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For National History Day, by Amy H, Cher M, Lisa F.

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Primary Sources:


Drexler, Anton. National Socialist German Workers Party: A Political Awakening. Munich:n.p., 1920. Print.

I did not have access to the entire translated pamphlet since excerpts of this was reprinted in another book. This pamphlet was written by Hitlers colleague in the group, Anton Drexler. He aimed towards his other colleagues, saying that he is one of them too and they all want the same things. He states that he is concerned that all of them are not progressing to reach their goals if they are in service of foreign power. He, too, agrees that Jews are deceiving and are everyone should realize the false friendship from the Jewish. He concludes that everyone must realize this in order to achieve worker freedom.


Hitler, Adolf. "Germlich Letter." Letter to Herr Gemlich. 16 Sept. 1919. MS. N.p.

This letter, written in 1919 from Adolf Hitler, was sent to Herr Gemlich explaining the German governments flaws. He expressed his thoughts about Jewish conspiracy in this letter as well as in the Mein Kampf. Hitler described how German Jews would not be considered German, since they do not adopt the German traditions. He believes that it is truly selfish and inconsiderate of them to live in Germany as Hitlers interpretation of an Alien race. He does not believe a non-German should live in Germany. He also writes about his thoughts of Jewish peoples deceit. Hitler believes that Jews look innocent but would do anything to get more wealth and money.


A couple consisting of a Jew and a German, being persecuted. Digital image. N.p., n.d. Web..

This picture shows a couple, being persecuted by Nazis due to it being illegal (at the time) for a German and a Jew to date. The Nuremberg Laws, made this illegal, along with many other things Jews were originally able to do. The Nuremberg Laws took away German citizenship from all Jews, restricted a Jew from having intimate relationships a German, along with many other things. This picture is used on our website on the Nuremberg Laws page.

A Racial Chart Taken From a Nazi Propaganda Booklet: 'Who Has German Blood? WhoBelongs to the Jewish Race? Who Is of Mixed Race?' N.d. Photograph. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The Holocaust. Yad Vashem. Web. 25 Jan. 2014.

This photograph is of the Nazi Propaganda Booklet. It supposedly informs Germans of who is of Jewish race. This was part of the Nuremberg Laws, so I used this in our website to show our readers that the Nazi government handed out pamphlets, making this law very significant.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf. N.d. Photograph. Mein Kampf. N.p.: n.p., 1925. N. pag. Print.

This picture is the cover of Hitlers autobiography, Mein Kampf. Although this picture is not the original, it shows a picture of Hitler with much respect. It shows how the Germans all treated this book with respect. With this picture, we are showing the example of what the cover of Mein Kampf looks like with descriptions to the sides on our website.

Adolf Hitler. N.d. Photograph. N.p.

This photograph shows Adolf Hitler saluting at his soldiers as everyone in the picture shows respect towards their leader.

Adolf Hitler. N.d. Photograph. Http:// Webzeest, 16Dec. 2013. Web. 24 Jan. 2014. .

We used this picture to show our readers the image of Hitler while we include a blockquote. It is a painting of Hitler, showing how people respected him enough to paint a portrait of him.

Allied Responses 1939-45. 1933. Photograph. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. TheHolocaust Explained. Allied Responses 1939-45, 2011. Web. 22 Jan. 2014.

This photograph was taken in 1933, showing many Americans protesting the Nazis. The US citizens are located in New York, as they show support as anti-Nazis. I learned that other countries around the world were aware of the Holocaust and decided to publicly protest against the Nazis.

Beer Hall Putsch (Munich Putsch). N.d. Photograph. Holocaust Encyclopedia. Web. 21 Dec.2013. .

This photo was taken in 1923, two years before Hitler published the first volume of Mein Kampf. The picture shows Germans outside of the Beer Hall, when the Munich Putsch took place.

Boycott. N.d. Photograph. US National Archives. The History Place. 2013. Web. 7 Jan. 2014..

This photo also shows many Germans protesting the production of Jewish goods. I learned how so many were with Hitler. This picture proves that anti-Semitism was not only included within the Nazis. I used this picture for my Taking Away Rights page in our website.

Boycott All of German Goods. N.d. Photograph. Fourwinds. Web. 20 Jan.2014. .

This photograph shows people holding up signs: Boycott all of German goods. From this picture, I learned that Americans weren't afraid to show others of their protest.

Each Year the City Holds an Evnet at Local Cemeteries to Commemorate the Dead. N.d.Photograph. Busness Inside. Web. 25 Jan. 2014. .

In this photograph, people are arranging candles to form a larger candle shape. This is to commemorate the people killed after an Allied bombing on Dresden. As one can see, sacrifices must be made to help a greater whole.

Heil Hitler. N.d. Photograph. N.p.

This picture is a primary source since it was taken as a photograph. It shows Hitler saluting to his soldiers. The title, Heil Hitler is the common type of salute as a sign of respect towards Hitler.

How Did Great Britain Respond? 1936. Photograph. United States Holocaust MemorialMuseum. The Holocaust Explained. 2011. Web. 22 Jan. 2014.

This picture is of Hitler greeting Neville Chamberlain. It shows of how the British were friendly with Hitler, unlike the Americans. I learned that Britain actually didnt protest much against Nazi Germany, as some actually supported the Holocaust.

Hitler Speech Rally 1937. 1937. Photograph. Today in History. JReviews. Web. 30 Dec. 2013..

This photograph shows Hitler giving a speech in 1937. The webpage provides a quote, which is what Hitler was saying in this picture. He talks about equality, and about how people are equal no matter the amount of wealth they possess. The website title says that Hitler states that only the German race shall be equal.

Jewish children in a Concentration Camp. Digital image. MartinFrost, n.d. Web..

This picture shows several Jewish children locked up in a German concentration camp. Jewish women, men, children, the elderly, anyone who contained Jewish blood was sent to a concentration camp. Often, children were immediately put in the gas chamber. The picture does not indicate whether they were lucky or whether they were waiting in line for the gas chamber. Of course it could be neither, but no one will truly ever know. This picture, I can envision, makes people feel sympathy or empathy, as I felt. This picture is used on our website, on the What Did We Learn page.

Kristallnacht. N.d. Photograph. United States Memorial Museum. United States HolocaustMemorial Museum. USHMM. Web. 27 Jan. 2014.

This picture shows the Jewish building as it is burned down. We used this in our website to represent Nazi Germanys government taking power.

National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Md. "The United States and theHolocaust Photograph." United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. United States Holocaust Memorial Council, n.d. Web. 10 Jan. 2014. .

This picture is of an U.S. assistant secretary with the power to choose who can immigrate and who cant during the Holocaust. He also was in charge of the refugee problems during this period of time.

N.d. Photograph. Hitler Named Chancellor of Germany. Web. 2 Jan. 2014.

This picture is used in the header on our website. It is of when hitler is named chancellor of Germany.

N.d. Photograph. Timeline of World War II. Web. 2 Jan. 2014.

This picture is of Hitler walking through people saluting him. The amount of respect given to Hitler is expressed. He was able to gain this much respect because his logical ramblings and his demanding demeanor. This is also used in our website.

N.d. Photograph. Jewish War Veterans Museum. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. By/Jewish War Veterans Museum. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC. Web. 12 Jan. 2014.

This photograph showed a poster advertising boycott of German goods. I learned that New York boycotted German goods from 1937-1939. This means some people did actually care and helped in some way. This picture is on our website.

Nuremberg Laws. N.d. Photograph. WW2 Headquarters.,2013. Web. 8 Jan. 2014..

This photograph is of the Nuremberg Laws. It shows each law prohibiting more and more rights of the Jewish. It is in German, so I cannot read it, but it is the genuine and original sheet. I used this picture in our website in the Taking Away Rights page.

Nuremberg Laws... Swastika Becomes Official Symbol... 1935. Photograph. Rare & EarlyNewspapers. Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers. Timothy Hughes Rare & EarlyNewspapers, 2014. Web. 21 Jan. 2014. .

This photograph is of an early New York Times newspaper in the 1935 year. It shows anti-Semitism and provided a good statement for our website. I used this in the home page as a symbolic link to our Nuremberg Laws page.

Ragnar009. An Avrol Lancaster over Hambug. Photograph. Photobucket. Photobucket, 2014.Web. 14 Jan. 2014.

This Photograph shows airplanes flying as bombs are going off around it. The Allies had a dangerous, but necessary task in helping defeat the Germans. This is also used on our website.