Be TRUSTWORTHY 6- 8/2/2012. What does it mean by TRUSTWORTHY? Synonym of TRUSTWORTHY: Reliable, Responsible, Faithful

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Text of Be TRUSTWORTHY 6- 8/2/2012. What does it mean by TRUSTWORTHY? Synonym of TRUSTWORTHY: Reliable,...

  • Be TRUSTWORTHY 6-8/2/2012

  • What does it mean by TRUSTWORTHY?Synonym of TRUSTWORTHY: Reliable, Responsible, Faithful

  • Be Trustworthy as a Student6/2 Enthusiasm7/2 Strong Work Ethic8/2 InitiativeReliability Great Communication Skills

  • EnthusiasmDictionary meaning:Great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause.

  • What are you excited about?

  • What are you excited about?

  • EnthusiasmOriginal meaning:Be inspired by God

  • Philippians 3:12Not as if I had even now got the reward or been made complete: but I go on in the hope that I may come to the knowledge of that for which I was made the servant of Christ Jesus.

  • 3:12

  • Hymn #11Great is thy faithfulness

  • Strong Work EthicDictionary meaning:Ethic: A set of principles of right conduct - honesty, integrity and accountability

  • Christian worldviewWork ethics come from God the creator.

  • Christian worldviewHis word proclaims -- honesty, integrity, doing a job well, keeping things above board, and accountability factors.

  • Christian worldviewTwo central work ethics -- humility and the treatment of others

  • HumilityHumility is being humbleNo task is too demeaningHumility involves servitude

  • Treatment of othersLoving your neighbor, loving your enemy, doing good to those who dislike you. Valuing others, and knowing they have worth.

  • Proverbs 22:4The reward of a gentle spirit and the fear of the Lord is wealth and honour and life.

  • 22:4

  • Hymn #2Glorify Thy Name

  • InitiativeDictionary meaning:The ability to begin or to follow through energetically with a plan / task

  • Proactive vs Passive LearningA proactive learner willPrepare before lessons, realize what they know and what they dont knowAttentive in class, ask questionsSearch for additional information

  • Do you have dreams?A proactive person will have own dreams and enthusiastically to make dreams come true

  • SMART projectStudent A: I love to write novel. I dream to publish my own book.

  • SMART projectStudent B: I love tennis. I dream to join the competition in Europe.

  • SMART projectStudent C: I love science. I dream to invent a machine to produce renewable energy.

  • SMART projectFinancial support from schoolUp to HK$5,000

    Details will be announced in parent notice

  • 2 Timothy 2:22But keep yourself from those desires of the flesh which are strong when the body is young, and go after righteousness, faith, love, peace, with those whose prayers go up to the Lord from a clean heart.

  • 2:22

  • Hymn #22Like a Melody