Annual Report SPIE CIO Student Chapter November 2016 .Annual Report SPIE CIO Student Chapter November

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  • Annual Report

    SPIE CIO Student Chapter

    November 2016

    Centro de Investigaciones en ptica, A. C.

    Loma del Bosque #115, Lomas del Campestre

    37150, Len, Guanajuato, Mxico

    Phone: (52) 477 441 4200 Ext. 111

    Fax: (52) 477 441 42


    1) Introduction

    2) Elected officers 2017

    3) Chapter members

    4) Activities 2016

    I. 10th Anniversary Dinner

    II. Planning meeting

    III. Recruitment activity / Pizza Party

    IV. 2016 Official Photo

    V. Visiting Lecturer

    VI. Outreach Activities

    VII. Summer School Students

    a) Cineclub

    b) Optics games

    c) Soccer Match

    VIII. Optics Experiments Contest

    IX. Photography contest

    X. SPIE Optics and Photonics 2016

    XI. Visit from Prof. Boreman

    5) Future Activities

    6) Financial Balance

  • I. Introduction

    The SPIE Student Chapter from the Centro de Investigaciones en Optica (CIO), located in

    the city of Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, has as purpose, promote outreach events with the

    local community in different educational levels. The chapter also promotes the interaction

    and partnership among students from this and other academic institutions.

    In this report we show the activities done from December 2015 to November 2016. This

    year we celebrated our 10th anniversary as a SPIE student chapter, we had the visit of

    Prof. Mike Fiddy, participated in the SPIE Student Chapter Leadership workshop, had an

    outreach activity contest and a photography contest among many other activities

    involving bachelor students.

    We are very grateful to our Academic Director Dr. Luis Armando Daz Torres, our Chapter

    Advisor Dr. Oracio Barbosa and the CIO General Director Dr. Elder de la Rosa for their

    support to all the activities promoted by the SPIE CIO chapter, thank you to all of you.

  • II. Elected officers 2017


    SPIE ID#: 3611500 SPIE ID#: 3611493

    Treasurer Secretary OSCAR ANDRES NARANJO


    III. Chapter members

    1. Ana Aguayo Alvarado

    2. Jorge Eduardo Aguirre Rocha

    3. Abril Arellano-Morales

    4. Mirna Barreiro Argelles

    5. Alan Blanco

    6. Priscilla Castillo Velazquez

    7. Ramon Cruz Torres

    8. Paula Cutipa Gimenez

    9. Mario Flores-Bustamante

    10. Francisco Javier Gantes

    11. Jason Gomez Jamaica

    12. Maria Fernanda Gonzalez-Rodriguez

    13. Brenda Guzman Valdivia

    14. Francisco Ulises Hernandez Ledezma

    15. Jesus Pablo Lauterio-Cruz

    16. Carlos Moreno-Hernndez

    17. Jacqueline Muro Rios

    18. Ulises Ramirez Meza

    19. Pedro Pablo Rocha Garcia

    20. Eduardo Roco

    21. Csar Tavera Ruiz

    22. Francisco Vargas

  • IV. Activities 2016

    I. 10th Anniversary Dinner

    The SPIE student chapter from Centro de Investigaciones en Optica, placed in Leon, Gto.,

    Mexico, celebrated its 10th anniversary with a Dinner for old, current and new members.

    The special guests were Prof. Socorro Hernandez, Prof. Mauricio Flores and Prof. Haggeo

    Desirena, former members of the chapter as students, and now they work as researchers

    at CIO.

    The advicer of the chapter, Prof. Oracio Barbosa, Prof. Amalia Martinez, Prof. Eric Rosas

    and Prof. Cristina Solano were invited due to their continuous support to the chapter


    The president of the chapter received from our advisor a commemorative plaque

    celebrating the anniversary.

  • II. Planning meetings

    In order to plan the activities to be done, each month the chapter offices had a meeting

    where they assigned everyones job.

  • III. Recruitment activity (Pizza Party)

    Twice a year we host a pizza party, where new students met the chapter and had the

    chance to know the benefits they could get from international societies such as SPIE. We

    bought pizza, sodas and the students that decided to join the chapter got a T-shirt from

    the SPIE Chapter.

  • IV. 2016 Official photo

    At the begging of the year, the members from the chapter meet to receive their official

    T-shirt and the to take the official photo, celebrating a new year of activities.

  • V. Visiting Lecturer. Prof. Mike Fiddy

    Through the visiting lecturer program, we had the visit of Prof. Mike Fiddy, from the

    University of Charlotte. First, Prof. Fiddy gave a technical talk about her work in infrared

    metamaterials. With an audience of students, researchers and workers from the center,

    the talk last about an hour. After that, he visited some of the labs in CIO, where

    researchers and students presented the work they are developing.

    Once the activities in the center were done, the chapter officers took Prof. Fiddy to taste

    Mexican food and spend the rest of the evening in a tour through the downtown of the

    city of Leon.

  • VI. Outreach Activities

    Once a month, CIO host a workshop for about 20 bachelor students who come from

    many parts of the country and even from another country. In these workshops students

    learn about an specific optics topic such as fibers, metrology, lasers or lens design. By

    the end of these workshops, the SPIE student chapter from CIO gives a talk about what a

    student chapter is, also we encourage them to join the chapter at their institutions and

    oriented them of the way to form a new chapter. From this talk, a student from the

    Instituto Tecnologico de Tuxtla Gutierrez, at the south of Mexico is trying to form their

    chapter, which could be the first in the state of Chiapas.

    During the talks, we use the outreach kits from SPIE (Light Blox Science Kit) and OSA

    (Optics suitcase) and show them how light works and how we can use it in our daily

    lives. Phenomena such as polarization, diffraction and decomposition of light were

    explained using simple experiments.

  • VII. Summer School Students

    Every year, CIO invites 30 bachelor students to visit the labs and to participate in a one

    month staying to work in a research project with one of the professors of the center. This

    year, students from several universities from Mexico and Colombia lived this amazing


    In order to improve the experience of these young students, the SPIE student chapter

    was invited to participate with several activities:

    a) Cineclub

    We organized the projection of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. With popcorn, sodas

    and candies, almost 40 people enjoyed the movie and had a great time.

  • b) Optics games

    Using the outreach kits, summer students played with light and learned about some

    phenomena like polarization, diffraction and color theory. Using the light blox science kit,

    they had to obtain the most distinctive image they could get to impress their colleagues.

  • c) Soccer Match

    Students from the summer school challenge the SPIE members to a soccer game. With a

    final score of 8 vs 5 the chapter won the match, but all the players had a great time.

  • VIII. Optics Experiments Contest

    We organized our fourth Optics Experiment Contest, having the participation of 3 ideas

    that, by using easy to get or recycled materials, explained 3 phenomena of light.

    The projects where:

    First place: Sonolight Using a laser pointer, a solar cell and a speaker, Carlos

    Moreno created a simple but amazing microphone.

    Second place: Laser and the eye Using a laser pointer and a diffuse surface, Cesar

    Tavera used the speckle effect to explain the difference between a coherent light and

    white light.

  • IX. Photography Contest

    We organized the Photography contest, having 18 participants with scientific and natural

    photos, always showing an the beauty of light. The winner of this year was Ulises

    Contreras with the photography Pinceladas de Luz showing an aurora borealis.

    The winners were elected taking in account the evaluation of the technical

    characteristics of the photography but also with the support of the audience with the

    Likes in the Facebook page of the Student Chapter.

  • X. Participation in SPIE Optics and Photonics 2016

    Our officers travel to San Diego to attend the 2016 SPIE Optics and Photonics meeting.

    They participated in the Student Chapter Leadership Workshop, where they could

    improve their leader capabilities and had the chance to interact with students from all

    over the world.

    The CIO Student Chapter participated in the Poster Exhibition showing the activities the

    chapter does along the year. The poster exhibition is a great opportunity to get new

    ideas of activities the chapter could implement, that were tested in another chapter,

    saving time knowing what things should be or shouldnt be done.

  • XI. Visit from Prof. Boreman

    The 2016 elected president of SPIE, Prof. Glenn Boreman, visited CIO and had a nice

    meeting with the members of the chapter, encouraging new students to join the chapter.

    After this, Prof. Boreman talk to students and researchers from CIO about the work SPIE

    does around the world and the great effort to create a link between researchers.