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  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final




    SESSION : 2008-2009

    Under the Guidance of : Submitted By :

    Miss Gunjan Mam Sandli Singh

    Priyanka Shukla

    Ranjana Yadav

    Ayushi Agarwal

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    Aakshi Agarwal


    It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to extend my heart to those

    help for a long way ompleting this projet report! "here are several

    people who deserve muh more than a mere aknowledgement for their

    exemplary help!

    I express my sinere gratitude to %r' (i)a* A+ar,a for giving

    meaningful diretion to my projet and providing insights into the

    dynamis of the "elephone Industry!

    In the last #ut definitely not the least $ I would also like to thanks

    %aulty of !hande,a oe+e of %ana+ement Science* .

    &echnoo+y/ Bareiy for providing initial guidane and a&uainting me

    with the strategies of %ar)etin+ e*earch and %ana+ement! I am

    also thankful to my parents who has helped me! Present work would not

    have #een possi#le without their a#le guidane!

    An)it 1ai*,a

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



    S.No. Topic Chapter No.

    'ertifiate 'hapter()

    2 *elaration 'hapter(+

    3 Introdution 'hapter(,

    4 Study Profile 'hapter(-

    5 Researh .#jetive 'hapter(/

    6 Researh Methodology 'hapter(0

    7 Researh *esign 'hapter(1

    8 *ata 'olletion Method 'hapter(29 Sampling Sheme 3 Sampling Si4e 'hapter(5

    0 6imitations 'hapter()7

    %ield 8ork 'hapter())

    2 "a#ulation 9 'harting 'hapter()+

    3 %indings 'hapter(),

    4 Suggestions 'hapter()-

    5 'onlusion 'hapter()/


    Anneure -

    Programme 3 Shedule :IG %M




    7 :i#liography 'hapter()1

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



    This is to certify that all relevant work pertaining

    to presented miniature project on : " PopularityPopularity

    of FM In Bareillyof FM In Bareilly " was completed by Mr. Ankit

    Jaiswal!nrolment o. #$%$&$%'%((#$%$&$%'%(()) under my

    guidance. *e has done hard work to complete the

    project. *is work is absolutely original in nature.

    Dr. Ashok VaishyaDr. Ashok Vaishyaof Journalism + Massof Journalism + Mass


  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



    This is for general declaration purposes only that

    all relevant work pertaining to presented miniature

    project on :

    "Popularity of FM In BareillyPopularity of FM In Bareilly "

    has been solely completed by me. -esides

    unavoidable links to certain references the overall

    work is absolutely original in nature.

    Ankit JaiswalAnkit Jaiswal


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    =ntertainment has always #een an indispensa#le omponent of

    human life! If we seek to spread light on past when Mugal rules was

    going on! "he king and his people liked to enjoy with flying kite$

    a#uter :a4y$ =lephant Rae$ *angal 'ok fights and to see Mu4ra et!

    "hese were the ways for entertainment! After some time$ the trend was

    slightly hanged people preferred to see >autunki$ athpuatali dane

    et as we know that the rereation in very neessary in human life!

    "wentieth entury is onsider to #e the age of siene! Siene has

    done wonders in every aspet of life =letriity whih is alled the eyes

    of siene has given #irth to "elevision$ Radio$ 'inema slides$

    Gramophone et! whih are important means of rereation for young

    and old alike!

    In modern life Radio oupies a very important plae #eause it

    emphasi4es on almost all spheres like eduational$ soial politial and

    moral et!

    "he present work is a hum#le attempt to gauge and $if possi#le$ to

    &uantify the popularity of %M in :areilly distrit of B!P!

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    % Broadca*tin+ In India

    In the mid(nineties$ when India first experimented with private %M

    #roadasts$ the small tourist destination of Goawas the fifth plae in

    this ountry of one #illion where private players got %M slots! "he other

    four entres were the #ig metro ities? *elhi$ Mum#ai$ olkata and

    'hennai! "hese were followed #y stations in Cydera#ad$ Daipur and


    Indian poliy urrently states that these #roadasters are assessed a .ne(

    "ime =ntry %ee

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    Name of the Study Popularity of %M in :areilly

    e*earch $e*i+n' Ankit Daiswal

    eriod of fied *ur;ey +/(7-(+772 to 7-(7/(+772

    ace of *ur;ey :areilly

    Sam $ata om

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



    "he primary goal of our projet is to explore and investigate the

    popularity of %M 'hannel in :areilly!

    "hat is$ the fous of my investigation is to find out the popularity of %M

    as ompared to other media!


    "he study was onduted with the following o#jetives?

    )i" "o gauge the Popularity of listening %M programme in :areilly!

    )ii" "o estimate information re&uirement of 6isteners for future

    + sheduling of programmes!

    )iii" "o identify gap #etween information supplied J and information

    + demandedJ

    )i#" "o provide the programme produer9planner periodi

    + feed#ak9suggestions reeived from the listeners!

    )#" "o reord atual impat of %M programmes among the target!

    +#i" "o &uantify Popularity of %M in :areilly!

    )#iii" "o soliit omments and suggestions from the target audiene for

    + the improvement of programme

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



    %or this study$ the survey was onduted in the entire ity of

    :areilly overing all the ategories inluding inluding students$

    working professionals et!

    "he sample was randomly seleted from :areilly distrit A>*

    respondents were in the age group of )2 to 07K years! "he responses of

    the respondents were reorded on a pre(oded struture &uestionnaire #y

    the part(time asual interviewers trained for this purpose! "he data in

    the oded form were olleted from the interviewers ompiled and

    analysed 8hile seleting the respondents due are was taken to give

    proper representation to female respondents as well as different age

    groups 3 oupational ategories!

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    Re%earch De%i&'Re%earch De%i&'

    As the pro#lem is very well defend and lear$ a onlusive

    researh design was used moreover the onlusion was to #e drawn on

    the #asis of generalised result$ so the desriptive design was seleted for

    the purpose of olleting analysing and interpreting the data o#tained$

    on some speifi points!

    A plan of what data to gather$ from whom$ how and when to

    ollet the data$ and how to analy4e the data o#tained!

    "his is a systemati plan to oordinate arhaeologial researh to

    ensure the effiient use of resoures and to guide the researh aording

    to sientifi methods!

    Also known as a market researh #riefing$ this is a #asi plan

    whih guides the data olletion and analysis phases of the researh

    projet! It ats as a framework whih details the type of information to

    #e olleted$ the data soures and the data olletion proedure!

    "hus Researh design an #e thought of as the structure of

    researh (( it is the LglueL that holds all of the elements in a researh

    projet together!

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    Data Co((ectio' Metho)Data Co((ectio' Metho)

    In order to ollet the data from the respondent of some speifi

    points$ a nondislosure$ strutured$ &uestionnaire was developed on the

    #asis of the results of the pilot study onduted with ), respondent the

    pilot study was exploratory in nature and #ased on this study various

    &uestion relating to different aspets like variation of #rand preferene

    with age group$ inome group$ oupation et were inluded in the

    dihotomous$ multiple hoie and open( ended &uestion as per the

    re&uirement of the researh work

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    A formal data olletion proess is neessary as it ensures that data

    gathered is #oth defined and aurate and that su#se&uent deisions

    #ased on arguments em#odied in the findings are valid! "he proess

    provides #oth a #aseline from whih to measure from and in ertain

    ases a target on what to improve!

    rimary $ata

    *ata olleted speifially for a researh projet 'ollet when

    seondary data are



    an #e olleted through a num#er of different methods sometimes more

    than one method an apply to a single pro#lem

    rimary $ata Source*

    Primary data olletion is neessary when a researher annot find the

    data needed in seondary soures! Market researhers are interested in

    primary data a#out demographi9soioeonomi harateristis$

    attitudes9opinions9interests$ awareness9 knowledge$ intentions$

    motivation$ and #ehavior! "hree #asi means of o#taining primary data

    are o#servation$ surveys$ and experiments! "he hoie will #e

    influened #y the nature of the pro#lem and #y the availa#ility of time

    and money!

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



    Surveys or &uestioning involve using a &uestionnaire

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    Primary data olletion methos is the #est soure of information

    method! Always good for the survey!


    )! :asi data

    +! Bn #iased information

    ,! .riginal data

    -! *ata from the primary market9 population

    /! *ata diret from the population!

    $i*ad;anta+e* :-

    )! 6arge volume of data!

    +! Cuge volume of population!

    ,! "ime onsuming

    -! *iret and personal intervention has to #e there!

    /! Raw data!

    Secondary data

    In researh$ Seondary data is olleted and possi#ly proessed #y

    people other than the researher in &uestion! 'ommon soures of

    seondary data for soial siene inlude ensuses$ large surveys$ and

    organi4ational reords! In soiology primary data is data you have

    olleted yourself and seondary data is data you have gathered from

    primary soures to reate new researh! In terms of historial researh$

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    these two terms have different meanings! A primary soure is a #ook or

    set of arhival reords! A seondary soure is a summary of a #ook or

    set of reords!

    In order to use seondary data three steps must #e ompleted?

    )! loate the data

    +! evaluate the data

    ,! verify the data

    6oating the data an #e easily done with the advanements of

    searhing soures online! Cowever$ people need to #e aware of the

    details when searhing online sine pages an #e out of date or poorly

    put together! "herefore$ use aution and pay attention to whether it is a

    relia#le data soure online and hek when the last update was! "o

    evaluate the data a researher must arefully examine the seondary

    data they are onsidering to ensure that it meets their needs and purpose

    of study! "he person must look at the population and what the sample

    strategy and type were! It is also important to look at when the data was

    olleted$ how it was olleted$ how it was oded and edited$ along with

    the operational definitions of measures that were used! %inally$ the data

    must #e verified to ensure good &uality material to #e used in newresearh!

    haen+e* of *econdary data anay*i*


  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    Bsing seondary data an allow for the analyses of soial proesses in

    what would otherwise #e inaessi#le settings! It also saves time and

    money sine the work has already #een done to ollet the data! "hat

    lets the researher avoid pro#lems with the data olletion proess!

    Bsing someone elseFs data an also failitate a omparison with other

    data samples and allow multiple sets of data to #e om#ined! "here is

    also the hane that other varia#les ould #e inluded$ resulting in a

    more diverse sample than would have #een feasi#le #efore!


    "here are several things to take into onsideration when using

    preexisting data! Seondary data does not permit the progression from

    formulating a researh &uestion to designing methods to answer that

    &uestion! It is also not feasi#le for a seondary data analyst to engage in

    the ha#itual proess of making o#servations and developing onepts!

    "hese limitations hinder the a#ility of the researher to fous on the

    original researh &uestion! *ata &uality is always a onern #eause itFs

    soure may not #e trusted! =ven data from offiial reords may #e #ad

    #eause the data is only as good as the reords themselves! "here are six

    &uestions that a seondary analyst should #e a#le to answer a#out the

    data they wish to analy4e!)!8hat were the agenyFs or researherFs goals when olleting the dataO

    +!8hat data was olleted and what is it supposed to measureO

    ,!8hen was the data olletedO

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    -!8hat methods were usedO 8ho was responsi#le and are they availa#le

    for &uestionsO

    /!Cow is the data organi4edO

    0!8hat information is known a#out the suess of that data olletionO

    Cow onsistent is the data with data from other souresO

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  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



    "he sample hoose on the #asis of onveniene 3 judgement

    sampling might not have #een the true representative of the universe!

    "hough every are has #een taken to make it most representative!

    Some respondent

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



    "he respondents were given &uestionnaire either #y ontating

    personally or #y making alls at houses$ offies and shops so as to

    over all lasses of respondent!

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



    "he data so olleted was ta#ulated as per re&uirement and then

    interpreted in a way so that the onlusion ould #e *arwin to give a

    signifiant shape!

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    $ata Inter

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;[email protected] 8hat is your oupationO

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;,@ 8hat is your =duationO

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;[email protected] *o you also own "H O

    o "H

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;/@ Cow do you listen %MO

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;[email protected] 8hen did you #egin to listen %!M!O

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;[email protected] Cow you got introdued with %!M!O

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;[email protected] *o you send letters for LMusi .n *emandL Programs!

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;[email protected] on %M$ 8hat type of programs do you enjoy mostO


  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;)[email protected] Cow often do you read news papersO

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;))@ 8hih %M 'hannel do you like mostO

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;)[email protected] If given a hane$ would you go for a Do# of RDO

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;),@ 8hat type of ontent is missing in %M :roadastO


  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;)[email protected] 8hen do you listen %!M! oftenO

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;)/@ *o you think %M :roadast is #etter than onventional AMO

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    of hanging values $ AM has not ompletely

    lost its relevane and reognition!

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;)[email protected] Cow %M is #etter than AMO

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;)[email protected] 8hih Program do you like most on %!M!O

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;)[email protected] Are you a satisfied listener of %MO

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;)[email protected] .n a performane sale of 7()7$ Cow would you rate %MO

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;[email protected] *o you think %M :roadast is the .nly future of RadioO

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



    Majority of the respondent is youth!

    Majority of the respondent is Student #y oupation!

    Majority of the respondent is well &ualified $ a#le to take

    independent deisions!

    *espite having a strong rival like "!H!$%!M! has managedto seure a plae for entertainment and eduational needs!

    Although %M 6istenership is urrently dominated #y

    onventional %M Players$"ehnology penetration gradually seems

    to #e visi#le $ as now people are using gadgets like 'ell Phones

    and 'omputers to listen the %M :roadast!

    "his is an extremely importent o#servation that more than

    ,9-thof the audiene is relatively fresh listener to %M!

    Maximum respondents were introdued to %M either #y

    friends or #y relatives!

    Majority of the respondents do not have any kind of

    orrespondane with %M 'hannels!

    %M is used mainly for entertainment!

    *aily news papers are filling the information gap for

    majority of the segment!

    "he :IG 5+!1 is dominating the arena!

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    People are very urious a#out the jo# of a RD!

    Majority of the respondents are either morning listeners or

    eavning listeners!

    Majority of the respondent are unsure a#out AM Hs %M!

    As per the respondent views$ %M #roadast &uality 9

    ontent is #etter than that of AM!

    :IG G..G6Y is #y far the most popular %M Program!

    Majority of the respondent were satisfied with the

    performane of the %M! 6ast #ut #y no means the least$ this is an important fat that

    people are optimist a#out %M future!

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



    I am pleased to provide following hum#le suggestions ?(

    )! %!M! overage on knowledge #ased program must #e inreased!

    +! %!M! overage should #e expanded for edutainment

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



    Is an inferene to the a#ove study$ I an onlude that despite varous

    threat from ompetent rivals like "H$ %M has still managed to ater to

    peopleFs entertainment needs! Cowever$ %!M! has not emerged as a

    strong hannel for eduational and knowledge needs!

    Information gap thus left is #eing #ridged #y *aily news papers!

    Bsually listeners use onventional %M Players$"ehnology is gradually

    finding its way as now people are using gadgets like 'ell Phones and

    'omputers to listen the %M :roadast!

    :ut most nota#le onlusion is that more than ,9-th of the audiene is

    relatively fresh listener to %M! It implies that %!M! is getting popular at a

    very fast pae!

    "he :IG 5+!1 is ruling the roost #y emerging as most popular!

    In most personFs view $ the jo# of RD People are very urious a#out thejo# of a RD!

    Majority of the respondents are not day ( time listeners!

    Interestingly$ majority of the respondent was satisfied with the

    performane of the %M!

    Cowever in my view$ the most important onlusion is that %M has a

    very #right future as maximum people are optimist a#out %M future!

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



    ro+ramme . Schedue

    &une In Sho, Name 1

    %onday to Saturday

    0?77 am ( 1?77 am Sehar Seema

    1?77 am ( ))?77 am BIG hai Sajid 3 "ripti

    ))?77 am ( )?77 pm Anirudh ##B Anirudh

    )?77 pm ( -?77 pm Garam %a*aa "ripti

    -?77 pm ( 1?77 pm BIG Si)ander Pallavi

    1?77 pm ( 2?77 pm E

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  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    #i*tener*hi< E

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    #i*tenin+ reCuency of '%' :-

    Re%po')e't Opi'io'

    Morning 65>oon 39

    =vening 72

    >ight 24

    e*ot say 95


  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    Sati*faction Inde :-

    Re%po')e't Opi'io'A#solutely Satisfied 112

    "o Some =xtent 43

    >o 32

    >ot sure 13

    Sati*faction Inde - @uantified:-

    Re%po')e't Opi'io'

    7(+ 31

    ,(/ 35

    1(5 125

    )7 9

    $ee< $i++in+ the % uture Broadca*t $omination :-

    Re%po')e't Opi'io'

    *efnitely 107

    May :e 44

    >o 35

    'an >ot say 14

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    @ue*tionnare U*ed in &he Sur;ey

    ;)@ 8hat is your Age GroupO

  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final


    ;),@ 8hat type of ontent is missing in %M :roadastO


  • 8/10/2019 Ankit Jaiswal Final



    The work presented here has beenThe work presented here has beenprepared and polished with the help of severalprepared and polished with the help of several

    sources. feel it my moral responsibility tosources. feel it my moral responsibility to

    enlist the used sources/ thereby the list isenlist the used sources/ thereby the list is

    given below. feel e0tremely obligated to thegiven below. feel e0tremely obligated to the

    content creators of these resources and trulycontent creators of these resources and truly

    appreciate their spirit.appreciate their spirit.