Asmaa Remedial and Enrichment Activities

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<p>REMEDIAL AND ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIESASMAA BINTI MOHD SHAFIE PISMP Mathematics 1 sem 4</p> <p>REMEDIAL ACTIVITIES</p> <p>DEFINITION OF REMEDIAL ACTIVITIESRemedial education is intended to improve a person's ability to read, write, or something, especially when they find these things difficult. Relating to special teaching, teaching methods, or material for backward and slow learners. Remedial activities can be defined as planned activities in order to help student to overcome their learning problem</p> <p>OBJECTIVES OF REMEDIAL ACTIVITIESMastery of 3M skills through various instructional methods or learning materials based on their abilities and interest. To overcome the learning problems faced by a certain group of students. To enhance the students potentialities and talents.</p> <p>Cont..OBJECTIVES OF REMEDIAL ACTIVITIESTo inculcate positive self-concept and confidence among students. To improve interaction among the students through organized activities in classroom or outside the classroom. To ensure every student receive individual attention and help him to perform based on his abilities.</p> <p>FACTORS CAUSING LEARNING DIFFICULTIES AMONG STUDENTSImproper implementation of instructional strategies. General health impairment(malnutrition and physical deficiencies) Mental problems Visual impairment Auditory impairment Speech impairment Emotional, environmental and educational</p> <p>EXAMPLE OF READING DIFFICULTIES WHICH USUALLY OCCUR IN MALAYSIAN SCHOOLFail to differentiate the alphabets which are quite similar in shape: h-n, c-e, f-t, g-q Fail to differentiate alphabets which re upside down: w-m, h-y,u-n Fail to differentiate alphabets which are inverted: p-q,b-d Unable to read sentences with the correct intonation. Unable to find main idea of a passage. Word written are overlapped.</p> <p>WAYS TO DETECT LEARNING PROBLEMSConstructing inventories Making observations Interpreting performance records Constructing paper and pencil tests Planning daily exercises Constructing question-and answer sessions</p> <p>THE IMPLEMENTATION OF REMEDIAL TEACHINGThe statement of teaching objectives The planning of steps and strategies in teaching The implementation of remedial activities Evaluation</p> <p>IMPORTANCE OF REMEDIAL ACTIVITIESRemedial activities can help student in their 3M mastery problems, thus enhance their confidence in learning.</p> <p>ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES</p> <p>DEFINITION OF ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIESA planned activity in order to make sure the student get different experience based on their thinking and abilities Enrichment might be said to involve relating learning to new areas and/or providing pupils with experiences outside the regular curriculum Enrichment is an additional activities for the basic learning activities which usually conducted during class period or after school period.(Dictionary)</p> <p>PRINCIPLE OF ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIESTo ensure the student s use the skills that have been mastered in order to broaden their knowledge and experience To foster interest for learning among the student Cultivate and foster the principles of leadership among the student</p> <p>2 EXAMPLES OF ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES1. Reinforcement activities Purpose: To enhance the knowledge and skills that have been mastered by the student in the learning unit</p> <p>2. Expansion activities Purpose: To increase the knowledge and skills of students in the same learning unit. More challenging and can be carried out by the pupil himself.</p> <p>IMPORTANCE OF ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIESIt encourages the students to think critically and creatively. Provide an opportunity for students to carry out learning activities that are more challenging and exciting Strengthen the students knowledge Improve the spirit of learning among student.</p>


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