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Amherst Media, the leading publisher of Instructional Photography books, publishes their brochure for products available now through August 2012!


<p>spring 2012 photography phone (800) 622-3278 fax (800) 622-3298</p> <p>LED LIGHTINGPROFESSIONAL TECHNIQUES FOR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Now Available</p> <p>NIKON SPEEDLIGHT HANDBOOKFLASH TECHNIQUES FOR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Now Available</p> <p>STEP-BY-STEP POSINGFOR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHYSIMPLE LESSONS FOR QUICK LEARNING AND EASY REFERENCE Available May 2012</p> <p>K</p> <p>irk Tuck demonstrates the versatility and efficiency of LED lighting, showing how budget-friendly units paired with simple modifiers can produce outstanding resultsfor still photography as well as video. $34.95 list, 7.5x10, 160p, 380 images, Tuck. (ISBN 978-1-60895-447-6) Order no. 1958.LEARN HOW TO: Select the right LED gear for your needsand your budget</p> <p>S</p> <p>tephanie Zettl shows how to achieve outstanding results with Nikon Speedlights, from one-flash bounce techniques to complex multi-light setups. Whether youre shooting a wedding, portrait, or commercial assignment, youll excel with these comprehensive approaches. $34.95 list, 7.5x10, 160p, 300 images, Zettl (ISBN 978-1-60895-451-3) Order no. 1959.LEARN HOW TO: Master the features and functions of the Nikon Creative Lighting System</p> <p>J</p> <p>eff Smith makes it easy to master the technical and creative aspects of great posing. Short, amply illustrated lessons provide a comprehensive study of this challenging facet of portraiture. $34.95 list, 7.5x10, 160p, 300 images, Smith (ISBN 978-1-60895-445-1) Order no. 1960.LEARN HOW TO: Design traditional, casual, and glamorous poses</p> <p>Buy (or make) modifiers for softer looks and greater control Use LEDs in the studio or on location Achieve flawless color with LED lighting alone or with LED in mixed-lighting situations Use LED lighting design for portraits, product shots, architectural interiors, and more Implement LED lighting for enhanced videography</p> <p>Pose the arms and hands to look attractive but also natural Slim the waist, hips, and thighs for better portraits of female subjects Address mens most common appearance concerns through careful posing and composition Pose group portraits more effectively Create flattering looks for studio or location portraits Design standing, seated, and reclining poses</p> <p>Navigate the settings, functions, and menus of your Nikon Speedlights Balance ambient light and flash exposure levels Set custom functions on your flash units Set up off-camera flash with Nikons Advanced Wireless Lighting (AWL) system, flash cords, or i-TTL radio triggers Expand your options with high-speed flash sync</p> <p>LIGHTING ESSENTIALSLIGHTING FOR TEXTURE, CONTRAST, AND DIMENSION IN DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY Available May 2012</p> <p>D</p> <p>on Giannatti demonstrates how lighting can be implemented to define shape, conceal or emphasize texture, and enhance the feeling of depth in your photographs. A comprehensive look at the essence of lighting for photography. $34.95 list, 7.5x10, 160p, 220 images, Giannatti. (ISBN 978-1-60895-459-9) Order no. 1961.</p> <p>LEARN HOW TO: Show dimension more effectively with very dark or very light subjects</p> <p>Finesse the color and contrast of your subject Choose the right light modifier for the job Subdue or accentuate surface texture Adjust the angle and distance of the light source to the subject</p> <p>50 LIGHTING SETUPS FOR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERSVOLUME TWO Available June 2012</p> <p>S</p> <p>teven H. Begleiter takes you behind the scenes as he photographs families, models, executives, high-school seniors, children, and more. Simple diagrams and text accompany each photo, allowing you to zero in on the look you want to create. $34.95 list, 7.5x10, 160p, 250 images, Begleiter. (ISBN 978-1-60895-487-2) Order no. 1962.</p> <p>LEARN HOW TO: Photograph subjects in the studio, on location, or outdoors</p> <p>Design business portraits, senior portraits, vintage pinup looks, and more Use a range of lightingfrom simple location setups to complex studio designs Refine your images in postproduction</p> <p>LEGAL HANDBOOK FOR PHOTOGRAPHERSTHE RIGHTS AND LIABILITIES OF MAKING IMAGES, THIRD EDITION Available June 2012</p> <p>A</p> <p>ttorney Bert Krages shows you how to protect your rights when creating and selling photography. Written in simple terms you dont need a law degree to understand, this handy reference makes it easy to deal with common legal concerns. $34.95 list, 7.5x10, 160p, 110 images, Krages. (ISBN 978-1-60895-475-9) Order no. 1965.</p> <p>LEARN HOW TO: Obtain solid releases for models and property</p> <p>Avoid confrontations when possible and resolve any problems that arise Enforce your intellectual property rights using copyrights, patents, and trademarks Guard your rights when licensing or publishing photographs</p> <p>DOUG BOXS AVAILABLE LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHYTECHNIQUES FOR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Available July 2012</p> <p>P</p> <p>opular photo-educator Doug Box shows you how to capture and refine the simple beauty of available lightindoors and out. Photographers Tony Corbell and Randy Kerr contribute additional images and insights. Portraits, landscapes, and more are included in this comprehensive book. $34.95 list, 7.5x10, 160p, 230 images, Box. (ISBN 978-1-60895-471-1) Order no. 1964.</p> <p>LEARN HOW TO: Identify optimal available light situationsor modify the available light for better effect</p> <p>Orient your subject within the available light for flattering portraits Harness the power of available light both indoors and outdoors Create flawless exposures of subjects under available light</p> <p>E N H A N C E D</p> <p>A U D I O</p> <p>B O O K S</p> <p> with photographs learn to provide the ul timate portrait experienceMimika Cooney shows you how to attract discerning clients with powerful marketing strategies, stellar customer service, and product designs that help you stand out from the crowd.Features:</p> <p>e N H a N C e D</p> <p>a u D I O</p> <p>B O O K</p> <p> with photographs </p> <p>BOUTIQUE BABY phOTOgrAphY</p> <p>Understanding what women want and targeting your marketing efforts Maximizing your on-line presence Branding your business Using play-date cards, press releases, referral incentives, and more Designing a luxury customer service experience Offering the ultimate in image quality</p> <p>Amherst Media</p> <p>M. COONEY</p> <p>publisher of photogrAphy books</p> <p>po box 586, buffalo, Ny 14226</p> <p>Includes over 200 photos and abridged narrative</p> <p>Amherst Media</p> <p>$34.95 USA$38.95 Canada</p> <p>#3001</p> <p>liSten and Watch, le arn e xpert techniQueS</p> <p>70 MIN.</p> <p>MASTER LIGHTING GUIDEFOR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS Available May 2012</p> <p>cover_EAB_cooney_001.indd 1</p> <p>BOUTIQUE BABY PHOTOGRAPHY</p> <p>2/10/12 12:42 PM</p> <p>THE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHERS GUIDE TO SUCCESS IN MATERNITY AND BABY PORTRAITURE Available May 2012</p> <p>POSING FOR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHYA HEAD-TO-TOE GUIDE FOR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHERS, SECOND EDITION Available May 2012</p> <p>C</p> <p>hristopher Grey walks you through portrait lighting from start to finish, teaching you how to control light effectively. With these skills, youll be able to create portraits that are more flattering, marketable, and creative. $34.95 list, 90 min. DVD, 200 images and diagrams, written by Christopher Grey, narrated by Dan Lenard. (ISBN-13: 978-1-60895-493-3) Order no. 3000.LEARN HOW TO: Create classic lighting styles with versatile setups for any subject</p> <p>S</p> <p>tyle and quality are what attract perfect-fit clients to boutique photography studios. In this book, youll learn to stand out from the crowd through targeted marketing campaigns, stellar customer service, inventive images, and unique product offerings. $34.95 list, 70 min. DVD, 200 images and diagrams, written by Mimika Cooney, narrated by Lisa Rice. (ISBN-13: 978-1-60895-491-9) Order no. 3001.LEARN HOW TO: Target your marketing efforts to reach moms and moms-to-be</p> <p>J</p> <p>eff Smith teaches surefire techniques for achieving flattering poses, with techniques for positioning the entire body head, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, waist, hips, thighs, and feet. $34.95 list, 70 min. DVD, 200 images and diagrams, written by Jeff Smith, narrated by Dan Lenard. (ISBN13: 978-1-60895-492-6) Order no. 3002.LEARN HOW TO: Fix common appearance problems</p> <p>Select studio lighting equipment Produce high-key and low-key portraits Light business, editorial, glamour, and bridal portraits Create classic Hollywood-style portraits</p> <p>Tailor the pose to each subjects figure and personal style Pose couples and larger groups Design poses for studio and location portraits Flatter the body from head to toe</p> <p>Create portraits that meet the highest standards of quality Build a consistent branding message that appeals to your demographic</p> <p>FAST, E ASY LE ARNING FOR PROFESSIONALS. OVER 200 INSTRUCTIONAL IMAGES AND DIAGRAMS.</p> <p>THE BEST OF</p> <p>SENIOR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY</p> <p>TECHNIQUES AND IMAGES FOR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHERS, SECOND EDITION Available July 2012</p> <p>R</p> <p>angefinder editor Bill Hurter takes you behind the scenes with some of the top photographers in the senior-portrait world, revealing the techniques that make their images shine. From lighting, to posing, to marketing, youll explore every aspect of this ever-changing genre. Packed with dazzling images and practical insights, this book is a must-have for photographers looking to establish or enhance a senior portrait business. $34.95 list, 7.5x10, 160p, 200 images, Hurter. (ISBN 978-1-60895-479-7) Order no. 1966.</p> <p>LEARN HOW TO: Balance the needs and tastes of teenagers and their parents</p> <p>Track the changes in your fashionsavvy clients aesthetics Pair creative poses with unique sets to better reflect each subjects personality Break down teens defenses to get great expressions Implement marketing strategies that target teenagers Choose effective products for the senior market</p> <p>FLASH TECHNIQUES FOR LOCATION PORTRAITURESINGLE- AND MULTIPLE-FLASH LIGHTING FOR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Available August 2012</p> <p>A</p> <p>lyn Stafford takes flash on the roadand into a field, and down a back alley, then over to a parkshowing you how to achieve big results with these small lighting systems. From setting up wireless systems with multiple flash units, to selecting the right modifiers for the job, to balancing flash and ambient light, every technique you need to create top-quality portrait lighting with flash is detailed in this comprehensive, easy-to-follow book. $34.95 list, 7.5x10, 160p, 220 images, Stafford. (ISBN 978-1-60895467-4) Order no. 1963.</p> <p>LEARN HOW TO: Select the best flash and wireless system for your needs</p> <p>Choose and use light modifiers for refined lighting effects Use high-speed and slow-speed flash sync Adjust the flash modes and exposure compensation settings Balance the flash and ambient light for complete subject/scene control Work with flash more effectively in low-light situations</p> <p>500 POSES FOR PHOTOGRAPHING CHILDRENA VISUAL SOURCEBOOK FOR DIGITAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS Available August 2012</p> <p>F</p> <p>eaturing images by over a dozen top childrens portrait photographers, this book presents a vast array of inspiring head-andshoulders, three-quarter, and full-length poses to help you capture the magic of childhood. Stuck on how to use a location? Looking to bring out a unique aspect of your subjects personality? Want to make better use of a prop or set element? Flip through this book and get the inspiration you need! $34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 500 images, Perkins. (ISBN 978-1-60895-483-4) Order no. 1967.</p> <p>FEATURES: Poses grouped according to portrait length and style for easy cross-reference</p> <p>Studio and location portraits Standing, seated, and reclining poses for boys and girls Classic, contemporary, and casual poses Poses for single subjects and small groups Formally posed images and poses designed around simple actions</p>