Trustworthy Yet?

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Trustworthy Yet?. An examination of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing initiative, and what it means to enterprise security practitioners. Our Panelists. KEN TYMINSKI CISO Prudential Financial of America. JOSEPH COOPER, CISSP Chairman & CEO Digital Defense. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Trustworthy Yet?

  • Trustworthy Yet?

    An examination of Microsofts Trustworthy Computing initiative, and what it means to enterprise security practitioners

  • Our Panelists


    CISO Prudential Financial of America


    Chairman & CEO Digital Defense


    Senior Director of Product Management Microsofts Security & Technology Unit

  • Microsofts Beginnings

  • Gates MandateTrustworthy Computing is computing that is as available, reliable and secure as electricity, water services and telephony.

    --Bill Gates, January 17, 2002

  • Trustworthy Milestones 2002Retrained 11,000 developers and engineersRevamped MSRCRetrofitted XP (SP1) and Win2K (SP4)Released MBSAReplaced the complier in Win2003Released Win2003 with services off by defaultChanged philosophy on shipping products

  • Trustworthy Milestones 2003Released SQL Server 2000 SP3Improved Exchange 2003 & Office 2003Changed vulnerability announcementsLaunched ISA 2000 FP1Released patching toolsAcquired AV company, formed alliance

  • Trustworthy AmbitionsWindows XP (beta; due summer 04)Integrating WUS with Windows, other appsActive defenses, synergistic strategySubstantial more secure OSes & apps: Yukon (SQL), 2005; Longhorn (Windows), 2006

  • Trustworthy Ambitions=End goal: 2014 or longer

  • Microsoft is doing enough to improve its software security.Strongly Disagree 40%Somewhat Disagree 30%Strongly Agree 2%Somewhat Agree 18%

  • Will Trustworthy Computing eventually make a difference?

  • Redmonds AssessmentI think we have made a good start in the last two years, and I believe we will have made enormous progress 10 years from now.STEVE BALLMERCEO, Microsoft

  • Is Microsoft doing enough to improve the security of its products?

    Is it on the right track?

  • Patching

  • Patching Windows Is Best Characterized As:Unavoidable 46%An Overblown Problem 5%Onerous 48%

  • Microsoft Is Doing Enough To Ease The Patching Problem.Strongly Disagree 28%Somewhat Disagree 33%Strongly Agree 3%Somewhat Agree 20%

  • Is the Windows patching problem getting better?

  • Synergistic SecurityTheres no one thing thats going to solve this. Mitigation is part of it.MIKE NASHCorporate VP, Microsoft SBU

  • Will Microsofts synergistic security strategy lead to better overall security for Windows and its other applications?

  • What does Microsoft need to do to win and retain the confidence of its enterprise customers?

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