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  • 2B.F.A., M.Arch

    Adem OByrne

  • 3Curriculum Vitae Tri*par Casa Insurgentes Union Station Terminal The Sphere Dufferin Grove Community Centre EraDynamic

    Self-Portrait View from the Art Department Downtown Calgary

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    ...Readiness is all.

    Design should be flexible to discovery while attending to its realization. I work kinaesthetically, yet embrace computational methodology as a means to an end. Two motifs will recur within this body of workfabric architecture and the policy of form.

  • 4 Adem OByrne

    605-4740 46th Ave. SW Calgary, AB T3E-6W8 | (403) 919-7768 |

    Objective To find a work environment which will push the present limits of my abilities and present ample opportunity to gain the respect of my colleagues

    Education Masters of Architecture, University of Toronto: Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, 201115 (3.9 GPA)

    Bachelor of Fine Arts (Studio Concentration, Graduated With Distinction) Minor in Architecture, University of Calgary, 200611 (3.8 GPA)

    Relevant Employment

    Boxwood Architects Intern Architect Toronto, ON May. Sept. 2014, Jan 2015

    o Various responsibilities within a small firmincluding rendering; drafting typical orthography from concept design to contract documents; connection details; building code and by-law paperwork

    o Attending client meetings, preparing presentations, coordinating with developers, interior designers, mechanical and structural engineers

    Benjamin Dillenburger Teaching Assistant (U of T) Toronto, ON Sept. Dec. 2014 o Helping masters students advance in computationGrasshopper, Rhinoscript, Python and Processing

    Tom Bessai + Daniel Hambleton Teaching Assistant (U of T) Toronto, ON Sept. Dec. 2013 o Running weekly lab sessions, troubleshooting, and assisting lecturesteaching advanced techniques in

    Rhino, Grasshopper, Kangaroo, Blender, and Unity (game engine software)

    The Lablonde Partnership Architects Junior Designer Calgary, AB Apr. July 2013 o Plans, sections and elevations in design development and schematic design, using hand-drafting,

    physical models and later CAD software o Elevation-renders; site context diagrams; window, door and hardware schedules

  • 5Aziza Chaouni Projects Graphic Designer Toronto, ON Dec. 2012 Jan. 2013 o Creating drawings and diagrams for North Moroccan border solutions o Researching the potential for resolve of border conflicts surrounding Spanish exclaves, Ceuta and Melilla

    Georges Farhat Graphic Designer (U of T) Toronto, ON Oct. 2011 Mar. 2012

    o Researching and diagramming standard models for manorial land plots

    Skills Profile

    o Highly proficient in AutoCAD 2015, Rhinoceros 5.0 SR8 and Grasshopper (parametric software plugin); Adobe Creative SuitePhotoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, etcetera

    o Skilled with Autodesk Revit, 3DS Max and Maya, V-ray, Cinema 4-D, Processing o Skilled with Rhinoscript, Python, Unity, Blender, Sketch-up o Model-making, pen and ink, watercolour, oil and acrylic paint, graphite, plastics, steel welding o Languages: English and Portuguese (fluent), Spanish

    Awards + Scholarships

    First Place Award, Product DesignInternational Architecture

    Thesis Awards (IATA), Re-Thinking the Future (2015)

    University of Toronto Fellowship- ARCLA ($1580/2014)

    UTAPS Grant ($5200, $2800/2014)

    Awarded MentionSuperstudio 2A Competition (2012)

    Fine Arts Supporting Success Scholarship ($700/2010)

    Deans ListFaculty of Fine Arts (2009-10)

    Wilfred Archibald Walter Bursary ($2500/2009)

    Smiley Raborn, Jr. Scholarship ($2000/2009)

    Jason Lang Scholarship ($1000/2008)

    Louise McKinney Scholarship ($2500/2007)

    University of Calgary Undergraduate Merit Award ($1300/2007)

    Deans ListFaculty of Communication and Culture (2007)

    University of Calgary Admission Scholarship ($1500/2006)

    Activities Code Kitchen, Coding/programming workshops (2014) eVolo Competition Entrant, Skyscraper Competition (2013) Electronic Music Composer, Reason + Ableton (2004-15)

    President, Visual Studies Undergraduate Society (2010) Capoeira, Brazilian Martial Arts (2010-11)

  • 6Architecture is both an act of invention and mimesis. It becomes illustrious when the will to realize a vision coordinates with market capital and opportunity. Creating a reflexive relationship between form and value, architecture can also become a proprietary inventionopen to an evolving development and mass-production. Set in a backdrop of boxy urbanity; fabric structures can offer style, curvilinear dynamic, translucency, visual lightness, and clear open spans.

    The thesis is a mainly a feasibility study of a new product, tri*para readily deployable and demountable stage cover designed for central staging. Bolted in modularity, curved triangular trusses form pointed arches canted at 45. Along the perimeter of these trussed arches, a membrane cover spans between the uppermost edges of the aluminum trusses. Locked in anticlastic curvature, the beautifully efficient membrane is activated by tension to resist downward pressures and wind uplift.

    Tri*par December, 2014 | M.Arch Thesis | Site-adaptive

    Tri*par is an opportunity for lead users to differentiate and build a brand as they transform their event with this fabric marvel. To illustrate the significance of the pre-engineered structure, the approaches of aesthetics, program, feasibility, economy, and installation are investigated.


    The project itself was created with standard CAD and finite element analysis software which accurately calculates and tests the fabric membrane against such factors as self-weight, snow and wind. The design process requires many sketch models to approximate and test the structure and its installation. These models are later reiterated at 1:25 and 1:50 at a higher resolution.

    The primary representation of the project is a narrated 17 minute sequence with full animations. Since doubly-curved surfaces have a complex geometry that cannot be properly represented by

    typical orthographic projection, digital animations help to visualize the form.

    The sequence takes a promotional and educational approach, which intends to unfold the story of the project itself. tri*par is first introduced through a rendered animation showing the product in context, unveiling the brand, and demonstrating potential programmatic uses. The history of tents is presented with animated monochromatic drawings, which animate the deployment of each structure. Following history is a section that illustrates the science behind the structures, before explaining the form derivation and connection details.

    A separate supplementary set of drawings and calculations support the viability of the project. Included are plans, elevations, axonometric views, product variations, a financial report, wind, snow and prestress calculations.

    Note: Due to the potential proprietary value of the stage cover, I have deliberately filtered the extent of the form revealed.

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  • 8 Casa Insurgentes is a thousand-resident complex placed around a circular central transportation hub, Plaza Glorieta in Mexico City, Mexico, which intermediates Avenida de los Insurgentes, the second longest avenue in the world. The studio required an intervention which could reinvigorate the possibility for experimental collective living. The concept for this project emphasizes mixed income living and market ethics.

    Tenants of differing wealth classes converge into spontaneous negotiation. However, the project is not about class confrontation but rather social mobilitya grass-roots led development. A voluntarily-paid higher price is symbolic in the sense that it can subsidize a number of units along the same horizontal datum. This local subsidy is regulated by such 'patron units'sparking

    incentives for respect, cooperation, and coexistence.

    It follows that the architectural vocabulary speaks through different scales and manifests itself in the detailing that reflects a consistent syntax. Tectonics aim to discretize a continuous surface, suggesting a consistent formal unity.

    To lower costs, a trade-off is made using inexpensive standard materials in a clever assembly. The railing spindles are merely cold rolled steel angles; only the rail itself addresses an ergonomic materialism. The idea is that architects can generate more agency in real estate with the right alignments of labour and capital. Casa Insurgentes is a means to localize cultural values without bureaucratic imposition. Such a finance

    model can mitigate the risk of power consolidation by political alignment with special interests.


    The studio initially focused on parametricizing space with particular mindfulness to algorithmic spatial programming as opposed to the generation of geometry without architectural input. Units are designed individually with hand-drafting whereas the form itself is a result of a flexible algorithm. The central focus is a comprehensive set of plans and a section. A 1:250 site model and 1:50 single unit model show the form and experience of the space. Detail models supplement hand-drawn concept vignettes to showcase the energy and feel of Casa Insurgentes.

    Casa Insurgentes April, 2014 | Experimental Housing Studio | La Ciudad de Mxico, Mexico

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    In the parametric option studio, the current Union Station train terminal built by Zeidler Partnership is re-imagined. Interests in fabric architecture led to the considera