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FeaturesWhat to look for when selecting strobeor continuous studio lighting unitsOptions for studio photography withspeedlightsBackground options for small studiosComposition and posing techniques tomake the most of your shooting areaMaximizing the versatility of a smallshooting area—and coping withcommon issues you may encounter

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New Book for Immediate Release

Studio Lighting AnywhereThe Digital Photographers Guide to Lighting On Location and in Small Spaces

by Joe Farace

Features What to look for when selecting strobe or continuous studio lighting units Options for studio photography with speedlights

Take Control of Your Lighting and Produce Outstanding ImagesEven in Small Spaces

Background options for small studios Composition and posing techniques to make the most of your shooting area Maximizing the versatility of a small shooting areaand coping with common issues you may encounter About the Author Joe Farace is a monthly columnist for Shutterbug magazine. He also holds the Photographic Craftsmans award from the Professional Photographers of America. Book Specs $34.95, 8.5x11-inches, 128 pages 180 full-color photographs 20 diagrams ISBN-13: 978-1-60895-298-4 Order number 1940

for you. Joe Farace shows you how to (temporarily or permanently) convert a bedroom, the corner of your living room, or even a few square feet in the garage into a highly functional space for studio photography. Also covered are techniques for creating studio-quality images on location. With these techniques, studio-quality lighting is within anyones grasp!


f you want the control of studio lighting but dont have the massive amount of space needed to construct a traditional studio, this book is

For further information or to receive a review copy, contact: Kate Neaverth or Craig Alesse Amherst Media, 175 Rano Street, Suite 200, Buffalo, NY 14207 (800) 622-3278 fax (800) 622-3298