Alfa Romeo 164 helper manuals - ?· FLT_ (Fiat-Lancia Tester Manual) M4B_ (manual in English for M4B module) ... Alfa Romeo 164 helper manuals. Title:

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<ul><li><p>The file(s) you are trying to download has been moved. Here are the new locations:</p><p>cuff_repair_s.pdf (repair leather cuffs on Alfa wooden steering wheels)</p><p>hvs_R_R.pdf (heat valve stepper R/R)</p><p>harrison1-2.pdf (installation of Harrison SP15 AC compressor on the Alfa 164 3.0 12v)</p><p>boge_rebuild.pdf (rebuilding electronic struts on Alfa 164S/Q/QV/Q4)</p><p>FLT_manual.pdf (Fiat-Lancia Tester Manual)M4B_manual.pdf (manual in English for M4B module)ContrSusp164 elek.pdf (workshop manual for CDS suspension)164S_SCS_TSB060.pdf (technical service bulletin - wiring diagram corrections)</p><p>Alfa 164 stepper repair / refurbishment without dash removal</p><p>fooling the themistor (adding resistor to thermistor to regulate cabin temperature)</p><p>replace flaps on center vent</p><p>installation of motorized ball valve for heater core shutoff</p><p>fitting 24v headers to Alfa V6 3.0 12v engine </p><p>Alfa Romeo 164 helper manuals</p></li></ul>


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