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PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR PANELS. By Phongphisut Kaewwongsa. Photovoltaic solar panels. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation




By Phongphisut KaewwongsaPhotovoltaic solar panelsPhotovoltaic solar panelsuse solar cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity. Photovoltaic is abbreviated PV for short. PV is one of two main methods used to make use of solar energy. The generation of electricity fromphotovoltaic solar panelsis safe and effective.How solar panels work ?

In direct sunlight at the surface of the equator, a maximally efficient photovoltaic cell about 1/5m in diameter creates a current of approximately 2 amps at 2 volts, however, due to the Earths atmospheric interference, terran solar panels will never perform as well as solar panels exposed directly to the suns rays. (see space-based solar power.) Years of overheating and physical wear can, however, reduce the operation efficiency of the photovoltaic unit. Solar cells become less efficient over time, and excess energy is released into its thermally conductive substrate as infrared heat.A quick overview of the way a photovoltaic solar panel works:1. The sunlight strikes the surface of the solar cells.2. The light knocks loose electrons, creating an electron imbalance.3. The electrons then flow from the backside of the solar cells to the front side.This flow of electrons is what we know and use as electricity. Multiple solar cells can be connected in what is known as a module. Multiple modules are created to form an array.5

Residential Grid Connected PV System A PV system is suitable for both northern and southern climates since it depends on the amount and intensity of sunlight, not the amount of heat like its counterparts which make use of the suns heat. Although the intensity of sunlight does increase as you get closer to the equator, there are many people that get great use fromphotovoltaic systemsin more northern latitudes. Even people in England where it is always rainy and cloudy have created large PV systems that manage to produce enough electricity to supply their entire homes or businesses.

PV systems are very popular forresidential solar power. Another great trait about PV systems is that they are modular meaning that you can start with a smaller, basic system and easily add on to it. You may just start with one or two panels and get the main controls setup and then add on more panels a few months down the road as you have more time and money. While you can start off small, you may also create a completesolar energy systemright from the beginning if you have the money, time, and will to do so. It will take severalPhotovoltaic Solar Panelsto make a complete system large enough to power your entire home.

Even if when you get started with just a few PV panels, you could be producing enough electricity to cut your electric bill by 30% 40% and that could be a lot of money off your electric bill every month.This is the end ofMy PresentationTHANK YOU FOR WATCHINGCreated byWindow Microsoft PowerPoint Presenting By Phongphisut Kaewwongsa I hope you enjoy my Presentation