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Image advertising


  • Getting Our Message through the Clutter

    Michael McLendonPresentationMGMT 325

  • Average person may be exposed to

    5,000 advertising messages a day

    How can our message stand out in a crowd?

    Desensitization- the brain learns to filter out uneffective, indifferent messages

  • Understand Image Advertising and Its Importance

    How to cut through advertising clutter using.ArchetypesPrint & Outdoor MediaSubmedia

    Recommendations for Future Advertising

  • -Promoting the perception of a product-Create a favorable image of product

    in the mind of consumers

    Increases brand awareness

    Converts awareness

    into familiarity

    Uses that familiarity

    to influence consumer behavior

  • Archetypesdeeper, unarticulated subconscious needs of the audience

    Examples of archetypes

    To provide To admire or supporta superior

    To be loved

  • Radical Creative Print Media Magazine, Newspaper & Outdoor Ads

    - media needs to be brief with the ability to communicate ideas at a glance. To do this well one must use graphics and headings efficiently and artfully.

  • Non-TraditionalMethods- Ways that dont feel like an ad

  • Recommendationsfor the future advertising-

    Use the archetypes strategically to extract deeper motivations, needs to influence behavior

    Use creative media in a truly unique way

    Use non-traditional methods to our competitive advantage

  • -Consumers don't hate advertising. What they hate is bad advertising.. quit doing all the bad stuff that creates the kind of environment people are resisting and figure out ways to engage people in ways that they find to be informative and entertaining. And that's become our challenge in this super saturated world."