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Here they provide iphone users 4 recommended Apple iOS platform war games, in the hope of peace, but also hope that the war will always appear only in the game.

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Recommended iPhone War Games"Love and Peace" phrase originated in the late sixties hippie movement's slogan, is now being more and more references in the literature among the people of the world, and also expressed for peace and tranquility. Here we will provide you 4 recommended Apple iOS platform war games, in the hope of peace, but also hope that the war will always appear only in the game.

NOTE: The following iPhone War games are also compatible with iPad, iPod touch, iPad 2 and other iOS devices, you can try to Sync Apps between iPhone and iPad. What's more, iPad to Mac Transfer can help you transfer stuff from iPad to Mac or iTunes.

iPhone War Games: Resistance to alien invasion - Anomaly Warzone Earth

Anomaly Warzone Earth is a traditional theme of biological invasion beyond the star of the game works, the story took place in the near future, alien launched the aggression to the Earth with advanced technology and occupied the Baghdad, two major cities in Tokyo. In the game the player would become a commander, to command team to fight back. As a real-time strategy games, the strategic and battle command is the most important part of the game, players will plan forward according to the map before the battle line of battle, organize fighting force, fighting to get the final victory. At the same time, fine picture of the game I believe will make players be unable to stop.

iPhone War Games: 1945 World Conqueror

World War II is undoubtedly the globe's largest, longest, most deadly of the war in modern history. The war has also laid the postwar global political landscape. So it is most worthy of our understanding and reflection of a war, and the game using the Second World War as the theme is endless. "World Conqueror 1945" is one of a more characteristic of the game works, the game includes 10 famous battle that changed the world, and beginning of the war in 1940, 1942, mid-war, post-1944 war period for choosing. Players can choose in 11 participating countries, from an ordinary soldier to experience five-star general.

iPhone War Games: Continental War 2

"European War 2" is the sequel to "World Conqueror 1945" with the same background of World War II. The difference is that this game will focus on the battlefields of Europe, to describe us a real history of World War II. In the game system, the "European War 2" and the "World Conqueror 1945" are almost identical, but the player can choose 12 country. In addition to the campaign mode, players will be able to choose Germany, Britain, France and the former Soviet Union four countries as the main line.

iPhone War Games: Neuroshima Hex

After 30 years of brutal war between humans and robots, humans, robots and mutants occupy their each own sphere of influence, while still conflict. Such a post apocalyptic world view, is the "Neuroshima Hex" story background. This game is one of the few Apple iOS platform strategy type table games, the game supports 2-4 players simultaneous games. The game players will choose the troops in six different characteristics, while three different difficulty makes "Neuroshima Hex" challenging.

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