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ALFRED ADLER (1870-1937) - CBSI Home OH.pdf · PDF fileALFRED ADLER (1870-1937) Individual Psychology Core Statement Childhood "Feelings of Inferiority" are what motivate the individual

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Text of ALFRED ADLER (1870-1937) - CBSI Home OH.pdf · PDF fileALFRED ADLER (1870-1937)...

ALFRED ADLER(1870-1937)

Individual Psychology

Core StatementChildhood "Feelings of Inferiority" are what motivate

the individual to set goals. Humans strive to achievethose goals, and thus free themselves from their feeling ofinferiority, especially those that originated in the first fiveyears of childhood.

Organ Inferiority

Compensation to overcome feelings of inferiority

Adler 1

Fictional Finalism

"Fictional Ideals:" These are ideals for oneself that havenot been realized yet

"Finalism:" Expectation of the final achievement of oneideal.

People are motivated by the expectations of what theirefforts will result in in the future.

Fictional Finalism is(are) the goal(s) one strives toachieve to compensate for his or her feeling of inferiority

A child sees his or herself in the future being strong,capable, and resourceful.

This concept can be understood as the basis for theTeleological point of view: i.e., people are guided bytheir goals.

The most complete goal that one can achieve is perfection

Adler 2

Striving for perfection runs parallel to physicalgrowth. All our functions follow its direction. . .Whatever premises, all our philosophers andpsychologists dream ofself -preservation,pleasure principle, equalizationall these arebut vague representations, attempts to expressthe great upward drive. . . .a fundamentalcategory of thought, the structure of our reason. .. .the fundamental fact of our life.

Adler, 1930

Adler minimizes the important of the Unconscious. Heproposed that people's conscious thinking is what isimportant and the unconscious and conscious functiontogether in a way that allows these aspects of the psychito work together.

Adler 3

Style of LifeThe behavioral pattern or personality that the persondevelops to achieve their goals.




Unhealthy striving goes beyond attempting to achieveperfection, be is a striving for personal superiority, a mindset that promotes neurotic behavior and unhealthyrelationships with others.

The Creative Self

[Heredity and environment are only] the bricks which[a person] uses in his own creative way in buildingup his attitude toward life.

Adler, 1935

Adler 4

Order of Birth

First born (Dethroned)Middle Child

Youngest Child

Adler 5

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