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Adam levine and maroon 5


BORN ON 3/18/79 IN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIAINTEREST IN MUSIC STARTED IN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLFIRST OFFICIAL BAND IN HIGH SCHOOL CALLED KARAS FLOWERS Adam Noah Levine was born on March 18, 1979 in Los Angeles, California. His first concert he ever attended was in fifth grade by the metal band Warrant. In junior high Levine and good friend Jesse Carmichael started making music together and their big break was a performance at a school dance. Levine then became involved in a band during high school. He and his friends Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick were attending the Brentwood school and decided to combine their talents and created the group Karas Flowers. In 1997 as seniors in high school the group released their first album entitled, The Fourth World. As time went on and only a thousand or so records were sold and with only one single released, the group knew that success was not coming any time soon and ultimately broke apart. 2THE START OF MAROON 5ADAM AND BANDMATE JESSE CARMICHAEL ATTEND FIVE TOWNS COLLEGEINTRODUCED TO NEW MUSIC STYLES, WHICH PROVED TO BE INFLUENTIALIN 2000, CARMICHAEL AND LEVINE REUNITE WITH OLD BAND AND BECOME MAROON 5

Next, Levine decided to attend Five Towns College with fellow band member Jesse Carmichael in Long Island for a semester. There they were introduced to a variety of different music genres that excited them. Music styles such as gospel, R&B, and hip-hop greatly affected Levines talent for writing music and he later admitted that his semester spent at Five Towns College in New York immensely influenced his writing style and the overall sound to his/Maroon 5s music. Levine and friend Carmichael left Five Towns in the year 2000 and reunited with their lost band members of Karas Flowers in Los Angeles. Adding a new guitarist (James Valentine) as well as changing the band name to Maroon 5 (of which the origin is a band secret) the band began writing and recording their first album, Songs about Jane. 3RISE TO THE TOPFIRST ALBUM: SONGS ABOUT JANE REACHED PLATINUM IN 2002GRAMMYS IN 2005 AND 2007IT WONT BE SOON BEFORE LONG IN 2007HANDS ALL OVER OVEREXPOSED MOST CURRENT ALBUM

By the year 2002 the album had reached platinum status and Adam Levine became a well known face in the popular music industry. Maroon 5 won a Grammy in 2004 for best new artist and went on to win other Grammys in 2005 and 2007 for best pop performances. Adam Levines popularity and Maroon 5s success has continued to grow over the last several years. In May of 2007 the group released It wont Be Soon Before Long, and went on a large world tour. After returning from touring almost every continent Levine and the rest of the group came back and began writing their next hit album Hands All Over followed by yet another immense world tour. Levine and the rest of Maroon 5 knew that it was time for a fresh sound and recharge to their music. This exact thing occurred when Adam was approached by the writer of the hit song Stereohearts to collaborate with Gym Class Heroes on the record. The group had once been against collaboration with other writers and artists but realized that this was an opportunity not to be passed up. Adam recorded the song with Gym Class Heroes and almost instantly a new door was opened. Due to the collaboration on Stereohearts connections were formed with other composers and Moves Like Jagger came about. Mickey Madden on the bands website bio page says of the song, The irreverence, sheer dance-ability and pure catchiness of the song hit us hard. After some spirited debate within the band about the wisdom of working with outside composers and making something so unabashedly pop, the ayes won out, and we cut the song on a break from tour, recruiting Christina Aguilera to sing the bridge.The song rejuvenated our entire career, to say the least


LEVINE BECOMES A JUDGE ON THE VOICEPROMOTED MAROON 5s HIT SONGS MOVES LIKE JAGGER AND PAYPHONESHOWS ADAMS MUSICAL EXPERTISE AS A JUDGELevines next big step in his musical career was to star as a judge on the hit singing competition show The Voice. Being a judge on this show definitely helped to promote Moves Like Jagger as well as Adam and the groups career in general. In 2012 the group released their newest album entitled Overexposed including the hit singles One More Night and Payphone. On the groups website Levine says of the album, Were a band thats always been close to being full-on pop, but thats rooted in a lot of other things: rock, soul, funk, the list goes on. Overexposed is the first time weve ever completely embraced the idea of making pop musicof making songs for the radio. We just said, Lets not be afraid to do what we basically are.Ultimately Adam Levine along with his band members make up an epic group of artists that have rocked the charts in popular music today. What is even more impressive is their slow rise to success over the years as collaborations and modifications were made to the writing style and overall sound of the groups music.

5COMPOSITION HISTORYSHE WILL BE LOVED:A song about a guy who is in love with his best friends girlWritten in 2002 by Levine and James ValentineTHIS LOVE:Written by Levine and Jesse CarmichaelPop/funk rock genreAbout an ex-girlfriend that Levine couldnt get over

She Will be Loved, is a song that is one of Adam Levine is one of the greatest pop rock band songs that there is. The album was named after his ex-girlfriend. The lyrics of She Will be Loved, are about a guy who has a best friend and his friend is always in a relationship. Every time something bad happens the girlfriend comes to the friend and the friend secretly loves her and doesnt tell her how he really feels and plans to wait for her to come to him. That applies to real life. The song was written in 2002 in L.A., by Adam Levine and James Valentine and the producer was Matt Wallace. This Love, is three in a half minutes long. The song has the normal song pattern of a intro, versus, and choruses. The song was part of the She will be Loved album. The album was written in 2002 in Los Angeles. The writers were Adam Levine and Jesse Carmichael. The producers were Matt Vallace and Mark Endert. The song falls under pop and funk rock. The song was written emotionally as they come. The song was about his ex-girlfriend he couldnt get over. 6COMPOSITION HISTORYMISERY:More aggressive dynamicAbout challenges in relationshipsBased off real life experiencesONE MORE NIGHT:Written in 2012Reggae was a big influence in the production of the songPAYPHONE:Released in April 2012Feat. Wiz KhalifaAbout a romance that has gone wrong.

Misery, is more of a song that is written a little harsher. The song was released in 2010. Hands all Over, was the album the song was a part of. Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, and Sam Farrar. The song is about the challenges of relationship fades. Adam focuses on the difficult aspects of relationships. He writes about real life experiences.One More Night, is another famous song written in 2012. Reggae is a very big influence on the song. The music rhythm involved is catchy and fun to beat your head to. The song was one Maroon 5s largest singles. Adam, Shellback, Max Martin, and Savan Kotecha were the writers. The producers involved were Shellback and Max Martin. The song is exactly what it is. Just one more night is needed. The song is literally a boxing video and him fighting for that one last night. Great song and one of the best singles that made it on the top charts. Payphone, is probably my favorite song of all by Maroon 5. The song was released in April of 2012. Adam Levine, Benny Blanco, Ammar Malik, Robopop, Shellback, Wiz Khalifa were the writers. The song has a twist because of the bridge and Wiz Khalifa being a rap artist throws in a mix of quick lyrics that help make the song. The song talks about romance that is no more. Some only say its a radio success. Others gloat about it. The catchy melody and chorus is something that cannot be forgotten easily. For being a digital song, it had more sales than any other song in one week.

7Listening GuidesSHE WILL BE LOVED0:13 BEGINS WITH MILD UPBEAT TEMPO AND GROWS INTO A CATCHY MELODYEMOTIONAL LYRICS IN CHORUS 0:48 I dont mind spending every dayLISTEN HERE THIS LOVE0:00 Starts with hard guitar strum 0:42 Chorus is dynamic with ups and down lyricsStaccato throughout song

She Will be Loved 4:280:00 Introduction: The song begins with a mild upbeat tempo without singing.0:13 Verse 1: The lyrics start and its more of a soft beginning and you can here the song slowly building. 0:48 Chorus: I dont mind spending everyday, The melody is mainly the focus and in the chorus which is catchy and gives a rich pick me up. 1:35 Verse 2 tap on the window is just fun. The texture and mix of harmony is simple and clean. 1:59 Chorus2:35 Verse 3: The third verse solidifies the song and gives vibes of closure. The rhythm is straightforward and easy to hear throughout the song and verse 3 is more of the conclusion. 3:07 Chorus

This Love 3:23

0:00 Intro/verse 1: Starts right off with a hard guitar strum. Catches you off guard. Leads to verse 1 in a cool way where you really dont notice the transition. 0:42 chorus: OH, this love has taken. very up and down and pops, almost as if the singing is staccato. Short little pops. 1:13 Verse 2: Has the bulk of the meaning to the song. Mentions every guys problem trying to keep women satisfied. Very clear and easy to understand. The dynamics stay the same throughout the melody. 1:35 Chorus2:03 Bridge: The song slowly fades from the beat it originally had and gets softer and becomes elegant. Nice beat of piano beats. 2:22 Chorus (x2)

8Listening guidesMISERY0:00 Strong beginning Oh Yeah0:40 Chorus is memorable with easy to sing to lyrics2:17 B