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  • S O L A R E N E R G Y

    Home grown energySOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC

  • Organic Electricity


  • Contents Our aim is to help you understand solar energy..........................2For us, the sun as a source of energy simply shines ....................5

    Renewable energy? Things are looking up..................................6

    Could solar energy save and make you money? .........................8

    Apple is where homeowners always come first.........................10

    When it comes to solar energy, things are warming up ............13

    It's less about feeling the heat, more about seeing the light .....14

    Photovoltaic solar electricity systems give you more choice .......16

    The technology behind solar electricity .....................................18

    How the sun can get you into hot water ..................................21

    The benefits of a solar thermal system......................................22

    Frequently asked questions .......................................................26

    Your successful solar energy installation in 10 easy steps ..........28

    What our customers say ...........................................................30

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    Renewables, carbon emissions,global warming, carbon footprints,wind power... the news headlineshave been full of this kind ofjargon and technical-speak forquite a while now. But what doesit all mean to you?

    This brochure has been designed to help you cut through all the confusion and helpyou to make an informed decision aboutwhether solar energy is the right choice for you, your home, your lifestyle and, of course, your pocket.

    In the world of renewable energy there aretwo important factors 1. Scientists believe the world is warming up

    and that warming presents a real threat tothe planet and, therefore, our future. Ourcarbon emissions especially from heatingand lighting our homes play a big part in global warming and need to be reduced.Using more renewable energy generatedthrough sustainable means (such as solarenergy) could help us to do just that.

    2. Plus, and you won't need reminding aboutthis, the cost of energy for heating andlighting our homes from fossil fuels justkeeps rising.

    These two factors have motivatedhomeowners like you to look at alternativeenergy sources. However, the upfront costs ofinstalling an alternative energy source suchas solar panels has frankly made theirinstallation difficult to justify for many people.

    Now, that's all changed! As you may know, the recent introduction of attractive Government backed tariffs (Feedin Tariff or F.I.T, as they are known) forrenewable energy generation have mademany homeowners right across the countrythink again.

    And now renewable energy for the home your home? makes sense ecologically and,most importantly, economically.

    Here at Apple, we've taken a long, hard lookat all the popular alternative and renewableenergy sources for the home, from wind towater power. We'd like to explain to you thepros and cons of each on the next page.

    Our aim is to help youunderstand solar energyLower energy bills, a smaller carbon footprint and extraincome... what's not to love about solar energy?

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  • There are a number of differentrenewable energy choicesavailable to you and we'veoutlined the advantages anddisadvantages of each below.

    WindAdvantages: Wind is free, the energy from itcan be stored in batteries for times when theturbines are still. The UK has nearly half ofEurope's total wind energy.

    Disadvantages: Wind turbines for yourhome can be a bit of an eyesore, tend to benoisy and vibrate. None of which endearsthem to your neighbours!

    Air source heat pumps Advantages: Good for low grade heat andhot water generation and need virtually nomaintenance.

    Disadvantages: Space is required around the units as they need room to receive a goodflow of air. Plus your home's insulation willprobably need to be upgraded and unless youhave underfloor heating with which they are best suited to work you may need tochange to it to get the full benefits.

    Ground source pumpsAdvantages: As the ground 3 metres belowthe surface stays a constant temperature allyear round, you could rely on a steady supplyof energy for heating and hot water.

    Disadvantages: Heat is generated at only afairly low temperature, which is why like airsource systems this option is better suitedfor use with underfloor heating. A trench orbore hole needs to be dug in your garden to lay the necessary pipework. This can beinconvenient if you have a small garden andnear impossible if you don't have one.

    Hydro electricityAdvantages: A clean, cost effective energy source.

    Disadvantages: Not many of us live near a legally accessible, fast and consistentlyflowing water course!

    From our extensive research into renewableenergy sources we believe that solar power using light from the sun is the mostconvenient, simple and cost effective way forward.

    For us, the sun as a source of energy simply shinesWhen it comes to alternative energy have lots of alternatives to consider.

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    We believe that solar energyrepresents your best chance of cost effectively and convenientlyreducing your energy bills andcarbon footprint. In addition, you will be able to generate an income from the energy the panels produce.

    But it's not what's best for us that counts,it's what's best for youSo, as we said at the beginning of this brochure,our aim is to enable you to make the rightdecision about solar energy and whether it'sright for your home.

    As part of that, we'll provide you with honest,objective and transparent advice.

    Your home and situation is unique, so ourservice is tailored to your individual needsWhen considering solar energy for your home,there are a number of important factors to takeinto account. Here they are in outline:

    *Is your home suitable?The orientation of your home or the presenceof nearby trees or tall buildings may adverselyimpact on a solar energy solution.

    *Irradiation levelsIrradiation levels vary across the country. So we'll explain what they're like in your area,to give you an understanding of just how muchenergy can be generated from the sun whereyou live.

    *The pitch and position of your roofThe angle of your roof and the way it faces arealso important considerations in the success ofa solar energy system. Don't worry though, wecan easily measure your roof and work out howmuch space, and in which position, you haveyour panels.

    *Photovoltaic or Solar Thermal?Again, don't worry about the jargon. The first of these options, Photovoltaic (sometimesknown as PV or Solar Energy) generateselectricity for your home. The second option,Solar Thermal, simply heats your water. We'llhelp you decide which is best for your homeand your needs.

    *Your lifestyleThe way you and your family live and useenergy is obviously important in your choice of a renewable solution.

    Renewable energy? Things are looking upHelp power your home with the sun and Apple

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    *Your expectationsApple will give you a clear, realistic and practical idea of what solar energy can deliver to you, sothat the benefits you and your family actuallygain match your expectations.

    *CostsWe will tell you, in an honest and straightforward way, what your installation willcost, how much money it could save you andhow much you make through incentives such as the Feed in Tariff.

    Myth bustingThere's a lot of hype surrounding sustainableand renewable energy sources. So here are a few facts about solar energy:

    There are two types of solar energy system:Photovoltaic, which generates solar electricityand Solar Thermal, which heats water.

    In the UK, the sun radiates, on average, theequivalent energy output of about 1,000power stations.

    Though every location in the country couldbenefit from solar energy, the amount of irradiation which falls on different areas ofthe UK varies. This means that the powergenerated from solar energy varies too, depending on where you live.

    Solar energy systems work all year round, because they use light from the sun not heat, although they do produce more energyin the summer months.

    Solar panels work best on south facing roofs, but work in west or east facing locations as well.

    Planning permission is not usually required to install solar panels. You will require BuildingRegulations approval. Don't worry, our expertswill look after that aspect for you.

    The government's green energy initiativesmean that solar energy systems have nevermade as much economic sense as they do now.

    We can't just 'give you a quote' and youcan quote us on that!When it comes to choosing the right solar energy solution for you, your home and yourpocket, there are simply too many variables andissues to be carefully considered before we cangive you an accurate estimate of the costs andbenefits involved. So please don't ask for a 'ballpark figure' over the phone!

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    If you install a renewable energysolution such as solar thereare government schemes whichcan help to save and possiblyeven make you money. Here's anidea as to how the two currentschemes work:

    Feed in Tariffs (or F.I.T) for Solar ElectricitysystemsDon't just generate electricity, you could generate payments as well...

    Your energy supplier will pay you a set rate for every unit or kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity you generate. This tariff willcontinue for 25 years, the payments