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Franciscan's newsletter - Beyond the Walls - Fall 2013

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  • Franciscan Companies is an affiliate of St. Josephs Hospital Health CenterFall 2013


    Kelly Quinn Director of Marketing & Public RelationsFranciscan Companies

    At the spry age of 99, Ona Smiths doctor told her shes the sharpest little old lady he knows. That cracks her up.

    I read the newspaper; Im involved in church service, she says.

    This Syracuse woman isnt letting her age stop her. But, sometimes her body doesnt want to cooperate. She uses a walker to get around and lives with a fear of falling. Thats why she subscribes to Franciscan Lifeline.

    I wouldnt be without it, she says. I depend on it a great deal.

    Falls are a common, costly and real risk for older adults, says Beverly Lawton, executive director of Franciscan Lifeline. It is estimated that one-third of all people 65 and older will fall each year and 40% of nursing home admissions are related to falls.

    Smith has the choice between a wrist unit and a necklace. She prefers wearing Lifeline on her wrist and is eager to show it off to her friends and neighbors.

    They ask whats on my wrist and I show them how to push it, she explains. My neighbors are old like me and they need to be able to get help if they need it.

    Smith signed up 16 years ago. Shes one of longest subscribers

    currently enrolled, as the Lifeline program prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Loretto opened the Lifeline program and it was later merged with a program operated by St. Josephs Hospital Health Center. That combined program is now managed by Franciscan Companies.

    In the 30 years we have been serving Central New York, we have helped tens of thousands of seniors and at-risk individuals stay safely in the homes that they love, says Lawton. We have allowed them to remain vital parts of their communities.

    An anniversary celebration is planned for October. For more information about Franciscan Lifeline, call (315) 492-8175.

    Feeling Safe at 99 Years Old

    Ona Smith, one of the longest subscribers to Franciscan Lifeline, wears her device on her wrist.



    HomeSafeIn a fall or emergency, every second counts. Delayed medical attention can jeopardize recovery and have an impact on the ability to remain living independently. Franciscan Lifeline is pleased to introduce Philips new HomeSafe Wireless System. This system offers safety to the thousands of people without home phone lines. Customers can choose from a variety of help buttons based on their needs and the Communicator connects them to the Lifeline Response Center without the need for land line telephone service.

    HomeSafe will be available in early October. Call Franciscan Lifeline at (315) 492-8175 for information.

  • 2For seniors, approximately 1 out of 10 hospital admissions are the result of incorrect medication use. Franciscans Medication Dispensing Service can help prevent this. Franciscans customers have a 98.8% compliance rate, therefore increasing their health outcomes and decreasing their risk of readmission to the hospital.

    Heres how it works: family members or caregivers load up to 40 days of medications into the machine. The system sends out an audible reminder and a light flashes telling the user when its time to take their medication. If the medication isnt dispensed, the Medication Dispenser alerts a caregiver. This ensures users stay consistent in their medication regimen and it gives family members peace of mind.

    Call Franciscan Companies Lifeline for more information about its Medication Dispensing Service at (315) 492-8175.

    Live at Home Longer and Safer with a Medication


    Rewarding our ReadersBe sure to read each issue carefully, as the names of three readers are now included in the text of each issue. If you find your name, call 315.458.3600 ext. 123 and

    youll win a $25 gift card!

    Operation WalkFranciscan Companies is once again joining in an effort to provide much-needed joint replacement surgeries to patients in underdeveloped countries. Members of Operation Walk Syracuse, a non-profit organization directed by Dr. Brett Greenky and Dr. Seth Greenky, are traveling to Panama. While there, they will perform 70-80 knee and hip replacement surgeries at no cost. These surgeries would typically cost in excess of $7 million. All services, time, supplies, and equipment are donated.

    A force of 50 medical professionals including six surgeons will donate their time during this mission. They will be tasked with setting up all the necessary equipment for complete operating rooms. This allows the four orthopedic ORs to operate continuously. Marjorie Stevens

    For the third year in a row, Franciscan Companies is donating durable medical equipment such as canes, reachers, grabbers, wheelchairs, shoe horns, sock aides and raised toilet seats to make recovery as easy as possible for the patients.

    We are committed to supporting our community, Franciscan Companies CEO Frank Smith said. It only makes sense, if we have the capability to support this effort, we should. The doctors and other volunteers have compassion that is typical of the St. Joes/Franciscan Companies mission. Were a team, he said.

    During the mission, the volunteers will also provide education and training to surgeons and clinical staff in Panama.

    The Operation Walk Syracuse Team will also partner with St. Josephs Hospital this December, for the third year in a row, to provide no cost hip and knee replacement to eligible and needy persons in our own community.

    Topics: Home Sleep Studies; Nutrition & Exercise in Respiratory Disease; Pulmonary Rehab;

    Complex Sleep Apnea; and Pulmonary Fibrosis

    Info: Mary Jane Luke at (315) 422-1455

    Fall Pulmonary ForumThursday, November 14th, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    DeFuria Room, St. Josephs Hospital Health Center

  • 3Women & Weight LossKelly Quinn Director of Marketing & Public RelationsFranciscan Companies

    Before you go to sleep at night, you give yourself the motivational speech. You know THE motivational speech. The one that goes like this: Tomorrow I will stick to my diet. I will exercise and Ill choke down 8 full glasses of water. Then morning comes. You start it with good intentions. You even drink some of the dreaded water. Then, somewhere along the way, it goes out the window. It may be a late afternoon visit to the vending machine. It may be dinner you grab on the way home because youre just too darn tired to cook. Either way, that night youre back at Square One.

    Welcome to the roller coaster of being a woman with a few (OK, maybe more than a few) pounds to lose. Weve all been there. Harold Bishop

    Whats the trick? The magic formula? Ask any dietician, nutritionist or other health professional and they will agree to this: eat lean protein, veggies, complex (or good) carbohydrates, drink water and move more. That is the magic formula to lose weight and keep it off.

    No one meal should be comprised of solely one energy source, says Christopher Owens, Exercise Physiologist for Franciscan Companies. Eat a little carbohydrate, a little protein and a little fat together. If youre going to have a cracker, have one with peanut butter. They work better together and cause less of a spike in your blood sugar. Youll feel full longer.

    So what if your blood sugar spikes? Well, thats what causes you to crave a candy bar at 3 p.m. Blame it on white flour, which is found in simple carbs.

    Avoid white, Owens says. When you get white flour or sugar in food, it sends a very rapid response to the pancreas which produces a larger amount of insulin. The cells take up a lot of the carbohydrates thats why you gain weight. Once the cells get what they need, the excess is stored as fat.

    Lean protein, however, makes your body work harder because its more difficult to break down. It doesnt sit on your hips or midsection. Owens suggests lean chicken, pork, beef and egg whites. Pair the protein with so-called good fats.

    Its important to eat a small amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids every day, Owens says. Salmon

    and olive oil are good examples. They are excellent for your cholesterol and overall cardiovascular health.

    We cant ignore the last component of the magic formula: Exercise. Experts say most women tend to do cardiovascular exercise but neglect resistance training. Getting the heart pumping is important, but its also essential to use some weights.

    Theres a big exercise myth that if women use weights, they will get bulky, Owens points out. But they are doing their body an injustice because resistance training is the key for maintaining muscle mass as we age. Your body needs the stimulation to maintain bone density. Without it, youre in danger of developing osteoporosis a bigger problem for women than men.

    So, hit the gym. Or grab a can of green beans and do some curls while you walk around the block. Do whatever you need to do to work your upper and lower body. And, dont worry if you dont have an hour to devote to it. Owens says the research shows that shorter workouts more frequently may be MORE effective than longer periods of exercise less frequently. Good news to those of us trying to be superwoman.

    Welcome Home With

    Home health care has proven to be an effective alternative to hospitalization by transferring skilled services and products into

    the safe, comfortable environment of home.

    Therapies provided: Total Parenteral Nutrition IV Antibiotics Remicade Immune Globulin Therapy Epogen, Neupogen, Leukine Therapies Chemotherapy

    Steroid Therapy Hydration Therapy Pain Management Chelation Therapy Growth Hormone Therapy Synagis 315.424.7027

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