pm?Man : What about at 13.30?


Page 20: bhs inggris 2

Woman : That’s ok; I’ll tell her that you will meet her at 1. 30 pmMan : thank you



II. RESERVATIONA. ROOM RESERVATIONStudy the dialogue belowReceptionist : Good morning, can I help you?Customer : I’d like to book 2 rooms for my guests.Receptionist : When will you use them sir?Customer : Next week, on the 10th and 11th of Sept.Receptionist : All right what name is it for sir?Customer : Mr Ronald and Ratna, his secretary. How much is the rate per night?Receptionist : Rp. 250.000. for single bed and Rp. 300.000,- for twin bed. Which one

would you like? Customer : Single bed please!Receptionist : All right, and you should make a confirmation as soon as possibleCustomer : Sure, I willReceptionist : May I have your name and telephone number?Customer : I’m Irwan from CV Duta Pertama and the phone number is 645832Receptionist : Yes, thank you sir.

Study the sentences below used in making reservation1. I’d like to reserve a room for two nights.


RESERVATION FORMName : Mr. Ronald and RatnaArrival by : ___________________________________Departure by : ___________________________________

Requested by : Phone Letter Fax OtherReservation made : 2 single rooms , 10th to 11th of Sept. 2008Contact Person : Mr. Irwan Address : CV Duta Permata, Phone, 645832

Date : September 3, 2008

Signature : __________________

RECEIVED BY : Ermawati

Page 21: bhs inggris 2

Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan:I want to book a room for 23rd and 24th of July.

2. A single room or a double room, sir?

3. I’d like a single room, pleas.

4. What name is it for?Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan:Who is it for?What name is it in?

5. Do you want to change the reservations?Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan:Do you want to make another reservation?

6. How much is the price per night, please?Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan:What is the price?What’s the rate?What’s the nightly rate per person?

7. I’m afraid that rate is too high for us.Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan:I’m afraid that’s not the rate we expected.

Task 3Read the dialogue below and then fill in the reservation form

Reseptionist : Good morning, the advance reservation. International Hotel, can I help you?Leny : I’d like to reserve a single room for the 1st and the 2nd of August.Receptionist : What name is it for?Leny : Mr. Sungkono, my director.Receptionist : Which room do you need madam, Standard or Superior one?Leny : How much is the price?Receptionist : $75 for standard and $100 for superior room.Leny : a Superior room, pleaseReceptionist : May I have your name and your telephone number?Leny : I’m Leny and my number is 672445, from Independence Company.Receptionist : OK, you reserve a superior room for the first and the second of August, for

the name of Mr. Sungkono.Leny : Yes, that’s right. Good byeReceptionist : Thank’s madam, bye



Page 22: bhs inggris 2

The guest’ name Arrival by Departure by Reserved by phone letter fax other

Reservation made

Contact Person Address

Phone number Date Signature


B. RESERVING AN AIRLINE TICKETSentences used in reserving a flight ticket

1. I’d like to make a reservation for my boss on a flight to Tokyo.2. ….but no more seats are available.

Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan:… but there isn’t any seat left.

3. How much is the ticket, please?4. What time is the first flight, please?5. The first flight is at 7.30 am6. You must be at the airport one hour before the departure.7. Is there a direct flight?8. Is that a direct flight?9. Sorry, but all seats have been confirmed10. How about tomorrow flight?11. There are two seats left on the second flight.

Task 4Study the dialogue below and then fill in the reservation formReceptionist : Garuda Indonesia Airlines, good morning. Can I help you?Deny : I want to reserve a ticket to Surabaya. Can I have the ticket for the first

flight?Receptionist : I’m sorry, sir. All the seats have been confirmed. Do you want to take the

second flight? There are two seats left.Deny : What time does it depart?Receptionist : At 10.30. It will arrive in Surabaya at 11.15Deny : OK, I’ll take the second flight. How much is the ticket, please?Receptionist : Rp. 530.000. What name is it for, sir?Deny : It’s Deny. Deny Wijaya.Receptionist : May I have your address and your telephone number?Deny : Sure. My address is Jl. Nusa Indah II/ 12 and my phone number is 634313


Page 23: bhs inggris 2

Receptionist : Thank you sir, the ticket will be ready in 15 minutes. You must be at the airport one hour before the departure.

Deny : All right, and thank you madam. Bye.

C. RESERVING TABLES AT A RESTAURANTSentences used in reserving table in a restaurant

1 I’d like to book 15 tables for 75 people.Maksud yang sama dapat juga diungkapkan demikian:Could I have 15 tables for 75 people?

2 How would you like the atmosphere?Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan :What kind of atmosphere do you want?

3 I require a 20% advance payment on confirmation of the booking.

4 Could you serve the meal at 12.30?

5 How about the menu?

6 How about the appetizer?

7 What kind of fruit do you like?


RESERVATION FORMNAME : _______________________________________

Route : ________________________________________

Flight number : ______________

Date : ______________________________

Reserved by : ___________________________________

Name : ___________________________________

Address : ______________________________________

Phone number : _________________________________

RECEIVED BY : _________________________

Page 24: bhs inggris 2

8 Could I have your name, company name, and telephone number?

9 Would you arrange the tables so as to create an informal and relaxing atmosphere?

10 Please give me confirmation as soon as possible.

Task 5Read the dialogue and then fill in the reservation for.

Receptionist : Hallo. Favorite Restaurant, Can I help you?Mrs. Deny : Yes, madam. I’d like to reserve 5 tables for 50 people.Receptionist : When will you need it, Madam?Mrs. Deny : It’s for tomorrow at 12.00. What are the terms?Receptionist : Rp. 20.000, - per person. We require 20% advance payment on confirmation

of the booking.Mrs. Deny : All right. Could you serve the meal on time, please?Receptionist : Sure. How about the menu? Do you want to try our specialties? Roast

boneless chicken with soy sauce and grilled lobster with black pepper sauce.Mrs. Deny : Both will be fine. We also want sirloin steak and baked fish for main dishes.Receptionist : That’s okay. I’ll try to give you the best.Mrs. Deny : Thanks madam. Bye.

Task 6

1. Work in a group of 4 students; try to get a schedule of flight (any kinds of flight)2 Write a short dialogue based on the schedule3 Demonstrate the dialogue in front of the class in pairs, one becomes a customer and the

other is as a receptionist, and then fill in the form of reservation.Task 7Read the dialogue below and then answer the questions.



Date : __________________________Name : _______________________Address : _________________________

___________________________Phone : ______________Reservation made : _______________________________


Used on : ______________________________(Date and time)

RECEIVED BY : _________________________

Page 25: bhs inggris 2


Operator : Good morning. Indonesian Electronics, what can I do for you, sir?Paul : Good morning. May I speak to Mrs. Janice Adams?Operator : Sorry, who did you say you wanted to speak to?Paul : Adams. Janice Adams.Operator : There’s Mrs. Janice Smith here. But nobody named Janice Adams works

here.Paul : But, she asked me to ring this number. Let me check. Is that 5011958?Operator : No, this isn’t the number you want. It’s 5811958Paul : I’m sorry. I must have dialed the wrong number.Operator : never mind. Bye- byeQuestions

1. Who is the caller?2. Who does he want to speak to?3. Does he meet the person he wants to?4. What number does he have and what number has he dialed?5. What’s the answer of the call?

III. CONFIRMING OR CANCELLING ARRANGEMENT Study the example below1 Making confirmation

Receptionist : Rinjani travel agency, good morning can I help you?Hendra : Yes, my name’s Hendra. I have booked a ticket of Garuda Air Lines to

Surabaya at 7.00 am tomorrow, but because of my business, can I change it to the day after tomorrow at the same time?

Receptionist : I’m sorry sir, all the seat have been confirmed for the first flight, want about the last flight?

Hendra : What time does it depart?Receptionist : At six pm, but you must be at the air port one hour before the departureHendra : its ok, I’ll take the last flight.Receptionist : Yes, sir you change your flight on Friday, August 10, at 7.00 am to

Saturday for the last flight, it’s at 6.00 pmHendara : Yes, thank you madam.

Questions1. Where did Hendra want to go?2 When did he plan to go?3 Why did he delay his flight to the following day?4 Write the note of the receptionist about the confirmation5 What time should Mr. Hendra be at the airport?

2 Canceling a tripReceptionist : Good morning, Garuda reservation desk, can I help you?


Page 26: bhs inggris 2

Caller : I hope so; I have booked a ticket to Samarinda for the name of Mr. Santoso.

Receptionist : Let me check it first, sir. Yes that’s right. You will fly on Monday the 2nd

of March.Caller : But I’m so sorry for I have to cancel it because of the family problem.Receptionist : That’s all right, but only 75 % refundable, sirCaller : It’s all right. Thank you madamReceptionist : you’re welcome and good bye

Questions1 Where did Mr. Santoso want to go?2 Why did he cancel his trip?3 Write the note probably written by the receptionist about the cancellation

Task 8Listening

Listen and complete the dialogue below while listening to your teacherReceptionist : __________ (1) hotel, good afternoon may I help you?Caller : Yes_________ (2) from PT Catur Indah. I have booked ________ (3)

for the name of Mr., Indra used on _________(4) SeptemberReceptionist : Wait a minute miss, _______ (5) check it first. Yes, that’s right...Caller : May I change the date to the ___________(6) on the same ______(7)?Receptionist : It’s Ok miss, for how long will you stay in the hotel?Caller : For _________(8)Receptionist : I’ll change your reservation for a single room on __________(9) of

OctoberCaller : Yes, madam thank you very muchReceptionist : _____________(10)


Present cont. tense adalah kalimat yang dipakai untuk menyatakan kegiatan yang sedang berlangsung pada saat kita berbicara.

Contoh: Mr. Andrew is attending a meeting. (Tuan Andrew sedang menghadiri pertemuan) The secretary is typing a letter now. (Sekretaris itu sedang mengetik surat sekarang)

Perhatikan bentuk kalimat present continues tense

Be selalu berubah sesuai dengan subyek.


S + BE (am/is/are) + (VERB + ing) + OBJ

Page 27: bhs inggris 2

Misalnya:I am ...She is...He is...It is ...Mother is ...Father is ...You are ...They are ...We are ...

Untuk membuat kalimat negatif, tambahkan not setelah to beContoh:

- The secretary is not operating computer but she is handling telephone- The staffs are not having a meeting but they are working in their room

Untuk membuat kalimat tanya, pindahkan be kedepan subyek. Perhatikan contoh berikut

1 A : Is the manager having a meeting?B : No, he isn’t. He is talking to one of the guests

2 A : What are you doing now?B : I’m typing a monthly report

Keterangan waktu biasanya :- Now- At the moment

Task 9Write the verbs in brackets into present cont. tense or simple present tense.

1. The man ___________(talk) on the telephone now.2. The teachers _____________(have) a meeting at the moment.3. The boys ______________(play) football in the yard every Sunday.4. The guests _____________(have) dinner at the moment.5. The secretary ____________(type) a letter every day.6. Ridwan and Dono ____________(study) in a group now.7. My uncle _______________(work) in the office now.8. The receptionist ________________(call) someone on the telephone.9. The librarian always ____________(serve) the students politely .10. The girls ________________(watch) TV in the living room.

Task 10Turn the sentences into questions. Look at the example below.e.g. The students are cleaning the room at the moment

Who are cleaning the room at the moment?What are the students doing at the moment?

1. The workers are having a meeting now.Who………………………………..

2. My uncle is typing a letter now.What …………………………………..

3. My father is reading a newspaper nowWhat ………………………………..


Page 28: bhs inggris 2

4. The boys are playing football in the yard now.Where ……………………………………..

5. My mother is cooking in the kitchen now.Where ……………………………………

ASSESSMENTListeningI. Listen to the dialogue and complete the missing words

Woman : Good morning, _________(1)?Man : Yes, I’d like to see the manager. _________ (2)today?Woman : Oh! Yes sir. ________ (3) an appointment with him?Man : Yes, I’ve got an appointment at ten o’clock. And now it’s ________(4),

isn’t it?Woman : Yes, it is. The manager has still got somebody in with him. Would you

mind __________ (5) a moment? Please sit down, sir!Man : Thank you.Woman : _________________ (6) and address, please?Man : Yes, My name’s Arif, I live in NarmadaWoman : And what company are ____________(7)?Man : CV MutiaraWoman : All right, will you wait for a moment. __________(8) something to drink,

sir, while you are waiting?Man : No, thanks, _________ (9) appreciate something to read, if there is any.Woman : Yes, sir, there are some newspapers and magazines ____________ (10)

II. Answer the questions based on the dialogue above1. Has the man made an appointment to see the manager?2 What time did he promise the see him?3 What company is he from?4 What did he like to do while waiting for the manager?5 Why should he wait for the manager?

III Write sentences in a dialogue based on the situation given.1. Your friend comes to your house and you want to offer him some thing to drink2 You want to ask your mother to turn on the TV3 You ask permission to your teacher to buy a pen while learning in the class 4 You want to know your friend’s telephone number5 You want to offer a help to clean the white board

IV Write the telephone message below on the form


Page 29: bhs inggris 2

1 Please tell Mr. Eddy, your Boss, that Mr. Sembiring can not meet him at 10 tomorrow morning, and ask him to call back after lunch to reschedule the meeting.

2 I’d like to book a single room for the 5th and the 6th of May for the name of Mr. Lukman

3 I want to reserve a ticket to Surabaya by Garuda on the first flight tomorrow on the 10th of June


In this unit you have learned:1 How to handle a telephone call, take and leave a message a message. Try to make some

practices to make you accustoms to speak English on the telephone

2 About making reservation and making a note by filling a reservation form. In this reservation you have learned about reserving a hotel room, flight ticket and booking table in a restaurant

3 How to make a confirmation of the reservation

4 Language focuses about the use of modals in:RequestAsking permissionOffering



Page 30: bhs inggris 2

KOMPETENSI DASARMerinci tugas pekerjaan dan latar belakang pendidikan yang dimiliki secara lisan


• Menyebutkan macam-macam profesi• Menjelaskan latar belakang pendidikan secara lisan• Mencatat curriculum vita

Materi:- Occupation- Job Vacancy- Job Interview- Application letter- Language focus : Passive voice

I. OCCUPATION Study the dialogue below

A : Where do you work?B : I work for Erlangga Tour and TravelA : Oh, really? And what do you do there?B : I’m a guide. I lead people on tour to visit many interesting places in our

countryA : That sounds interesting.B : Yes, it’s a great job. I love it and what do you do?A : I’m a student and I work part time too.B : Oh, where do you work?A : I work in a fast food restaurant. I serve the customers who want to have dinner

or hold a partyB : So, you are a waitress

Note:One who leads people to visit interesting places is called a guideOne who serves people in a restaurant is called a waitress (for a woman) or a waiter (for a man)

Task 1Answer the questions below to show his/her occupation1 What do you call one who teaches you?2 One who is still studying is called a....3 What do you call one who serves the patients in the hospital?4 What do you call one whose job is driving a car?5 One who flies a plane is called....

READINGBefore reading the text, check your vocabularies about nursing

nurse = ....hospital = ....patient = ....visitor = ....care = ....responsibility = ....recovery = ....


Page 31: bhs inggris 2

prevent = ....community = ....attend = ....physician =....medical = ....diagnose = ....prepare = ....

Task 2Read the text below, and then answer the questions about the reading text.

NURSINGWhen we are in a hospital, either as patient or just a visitor we will meet a lot of workers in white uniforms. They are doctors, nurses and other health workers. But most of them are nurses.

Nurses care for the sick. They assume responsibility for creating a physical, social, cultural and spiritual environment which will speed up recovery. They help the prevention of illness, and the promotion and rehabilitation of health. Nurses give health services to individuals, the family and the community.

Nurses attend to their duties with special skill, and the relationship between physician and nurses should be a professional one. The physicians make medical diagnoses based on medical expertise, and coordinate their services with a number of other health professionals.

To become a nurse one has to attend a nursing school for three years, where one studies the basic professional skills of nursing. There, one is prepared for hospital nursing and the care of the sick.

Questions:1. When we are in a hospital we meet many people in white uniforms. Who are they?2. What should a nurse do in a hospital?3. Who makes medical diagnoses about the patient?4. Where should you study to have a skill of nursing?5. Give your comment about nurses in your town!

II Talking about Job and OccupationA : Where do you work?B : I work for Biddy Tour and Travel A : Oh, really? And what do you do there?B : I’m a guide. I take people to see some interesting places in my townA : That sounds interesting!B : Yes, that’s the job I love very much. And what do you do?A : I’m a student, and I work part time, too.B : Oh? Where do you work?A : I work in a fast food restaurant. I cook hamburgersB : Big Macs?A : No, Whoppers! I work for Burger King.

Study the sentences below!Where do you work?


Page 32: bhs inggris 2

I work for ....I work in/at ....

Where do you go to school?I go to ....I study at a vocational school

What do you do?I’m a guideI’m a driver

Task 3Look at the pictures and say what the people are doing

Look at the picture, and then answer the questions based on the pictures1 What is the woman? - She is a nurse

Where does she work? - She works in a hospitalWhat does she do? - She serves the patients

2 What is the man?Where does he work?What does he do?

3 What is the woman?Where does she work?What does she do?

4 What is the woman?Where does she work?What does she do?

5 What is the man?Where does he work?What does he do?

Task 4Listening


1 2 3 4 5

Page 33: bhs inggris 2

Listen to the teacher talking about their occupations and then write the 6 numbers of the occupations below from 1 - 6_____ typist_____ hairdresser_____ actor_____ engineer_____ motel receptionist_____ mechanic_____ nurse_____ pilot_____ lecturer_____ computer programmer

Task 5You will hear your teacher talking about the jobs they used to have and the jobs they have now, listen and tick their present jobs

1) ——— nurse——— social worker

2) ——— shop assistant——— librarian

3) ——— driver——— tour guide

4) ——— receptionist–––––– nurse

5) ——— bank clerk——— computer programmer

6) ——— mechanic——— lorry driver

7) ——— office manager——— university lecturer

II JOB VACANCYRead the job vacancy below and then answer the questions


Questions:1. What position is offered at the job

vacancy above?2. What qualification is needed?3. Where should the application letter be sent?4. How many years’ experience should

the applicant have?5. What is the name of the company?



VACANCYA leading international Company a subsidiary of a British Company with world wide operation is looking for an:

EXECUTIVE SECRETARYThe successful candidate must be:• Fluent in verbal and written English• Able to demonstrate skill and

experience with computer (window)• Highly motivated, accurate and

efficient.• 2 years min. experience as executive


Please send full resumes and photograph to:


URGENTLY REQUIREDWe invite application for:

ONE ACCOUNTING SUPERVISERWin candidate:1. Bachelor accounting (S1)2. Not more than 35 years old3. At least 3 years experience in the same position4. Familiar in computer software5. Fluent in writing and speaking English6. Willing to work hard7. To be located in Mataram

Application with complete resumes, resent photograph should be submitted in English to the

Administration officerPO Box 370 Mataram

Page 34: bhs inggris 2

Questions1. How many people are needed?2. What qualification is needed?3. Where should the application sent?4. How should the letter be written?5. Where should the applicant live?

Task 6Find job vacancies on the newspaper or magazine and then arrange it on a clipping form.


Jalan Melati no. 10 MataramJanuari 17, 2006

Personnel manager ofBank NTBMataram

Dear Sir,

Referring to your advertisement in the Lombok Post Newspaper published on January 12 about a vacancy in your office, here with, I would like to inform you that I can meet the requirements for being a receptionist.

I enclose, a qualification summery provides the details of my education and work experience

I do not mind at all having an interview with you whenever you think it necessary.

Very sincerely yours

Sulis Wijayanti

Curriculum VitaeName : Sulis WijayantiAddress : Jl. Melati, 10 Mataram


VACANCYNTB Bank is looking for:

A RECEPTIONISTThe successful candidate must be:• SMK graduated • Fluent in verbal and written English• Highly motivated, accurate and

efficient.• 2 years min. experience in the same


Please send full resumes and photograph to:


Page 35: bhs inggris 2

Place & date of birth : Mataram, August 15, 1994Status : SingleEducation Background : 1. SMKN - 2004

2. SMP -20013. SD -1999

Other things : 1. English Course; Intermediate Level 20042. Book-keeping certificate3. Computer Certificate; Ms. Word & Ms. Excel

Work Experience : Receptionist 2004-2006 at Lombok Garden Hotel

Task 7ListeningComplete the letter below by listening to your teacher.And then answer the questions about the letter.

Jl. Erlangga 12, Mataram_______________(1)

The personal Manager,Sujono CorporationNational Trader,________________ (2)

Dear Sir,

In reply to your advertisement in Suara Nusa dated ____________ (3), I would like to apply for the post of ______________ (4). I am a graduate of SMK, __________ (5), and have ever had an experience in the similar position.

I enclose a testimonial, reference from my former employer and curriculum Vitae besides my photo.

I’d be glad to come for an interview at any time convenient to you.

Yours faithfully,


Curriculum Vitae

Name : _________ (7)


Page 36: bhs inggris 2

Address : Jl. Erlangga 12, MataramPlace & Date of Birth : Mataram, ___________ (8)Status : SingleEducation Background : 1. Vocational School 2004

2. Junior high school _____(9)3. Elementary school 1999

Other things : Computer certificate; Ms. Word & Ms. Excel

Work Experience : Bookkeeping assistant ________(10)


Study the dialogue below

Manager : Good morning, sit down, pleaseDebby : Thank youManager : What’s your complete name?Debby : Debby Harianty, just call me DebbyManager : Where do you live, Debby?Debby : I live at Jl. Selaparang no. 15, MataramManager : Could you tell me about your education?Debby : Sure, I graduated from a Vocational school on Business & Management, I

take office administration program. I can operate computer well, I have learn about filing and I can speak English.

Manager : Do you have job experience?Debby : Yes, I have one year experience as a receptionist at Lombok Garden Hotel.Manager : Now, let me tell you a little about the job. I have many letters and

documents everyday and you should keep it well, and any time when I need it, you must help me to find it.

Debby : All right, sir, I can help you because I have learned about filing system

Sentences used in an interview:1 Where do you live?2 Where did you get the information about the vacancy?


Page 37: bhs inggris 2

3 Where did you graduate from?4 What is your qualification?5 Why are you interested in the vacancy?6 Do you have job experience?7 Can you tell me a secretary’s job?8 Can you operate computer?

Study the dialogue below

1. A : Good morning, have a seat please. Where did you get information about the vacancy in this office?

B : I read it on a newspaper last week.

2 A : Why are you interested in that vacancy?B : Well, I have finished my study at a vocational school on office administration

program and I learned about secretarial duty. Therefore, when I read the advertisement on Lombok Post, I was interested in being a secretary in your office.

3. A : Do you have job’s experience?B : Yes, I have been working in Lisa Hotel as a receptionist for one year.

4 A : Can you tell me about secretarial duty?B : Sure, a secretary should be able to operate computer, type letters, file

documents handle a telephone call and many other things.

5. A : What is your qualification?B : I graduated from a vocational school on office administration program

Task 8Arrange the following questions and answers in a good dialogue.

Questions Answers1. What’s your name? a. No, I’m a teacher2. Are you married or single? b. She is 27 too3. Are you Indonesian? c. My name is Andre4. Where do you come from? d. sally5. How old are you? e. I’m 276. Are you a student? f. From Australia7. Is your wife a teacher? g. I’m married8. Where does she come from? h. No, she’s a nurse9. What’s her name? i. Blue and yellow10. How old is she? j. English11. What is your hobby? k. No, I’m Australian12. What color do you like? l. I like sport especially swimming.13. What is you favorite subject? m. She is from Jakarta

Write the sentences above in a dialogue like the example below:A : What’s your name?B : My name is Andre


Page 38: bhs inggris 2

A : ….B : ….

Task 9Answer the questions below to complete the dialogue!

Interviewer : Good morning, have a seat, please!You : ___________________________Interviewer : May I have your complete name, please?You : _________________________________Interviewer : Where do you live?You : _____________________________Interviewer : What is your qualification?You : ____________________________Interviewer : Are you married?You : ____________________________Interviewer : Do you have job experience?You : ____________________________Interviewer : Why do you want to work in my office?You : _____________________________Interviewer : Can you operate computer?You : _______________________Interviewer : Thank you for the interview and tomorrow you might start your work here.You : ________________________

Task 10Arrange a short dialogue about job interview and then practice it in front of your class

V. LANGUAGE FOCUSPASSIVE VOICEDalam bahasa Indonesia kalimat pasif selalu berawalan di atau ter.Misalnya: dibaca, diambil atau terambil.Sedangkan dalam bahasa Inggris kalimat pasif ( passive voice) bentuknya:

Be akan mengalami perubahan sesuai dengan tenses. Perhatikan penjelasan berikut.

Simple present tense.I clean my room everyday (active voice)My room is cleaned every day (passive voice)I wash my shirt every Saturday ( active voice)My shirt is washed every Saturday (passive voice)The man waters the flowers every day (active voice)The flowers are watered every day. (Passive voice)

Pada kalimat simple present tense be berubah menjadi is / are sesuai dengan subyek.

Simple past tense.I washed my clothes yesterday ( active voice)My clothes were washed yesterday. (passive voice)


Be + Past participle ( V3)

Page 39: bhs inggris 2

She watered the plant last week (active voice)The plant was watered last week (passive voice)

Pada kaimat past tense be berubah menjadi was / were sesuai dengan subyek.

Present cont. tense.My mother is watering the plants. (active voice)The plants are being watered . (passive voice)The man is repairing the computer (active voice)The computer is being repaired. ( passive voice)

Pada kalimat present cont. tense be berubah menjadi being.Kalimat dengan menggunakan modal ( can, will, may, must …)

The students may clean the classroom now. (active voice)The classroom may be cleaned by the students now (passive voice)I must clean the living room everyday. ( active voice)The living room must be cleaned every day (passive voice)I will wash the dishes. (active voice)The dishes will be washed (passive voice)

Setelah modal, be tidak mengalami perubahan ( tetap be)

Present perfect tence. ( has / have + V3)I have cleaned the room ( active voice)The room has been cleaned.(passive voice)Mother has opened the windows (active voice)The windows has been opened by mother ( passive voice)

Setelah has / have be berubah menjadi been.

Task 11Change the sentence into passive voice.1. The secretary is typing the letter.

The letter ….2. The man bought the computer last week.

The computer ….3. She opens the shop every day.

The shop ….4. She cleans the room every Saturday.

The room ….5. Rina typed the proposal last Monday.

The proposal ….6. I have posted the letter.

The letter ….7. I will sell my old car soon.

My old car ….8. The students are cleaning the classroom.

The classroom ….9. Mother bought the book last night.

The book ….


Page 40: bhs inggris 2

10. The man has bought my house.My house ….

Task 12Write the sentences in English.1. Rumah itu sudah dijual2. Mobil saya sedang dibersihkan3. Sarapan sedang disiapkan4. Ruang pertemuan suddah dibersihkan.5. Surat itu akan diketik besok pagi6. Pelajaran ini sudah dijelaskan oleh guru7. Semua jendela harus dibuka8. Sepeda motor saya sudah dijual9. Papan tulis harus dibersihkan sebelum belajar.10. Computer itu harus diletakkan diatas meja.

Task 13Write the verb in bracket in the passive form.1. The customers must (reserve) patiently.2. The store (open) from 8.00 am until 9.00 p.m. everyday.3. This medicine (buy) at the drugstore last night 4. The new car (steal) by someone last week 5. This TV (buy) by my father last night6. The letters have (type) by the secretary7. These books (write) by my teacher.8. The door has (lock)9. The breakfast (prepare) by my sister every morning.10. The flowers should (water) every day.

Task 14Write the passive sentences taken from the dialogue below and translate into Indonesian.

Abas : This Street was being repaired last time when I was here. Why is it being repaired again now?

Siti : Because it needs to be. It has been repaired every year or as long as I can remember.

Abas : That Street is bad too.Siti : Yes, and it had just been repaired when the rainy season began last year.Abas : Is it going to be repaired soon?Siti : Sure, They will be repaired by the first of next month.Abas : I like those bus shelters. They had not been built yet when I came here three years

ago.Siti : No, not yet. They have just been built by the city in the last few months. I think

more of them are going to be built next year

ASSESSMENTI. Answer the questions below!

1 What do you call a person who handles the guest in the office?


Page 41: bhs inggris 2

2 A person who helps the manager in doing his job is called.........3 One whose job is teaching is called.........4 What do you called one who drives a car?5 What do you call a person whose job is typing

II Read the advertisement below, and then write an application letter to apply for the position offered.

III Reading Read the dialogue and then answer the questions.

Mr. Anwar : Well, Mr. Andy, you got certificate in computer, English and accounting, didn’t you? You had got a management course too.

Andy : Yes, actually it was two years ago before I began my job as an accounting assistant.

Mr. Anwar : What did you do?Andy : I was one of the accountant assistants. I did nearly all the accountant

work and I have some more experience in the sales department.Mr. Anwar : Yes I got it in your curriculum vitae. But why do you want to work

with us?Andy : Well, I want to get better job and better position.Mr. Anwar : Yes, congratulation. You get the job. We’ll appoint you to be one of

my sales managers. Can you start next Monday?Andy : Sure, I can. Thank you.

Question1. Who is the applicant?2 What kind of job does he apply?3 What experience did he have?4 Why does he want to work with Mr. Anwar?5 When will he start working?

IV Listening (Question no 1 – 3)

Listen to the cassette carefully then answer the questions below by choosing a, b, or c


A National stock company seeks urgentlyA secretary

With the following qualification;- Female, age not older than 23 years old- Graduate in secretarial, preferable from academy of secretary

but not a must. Minimum of two years experience.

- Write to:Personal manager of PT National stock companyPO Box 67 Jakarta

Page 42: bhs inggris 2

1. What course had Lestari attended?a. Englishb. Bakingc. Computer

2. What did she decide to do after finishing her course?a. to open a cake shopb. to spend the moneyc. to make a loan

3. Where did she want to get the loan?a. at the shopb. at the bankc. at a book store

Listen to the information, to answer the questions 4 - 64. Who will visit the company?

a. The managerb. Mr. Wikac. Pradnyana

5. When will he come?a. 7th of Novemberb. 20th of Novemberc. 23rd of November

6. What time will he arrive? a. before noonb. at 12.00c. early in the morning

To answer the questions no 7 – 10, listen to the information.7. What must you do when you are looking for a job?

a. Learning about new areab. Making friends with people in the same fieldc. Going to many companies

8. What is the meaning of net working?a. getting along with your colleagueb. Meeting people in related fieldc. Studying a lot of companies.

Answer the questions based on the application letter you hear from the cassette9. Where did the writer read the advertisement?

a. Lombok Postb. Suara Nusa


Page 43: bhs inggris 2

c. Jakarta Post

10. What position did she wants to apply in?a. accountingb. typistc. secretary


1 In this unit you have learned about occupation of any kinds of people and how to get job vacancy on newspaper or magazine. But nowadays, you can get the information about job vacancy on the radio, TV or internet

2 You also learned about application letter and how to write the letter based on the job vacancy and how to arrange curriculum vitae.

3 In this unit you learned about interview and practiced how ask andrespond the questions.

4 On the language focus you have learned about passive voice such as:- The information was read on Lombok Post- The office is opened at 8.00 am every morning- I was called to attend a meeting


Menceritrakan pekerjaan dimasa lalu dan rencana kerja yang akan datang


Page 44: bhs inggris 2

Indikator:• Menceritrakan pengalaman dimasa lampau• Menceritrakan sebuah kejadian (event) dimaa lalu• Menceritrakan rencana kegiatan masa yang akan datang• Menyusun program kerja

Materi- Past experience- Future plan- Tenses:

Simple past tenseFuture tense

I PAST EXPERIENCESRead the reading text below and then answer the questions about the text


An odd thing happened to me last Sunday. It was such a beautiful day, that I decided to go for a leisurely drive in the country.

On the way back home, my motor stopped. I was out of gasoline on a lonely road far from a town. I decided to walk until I found someone who could sell me a gallon or two of gasoline.

I had walked almost a mile before I finally found a house near the road. I was glad to see it, because it was starting to get dark.

I knocked on the door and a little old leady with long white hair answered. She said, “ I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Come in, tea is almost ready.”“But I only came for some gasoline.” I answered. I couldn’t imagine what she was talking about.

“Oh, Alfred! Gasoline? You used to prefer tea.”

I quickly explained that my car was out of gasoline, but she didn’t seem to hear me. She just kept calling me Alfred and talking about how long it had been since she had seen me.She was behaving very strangely and I was anxious to leave. As soon as she went to get the tea, I went out for the house as fast as I could.

Fortunately, there was another house down the road, and I was able to buy several gallons of gasoline. When I told the man about my experience, he said:” Oh, that’s Miss Emily. She lives by herself in that big house. She is peculiar, but she wouldn’t hart anyone. She is still waiting for the man she was supposed to marry thirty years ago. The day before their wedding, he went away and never came back.”

(Taken from English 900, book five)

Before answering the questions, find the meaning of the words / phrase below and then read the text once again.

1. decide 5. peculiar2. a lonely road 6. hurt


Page 45: bhs inggris 2

3. behave 7. still waiting for4. anxious 8. supposed to marry

Task 1Answer the questions about the text!

1. Why did the writer decide to go for a drive?2. Where was he going when his motor stopped?3. What was wrong with his car?4. What did the old lady say to him?5. What did the man tell the writer about the old lady?

Task 2Write the sentences bellow in Indonesian.

1. It was such a beautiful day that I decided to go for a leisurely drive in the country. 2. I was out of gasoline on a lonely road far from a town.3. I knocked on the door and a little old leady with long white hair answered.4. She was behaving very strangely and I was anxious to leave.5. She is still waiting for the man she was supposed to marry thirty years ago.

Task 3ListeningIn this activity you will learn how to tell about your experience to others or try to tell one’s experience to other people. Before doing your duty, Tono will tell you his experience. Listen to your teacher and fill in the missing words.

Hello, good morning. This morning I’d like to tell you about _________(1). A few months ago I had a holiday for _________(2). I didn’t want to spend my holiday by doing nothing at home. So I decided to ___________(3) in Jakarta. I’ve never gone there before, but I was sure that I could meet my uncle there. Before going to Jakarta, I phoned my uncle to tell him that I would go to Jakarta ____________(4) by bus and asked him to pick me up at the bus station.

I left for Jakarta at about 4.00 o’clock in _________(5). On the way to Jakarta, I met a friend who set __________(6). His name is Reja. He was very kind and new a lot about Jakarta. He studied at a University in Bandung. We talked many things about Jakarta and also some ___________(7) places. We arrived at the bus station on __________(8) early in the morning. After ___________(9) the bus, I didn’t see my uncle. So I had to wait for him about one hour. We were very happy when we met each other.

It was wonderful experience for me to be in Jakarta. I could see high and large buildings along the street. The city was crowded and every one had to work hard to get money for a living. I was in Jakarta for about _________(10). I saw some interesting places there like; Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Ancol, Monas and many other places.

Task 4Write a short speech about your experience on the last holiday.Tell us where you went, what you did and how you feel during the holiday.Then try to memorize your writing and tell it in front of your friends without your note.


Page 46: bhs inggris 2

II FUTURE PLANStudy the dialogue below

1. A : What is your plan for next holiday?B : I will visit my uncle in Denpasar and what about you?A : I’ll go camping with my classmate.B : Oh, that’s nice. Have a good timeA : Thank you, I hope you can enjoy your holiday too.

2. A : What time will you go to school tomorrow? B : I’ll go at seven. Will you go with me?A : All right, I’ll come to your house before seven. Will you wait for me?B : Okay.

3. A : When will your father go abroad?B : Next month, he will go with my mother?A : Will you go there too?B : No, I have to finish my study first, and I hope I’ll be with them next year.

4. A : Will you to visit Taman Mini if you go to Jakarta?B : Sure, I don’t want to waste the time without visiting it. TMII is the most

interesting place for me in Jakarta. Have you ever gone there?A : No, I’m going to go there next holiday.

Task 5Read the reading text below about Adito’s plan for this coming year and then answer the questions

I’m going to start my career right after I graduate from this school. I’m going to send application letters to several companies. I will take the first job opportunity given to me.

For the first time, I think, I only can be a salesman. I’m sure it won’t be a lifetime job. I’ll do my job with great optimism. I’ll learn a lot about being a good salesman, and then I’ll move up to be a supervisor.

I’m young, I’m healthy. I’ll learn all there is to know about sales and what areas to hit with our products. I’ll also learn how to deal with clients. I’ll build up good relationship with distributors. I must be responsible, creative, firm, alert and especially understanding with everyone in my work environment. If I can be an imaginative and resourceful person, I’m sure that one day I’m going to be a very successful sales manager.

(Taken from English for vocational student 2)

Questions:1. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?2. When will Adito start his career?3. What is the top job that Adito wants to reach?


Page 47: bhs inggris 2

4. What kind of a person is Adito?5. What position does Adito want after being a salesman?

Task 6Write your plan about what you are going to do after coming home from school this afternoon.


TENSESA. Simple past tenseDalam menceritrakan pengalaman yang lampau, kita sering menggunakan kata kerja lampau atau past tense. Pada Unit 4 ini kta akan belajar dua tenses yaitu simple past tense dan present perfect tense.

Simple past tense.∗ Kalimat past tense adalah kalimat yang dipakai untuk menyatakan kegiatan yang

terjadi pada waktu yang lampau.Misalnya: Kemarin, minggu lalu, bulan lalu, tahun lalu, dua hari yang lalu atau sejam

yang lalu. Yang jelas peristiwa yang kita ceritrakan terjadi sebelum kita membicarakannya

∗ Bentuk kalimatnya adalah:

S = SubyekV2 = Kata kerja bentuk lampauO = Obyek

Contoh:1. I got up at 6.00 yesterday morning.2. My father went to Surabaya last week3. The teachers had a meeting last Monday.

• Keterangan waktu yang selalu dipakai adalah:Yesterday = kemarinLast week = Minggu laluLast month = Bulan laluLast Sunday = Hari Minggu yang laluAn hour ago = satu jam yang lalu

* Kalimat Past tense selalu menggunakan bentuk kata kerja lampau (past tense)Ada dua jenis kata kerja, yaitu:Kata kerja beraturan (regular verbs) danKata kerja tak beraturan (Irregular verbs)


S + V2 + O

Page 48: bhs inggris 2

Kata kerja beraturan, bentuk lampaunya selalu berakhiran –ed.

Contoh:Enjoy - enjoyedPlay - playedFinish - finishedStop - stoppedWant - wanted

* Kata kerja tak beraturan ( irregular verbs) mengalami perubahan bentuk. Antara bentuk pertama, kedua dan ketiga tidak teratur. Karena itu bentuk kata kerja ini harus

dihafalkan atau kamu harus memiliki daftar kata kerja yang tidak beraturan.Contoh irregular verbs:Buy - boughtBring - broughtGo - wentSee - sawEtc.

* Untuk membuat kalimat negatif maupun kalimat tanya kita selalu menggunakan kata bantu did. Did adalah bentuk lampau dari do. Kalau dalam kalimat sudah menggunakan did maka kata kerja harus kembali ke bentuk pertama

Contoh:1. I didn’ t go to school yesterday.2. What did you do yesterday?3. My mother didn’t go to the market last Sunday.4. Who turned on the TV last night?(contoh ini tidak menggunakan kata bantu karena yang

ditanyakan adalah subyeknya)

Task 7Write the verbs in brackets in the past forms.

1. The man __________(come) to my house last night.2. The girl____________(not call) me yesterday3. The students __________(not study) English last Wednesday.4. I ____________(receive) the letter last Monday5. Mr. Rudy ___________(go) abroad last month6. My uncle ______________(arrive) two hours ago.7. What ___________the students __________.(do) yesterday?8. Who __________(teach) you English last year?9. What time __________the man ___________(call) you last night?10. Did she ___________(sleep) well last night?

Task 8Read the dialogue and then answer the questions.Erwin : Where did you go last week Tom? I didn’t see you at the meeting?Tomi : I went to Denpasar to visit my uncle.


Page 49: bhs inggris 2

Erwin : How long were you in Denpasar? Did you visit some interesting places there?

Tomi : I was there for 5 days, and I went to Kuta beach and Sanur beach. I saw many foreign tourists there.

Erwin : Whom did you go with?Tomi : I went with my father, my mother and my brother.Erwin : How did you go there?Tomi : I went there, by plane but we went home by car.

Questions:1. Where did Tom go last week?2. Did he go there by bus?3. How long did he stay in Denpasar?4. Who did he go with?5. Did he visit many interesting places there?

Task 9 Tell the story about Tom, in your own words. Tell us, where he went, who he went with, how he went there, what places he visited…. Etc.Before telling the story in front of your friends, write it on your note book.

B. Present perfect tence

Kalimat present perfect tense dipakai untuk menyatakan suatu peristiwa yang sudah terjadi. (sudah selesai). Dalam hal ini tidak ditekankan waktu kejadiannya, hanya ingin mengungkapkan bahwa sesuatu pekerjaan sudah selesai dikerjakan.

Contoh:1. I have written the letter. (saya telah menulis surat itu)2. The secretary has typed the letter.(sekretaris itu telah mengetik surat itu)3. The students have studies English (murid-murid sudah belajar bahasa Inggris)4. Tono has done the homework.(Tono sudah mengerjakan PR)

*Bentuk kalimatnya:

Keterangan : S = Subyek Have = kt.bantu (untuk subyek; I, you, we, they, students, ……) Has = kt. Bantu (untuk subyek; she, he, it, Tina, mother ….) PP = Past Participle ( kata kerja bentuk ke tiga) O = obyek

* Untuk membuat kalimat tanya atau kalimat negative, kita tidak memerlukan kata bantu lagi karena sudah ada kata bantu have / has

Contoh: 1. Have you finished writing the letter? 2. I haven’t finished writing it yet.3. Has your mother gone to the market?



Page 50: bhs inggris 2

4. No, she hasn’t gone there yet. Bentuk negative kalimat ini selalu diartikan belum dalam bahasa Indonesia.

Task10 Write the verbs in brackets in the present perfect tense.Example: I __________(speak) to him about it several times.

I have spoken to him about it several times.1. Our teacher ___________(explain) this lesson.2. I _____________(not finish) reading the novel yet.3. Mr. Tarmidi ____________(sell) his old car already.4. My father ___________(pay) the radio tax for this month.5. Mr. and Mrs. Rahman ____________(be) to Singapore twice.6. We ___________(try) that restaurant again and again.7. I ___________(tell) him what you said.8. He _________(take) all his savings from the bank to buy a new car.9. Everybody ___________(hear) that story before.10. You __________(show) this picture to me already. I don’t need to se it again now.

Task 11. Read the dialogue and then answer the questions.

Rini : Have you ever been to Bali, Sri?Sriani : No, I haven’t. What about you?Rini : I have gone there twice. I like it very much?Sriani : What did you see in Bali?Rini : I’ve visited Tanah Lot. That’s a wonderful place I’ve ever met.Sriani : How long have you been in Bali?Rini : I have been there for a week. I have visited Denpasar, Singaraja and

Tampaksiring. Do you have a plan to go there?Sriani : I hope I can go to Bali next holiday. I know Bali is an interesting island.

Questions:1. Has Sriani ever been to Bali?2. Does she have a plan to go there?3. Has Rini visited Singaraja?4. How many times has she gone to Bali?5. How long has she been there?

Task 12Tell your friends about “Rini visited Bali”, in your own words.

C. Future tense

Pay attention to the dialogue bellow!


Page 51: bhs inggris 2

1. A : What is your plan for next holiday?B : I will visit my uncle in Denpasar. And, what about you?A : I’ll go camping with my classmate.B : Oh, that’s nice. Have a good timeA : Thank you, I hope you can enjoy your holiday too.

2. A : What time will you go to school tomorrow? B : I plan to go at seven. Will you go with me?A : All right, I’ll come to your house before seven. Will you wait for me?B : Okay.

3. A : When will your father go abroad?B : Next month, he will go with my mother?A : Will you go there too?B : No, I have to finish my study first, and I hope I’ll go with them next month.

4. A : Are you going to visit Taman Mini if you go to Jakarta?B : Sure, I don’t want to waste the time without visiting it. TMII is the interesting

place for me in Jakarta. Have you ever gone there?A : No, I’m going to go there next holiday.

* Ada dua bentuk kalimat future tense: 1. Dengan menggunakan will/shall artinya akan2. Dengan menggunakan be going to artinya akan

Perhatikan kalimat-kalimat berikut:1 will / shall I will go to Surabaya next month because I‘ll have two weeks holiday.

I shall be there for one week only.My mother won’t go to Surabaya, but she will go to JakartaMy sister won’t go any where because she has to work in her office.

* shall, hanya digunakan oleh subyek I dan we sedangkan will bisa digunakan oleh semua subyek. Untuk kalimat future lebih sering digunakan will sedang shall digunakan untuk menawarkan jasa (offering).

* Untuk membuat kalimat negatif, tambahkan not setelah will/shall. Will not disingkat menjadi won’t.Contoh:

1. I will not (won’t) go to Surabaya next holiday2. My father will not (won’t) go to the office tomorrow3. My uncle will not (won’t) call me today.

* Untuk membuat kalimat tanya, pindahkan will/shall kedepan subyek.

Contoh:1. Will you go to Surabaya next holiday?2. Where will you go next holiday?3. What places will you visit in Jakarta?


Page 52: bhs inggris 2

4. What time will the meeting start?

2. be going to.Be going to artinya akan.Be mengalami perubahan sesuai dengan subyeknya, misalnya:

I amYouWe areThey

She He is It

Contoh:I am going to go to Surabaya tomorrow.My sister is going to visit my uncle in JakartaMy father is going to go abroad soon.We are going to spend the weekend in Bandung.

* Untuk membuat kalimat negatif, tambahkan not sesudah be (am, is, are)Contoh: I’m not going to Surabaya next holiday

My sister is not going to visit my uncle in JakartaMy father is not going abroad next yearWe are not going to spend the week end in Bandung.

* Untuk membuat kalimat tanya, pindahkan be (am, is, are) kedepan subyek.Contoh:

Are you going to go to Surabaya next holiday?Where are you going to spend your holiday?What is your sister going to do next holiday?What time is the meeting going to begin?

Task 13Write the sentence in English in the future form using will or be going to.

1. Saya akan mengerjakan PR di rumah teman saya.2. Ibu saya tidak akan pergi kepasar besok 3. Tuan Budi akan menelpon saya nanti malam4. Kantor ini tidak akan dibuka pada hari sabtu5. Toko ini akan ditutup jam 5 sore.6. Pelajaran bahasa Inggris akan dimulai pukul 10.307. Tuan Rudy tidak akan menghadiri rapat besok pagi.8. Paman saya tidak akan mengunjungi saya bulan depan9. Para petani akan menanam padi bulan depan10. Kepala sekolah dan beberapa guru akan mengunjungi beberapa sekolah di Jawa.

Task 14Read the reading text below about Adito’s plan for his coming year and then answer the questions


Page 53: bhs inggris 2

I’m going to start my career right after I graduate from this school. I’m going to send application letters to several companies. I will take the first job opportunity given to me.

For the first time, I think, I only can be a salesman. I’m sure it won’t be a lifetime job. I’ll do my job with great optimism. I’ll learn a lot about being a good salesman, and then I’ll move up to be a supervisor.

I’m young, I’m healthy. I’ll learn all there is to know about sales and what areas to hit with our products. I’ll also learn how to deal with clients. I’ll build up good relationship with distributors. I must be responsible, creative, firm, alert and especially understanding with everyone in my work environment. If I can be an imaginative and resourceful person, I’m sure that one day I’m going to be a very successful sales manager.

(Taken from English for vocational student 2)Questions:

1. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?2. When will Adito start his career?3. What is the top job that Adito wants to reach?4. What kind of a person is Adito?5. What position does Adito wants after being a salesman?

Task 15Make questions using question word based on the sentence given. Number 1 is as the example.

1. The lesson will begin at 07.30.What time will the lesson begin?

2. Mr. Anton is going to teach math in our school.Who ………………………………………..?

3. The secretary will answer all the calls for the manager.Who …………………………………………………..?

4. I ‘m going to post the letter tomorrow.When ………………………………………….?

5. My brother will work in a post office near my house.Where ………………………………………………?

6. We are going to have English test tomorrow.When ……………………………………………?

7. The students will go for a picnic next holiday?Will ……………………………………………?

8. The guide will lead us to visit some interesting places.Who ……………………………………………….?

9. My sister is going to celebrate her birthday next week.Is ……………………………………………..

10. My mother is going to be 60 years old next week.How old …………………………………………….?

Task 16

Tell us what you are going to do after coming home from school this afternoon.


Page 54: bhs inggris 2


I. Read the dialogue in pairs and then answer the questions.

Jim : Harry, what’s the matter? You look pale. Are you sick?Harry : I just have a terrible experience.Jim : Sit down. Let me get you a glass of water.Harry : No, thanks, Jim. I’ll be fine in a minute.Jim : Did you have accidence?Harry : Not, quite, but almost. I was crossing the street just now and was almost hit by a

car. Fortunately, I jumped back in time.Jim : How awful! I hope you got the license number of the car so you can report this

man to the police department.Harry : Before I realized what had happened, the car was gone.Jim : Driver like that should have their licenses taken away from them.Harry : I agree. I won’t forget this for a long time.Jim : I’m sure you won’t.Harry : Yes, from now on I won’t cross the street in the middle of the block reading my

newspaper. I’ll have to watch where I’m going. Since there are dangerous drivers like that one on the road.

Questions1 Why did Harry look pale?2 Did Jim give him a glass of tea?3 Did Harry get accidence?4 What happened when Harry cross the street?5 What was Harry doing while crossing the street?

II. Write a short story about Harry terrible experience by completing the missing words.

Harry __________ pale because of a terrible __________. When He was crossing _____A car passed by and he was almost __________by the car. Fortunately, he _________back in time. ____________ he realized what had ___________, the car was gone. He would never _____________ this _______________and he promised not to read_______ while crossing the street, and he should be more careful in crossing the street.

III Listen the information and then answer the questionsQuestions

1 What is the information about?2 Where will they spend the holiday?3 What time will they depart?4 How will they go?5 Who is Anton?

IV Write the verbs in brackets in the correct form1 Last holiday, my mother and I (go) to Bandung to visit my uncle2 The man (call) me last night when I was studying3 My sister (study) abroad next year.


Page 55: bhs inggris 2

4 Uncle Tom (visit) us two months ago.5 My uncle (arrive) tomorrow afternoon.

V Change the sentences below into questions 1 My uncle will go abroad next month

When ....?2 The teacher has explained lesson five.

Has ....?3 He called me at 7 last night

What time ....4 The man bought a new car last week

What ....5 I will go to Jakarta next holiday

Where ....

SUMMARYIn this unit we have learned about:

- Past experiences - Future plan- Language focus:

- Simple past tense eg I went to Surabaya last Year

She visited us two days agoThe man called me last night

- Future tense using will & be going toeg I will have two weeks holiday

We will go to the beachThey are going to visit usI’m going to buy a new computerShe is going to come

- Present perfect tenseeg She has gone home

I have done the homeworkThey have comeThe letter has not been typed yet




Page 56: bhs inggris 2

I. Read the reading text to answer the question no. 1 – 5

DAILY ACTIVITIESThe Hadi family is early raisers. Every morning Mr. and Mrs. Hadi get up at four o’clock. Then Mrs. Hadi wakes up the children. Before they go to school the children help their mother with the housework.

Mrs. Hadi assigns chores to each of the children. One child washes the dry dishes, another cleans the room and the third sweeps the yard outside the house. Everyone is busy, and Mrs. Hadi is busier than any one else. She prepares breakfast for the family. They usually have fried eggs for breakfast.

They are happy family. The children talk and joke at the breakfast table. Mr. Hadi usually listens to the radio. Sometimes he discusses the program with the children.

This morning, Mr. Hadi has just turned on the radio.Mr. Hadi : Listen, it’s a nice songNita : Yes, it is. Would you mind turning it louder? I know the singer she is

my friend, Sri. I recognize her voice. She can sing very well and can play the piano too.

Mr. Hadi : She must be a talented girlNita : Yes, she is. She won the first prize at the singing competition last year

The family usually finishes breakfast at six o’clock. After breakfast Mr. Hadi and the children say good-bye to Mrs. Hadi. Then Mr. Hadi goes to the office and the children go to school. Mrs. Hadi stays at home to continue her housework.

(Taken from English for vocational school)1) What time do Mr. and Mrs. Hadi get up in the morning?

a) At 05.00b) At 04.00c) At 06.00d) After 5.00

2) Who wakes the children up?a) Mrs. Hadib) Mrs. Hadic) Nitad) No one

3) What does Mr. Hadi usually do in the morning?a) Reads newspaperb) Cleans the housec) Watches TVd) Listens to the radio

4) Who is Sri?a) She is Nita’s friendb) She is Nita’s teacherc) She is a new student


Page 57: bhs inggris 2

d) She is Mrs. Hadi’s daughter.

5) Does Mrs. Hadi work in an office?a) Yes, she doesb) Yes, she is very busyc) No, she stays at homed) No, she doesn’t want to work

Read the reading text to answer the questions no. 6 – 10.Anton is very happy today, because it is the first day of school. He has a new bag and

new books. He also has new cloths. I think Anton is a good student. His friends love him very much. When they have problem, they ask Anton for help.

At home he helps his father in his small shop. His father has a shop where he sells a lot of merchandise. His customers like to shop their, because they can buy things on credit.

6) Why does Anton feel happy today?a) Because he is a good studentb) It’s the first day for schoolc) Because he has many friendsd) For his father has a small shop.

7) What does Anton usually do at home?a) Does the homeworkb) Helps his father in the shopc) Going shoppingd) Buys some merchandise.

8) Why do the customers like to shop there?a) Because it’s cheapb) Because there are a lot of merchandise there.c) Since they can buy things on credit.d) Because the shop is not far from their house.

9) Why is Anton liked by his friends?a) Anton always helps themb) Anton is a diligent studentc) Anton has much moneyd) His father has a shop.

10) When they have a problem ….(paragraph 1)What does ‘they’ in this sentence refer to?

a) Anton’s familyb) Anton’s friendsc) All of the studentsd) The people.

II. Choose the correct answer by writing A, B, C or D.

11) A : Good morning. Can I help you?B :….


Page 58: bhs inggris 2

a) No, I can’tb) I want to reserve a room, pleasec) No, you have the wrong numberd) No, you are very busy.

12) To know the name of the caller, you can say:a) How about your name?b) May I ask your name?c) Do you have your name?d) Can I have your name?

13) To know the number of the caller, you can say:a) May I have your number, please?b) Do you know your phone number, please?c) How much telephone do you have?d) May I call your number?

14) To take the message, you can say:a) Do you know the message?b) What do you know, please?c) Would you leave a message, please?d) Can you write the message, please?

15) You will have a party at a restaurant. You want to reserve a table for 15 persons. What will you say?a) I want to reserve a ticket, please.b) I want to book a room.c) I’d like to reserve some foodd) I’d like to reserve a table for 15 persons.

16) How much is the price per night?a) 25 %b) $ 100c) a double roomd) for two days

17) What name is it for?a) I have the nameb) My name is Irmac) It’s for Mr. Rahmand) Just for two days

18) Your father is reading a newspaper, but the room is dark. You want to offer a help. What will you say?a) Shall I turn off the lamp?b) Shall I turn on the lamp?


Page 59: bhs inggris 2

c) Will you open the door?d) May I close the door?

19) Would you like a glass of milk?a) That’s very kind of you, thanksb) I don’t have any milkc) Drinking milk is not good for our health.d) I need a lot of milk

20) A. : Can you open the door, please?B : ….a) No, I can’tb) Yes I canc) I can’t help youd) Yes of course

III Read the dialogue to answer the questions number 17 – 20.Receptionist : Ramayana Restaurant, good morning. Can I help you?Rita : Good morning. I’d like to reserve a table for 10 persons.Receptionist : When will you have it, mom?Rita : Tomorrow afternoon. I’ll celebrate my birthday with my friends, after

studying. It’s about 2.00 o’clock. What are the terms?Receptionist : Rp. 25.000, - per person. But you should pay 20% of the payment on

confirmation of the booking.Rita : All right. Can you serve the meal on time?Receptionist : Sure. How about the menu? Do you want to try our roast boneless chicken

with soy sauce? (Ayam bakar tanpa tulang dengan saus kecap)Rita : That’s okay. But don’t forget the salads for the appetizer .(makanan

pembuka)Receptionist : Please give me confirmation soon?Rita : Yes. of course. I’ll come this afternoon. Good byeReceptionist : Bye, see you this afternoon.

21) Where will Rita want to have her birthday party?a) At schoolb) At Ramayana Restaurantc) At her housed) At her friends house

22) How many people will attend the party?a) en personsb) twenty personsc) fifteen persond) Five persons

23) What time will the party be held?a) At fourteenb) At a half past twelvec) At twelve o’clock


Page 60: bhs inggris 2

d) At a quarter past twelve

24) How much should she pay for the confirmation?a) Fifteen percent of the paymentb) Ten percentc) Fifty percentd) Twenty percent of the payment.

25) A : Good morning. Can I help you?B : Good morning. May I speak to Mr Rudi, please?A : I’m sorry Ma’am, he … a meeting at the moment.a) attendb) attendsc) is attendingd) is attended

IV. Read the dialogue to answer the questions 25 - 30 Any : Good morning Mr. LucasLucas : Good morning. Come in pleaseAny : May I have your time?

Lucas : Yes, of course. What can I do for you?Any : I’m Any from Pelita NewspaperLucas : Yes I remember that you phoned me yesterday, didn’t you?Any : Yes, you’re right Mr. Lucas. I want to make a short conversation with

you.Lucas : Yes, please. What do you want to ask me?Any : Could you tell me your experience as a successful businessman?Lucas : In 1983 after graduating from vocational school, I helped my uncle to

manage his small shop.Any : Didn’t you continue your study?Lucas : Actually I wanted to but my parents couldn’t finance meAny : Did you feel sad at that time?Lucas : Actually yes, but I knew my parents condition.Any : Did you have a dream to have your own shop?Lucas : Yes, after my uncle passed away I continued to manage the store by

myself.Any : You have a good talent, Mr. LucasLucas : Maybe you are right.Any : Actually I still have so many questions but I see that you are very busyLucas : It’s okay. Never mind.Any : Thank you very mush for the time, Mr. Lucas.Lucas : You’re welcome. See you next time.

26) Who is Mr. Lucas?a) an applicantb) a receptionistc) a successful businessman


Page 61: bhs inggris 2

d) an interviewer

27) Why does Any want to meet Mr. Lucas?a) She wants to have an interview with himb) She wants to buy some goodsc) She wants to make a complaintd) She wants to know him.

28) Where did Mr. Lucas graduate from?a) Academy secretaryb) Senior high schoolc) Vocational schoold) Junior high school

29) What is Any’s occupation?a) A tellerb) A managerc) A teacherd) A journalist

30) What did Mr. Lucas do after graduating from vocational school?a) He continued his study at the universityb) He worked in an officec) He helped his uncle in a small shopd) He worked as a businessman

Questions no. 31 – 33 based on the text below.

Good morning my friends. This morning I’d like to tell you about my bad experience. Last Monday I came to school late and the teacher punished me and asked me to weep the floor while all of my friends were studying in the classroom. I have told the teacher that I had problem with my motorcycle but he didn’t want to know it. So I had to clean the floor and watered the flowers. I promised that I won’t come to school late next time. Before going to school, I have to check my motorcycle. 31) What did the writer tell you about?

a) He promised not to comeb) He swept the floor last weekc) He doesn’t want to come lated) He was punished because of coming late.

32) Why did he come late?a) He got up lateb) He didn’t have his motorcyclec) He had problem with his motorbiked) He went to school by bemo.

33) What did the teacher ask him to do?a) To clean the blackboardb) To clean the yardc) To open the door


Page 62: bhs inggris 2

d) To stand in front of the class.

Questions no. 34 – 16 refer to the following information.I couldn’t sleep well last night, so I watched TV until mid-night. After watching TV I

went to bed but I still couldn’t go to sleep. Suddenly I heard someone knocked at the door. I got up quickly and tried to make sure about the knock. As I open the door, some one come in and asked me about the money. I was surprised and say nothing. He came into my room and took all of the money and TV and then went out. A few minutes later I realized that some one has robbed my house. Then I phoned the police and reported that some one had robbed my house.

34) What did the writer do when he couldn’t go to sleep?a) He read a newspaperb) He watched TVc) He wrote somethingd) He made telephone call

35) Who knocked at the door?a) His friendb) His unclec) Mr. Robbyd) A robber.

36) What did the man get at this house?a) Money and goldb) Money and TVc) He got nothingd) A motorcycle

Choose the word that should be corrected by writing A, B, C or D.

37) My friend phoned me last night but I am not at home.A B C D

38) Did your sister slept well last night? A B C D

39) My uncle goes to the office by motorcycle because he has sell his car. A B C D

40) Someone knocks at the door a few minutes ago.A B C D

LISTENING TEST.To answer the questions no. 41 – 43, listen to the dialogue.41) Who is calling?

a) Bella


Page 63: bhs inggris 2

b) Winniec) Shellyd) Donny

42) Can she speak with Winnie on the telephone?a) Yes she canb) Yes, but she should wait for herc) No, she was going outd) No, she doesn’t want to speak to him.

43) Who took the message?a) Donny didb) Her motherc) Her sisterd) Her friend

Listen to the dialogue to answer the questions no. 44 – 47.44) Who does the caller want to speak to?

a) Violab) Bellac) Mr. Wieldyd) The receptionist

45) Why can’t the caller speak to him?a) He has gone outb) He is not inc) He doesn’t want tod) He is having a meeting

46) Who took the message?a. The receptionistb. The directorc. Mrs. Wieldyd. viola

47) What time will the caller come to the office?a) Between 2 and 3b) Between 3 and 4c) between 4 and 5d) at five o’clock

Listen to the dialogue to answer the questions no. 48 – 50.48) Who does the caller want to speak to?

a) Mr. Budib) Mr.Rudyc) His friendd) His classmate

49) Can he speak to somebody he wants to?a) Yes he canb) No he can’tc) Yes of course


Page 64: bhs inggris 2

d) No, he isn’t

50) Does he leave a message?a) No, he has the wrong numberb) No, he doesn’t want toc) No, it’s not importantd) No, he doesn’t need it.



Mengungkapkan berbagai macam maksud hatiIndikator:


Page 65: bhs inggris 2

• Membuat kalimat yang menyatakan undangan• Melakukan kegiatan tawar menawar (bargaining)• Membuat kalimat yang menyatakan kepastian• Membuat kalimat yang menyatakan pujian atau kekaguman• Memberi pendapat kepada orang lain (giving opinion)• Mengungkapkan rasa setuju atau tidak setuju

Materi- Expressing openion- Arguing and persuading- Hobbies and interest- giving suggestion

I. EXPRESSING OPINIONStudy the dialogue below!

A : What did you think of the film?B : I liked it. I thought it was greatA : Yes, I liked it too. What is your opinion about the actress?B : She was great, she was excellent. She played her role perfectly in that film, don’t

you think so?A : Yes, she did. I think she deserved the Oscar. What do you think of the actor?B : In my opinion, he didn’t play very well.A : I didn’t like his acting, either.

By reading the dialogue above you have learned how to give an opinion such as:I liked itI thought it was greatShe was excellent In my opinion, he didn’t play very well, etc

Other examples:1 A : What do you think of your class room?

B : I think it is clean and large enough for 40 students

2 A : What is your opinion about your school?B : It’s good and clean. I like it although it is small but we can learn well and feel


3 A : Do you like English?B : Yes I do, I want to be able to speak English fluently and what do you think of the

lesson?A : Actually, I don’t like it. I think English is more difficult than Mathematics but I

have to study hard to pass the examination

4 A : What is your opinion of your classmates?B : In general, they are good and friendly but I don’t like some of them who always

make a noise and come to the class so late that it can make the teacher angry.


Page 66: bhs inggris 2

5 A : What is your opinion about the regulation of our school, that it does not allow the students to bring a mobile phone?

B : Actually I don’t agree with that but as students we must obey the rule.

These are some ways of asking some one’s opinion:- What do you think of .....?- What is your opinion about....?- Do you agree with....?- Can you give me your opinion about ....?

The response:- I think it is good enough - I don’t agree with that- It is great, I like it- It’s so beautiful that I can feel comfortable- Etc.

Task 1Give your response to answer the questions below:

1 What is your opinion about our new teacher?....

2 What do you think of our school library?....

3 Can you give your opinion about your skill program?....

4 Do you agree with the regulation about not allowing the students to bring a mobile phone?....

5 What is your opinion about your teachers?....

Task 2Read the reading text and then answer the questions about the text

CIGARETTES ARE RISKYFrom weeks ago I was late for work. I left my house five minutes later than usual, and I

saw my bus approaching the bus stop. I began to run, but I was too slow. I waited ten minutes for another bus and I was still gasping for air when it arrived. The next day I gave up smoking. For the first few days I was very irritable, but now I feel much better. Now I can ask: Why on earth do people smoke?

Every year, doctors publish report saying that smoking is dangerous for your health. Every year the British Government pays for advertisements telling people that smoking is bad for them. But there are millions of people that still smoke twenty to thirty cigarettes a day.

There is no advertisement for cigarettes on television in Britain. The Government banned them six months ago. If you read an English newspaper, you will see cigarettes advertisements, but at the bottom of each advertisement you will see the words: “Every warning: Smoking can damage your health.”

People die every year from the effects of smoking. When a machine in a factory causes serious injuries, the Government prohibits its use. Cigarettes cause deaths but they are still in the shop.


Page 67: bhs inggris 2

(Taken from an article in modern English)Answer the questions about the text:

1. Why did the writer stop smoking?2 Is there any cigarette advertised on TV in Britain? Why? 3 What can we find at the bottom of cigarette advertisements on English newspaper?4 What is the effect of smoking?5 Are you smoking? Write your opinion about smoking!

II ARGUING AND PERSUADING a. Study the dialogue below

1 A : Success comes with hard work.B : That’s true, but don’t forget that praying also help much

2 A : Job satisfaction is more important than money.B : I think so, but remember! Every one needs money for a living so one will do what

he can do for getting money.

3 A : You should be able to save about one third (1/3) of what you earn.B : It sounds good but we have to think of our children need and their educations.

4 A : You can judge a man by a quality of his workB : You may be right, but we don’t know what he is thinking about

5 A : Everyone wants to get better job and good position.B : Yes, you are right but no one can do the same job and responsibility.

In this case, you may agree with your friend but you also have your own argument for other opinion.

Task 3Complete the dialogue by choosing the words given

Danny : What do you _____(1) of our school regulation?Dian : What is it? About ______(2), that the students may not ______(3) mobile phone

to school?Danny : Yes, do you ______(4) with the rule?Dian : Yes, I think it’s good for us, so we can concentrate on ______(5), but not on

playing game.Danny : In this case you are right, but not all of us like ______(6) game in the class and

more over we some times need it for communication with our ______(7) I think it’s not a good _______(8).

parents playinglearning the rulebring thinkagree policy

b Below are some expressions showing persuasions- If I were you, I would just stay at home- I think you ought to ....- You’d better ....


Page 68: bhs inggris 2

- You should ....- Why don’t you ....- I would ... if I were in your position

The following expressions are used to forbid someone to do some thing.- I don’t think you should ....- You’d better not ....- It’s up to you but I wouldn’t ....- I think you’d better not ....

Task 4Write your response to the following statement. Use expressions showing persuading. Ask someone to or not to do somethingExample:

A : I feel sleepy. (go to bed)B : Why don’t you go to bed? Or

You’d better go to bed now.

1 A : I have to finish lots of homework. ( Start doing it now)B : ....

2 A : I’m very tired after doing some works today. (take some rest)B : ....

3 A : Anton wanted me to go for a camping with him (not go with him)B : ....

4 A : H haven’t finish doing my assignments (go home and do it)B : ....

5 A : Someone ask me to lend him some money (not lend him the money)B : ....

6 A : My mother asks me to come home on time (call her now)B : ....

7 A : My little sister doesn’t understand math homework. (teach her)B : ....

8 A : My mom is seriously sick but I don’t have enough money to see her doctor. (go to the public health centre)

B : ....9 A : I’m sorry for being absent. I’m not well, I have a headache ( take an aspirin)

B : ....10 A : My boy friend wants me to see the movie this evening but I will have a test

tomorrow ( not watch the movie)


Do you know what ‘hobby is? If you look up the dictionary ‘hobby’ means an interesting occupation, not one’s regular business for one’s leisure time. For example: collecting postage stamps, growing roses, playing basketball, fishing, singing etc.


Page 69: bhs inggris 2

So everything you do on your spare time for a pleasure is called a hobby. Now ask your friend what his/her hobby is, and then tell your class about your friend’s hobby. Read the dialogue bellow first and then answer the questions

Rini : Hi Tom, What are you doing?Tom : I’m watering the flower I plant yesterday. I love roses and I have many kinds of

roses. Do you like gardening?Rini : No, I don’t. I hate gardening, but I like cooking and I have many books about

cooking. I like making a cake for my family.Tom : Oh, that’s a good hobby for a woman

Questions:1. What’s Tom’s hobby?2. Does Rini like gardening?3. What’s Rini’s hobby?4. What does she like to make?5. Are you sure that a good hobby for women is cooking? Why?

Before talking about your hobbies, study the sentences below:

1 A : What is your favorite hobby, Dian?B : Cooking. I like cooking Chinese food. I think it’s not so difficult

2 A : Do you like cooking?B : No, I like reading better than cooking. I always buy my favorite magazine when I

have a holiday

3 A : Does your sister like cooking too?B : No, her hobby is swimming. She always goes swimming on her spare time.

4 A : I think fishing is a good hobby for menB : Yes, I agree with you and a good hobby for women is cooking.

5 A : Do you like camping?B : Yes, but going camping on the rainy season is very dangerous.

Task 5Answer the questions below to complete the dialogue!1 A : Do you like reading magazine?

B : ….2 A : What magazine do you usually read?

B : ….3 A : Do you read newspaper in the afternoon?

B : ….4 A : What do you usually do on your spare time?

B : ….5 A : What is your hobby?

B : ….6 A : Do you have the other hobby?


Page 70: bhs inggris 2

B : ….7 A : which one do you like best?

B : ….

Task 6Now let’s talk about music by answering the questions below.1 A : What kind of music do you like best?

B : .....2 A : Do you like singing?

B : ....3 A : Who is your favorite singer?

B : ....4 A : Is country music interesting?

B : ....5 A : Do you often go to a concert?

B : ....Task 7Write some sentences telling about your hobbies or what you like to do on your spare time and then tell it in front of your class.

IV LANGUAGE FOCUSGiving Suggestion

There are some ways to give suggestions to others. Pay attention to the example below.....had better……

- You had better take a rest - You’d better study in the room.- You had better open the door (use infinitive after the word better)

What about ….- What about studying English?- What about eating in the restaurant?- What about going by motorcycle?

(Use gerund (verb+ing) after about)Let’s….

- Let’s go to the beach.- Let’s do the homework in-group.- Let’s listen to the music.(use infinitive after let’s…..)

Why don’t you ….- Why don’t you come earlier? - Why don’t you see a doctor?- Why don’t you call me first?(Use infinitive after “don’t you…”)

Example in a dialogue:1.A : I’m very tired

B : Why don’t you take a rest? 2. A.: I’m not well this morning.

B.: You’d better see a doctor this afternoon.


Page 71: bhs inggris 2

3. A : We are bored to stay at home during the holiday B.: Let’s go camping.

Asking for suggestion.1. What shall we do now?2. What is your suggestion?3. What can we do now?

Accepting suggestion 1. Yes, that’s a good idea.2. Yes, that would be nice / yes that sounds nice3. Yes, that seems all right.

Rejecting suggestion ( menolak saran)1. No, I can’t2. No, I don’t think so.3. Well I’m not sure. I don’t really like it very much.4. Well, I’d rather not, if you don’t mind.

Dialogue 1.

Prass : I heard you graduated with honors. Congratulation! You did it.Yusril : Thanks a lot. But, what shall I do after this?Prass : Hm … why don’t you get a job?Yusril : Yes, that’s a good idea.

Dialogue 2.Eko : Hi! Satrio, I heard you and Lia are getting engaged next month. I’m happy to hear

that. Congratulation! Satrio : Thanks a lot. Come to my engagement party, will you?Eko : Sure, I’d like to.Satrio : By the way, … I need your suggestion. How many people should I invite to the

party?Eko : You’d better ask your parents.Satrio : No, I don’t think so.

Task 8Give suggestion to the following statements by matching the statements in column A to the statements in column B.

A. (Situation) B. (Suggestion)


Page 72: bhs inggris 2

1. I’m very tired a). What about a watch2. I’m not well. I have a headache b). Let’s go and stay with my sister in Bandung3. What do we want to eat tonight? c). How about a rice chicken curry4. Where do you want to go tonight? d). You’d better get some rest.5. We are bored to stay at home on the holiday e). Why don’t go to the theater?6. Where shall we go for our holiday? f). Why don’t you see a doctor?7. I didn’t understand the lesson g). Let’s go camping8. What can we do at the weekend? h). I suggest you to ask your teacher to explain it9. How many people shall we invite ? i). What about 50 persons10. What would you like for your birthday? j). What about going to the pub?

Task 9Give suggestion to the following statements in your own words by completing the sentence given. 1. A : Where shall we go tonight?

B : What about …. 2. A : I don’t understand the lesson. What’s your suggestion?

B : Why don’t …. 3. A : I’m very tired. I can’t do the exercise.

B : Let’s ….4 A : My mother is sick, but I don’t have enough money to go to a doctor

B : Why don’t you ….5 A : I’m hungry because I didn’t have breakfast this morning.

B : How about ….

Task 10

Arrange a short dialogue between you and your friend, Dina. She has problem with her family. Her mother is seriously sick and her father is jobless. So she doesn’t have money to bring her mom to a doctor. Give her suggestion in your dialogue.


I. Answer the questions to give your opinion!

1. What do you think about your school?....

2 Do you agree with the program to study group at my house this afternoon?....

3 What is your opinion about punishing the students who come late?....

4 What is your opinion about your English?....

5 What do you think about your school uniform?....

II Complete the dialogue below showing agreement or disagreement!

e.g.A : Western films on TV are always interestingB : I don’t think so; some of them may make us boring. So, not all of them are



Page 73: bhs inggris 2

1 A : In my opinion internet can give us good and interesting informationB : ....

2 A : It is better to get any job than to be jobless.B : ....

3 A : English is very important thing for us who want to work in an office.B : ....

4 A : Television has positive influence for peopleB : ....

5 A : Vocational students should not do the job training in the industry because they can practice their knowledge at school.

B : ....

III. Write your suggestion to complete the dialogue below!

1 A : I’m not well this morning and I have a headache.B : ....

2 A : I’ll have a mathematic test tomorrow but I don’t understand it. I think it’s very difficult for me. What’s your suggestion?

B : ....3 A : My mother is seriously ill but I don’t have enough money to see a doctor

B : ....4 A : I want to be an entrepreneur but my father wants me to be a teacher. Can

you give me any suggestion? B : ....

5 A : Actually we need English but it’s very difficult for me. What’s your suggestion?

SUMMARYIn this Unit you have learned:

1. How to give or express your opinion.e.g. I think it’s not a good idea

I don’t really agree with youThat’s not what I meanEtc.

2 How to persuade some onee.g. If I were you, I would just stay at home

I would go to the University if I were you

3 About hobbies and intereste.g. I like reading newspaper on my spare time

I like cooking rather than readingSwimming is my favorite sport.

4 For language focus you have learned about how to give suggestion to somebody.UNIT 6

KOMPETENSI DASARMemahami instruksi sederhana

Indikator:• Meresponi ungkapan –ungkapan yang menyatakan instruksi/ petunjuk


Page 74: bhs inggris 2

• Memberi saran atau nasehat kepada orang lain• Meresponi perintah atau komado• Menerima atau menolak pendapat orang lain

Materi- Instruction/memo- Describing process- Announcement- Imperative sentence

I INSTRUCTIONRead the memo carefully and then write the instructions found in the memo.

Questions: 1 How many instructions can you find in the memo?2 Write the instructions3 What should the room nurses do after reading the memo?Read the instruction below and then answer the questions.

Questions:1. What should you do to make a phone call using a new mobile phone?2 What will you do if the phone display “Insert SIM card”?3 To end the call, what will you do?


MemoTo : All RNs (Room Nurses)Date : July 17, 2006From : Margaret Smith, Director of NursesSubject : RN identity patches

Effective August 20, 2006, all RNs will have the choice of wearing caps or an identity patch. Patches should be sewn on the upper right arm of lab coats or uniform so that staff and patients can easily identify you as an RN. Those RNs wishing to wear identity patches may obtain them for one dollar a piece at the health Uniform Shop directly across from the hospital on Ames Street. Please call me at extension 732 if you have any question.

How to use new mobile phone to make a call1 Lift the back cover of the phone2 Insert SIM card to the phone3 Place the battery4 Replace the back cover5 Switch the phone on by pressing and holding the power key.

Note: If the phone display “Insert SIM card” even though the SIM card is inserted, check whether it is inserted properly. If it is, you should contact your network operator or service provider.

Warning : Do not switch the phone on when wireless phone used is prohibited or when it may cause interference of danger!

1 Key the phone number, including the area code2 Press “CALL” to call the number.3 Press “END CALL” to end the call (or to cancel the call attempt)

Page 75: bhs inggris 2

To give instructions, the sentence should be started with verb. Study the examples below. Now study the sentences below!1. Open your book!2. Put your pen on the table3. Look up your dictionary to get the meaning of the word4. Call me if you need farther information5. Write your name on the up right corner.

To make a negative form use don’t!Example: Don’t put it on!Don’t touch it!Don’t make a noise!

To make the sentence more polite add “please” before or after the sentence. Example:- Put on your coat please! - Please write down these sentences in pencil - Don’t make a noise, please! - Please don’t put your feet on the desk.

Task 1Write the sentences below in negative forms.1. leave the room2. look at me like that3. eat in the class4. forget to do the homework

Task 2Now arrange the instruction below about how to make a telephone call1. Dial the number you want2. Pick up the receiver3. Put the receiver on the telephone box when you finish telephoning4. Talk when some one answers your call

Task 3

Write the conversation below in English

Andy : Hi, Ridwan, datang kerumah saya nanti sore!Ridwan : Untuk apa?Andy : Kita akan belajar kelompok bersama Linda dan ArifRidwan : Jam berapa kita akan mulaiAndy : Jam 4 soreRidwan : Ok, saya akan datangAndy : Ya. Saya tunggu dan jangan lupa bawa buku MatematikanyaII. DESCRIBING PROCESSIn describing a process, we usually use the following words:First......., second........., next.........., then........., and ........, after that............., finally.......


Page 76: bhs inggris 2

Study the example below about the way of operating a computer!

First plug the power cord, second Press the power button on. After a few minutes you will see a windows menu on the monitor. Next look at the left bottom of the monitor and then hold the mouse gently. After that move the arrow pointer onto the ‘start’ menu and click it, the last click the program menu, and choose Ms-Word. Now you are ready to type

Task 4ReadingRead the reading below and write down the imperative sentences found in the text

Asking people to do things

When Henry Allen came home from the office last Thursday night, he saw a note from his wife on the kitchen table, “Henry,” the note said, “my mother isn’t well and I’m going home to be with her for a few days. There are a few things that ought to be done while I’m away.

“First, take your blue coat to the dry cleaner’s and leave your shirt at the laundry. At the same time, would you please stop at the shoe repairman’s and gets my brown shoes? And go to the supermarket and get some coffee, milk and butter. “When you get home, please telephone Mary Bickford and tell her I won’t be able to go to her party tomorrow evening. Tell her why I can’t come.

“There are three things that must be done before you go to work tomorrow morning: leave a note for the milkman asking for just one quart of milk, not two; put the garbage in the backyard; give the dog something to eat.

If you have time on Saturday, cut the grass. Don’t forget the grass in the backyard. The newspaper boy will come on Saturday afternoon. Be sure to give him money.

“I think that’s all. I’ll telephone this evening and let you know how mother is.


Henry looked out the window at the grass Alice wanted him to cut. His wife had asked him to do many things. He hope her mother would be well very quickly.

Answer the questions based on the reading text above1. What did Henry find on the kitchen table?2. Where had Alice gone? Why?3. What was the first thing Alice wanted Henry to do?4. Why did Henry have to telephone Mary?5. What did Alice ask Henry to do on Saturday if he had time?

Task 5In a group of 4 students, arrange the steps of using a mobile phone. Choose one of the topics below:

1 The way of using a mobile phone


Page 77: bhs inggris 2

2 How to make a telephone call using mobile phone3 The steps of writing and sending SMS4 The ways of replaying/ answering an SMS5 The ways of saving some one’s phone number on your HP.

III. COMMAND AND REQUESTa Command 1 Affirmative command forms consist of the verb without a subject pronoun. The

commend is more polite when please is addedExample:

Wait! Please waitClose the door please close the doorCome in please come inSit down please sit down

2 To make a negative command form, use don’t (do not) before the verbExample:

Don’t smoke in this room. Don’t smoke in this room, pleaseDon’t open the door. Please don’t open the door

3 The command form of be is followed by an adjective, noun, or an adverbial expression of place or time.

Example:Be patient. Don’t be nervousPlease be patient. Please don’t be nervous

Be at school on time. Don’t be latePlease be at school on time. Don’t be late, please

4 Let’s is contraction of let us. It is a suggestion for two or more people including the speaker, to do something. The negative form: let’s not

Example:A : Let’s speak EnglishB : All right / Yes, let’s do it

A : Let’s not eat in the class roomB : All right / OK, Let’s not

A : Let’s play tennisB : No, let’s not / No, not today

Task 6Write 5 positive commands and 5 negative commands

b. Request


Page 78: bhs inggris 2

Request is asking people to do something politelyStudy the sentences below!

1. A : Will you open the door, please?B : Sure

2. A : Can you help me to clean the room, please?B : Certainly

3. A : Would you mind cleaning the living room?B : No, of course not.

4. A : Would you come to my house this afternoon, please?B : I’m sorry, I can’t. I have to finish my report today

Note: words used in making requests are:Can you ....Will you ....

To make it more polite, use;Would you ....Could you ....Would you mind (verb + ing) ....

Task 7Now ask your friend to do something, based on the verbs given and give the response1 ... send the letter2 ... type the monthly report3 ... return the book to the library4. ... write the announcement on the board5. ... reread the text loudly6 ... get the meaning of the words in the dictionary7. ... clean the black board8. ... sweep the floor9. ... lead the whole class to pray10 ... borrow a dictionary in the library


When the verb has particle with it, this is normally heard at the end of a spoken imperative. Example: Put on your coat! Put your coat on, please!

Task 8Now do it as the example1. Take off your shoes!2. Clear up this mess!3. Take away these books!4. Read out the message aloud!5. Switch on the light!

Task 9Complete the following sentences with the appropriate words from the list below.

doing for hang up turn on put down


Page 79: bhs inggris 2

wait for pick up turn off taking back

1. Please ask John to _______ the lights ______ it’s dark in here.2. _______your books ______ on the desk please.3. ______my coat ________in the closet, will you?4. Please don’t _______ me. I’ll be busy all afternoon.5. Would you mind ______a favor _______me?6. Would you please ______ those cups and saucers from the table?7. Would you mind ______ these books _____ to the library?8. Tell him to _______ the light____ when he goes to bed.

Task 10Read the dialogues and then answer the questions

Ella : Will you bring me two eggs from the refrigerator, Barbara?Barbara : Here are the eggs. Anything else I can do for you?Ella : Yes. Put the egg whites in one bowl and the yolks in another.Barbara : What are you making? A cake?Ella : That’s right. Don’t tell Harry. It’s for his birthday. Keep it a secret.Barbara : I won’t tell anyone.Questions1. What is Ella going to do?2. What does she ask Barbara to do?3. Why does she ask Barbara to keep it a secret?

Task 11Tell us in your own words what Ella and Barbara are doing.

Task 12Write the imperative sentence from the dialogue below

Frank : Would you mind helping me for a minute, Tom?Tom : I’d be glad to, Frank. What do you want me to do?Frank : Help me hang up this picture. Hold it straight while I put in the nail.Tom : I’d be glad toFrank : Hand me the hammer. Give me one of those nail, too, please.Tom : Here you are.Frank : There. How does that look? Tell me if I have a straight.Tom : Yes, it’s straight, but it’s upside down. b. Indirect commandLook at the example below!1. Teacher : “Tom, open the door!”

The teacher told Tom to open the door2. Mother : “ Budi, don’t go to bed late!”

Mother told Budi not to go to bed late3 Tina :”Would you explain lesson 5 once again, sir?”

Tina asked the teacher to explain lesson 5 once again

Task 13


Page 80: bhs inggris 2

Write the sentences below into indirect speech1. Teacher : Siska, read the text loudly!2. Teacher : Don’t open your book, students!3. Mother : Clean your bedroom, Rini!4. Edy : Will you return this book to the library, Anton?5. Mr Rudy : Can you take my book on the table Dea?6. Sendy : Would you mind explaining lesson 5 Mr. Edward?7. Father : Don’t forget turn off the lamp before going to bed Doni!8. Teacher : Very, don’t forget to close all the windows before going home 9. Mother : Susan, turn the TV off! Your father is talking on the telephone.10. Rini : Would you help me to clean my bed room, mom?


Read the reading text, and then answer the questions below


There are two men in important position in my office- Mr. Thompson and Mr. White. Everyone enjoys working with Mr. Thompson, but no one likes Mr. White.

Mr. Thompson is always thoughtful and considerate. When he wants something done, he’ll ask , ” Would you mind getting this information for me, please?” Mr. White is just the opposite. He usually shouts across the room, “ Get me this memorandum, and hurry up!”

Mr. White surprised us this morning. At first we thought he must be sick. He was kind and agreeable. “Miss Erickson,” he asked, “if it isn’t too much trouble for you, could you please make these telephone calls for me?” June Erickson was astonished. Right after that, Mr. White said, “Miss Reed, would you be so kind to open the window? It’s quite warm in here.” Then he talked to me. “I’d appreciate it very much if you’d mail these letters for me.”

We couldn’t imagine why he was behaving so strangely. Should we offer him aspirins? Or had Mr. White changed his personality?

The situation was soon cleared up. “Ladies,” Mr. Thompson said, “I’ve been told that the president of the company will be here soon. He’s very interested in the welfare of his employees and will have some questions to ask you about your working condition here.”

(English 900, book five)

Chose the correct answer based on the text above!1. Who is Mr. Thompson?

a. The director of the companyb. A new employeec. An employee in important positiond. The president of the company

2. How is Mr. Thompson behaving?a. Rudelyb. Thoughtfullyc. Angrily


Page 81: bhs inggris 2

d. Happily

3. What does Mr. White usually do when he wants something?a. He asks a favor politelyb. He asks someone roughly c. He wants some one to help himd. He will ask Miss Erickson to help him

4. Why does everyone like Mr. Thompson?a. He is an important personb. He is very kindc. He is the president of the companyd. He is thoughtful and considerate

5. One morning, Mr. White was so kind to the ladies, why?a. he was sickb. the president of the company would supervise themc. The manager was not ind. Mr. Thomson has suggested him

6. The imperative sentence below is….a. Everyone enjoys working with Mr. Thompsonb. I’d appreciate it very much if you could post the letter for mec. Get me the memorandum and put it on my tabled. He will have some questions about the working condition

7. The main idea of paragraph three is ….a. Mr. White was sickb. Mr. White asked miss Erickson to help himc. He was kind and agreeable d. Mr. White behaves differently

8. He’s very interested in the welfare of his employees ….The underlined word has the same meaning with ….

a. Prosperityb. Opportunityc. Facilityd. Development

II Read the dialogue below to answer the questions no. 9 – 10Marzuki : Would you help me for a minute, please?Dan : Of course. What do you want me to do?Marzuki : Could you hold these packages while I look for the key to open


Page 82: bhs inggris 2

the door?Dan : I’d be glad to. What is in this package? It is extremely heavy.Marzuki : Just the things we need for the picnic tomorrow.Dan : Well, hurry up and open the door. I’ve told you that these things were

heavy.Marzuki : I can’t find the key. You must have it.Dan : you are right, but how can I get the key while I’m holding all these


9. What did Marzuki ask Dan to do?a. To open to doorb. To find the keyc. To hold the packagesd. To get something for a picnic

10. They are extremely heavy. What does ‘they’ refer to?a. Tom and Marzukib. The keysc. The packagesd. The things in the picnic

III Complete the memo below for questions no 11 – 15

11. a. monthb monthlyc moond every month

12. a. holdb holdingc heldd holds

13. a. forgetb forgetsc forgotd forgetting



To : Miss JennyDate : July 17, 2006From : Mr. Rudy, DirectorSubject : (11)________meeting

The meeting will be (12)______ at 09.00 am tomorrow. Be sure that the room is ready before nine. Type the report and put it on my table. Don’t (13)______ to call Mr.Ridwan, and (14)______ him to bring the proposal to my room before the meeting, bring the proposal and the MOU to the meeting to be (15)________.

Page 83: bhs inggris 2

14. a. askingb askedc asksd ask

15. a. signb signsc signingd signed

IV Questions no 21 – 30, identify the underlined words that should be corrected, by writing A, B, C, or D.1. Director : Linda, will you posted this letter for me this morning?

A BLinda : all right, sir but I’ll do it after typing this report.

C DDirector : It’s OK.

2. Ati : Could you come to my house tomorrow morning?A

Dewi : I’m sorry, I can’t. But I free in the afternoon.B C

Ati : Ok. Please come in the afternoonD

3. Marisa : May I speak to Mr. Edward, please?A

Receptionist: He is not in. would you leave a message?B

Marisa : tell him that the meeting will be hold at nine tomorrowC D

4. Mother : don’t forget to turn off the TV before going out, Tom!A B

Tom : All right, Mom. I’m still wait for my friend to pick me upC

Mother : Lock the door and keep the key to Mr. Eddy. I’ll be back before D

five in the afternoon

5. To save time and money in sopping, we should decided what, where and A B C

when to shopD


In this Unit you have learned:1 How to make and response instruction


Page 84: bhs inggris 2

2 About telling process and telling the steps of operating things3 How to make command and request 4 and how to make a reported commandExample:

- Teacher : Tina, knock the door before coming into the classThe teacher asked Tina to knock at the door before coming into the class

- Teacher : Don’t eat in the class students!The teacher told the students not to eat in the class


Membuat pesan-peasn pendek, petunjuk dan daftar dengan pilihan kata dan tata tulis yang berterima


Page 85: bhs inggris 2

Indikator:• Menulis pesan pendek (SMS) kepada orang lain• Memahami memo dari pimpinan• Mencatat hasil pembicaraan, diskusi, rapat dsb.

Materi- Writing Memo- Personal letter- Business letter- Degrees of comparison

I WRITNING MEMOTask 1Read the memo below and then answer the questions

Questions1 Who writes the memo?2 Why does he write the memo?3 What is the memo about?4 What should the sales staff do to prepare the meeting?5 When will the meeting be held?

Task 2Rearrange the memo below in a good order!

1. Please attend the meeting at Sheraton Hotel on the first of May, at 10 am, discussing about the marketing of new product, I will be at a conference in Jakarta at that time. Let me know the result of the meeting at the end of this week.

2. Memo3. Subject : Meeting4. From : Mr. Budiman5. To : Miss Diana6. Date : April 28, 2008

Task 31. Write a Memo to Eddy, asking him to come to the office on Monday, May 12, 2008 at

3.00 pm to arrange the proposal of study tour for next holiday.


From : Mr. RudyDate : April 23, 2008To : Mr. HarrySubject : Annual Meeting

I’m writing to remind you that the annual meeting of the sales staff will be on Monday, April 28, 2008. I want every one to be ready with ideas, strategies, and sales forecast for next year. I will be out of town attending a conference on the new product of LCD projectors in Osaka, Wednesday and Thursday. Remember that next Saturday is a holiday. Therefore if you have something urgent to discuss, please meet me on Friday, April 25.

Thank you.

Page 86: bhs inggris 2

2 Write a memo to your secretary asking her to arrange a report about the meeting with the colleague in Singapore and must be handed on the 15th of May 2008

3 Write a memo to your marketing staff telling about the annual meeting and ask them to hand their report at the meeting.

II WRITING LETTERSExample of a personal letter

Mataram, December 15, 2007

To: Father and Mother In Surabaya

I’d like to thank you for giving me a chance to spend my vocation in Mataram. I stay with my friend, Wiwin, and her parents. They are very kind to me. They have shown me many interesting places. I love mataram, because the people are friendly and the town is clean.

There are some tourist resorts around the town, we have gone there. We have gone to Senggigi Beach. It is about 7 Km from town. The place is very beautiful, we can see beautiful sunset there, and also we have gone to Narmada Park. We can swim and have traditional food there. I hope we can go there together next holiday.

Wiwin’s parents ask me to stay in Mataram for a week so that we can see some more interesting places there. If you don’t mind, I’ll go back home next Monday on the 18th of December. How are grandma, grandpa and Uncle Paul?

All right mom, I think that’s all, bye and hope you are all very well, and see you next week

Your daughter


Task 4

Now your turn to write a letter to your parents, you are in Jakarta to have a holiday and you will go home next week on the 2nd of February 2008. Ask your father to pick you up at the air port at 10 pm. Your flight will depart at eight pm

Task 5

You have one week holiday in Bali. You will go home on the tenth of January; the ship will depart at eight in the morning.Please write SMS to your brother asking to pick you up at Lembar.

III BUSINESS LETTER1. Read the letter below and then answer the questions!


Page 87: bhs inggris 2

IRENE BOUTIQUEJl. Selaparang 24 Mataram

Telp/Fax: 0370 668743

August 12, 2007

Pt. Sunflower GarmentJl. Leuwigajah 146Cimahi 40532

Dear Sirs,

I’m interested in your advertisement in the newspaper about your new pullover products

I wonder if I could have three pieces of each color, size and model through the postal service. I would really appreciate it if you could tell us the terms of payment and delivery.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, preferably by facsimile.

Yours sincerely,

Irene Sulistyo

Manager Questions:1 Who writes the letter?2 What is the letter about?3 What does she order?4 How does she want the order delivered?5 Where did she get the information about the product?

2 Read the letter to answer the questions



Page 88: bhs inggris 2


IRENE BOUTIQUEJl. Selaparang 24 Mataram, 83238

Dear Miss Irene,

In response to your letter of order, here with I inform you about the product and the prize. We have three colors of the small size @ Rp. 35.000, 3 color medium @ Rp 45.000 and 2 colors of the large size @ Rp 50.000. The payment can be transferred trough BCA Bank.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Judy WrdoyoMarketing Manager

Task 6Fill in the order form based on the letter:Order form/invoice

Date, _____________Mr./Mrs. __________

Note No__________Qty Item Price Sub-Total


Task 7Read the letter below and then answer the questions


Page 89: bhs inggris 2

Dear Sir,

I have recently come from your Dewata Oriental tour – DT65/05, and I have a number of comments I would like to make.

In general, the food was extremely poor, and the restaurant service is very slow. In one hotel there was a problem of overbooking. After a long and tiring journey, we discovered that this hotel no accommodation for us. We were transferred to another hotel on the outskirts of the city. In your advertisement, you stated that all hotels were located in the city center.

In addition, I think your staff should have handled these problems in a better way. Some of them were rather rude when complains were made.

Because of these problems, I think your company should consider appropriate refunds.

Yours truly

Anna Silalahi

Questions1. Who is the letter probably sent to?2 Why did Mss Silalahi write this kind of letter?3 What did she complain about?4 What did she demand from the tour?

Read the dialogue filling the order form below!Task 8AT TIARA DEPARTMENT STORE

Shop assistance : Good morning, can I help you?Customer : Yes, I need some shirts, please.Shop assistance : What size do you want?Customer : Let me see the medium oneShop assistance : Here is it the red one, it looks very nice and matches with your skin.Customer : Can I try it on?Shop assistance : SureCustomer : I’m sorry, it looks good but it’s too small.Shop assistance : Here is the large one, but we don’t have the same color?Customer : Well, I’ll take the yellow and the white ones for the large size and how

much do they cost?Shop assistance : Rp. 80.000 for both of them. Are there any things else, sir?Customer : Can I have trousers, the black color, please. Shop assistance : Certainly, what size do you wear?Customer : I think no. 32. How much is the price, pleaseShop assistance : Yes, here you are. It’s Rp 80.000. You can pay it at the cashier 2.Customer : Thank you

You are as shop assistance; fill in the form below for the customer to be paid at the cashier.Order form


Page 90: bhs inggris 2

Date, _____________Mr. /Mrs. __________

Note No, __________Qty Item Price Sub-Total

TotalTask 9Write a letter of order asking about 100 ex. of English books and 150 ex. of Mathematics for SMK at ARMICO Jl. Madurasa Utara No. 10, Bandung, 40253. Your office is SMKN1 Jl. Pejanggik No. 28 Mataram.


Riza : How would you like to travel, Andy?Andy : I’d like to travel by plane. It’s the fastest way of traveling.Riza : But I prefer traveling by ship. It’s more enjoyable than a trip by plane. We have

more friends on the ship.Andy : I know. Do you think the fare for a trip by sea is as expensive as the fare for the

air travel?Riza : Of course not. A trip by sea does not give the same pleasure as a trip by air.Andy : But traveling by jet plane take you shorter time than traveling by sea.

Businessmen like traveling by plane.Riza : You aren’t a businessman, remember. We are students. So it is no use arguing

about traveling by way.Andy : All right. Let’s not waste our time. Studying English is much better than arguing

about nothing.

(Taken from Bahasa Inggris Umum I, Dept Pend & Kebudayaan)

To understand the dialogue, answer the questions below!1 What are Andy and Riza?2 What are they talking about?3 Do you think traveling by air is more enjoyable than traveling by ship?4 Is traveling by plane cheaper than traveling by sea?5 Which do you prefer traveling by sea or by plane?

There are three types of comparison:1. POSITIVE DEGREE OF COMPARISON


Page 91: bhs inggris 2

It is used to show that two things are equal. The form of equality in comparison of adjectives in English is - as.... as.

Example: Sri is 17 years old and Tika is 17 years old too.Sri is as old as Tika

Dea bought an English book last night. It costs Rp. 25.000, my English book is Rp. 25.000.My English book is as expensive as Dea’s book

The negative form is:.....not so.... as or .....not as .... as

Example: Rini is not so claver as Raharjo, orRini is not as clever as Raharjo

- the same .... asExample: My book is as expensive as Dea’s book or

My book is the same price as Dea’s bookexpensive adjectives (kt sifat)price noun (kt. benda)

Task 10Write the sentences below showing equality. Use as...as or not as ....as

Example : My father was born in 1952 and my mother was born in 1952 (old)My father is as old as my mother

My father was born in 1950; my mother was born in 1960 (old)My mother is not as old as my father

1. Mr. Yani is 25 years old; Mr. Iwan is 25 years old (young)2 My uncle has 3 cars; Mr. Rudy has 7 new cars (reach)3 Tina got 8 in English test and Rina got 8 too (clever)4 My sister and my aunt always get up after 7 in the morning (lazy)5 I got 5 in mathematics test but Shinta got 3 (stupid)6 It costs Rp. 400.000 to go to Jakarta by bus; if you want to go by train you only need

Rp. 300.000 (expensive)7 The whether in Bandung is very cold; Malang is cold too (cool)8 Yogyakarta is a big city. Mataram is a small city (big)9 A storm is dangerous; a big wave is dangerous too (dangerous)10 Bali post costs Rp. 3.000; Lombok Post is Rp. 4000 (cheap)

Task 11Change the sentences below by using the same ........as


Page 92: bhs inggris 2

Example: My house is as big as Maya’s house (size)My house is the same size as Maya’s house.

1 Anton is as heavy as Andy (weight)2 Jl. Sriwijaya is as long as Jl. Majapahit (length)3 My shirt is not as dark as yours (color)4 That city is as far as my village from here (distance)5 A bus is not as fast as an air plane (speed)6 My dictionary is as thick as this encyclopedia (thickness)7 Are your shoes as big as your brother’s? (Size)8 Balinese dances are as beautiful as Javanese dances ( beauty)9 Kintamani is as cold as Malang (whether) 10 My sister is as young as Santi (age)

2 COMPARATIVE DEGREE OF COMPARISONIt is used to show that 2 things are not the same. One is more than the other. The form of comparative degree is:

- .......er than... ( for the adjectives that have one or two syllablesExample : Hanna is taller than christen

Budi is cleverer than Andy

- When the adjectives end in ‘y’, the comparative degree is expressed by changing ‘y’ to ‘ier’Example : Jl. Pejanggik is busier than Jl. Sriwijaya

I’m happier today than I was last year.

- more.....than... ( for adjectives that have more than two syllables)Example: TV programs are more interesting than radio programs.

My trousers are more expensive than yours.Hadi is more careful in many ways than his brother.

- Exceptions Some English adjectives have special comparative forms

Example: good better thanbad worse thanfar farther than

Task 12

Put the adjectives between brackets in their correct forms to fit the following sentences.Example: Suci is ..........(young) than Anita

Suci is younger than Anita 1 This painting is ....(attractive) than that one.2 this exercise book is ....(good) than that note book3 Mr. Wibowo’s explanation is ....(clear) than yours.4 Soccer is ....(exciting) game than table tennis.5 Some people are .... (healthy) than the others.6 Is this room ....(large) than that one?7 Going by plane is ... (comfortable) than going by bus8 But going by bus is ... (safe) than going by plane9 Do you think that the air in the city is ...(bad) than the air in the village?


Page 93: bhs inggris 2

10 I think Denpasar is .....(hot) than Mataram.

Task 13Write the sentences below in comparatives form.Example: My mother is 50 years old and my father is 48 years old (old)

My mother is older than my father1 My mother gets up at 5 in the morning but my father always gets up after six. (early)2 My motorcycle costs Rp. 12.000.000 but the new motorcycle is Rp. 14.000.000

(expensive)3 Riza was born in 1991; Danny was born in 1993. (young)4 We need 2 hours to go to Mataram by bus but 3 hours by motorcycle. (fast)5 I can do the English test well but I have many mistakes in Mathematics. (difficult)


Superlative degree is the highest degree. It uses definite article ‘the’- When the adjective consists of one or two syllables, the superlative degree is

formed by adding ‘est.’Example: It is the tallest building in Mataram

An elephant is the biggest animal nowadays

- When the adjectives end in ‘y’ the superlative degree is formed by changing ‘y’ to ‘iest’

Example : Today is the happiest day for me. It is my holidayI don’t know which the heaviest metal is.

- The superlative degree of more than two syllables uses ‘most’Example: This painting is the most attractive of all in this exhibition.

Who is the most beautiful girl in our class?

- Exceptions Special superlative form:Good – better – bestBad - worse – worstFar - farther - farthest

Task 14Put the adjectives between beckets in the following sentences in their correct form!

1 This is the... (expensive) book in my collection.2 Ronny is the... (tall) boy in my class3 The Borobudur is the… (beautiful) monument in Indonesia.4 Which is the... (large) city in our country?5 Who has the ... (expensive) hobby off all?

Task 15Write the adjectives in brackets into the correct forms to fit the following sentences


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Example: It is the ... (large) tree in our gardenIt is the largest tree in our garden

I think this book is ... (good) than that one.I think this book is better than that one.

My mother is as... (old) as my fatherMy mother is as old as my father

1 The newspaper is ... (cheap) than this magazine2 Anita is ... (ambitious) student than her brother.3 Have you ever seen ... (frightening) film in your life?4 I think Senggigi Beach Hotel is as … (expensive) as Sheraton Hotel.5 But Sheraton Hotel is the ... (interesting) one in Mataram.6 My mother always gets up the ... (early) in my family7 But my sister, Sunana, gets up the ... (late)8 I always get up ... (early) than my father because I don’t want to go to school late9 Do you think that a dog is ... (diligent) than a cat?10 Some people is ... (healthy) than others.


1. Arrange the memo below in a good order.

- The staff meeting will be held next Monday at 9 am. Please arrange the report about the meeting in Singapore to be presented in the meeting.

- Memo

- Subject : Meeting

- From : Mr. Rudy

- To : Linda

- Date : April 15, 2008

2 Arrange the letter below in good order.

- Sincerely


Page 95: bhs inggris 2

- Winda

- Dear Mr. Rahmat

- Iwan Gunawan,Arjuna Ceramic, Jl. Bima no. 315 Yogyakarta 31167

- INDO KARYA AGENCYJl. Pemuda 25 Mataram, 83238

- Thank you very much for the fast delivery of the pots we ordered. I, however, feel far from satisfied as half of the pots are damage.

I would be grateful if you could send me new ones of absolutely no cost to replace the damage ones. I would suggest that you handle the delivery more carefully to avoid damage.

3 Read the dialogue and then fill in the order form.

Shop Keeper : Good morning, can I help you, madam? Customer : Yes, I need 5 kg of sugar, 2 kg of flour, 2 box of Cocoa and 15

eggsShop Keeper : Anything else madam?Customer : Do you have some butter, please?Shop Keeper : Yes, how much do you need, ma’am?Customer : just a kilo please. How much do they cost?Shop Keeper : It costs Rp. 6500 for a kg of sugar, Rp. 7000 for a kg of flour, Rp.

15.000 for a kilo of butter, Rp. 6000 for a box of Cocoa and Rp. 12.000 for 15 eggs. Please pay them at cahier 3.

Customer : All right.

Fill in the order form!

Date, _____________Mr. /Mrs. __________

Note No, __________Qty Item Price Total


4 Read the dialogue below and then write the message on the form below!


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Receptionist : Good morning, Holiday Inn, can I help you?Caller : Can I speak with Mr. George, room 234 please?Receptionist : He has just gone out, do you have any message?Caller : What time will he be back?Receptionist : I’m not sure.Caller : Will you ask him to call me at 678345, please?Receptionist : Sure, may I have your name sir?Caller : My name’s Rudy from Rinjani Tour and TravelReceptionist : All right, I’ll tell him as soon as he comes backCaller : Thank you and good morning.



5 Write the adjectives in brackets into the correct forms to fit the following sentences

1 Uncle Tom is ... (old) as my father2 Tina always comes ... (early) than Jimmy3 My father gets up the ... (late) in my family.4 Jakarta is the ... crowded) town in our country5 Do you think than English is the ... (difficult) subject to be learned?6 I think mathematics is not as ... (difficult) as English.7 What is the ... (easy) subject for you in your class?8 I think biology is ... (easy) than mathematics because I like it and I want to be a doctor9 Do you think than traveling by train is ... (comfortable) than traveling by bus?10 Yes, but traveling by plain is the ... (fast)


In this unit you have learned about;


Page 97: bhs inggris 2

- How to write a memo to some one- arrange business letters and- fill in the forms

You also learned about degree of comparison.There are three types of comparisons, they are:Positive degrees:

The man is as tall as our headmasterTian is as clever as Dina

Comparative degreesMy mother gets up earlier than my fatherMy house is larger than your house

Superlative degreesI would stay at the most expensive hotel if I went abroadAnton is the cleverest student in my class.





Page 98: bhs inggris 2

I. Choose the correct answer by writing A, B, C or D2. I’ll celebrate my 17th birthday on Saturday next week. Will you come to the party?

a. Let me think it firstb. I’d love to but I’m sorry I’ll be in Surabaya at that time.c. Sorry, I don’t like attending the partyd. It doesn’t matter. I’ll come if I have time.

3. We will have a holiday next Tuesday. What about going to the beach?a. Great! That’s a good idea.b. Who will go to the beach?c. I’ll accompany you if I have timed. I don’t like it.

4. Tom : I won’t go home this afternoon because I have many things to do.Rini : Will you have lunch in the office?Tom : No, I’d like….

a. having lunch at the officeb. to have lunch in a restaurantc. to come earlierd. I don’t want to have lunch.

5. Budi : I have nothing to do this evening. What’s your idea?Rina : What about….

a. go to the beachb. stay at homec. going to the beachd. to go fishing

6. My little sister will be one year old next Sunday and my father will… her birthday. Will you come to the party?

a. celebrationb. celebratingc. celebratedd. celebrate

7. Indah : I don’t like to spend the holiday at home by doing nothingDewi : Why …?

a. don’t you go for a picnicb. do you stay at homec. don’t you stay with your friendd. do you spend a holiday at home

8. Iwan : I didn’t have breakfast this morning, so I feel hungry now.Tuti : Let’s … at the cafeteria.

a. buy some bookb. go to the class


Page 99: bhs inggris 2

c. do the homeworkd. buy some food

9. The room is dark. I can’t read the book. Will you…?a. open the windowb. turn on the fanc. clean the roomd. turn off the light

10. I left my pen at home. Can you …?a. give me your pen b. go to the shopc. lend me your pand. take a pen

11. I feel thirsty. Could you give me a glass of water?a. Thank youb. Certainlyc. Not at alld. It doesn’t matter

12. I’m very busy this morning. Can you help me to clean my room, Tia?a. Yes, off courseb. It’s my pleasurec. Don’t mention itd. You’re welcome.

13. My motorcycle is broken. I must … it soon.a. Repairedb. Repairc. Repairingd. to repair

14. My father will … my old car because we need money to buy a house.a. Soldb. Sellsc. Sellingd. Sell

15. The teacher will have a meeting this morning so you may ….a. go home nowb. going home nowc. goes homed. have gone home.

16. Before going home you must … all the windows.a. Closedb. Closingc. Close


Page 100: bhs inggris 2

d. Closes

17. Can you help me to post the letter, please?a. Sure I’m busy nowb. Sorry, I should attend a meeting nowc. Sorry I won’td. It doesn’t matter.

18. The computer is out of order. Could you help me … it?a. to repairb. to buyc. to selld. to keep

19. Teacher : Who can do exercise 15?Students : ….

a. Yes, sirb. No one sirc. Tommy, is absent, sird. The exercise is difficult

20. Can you do the test Tino?a. My friend helped me to do itb. No body can do itc. The test is very difficultd. Yes, I can although it’s difficult

21. Shall I post this letter, Mom?a. No, thanks. I’ll do it myselfb. No, it’s not importantc. Yes, it’s my letterd. Yes, I can do it.

II. Questions no 21 – 30, identify the underlined words that should be corrected, by writing A, B, C, or D.

22. I’ll be 17 years old next Sunday. Will you comes to my party at seven p.m.?A B C D

23. Thank you for the invitation, and Tom and I have to visit my uncle in Denpasar . A B C D

24. Would you liked to see the movie with me next Saturday evening?A B C D

25. The room is very hot. Will you opens the door, Tom?A B C D

26. Can you helped me to type the letter for Mr. Rahmat and post it after word. A B C D

27. Good morning students, look! The room is dirty. may you clean it before learning?A B C D

28. You look so busy sir. Will I type the report for you? A B C D


Page 101: bhs inggris 2

29. A : How about having lunch together? AB : Thank you for ask me, but I have to go with my parents.

B C D30. Thanks for the invitation but I’m afraid I can’t come because my mother sick.


LISTENING TESTListen to the dialogue from the tape recorder and then answer the questions about the dialogue.31. Can Tommy come to Susan’s house in the morning?

a. yes, he canb. No, he can’tc. Yes, he willd. No he doesn’t

32. What time will Tommy come to Susan’s house?a. at 10.00 a.m.b. at 1.30 p.m.c. at 2.00 pmd. at 2.30 pm

Listen to the dialogue to answer the question no 33 – 35

33. Does Susan agree with the invitation?a. No, she doesn’tb. Yes she doesc. She has many things to dod. She doesn’t want to go

34. Where will they go?a. To the officeb. To schoolc. To a cafeteriad. To a library

35. Where is the location of the cafeteria?a. On Jl. Nurib. Near herec. In townd. On Kenari street

Question 36, 37, 38 refer to the following letter

36. Who sent the invitation?a. Rauf


Page 102: bhs inggris 2

b. Tomc. Rachmad. Ibra

37. Who sent the reply?a. Raufb. Tomc. Rachmad. Ibra

38. What does Rachma plan to do with the children?a. Stay with the familyb. Go to Jakartac. To be with Raufd. Go camping

39. What type of message is it?a. A birthday cardb. A thank-you notec. A dinner invitationd. A get-well card

40. How did Tanya celebrate her birthday?a. By having friends to dinnerb. By going soppingc. By going out to a restaurantd. By visiting Siva.



Assessment = latihanadvertisement = iklan


Page 103: bhs inggris 2

applicant = pelamarapplication letter = surat lamaranapply = melamarappointment = janjiarrival = kedatanganat the bottom = bagian bawahavailable = tersediacancel = membatalkancauses serious injuries = mengakibatkan luka certificate = sertifikatconfirmation = kepastiancounter = penghitungcurriculum vitae = daftar riwayat hidupdeparture = keberangkatanelementary = tingkat dasaremploy = mempekerjakanfunds = persediaan, danagive up = berhentihas to attend = harus mengikutiinsert = menambahis prepared = dipersiapkanjob interview = wawancarajudge = menghakimiprofitable = menguntungkanpurchasing = berbelanjarate = hargarecovery = sembuhreplace = menggantireserve = memesanspiritual environment = pendekatan keagamaansuperior room = ruangan ukuran besartask = tugasthe effect = pengaruh, akibatvacancy = lowongan kerja



Page 104: bhs inggris 2

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