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Text of Audience

1. This clip is from the end of our project when these x2 teenage girls assessed thefinal result. I had shown snippets other teens between 15-20 who previewed thevideo throughout the preliminary stages and the drafting of the ancillaryproducts. Their response to its final form was grounded upon their fresh outlookon the video. I wanted to assess weather the pointer taken from others from thesame FAN BASE would reflect successfully upon their enjoyment of the film.They were subconsciously familiar with the set genre conventions which helpedthem relate to the style and resulted in extremely positive feedback. 2. Earlier on we had an entire class of mediastudents assess our work in order to gain aperspective from a selection of peers whowere aware of just how to change theareas they didnt understand, enjoy orrelate to. From this primary feedback wewere aware of just how much we NEEDEDmore performance time and that toadhere to our indie rock genre thesubtraction of some of the lengthynarrative was paramount to maintainingthe intimate relationship our set FANS hadwith our band. Though we aimed for anunderground appeal, we still had toadhere to the demand for starappearance, though the locations wechoice to shoot our artist (eg:bedroom, park, riverside) and his casualattire conformed to the FANS expectations(a rugged, casual, effortless teenage 3. A group of young lads aged between 17-22 saw aviewing of the FIRST DRAFT our of video and Joe Greenaged 19 noted thatI think they are travelling back in time? I saw thatposter from the 1940s in the Imperial war museum ona school trip once and recognized it immediately, thaticonic sign definitely helped me get that concept.Though for some of the other places that girl went to Idont think its as strong?Taking Joes advice on board we decided that ratherthan just color correcting our work we wouldsymbolically edit the decades by filtering each set erawith an effect that was representative of / was usedin, that period of filmmaking. Making scenes such asthe 1920s monochromatic and stripped we hoped toovertly present the ambience of the era allowing ouraudience to trivially enjoy the piece and not becomeconfused with the narrative. We also added a clock withrotating hands to signify the shift in time (the semantics this symbol stands time passing) 4. 54.543.532.5Group 121.5Group 21Group 30.50 StarEditing GenreWatchImage Shots again CameraI asked X3 groups of 5 (males & females aged between 15-20) toidentify if they Connected with the star & understood their image, attitude, and style Felt the editing style was seamless, continuous, and their was enoughvariety in shots and camera movement They could recognize the genre & link our video to others of that setgenre They would be happy to have / feel excited by, another viewing .