Amherst Media's Flash Techniques for Location Portraiture

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Master location portraiture with these On- and off-camera flash techniques.


new Book from amherst Media

Flash Techniques for Location Portraiture

by Alyn Stafford

Learn How to:select the best flash gear for your needsand your budget use umbrellas, softboxes, light panels, and other modifiers to create precisely the lighting effects you want obtain the correct exposure and whitebalance settings in flash-only and mixedlight situations support and control your lights and modifiers in multiple-flash setups Balance your flash to existing light sources (or add creative color effects) with gels

Master location portraiture with these on- and off-caMera flash techniques


or location portraiture, professional and amateur photographers alike increasingly rely on affordable, portable, and easy-to-control small flash units. In this book, Alyn Stafford reveals the ins and outs of lighting with small flash, showing you how to develop your own style and grow creatively and professionally. With strategies for selecting gear, modifying light for precise control, achieving correct exposure, and balancing your flash to ambient light, this book teaches the critical skills you need to work efficiently and wow your clients.

About the Author Alyn Stafford is a commercial photographer based in Riverside, CA. Hes worked with Sony, United Airlines, and Airliance and is currently an instructor in the visual communications department of ITT-Tech. Book Specs $39.95, 7.5x10 inches, 160 pages 285 full-color photographs ISBN-13: 978-1-60895-467-4 Order number: 1963

For further information, contact: Kate Neaverth or Adam Richards Amherst Media, 175 Rano Street, Suite 200, Buffalo, NY 14207 (800) 622-3278 fax (800) 622-3298