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  • Aircraft Design Technical Committee Meeting

    18 September 2012

    ATIO/MAO Conferences

    Indianapolis, IN

  • Welcome, Introductions and Attendance

    Please introduce yourself


    Company / university / organization

    How what you do relates to aircraft design

    Your favorite aircraft

    Just tell us the first one that comes to mind

    TC members be sure to sign in

  • Remarks from the TC Chair

  • Remarks from the TC Chair

    My goals for the TC Complete the org chart structure we started over the past

    year or more

    Ensure we are staying on target / on charter Charter and Opportunities document from Sep 24, 2004

    Make operations efficient and documented How do we elect new officers?

    How do we judge design competitions?

    How do we participate in conference organization?

    How do we nominate and select the Aircraft Design Award winner?

    Provide opportunities for TC members to be engaged

    Meet AIAA and TAC expectations

  • Remarks from the TC Chair

    Summer Survey

    Asked TC members to provide two responses

    Why you joined the TC and what benefits you get from membership

    What activities will you participate in to support TC activities

    Received 13 replies (not too late to send replies)

    Want to use this to assign TC members to various


    Provide a list of resources available to help with activities

    If no one is interested in a given activity, consider if that meets our


  • Leadership

    (Chair, Vice-Chair,



    Development Recognition

    Development of

    Future Aircraft




    Aircraft Design


    AIAA Membership


    Student Design


    K-12 outreach

    Young Professionals TC and PC Liaisons

    TC Administration


    Organizational Structure for Aircraft Design TC

  • Aircraft Design TC Member Expectations

    TC leadership:

    Chair, vice chair,


    Subcommittee chair

    Working group chair

    Technical Development


    General chair or technical


    Planning committee

    Track organizer

    Abstract reviewer

    Session chair

    Submit and present


    Organize panel sessions


    Review Journal articles

    Serve as a Journal

    Associate Editor

    Aerospace America

    highlights author

    Write for or compile TC



    Attend meetings and

    report on activities of other

    TCs and / or PCs

    Coordinate activities

    where appropriate


    Organize technical

    exchange meetings

    Participate as presenter


    Aircraft Design Award

    Coordinate award process

    Nominate candidates for


    Write letters of support

    AIAA Membership

    Nominate TC colleagues

    for upgrade to Associate

    Fellow and Fellow

    Provide reference letters

    Future Aircraft Designers

    Student Design


    Coordinate paper design

    competition judging

    Submit paper design

    competition abstracts /

    prepare RFPs

    Judge design competition


    Judge Design Build Fly

    report entries

    On-site support for DBF

    K-12 Outreach

    Coordinate outreach

    events around


    Participate in outreach

    event as volunteer

    Young Professionals

    Conduct and publish


    professional career


    Be an interviewee for

    career interviews

    Interface with AIAA Young

    Professionals committee


    Stay in communication / attend TC meetings

    Vote for the AIAA Aircraft Design Award

    Participate in (at least) two other activities per year, many listed below:

    These activities vary in effort and difficulty; members with more seniority should take on more difficult roles

  • My hopes for TC meetings

    TC meetings with short reports on progress of various subcommittees

    Much of the work done by subcommittees outside TC meetings

    More time for networking with colleagues

    More time for technical discussions / presentations

    No more than two hours

    Hopefully, including this meeting

  • Technical Development


  • Conferences

    ATIO 2012

    503 attendees at combined ATIO / MAO (as of this afternoon)

    Dani Soban theme chair; Bill Crossley ATIO/MAO liaison

    Nine joint ATIO / MAO sessions many aircraft design related

    Tim Takahashi helped with this

    Large number of aircraft design sessions

    One last minute cancellation; few no shows

    New hard deadline seems to improve last minute changes

  • Conferences

    ASM 2013 Held at Gaylord Resort in Grapevine, TX (just north of DFW airport)

    January 7 -10.

    Manuscript Deadline Date: 12/20/2012

    Early Bird Reg Deadline Date: 12/10/2012

    Cancellation Deadline Date: 12/24/2012

    Gil Crouse is Aircraft Design TC representative on organizing committee

    Gil had requested volunteers for session chair positions

    6 (I think) Aircraft Design sessions

    Tim Takahashi working with Mitch Wolff on a special session on INVENT (AFRL program)

    Possible opportunity to re-start CADWG here (will be mentioned later)

  • Conferences

    Aviation 2013 Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Los Angeles, CA; August 12-14, 2013.

    Abstract central to start accepting abstracts Oct 1

    Not sure of abstract due dates yet

    An intermediate step on the way to the New Event Model

    ATIO will be a part of the technical conferences co-located here (International Powered Lift also co-located)

    Jim Vasatka from Boeing will be general or executive chair Working on recruiting high-level panelists and speakers

    Four branches Commercial, Military, Other (GA, biz, UAS, rotorcraft), Technical activities (ATIO, CASE, IPLC)

    Our role will be to support the ATIO portion of the event, and to help support conference as usual

    This is Aircraft Design TCs major conference

    Will need representatives on planning committee soon

    Dave Maroney (deputy director for Aircraft and Atmospheric Systems) charged with helping the technical integration

  • Conferences

    SCI TECH 2014

    First event using the New Event Model Will encompass previous ASM, eventually also SDM,

    possibly GNC and MAO (Neal Pfeiffer will have more details)

    Action items for TC Need to submit topic area chair(s) and updated call for

    papers to KC Niedermeyr at AIAA by October 2

    Gil Crouse has been our ASM topic area chair; I would like to have two (hopefully, Gil + one other)

  • Committee Feedback for New Event Model (April 30, 2012)

    Historically, the aircraft design TC has supported the events that would become part of the Aviation and Aeronautics and the Science and Technology events; hence, our desire to play leading roles as organizers in those events.

    Our committee expresses interest in the Defense and Security and the Propulsion and Energy events, but there was no clear consensus on what our role should be. The incoming chair and vice-chair decided to assign S at the discipline levels here, because this is our best guess of how our TCs resources would be best used in the new event model.

    We are willing to help out as needed and as available in broader roles in the other events.


    Aircraft Design Technical Committee


    Aviation and


    Defense and



    and Energy

    Science and


    Space and


    Plenary O N/A N/A N/A N/A

    Integration O N/A N/A O N/A

    Discipline O S S O N/A

  • Technical Development


  • Aerospace America Year in Review

    Aircraft Design article draft has been completed.

    Highlights include NASA ERA, Subsonic Fixed Wing developments, Boeing SUGAR, Flying Car, VTOL studies, Electric aircraft (Solar Impulse, Pipistrel's Panthera etc.), BAMS, Phantom Eye and X-47B UAV's, F-35, Commercial and business jet aircraft

    Draft and images submitted to AA editor

    Final draft, to be approved by TC (historically, this has been the officers), will be re-submitted to editor again this week

  • Aerospace America Year in Review

    From AIAA TC Chair Manual: an article summarizing the accomplishments and setbacks of their

    technical specialty during the calendar year. The analytical twist and incisive style of each piece must show that the authors are the professions foremost experts telling it like it was good, bad, and why.

    these articles are to reflect this years activity in a particular discipline. They are NOT reports on committee activities or prognostications of future events.

    Do we do this in our articles now? We tend to highlight aircraft with first flights; have recently started adding

    points about NASA design studies

    For 2012 article, no TC members sent ideas to Dyna or Charley

    For 2013, add a few additional members to this team; have entire TC submit item