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    Last Friday afternoon BaSICS welcomed teachers from the Sommerhofen Grundschule for Kaffe und Kuchen. Our

    visitors were happy to have a tour of our new building, and see how we have grown over

    the past year.


    PTG Meeting  The next PTG meeting is April 25th at 8:30 to 9:45 am. We will be 1.  planning the International Festival in May 2.  planning for the PTG Healthy Breakfast, and 3. approving Budget items.  Parents and Staff, please email me at karlamarroquin@yahoo.com, if you would like to be added to the agenda.

    May 12, 2012 International May Festival One of the unique aspects of our school is how multiculturalism is incorporated in the daily studies and lives of our children. On May 12, 2012 from 2-5pm, we want to continue to celebrate the people and cultures that make up our school. It would be terrific if during the festival, parents can donate a unique item from another country to be sold. The proceeds would go to our school. Most of us have picked up items on a trip, and perhaps you may be ready to part with the item. If you wish to donate such item, please put a label with the price, state which country it is from, and drop it off at the front office.  The more families participating, either by providing a dish to sample, or sharing your cultural talents, the more fun the day will be.  If you have an idea of how you want this festivity to transpire, please come to the next PTG meeting on April 25th from 8:30 to 9:45 am.

    Empty Dishes from Staff Appreciation Lunch Thank you to those parents who contributed in celebrating our teachers. It was a success. If you are missing your dish, they are available for pick up.

    mailto:karlamarroquin@yahoo.com mailto:karlamarroquin@yahoo.com


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    Flexible Friday Enrichment Program

    Our Flexible Friday Enrichment Program for this year came to an end last Friday. Most of our groups concluded their exploration together with a special activity – from a chess tour- nament, a writersʼ party, recording songs or one last run to sharing videos, playing with puppets or shaking maracas. A wide range of activities was on offer the last 8 weeks, and student and staff enthusiasm was high. We will share the outcomes of our activities with each other at a whole school assembly after the break. In the meantime, here are a few photos from the chess exploration groupʼs final tournament and the puppet group.


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    Sponsored Event, Walk for the Wild on the 20th April, in celebration of Earth Day 2012

    The BaSICS Green Team announces its first joint international school rainforest project!!!

    The BaSICS Green Team was launched during the last round of Flexible Friday. It comprises a mixture of primary and middle years students who are committed to looking after our school and the planet! As part of a growing annual international school event in Germany, the BaSICS Green Team has been invited to take part in a sponsored walk two days before Earth Day, Walk for the Wild, on 20th April. The purpose of this sponsored event is to raise money to buy land of precious temperate rainforest in western Canada. Frankfurt International School and the International School of Dresden are also taking part in “Walk for the Wild.”

    In an assembly at the beginning of the week, members of the BaSICS Green Team spoke to the school about the sponsored event to try and raise further interest amongst the students. Anyone in Primary Years and Middle Years may take part in the sponsored walk. The walk at BaSICS will take place during lunchtime on Friday 20th April.

    Because “Walk for the Wild” takes place a month before the BaSICS annual sponsored “Runathon for India”, it is not a whole school event. If your child has expressed an interest in taking part in the sponsored walk, they will receive a sponsor form from the “Walk for the Wild” organization, Wilderness International. We would be grateful if you would support your child. If you have any queries, please contact Mrs. King (kingj@issev.de).

    Information from “Wilderness International,” the organization involved in the Canadian temperate rainforest project, can be found on the following pages of the newsletter.

    Thank you!

    BaSICS Green Team

    mailto:kingj@issev.de mailto:kingj@issev.de


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    This April 20th Frankfurt International School will be taking part in a sponsored walk / run organized by Wil- derness International. This event will be attended by a thousands of students from all over the Oberursel area, and using a live video-link to other international schools across Germany will create the ! rst truly international ‘Earth Day – Walk for the Wild’.

    !"#$%"!'"&()*+,''() -&%#"$%*,!-* Together with our International school partners, Wilder- ness International has created meaningful curriculum links to compliment our fundraising program. Working with our local partners we have helped schools give back to their communities by; planting thousands of trees in local woodland, cleaning up inner-city areas, starting a recycling program or a school garden. Our international school involvement has now spread to Berlin, Leipzig and Stuttgart.

    &+#!'" International educational providers o" er a unique op- portunity to link transdisciplinary themes and inquiry units with community-service projects, thus providing a full school approach to a cause. This has the most im- pact not only on a local level, but on a global one as well. As more International schools partner with Wilderness International, the more we see students taking real ini- tiative in ! nding meaningful ways to act. At Wilderness International we assist students and teachers in the crea- tion of engaging classroom projects that not only inspire inside the classroom but make a di" erence outside in the local and international community.

    It is truly magical to see how learning can and should take place outside of our walled classrooms, and how action should not just be a whole school approach but a global movement to provide for a better future.

    $".!%'"/$"#&()&/0&**&1'%* Wilderness International is also working with students from across Germany on cultural and ecological ex- change programs with students from the Cowichan tribe of Duncan, Vancouver Island. Students from grade 9 & 10 spent three weeks paddling, hiking, singing, drumming, weaving and studying. As part of the program, the cultural exchange enabled students from Germany to meet with local students from the Cowichan Tribes and Elders from the community. They learnt Generation old stories and practices, ran- ging from how to make a hat out of bark, to which plants would cure common ailments. Students spoke to logging and mining companies, salmon farmers, and ! sheries about the destruction taking place in this remote corner of the world. Having seen, ! rst hand, the destruction of communities, traditions, and thousand year old forests, these students have been motivated to change the way we look at our planet: legally, economically and environmen- tally. These ‘environmental ambassadors’ have returned to their schools not just to motivate their own community to help this endangered environment, but as well to head their own local ecological initiatives.

    For more information on how to organize a ‘Walk for the Wild’ event at your school or for details of our Environmental Ambassadors program please e-mail: schools@wilderness-international.org


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    !"#$%&'()*+#,)-%&.%+/)%01$% Wilderness International will use 50 percent of the funds raised to purchase and protect pristine areas in Canada’s unique West Coast Temperate Rainforest, guaranteeing immediate and sustainable protection from clear-cut logging, mining and other forms of environmental de- struction. Wilderness International commits the remai- ning 50 percent to development and implementation of regional and international conservation-oriented educa- tion and projects of the engaged schools!

    "2&3+%"%0"#$.&0)-+ Only by working together can we preserve such a large pie- ce of virgin Canadian rainforest. Wilderness International is committed to protecting this precious natural resource from commercial exploitation by creating a conservation region with students as its protectors. Once purchased, the rainforest will remain protected in perpetuity. Our local partners in this project are the Cowichan First Na- tions tribes, as well as our sister foundation Wilderness International Canada.

    4/5%*"$"2"6 Nowhere else in the world is nature so imperiled as in Ca- nada. Huge areas of forest are being clear-cut for timber