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  • 8/8/2019 Bn cha truy nhp hoc cha ng k


    Bn cha truy nhp hoc cha ng k. ng k, xin nhn vo y ...

    H-A-O Tin tc Bi vit Th vin Danh sch Gng mt Din n Tranh nh Lin kt ng k

    H-A-O> Cc Cu lc b> CLB Du hcCommon Application Essay Tn truy cp

    Truy nh?p

    Mt khu Qun mt khu?

    T ng ng nhp?

    CLB Du hc Trao i cc thng tin, kinh nghim v du hc!

    Tm kim trong din n

    Th?c hi?n

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  • 8/8/2019 Bn cha truy nhp hoc cha ng k


    Cc chc nng Kiu hin th


    11:01 AM#1

    NgThyNgc T

    Thnh vin

    Lp hc:11SN1- 02-05

    Trng: LHng Phong(TP HCM)Gii tnh:Ngy thamgia: Oct2003Hin ang :VN

    Bi vit: 4Cht lngbi vit: 10Tch cc hotng: 0

    Bi cnh gi tt:0Ln cnh gi tt:0

    Common Application Essay

    undefinedCho tt c,T to ch ny mi ngi cng trao i v "g m aicng bit l ai " :common essay.(gic mng m h cho bn teenager chng ta!!!)Ma essay ang nng, mi mi ngi nhp tic! m u , xin volunteer bi common essay mi ra l ca T

    Common, give it some feedback!(Please note: criticism is more welcomed than praise)Chc mi ngi sm complete appli ( cn i chi Noen na


    ********************START*************************What do you see as the turning point or important event inyour life and why do you view them as such?

    Four years can be just a blink of an eye.Four years , however,can witness dramatic changes in a person.Four years ago,I was like a butterfly,seeking pleasure and

    safety everywhere I went.Feeling so secure in the lovingembracing of my parents,I deemed everything so lovely,simpleand smooth.I didnt have to and didnt want to try hard to getwhat I desired.Where there were difficulties,there wasnt me.Idared not be exposed to risk.That used to be the way I lived.Then It happened.A turning point to be put down in my life.Iwent in for my Junior High School English Gifted TeamSelection open to every student at the beginning of gradeeight.By a stroke of luck ,I passed,selected for the schoolsEnglish Major class.There began a new life for me.My first English Fostering Class got me completelydumbfounded .It suddenly dawned on me how far I had been

    left behind by my classmates.Those years of take it easy hadtaken their toll on me.Though chosen as an outstandingstudent, I am by no means on a par with them.Mostimportantly of all, there were only ten days left until thescreening test.At that time, my mind was racing with thoughtsand fears.A part of me wanted to hide away in the corner ofthe room and let everything collapse.The other part told me tostick to that silver lining like the very life boat to survive.To tellthe truth,English was the only thing I could feel proud of
  • 8/8/2019 Bn cha truy nhp hoc cha ng k


    then.It was my everything.If I lost it ,I would be brokeMy other part won.I knew it was now or never.I worked andworked and worked around the clock.I studied from dusk tilldawn,oblivious of anything surrounding me.To my motherssurprise, I began to befriend those long forgotten thicktextbooks and dictionaries.I learned everything I could ,memorized all that possible,filled my head with information toits full extent..My aim at that time was to be a survivor.Tokeep myself going , I made up motivational phrases like :Themorning is within your palm. , My will is made from iron andsteel. or Let them know who you really are.I learnedwholeheartedly, as if I had only ten more living days in whichto learn.One day passed by.Two days ,three days , four days,until the big day came.I dont recall much how I spent thoseseemingly everlasting three hours of the test.It just seemedlike there were only two of us in this world : me and the exampaper.Anyhow,I did pass again.How blissed I was on receivingthe news from my friends.It was my greatest triumph ever

    achieved.Though no prize was given , no celebration was held,Ihad gained the most precious thing on earth: perseverance.From that moment,I am no longer who I used to be.Overturned a new leaf. Ive found my springboard and confidencefrom that achievement.Now,where there are difficulties,there isme.No longer am I afraid to try and fail.It is just what everyhuman does.The core of the matter is whether one persists tillthe very end of what one has started.Even if only a spark ofhope is alive, Im holding on to it with both hands.Deep downmy heart a voice is saying :As long as you have dared to try ,then you are the champion.Through many years oftrying,failing,trying and soaring,Ive known that to do theimpossible, first of all,one must have the courage to think of

    the unthinkable.Dear me, I can still remember that day when you heard thenews of passing.Your face made me think of the white, deepsky in the early morning : so fresh,shining and assuring.Afterfour years, a lot of things have been forgotten but Ill neverforget that day I got my first harvest of hardwork and self-awakening,that day I got a taste of my own sweat and turnedimmediately addicted.The day I was reborn.Henceforth, no matter where life leads me to,I will not beafraid since with me , I have the greatest supporters of all:Perseverance and Determination.


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