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<ul><li><p>Our team of experiencedattorneys ready to assist you with your divorce.</p><p>In practice since 2000, our, Family Law Firm handles a full range of family law matters, from divorce and property settlement to support, child custody, domestic violence and more. </p></li><li><p> Divorce Custody and visitation Child support Property settlement Alimony/spousal support Family mediation Paternity Domestic violence Adoption</p></li><li><p> Child custody can be the hardest part of a divorce!</p><p> We can help you! </p></li><li><p>The experience of your attorney in family law matterspays off. A lawyer confident in his or her knowledge of familylaw and procedure in Colorado courts, can achieve an effective resolution for clients while saving them time and money. At the </p><p>law Firm, we are dedicated to doing all we can to achieve the results our clients desire while minimizing the cost.</p></li><li><p> At the Law Firm, we will take the time to learn as much as possible about your situation. </p><p> Based on your goals and circumstances, we will help you determine the best course of action. </p><p> Contact our family law attorney today to schedule a confidential consultation. </p><p>Divorce AttorneyYou need an expert on your side when it comes to the legal issues of divorceOur attorneys handle the full spectrum of family law cases, including: Slide Number 4Have you and your spouse agreed on the terms of your divorce?We will represent you and see to it that everything goes according to your plan !Slide Number 7Dont be on the losing end of a child custody battle!Our Mission and Goal</p></li></ul>