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ACSA Academy. Technology Seminar 01/24/2009. Technology for the CBO. Why I am here? What I want to see and learn. What will I learn today? Check list Is this going to be techie stuff? The Business of Technology, not the 0s and 1s of technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • ACSAAcademy Technology Seminar 01/24/2009

  • Technology for the CBOWhy I am here? What I want to see and learn.What will I learn today?Check listIs this going to be techie stuff?The Business of Technology, not the 0s and 1s of technologyThere are 10 ways to do everything in computers and a 100 ways to build a networkBest practices

  • Areas of ITPersonnelNetworksServersBackupsSecurityPowerAUPInternet Asset or liability?Tech Plan/Erate

  • Areas of ITResourcesDiscuss the impact of technology in schoolsStandardsCALPADS

  • Technology for Business Managers6 things people love to say about IT.6 - IT is nothing but a black hole 5 - All IT wants is more money4 All IT gets is more money3 Do they eat anything but pizza and Coke? **2 @#$%^&* the network is down again!1 I cant understand a word theyre saying.

  • Personnel

  • PersonnelYearly EvaluationsCalendar notesImprovement PlansChain of CommandTrainingNew ToolsPriorities Keep the techs focusedAdmin, Accounting, PayrollServers, BackupsPCs, Printers, Scanners, PDAInvolve IT in Modernization, New Construction

  • PersonnelParts for troubling shootingHard drives, memoryClothing, Shirts, JacketsCan you tell the difference between your techs and students?Same equipment as everyone else

  • Network

  • NetworkLAN Local Area NetworkWAN Wide Area NetworkSwitches No hubsWiring Cat5e or betterFiber Where neededMulti-mode for short runsSingle-mode for long runsRouter 5 years or newer

  • Network Check listIs the LAN an all switched network?Is all wiring Cat5e or better?Do we have fiber where needed?Do we have network documentation?Get the information out of their headsNetwork, DNS, TimesyncWANPhonesIP Scheme

  • Servers

  • ServersServer is the main storage unit for all dataHave a server replacement plan every 4-6 years.Plan on storage space for 3-5 yearsLimit storage space or it will be used up in a week

    OS UpdatesMicrosoft Critical updates, WSUSNovell Service Packs (SP5, SP6, SP7.)

  • ServersIs the server in a physically safe place?Is the room locked?Is the room air-conditioned?Who has access to the room?Who really needs access?Is the room alarmed?If the server was missing how long would the list of suspects be?

  • Virtualization Many to one

  • Virtualization

    One server acting and running as many

  • VirtualizationWhy Virtualization? Less hardwareLess downtimeLess energy usedLess coolingMuch more efficient use of resourcesLess overtime for Tech staff during change out of hardware.

  • Backup

  • BackupHow often are you backing up?Once a weekTwice a weekOnce a monthEveryday M-FAre you doing full backups or differentialFull backup - every file every timeDifferential - only modified files since last full backupHow many tapes would it take to recover a server?

  • BackupWhere are your tapes stored?All tapes should be stored in a fire proof safeAre all backup jobs logged everyday?Every backup job should be checked everyday by a tech and hand logged into a binder that is kept with the tapesWho is responsible for this?

  • BackupBACKUP PROCEDURESThese procedures are for the backup and safe recovery of SUHSD data. These procedures are to be followed at all times. Under NO circumstance are these procedures to be overruled except by order of the Director of IT.All backup tapes will be rotated every night except holidays and weekends. In the event the site technician will be gone, arrangements should be made by that technician to ensure tape rotation.

    All backup jobs will be logged in the Log Book.Any continuing failure of backups should be brought to the attention of the senior technician or the Director of IT.All tapes will be kept in the fireproof safe at all times.Previous weeks tapes will be moved to another building or safe on campus each Monday.From each site backup system one tape each month will be placed in the District Office safe Before any upgrade or other possible data-impacting event, a special backup will be done to ensure data safety.

  • BackupAre the backup tapes tested?Tapes should be tested once a monthNote: test files at the end of the tape

    Offsite storageAre tapes stored offsite in a secure locationNote: employees home is not a secure location

  • Security

  • SecurityPhysical security of assetsPasswordsFirewallEmail/SpamAnti VirusContent Filtering

  • SecurityPhysical SecurityAre servers in a locked room?Are video cameras used around lab areasMemory, mouse, cards, CPUs Are PCs asset tagged and inventoried?

  • SecurityPasswordsHow offend are passwords changed for users?How offend are passwords changed for servers?Are passwords complex?food12Can passwords be repeated over and over?Do switches, copiers, printers, phones systems, A/C systems have passwords assigned?

  • SecurityPasswordsDo you have a list of the passwords?Routers, SNMP-RO, RWSwitchesServersCopiers, printersPhone system, VoicemailApplicationsBIOS

  • SecurityFirewallWho manages your firewall?Are you restricting outbound traffic?Can anyone send email from their PC out to the Internet?Do you allow spamming from inside your network?Do you have a DMZ on your network?How quickly can you adapt?Are you monitoring log files?How old is your firewall?Many older firewalls can not thaw new threats or adapt to new technology

  • SecurityEmail/SpamAre you winning the battle?Do you even care anymore?What products are being used?Do you check every email for a virus before it gets to your PC?Do you provide email to students?Note your liabilityCan students send any amount of email out?Can students send emails to staff

  • SecurityEmail/SpamDo you allow IM (Instance Messenger)?Note: IM is not track ableRetention of emails

  • SecurityAnti VirusDo all servers have anti virus installed?Do all computers have anti virus installed?How often is your anti virus updated?Every dayEvery weekEvery monthEvery hourCan you identify which computers have current anti virus software from a central command point?Can you push new anti virus software/updates to your computers?Can your computers get updates from a local server?

  • SecurityContent FilteringHow many connections to the Internet does your district have?Note: If it is more than one, you might be in troubleWho provides your content filtering?How good is the filtering?How often is the database updated?Can you add sites to be blocked? Can you block individual students?You must have content filtering - CIPA

  • SecurityContent FilteringDo you filter ?IMChat roomsHate sitesWeb emailDrug sites, Shopping sitesSports sites - fantasy footballHacker sitesGambling, Games

    Argument But I need to get to all these web sites for my class!!!Rebuttal How does this web site correlate with the class curriculum?Note: There is no filter that can identify the difference between a picture of a naked woman or a Monet

  • Video MonitoringCamera System DemoBoard Policy

  • Power

  • Power/ElectricalElectricity the life blood of computersUPS keeps the blood clean and safeDo you have dedicated circuits for servers?Do you have servers, routers, and phone systems on UPS?How long can your UPS run?10 minutes?1 hour?5 hours?What happens when you lose power?

  • Power/ElectricalDo you have a small 3-6 Kw generator to keep the phones up for emergency communications?Do you have a test schedule for UPS?Test bi- annualBatteries typically need to be replaced every 2-3 yearsMost UPS have to much equipment plugged in to themAre you using an IP phone system?Do you have a UPS at every desk for emergency power?Are your phones powered from the switch?

  • Scenario #1You have been told that a teacher is seeing a 16 year old student. You start to check out the rumor and find that it is very credible. You are told that the two email each other all day long. You have IT read the emails in the teachers school email box and watch the emails from the students hotmail account. You find the teacher is way over the line and you confront the teacher. The teacher says you have violated his/her civil rights and broken federal wire tap laws, and he/she going to sue the district for everything its worth.Q. Was the reading of both emails OK?Q. Does the student have a right to privacy concerning their emails which is out of school control.

    Same scenario, but the teacher uses the telephone to call the student which is VoIP. The district owns the phone. IT captures the VoIP data off the network and plays it back for you the Administrator. Q. Was the capture of VoIP data OK?

  • Scenario #2A teacher has been accused of viewing pornography in the classroom. The accusations come from a TA who the teacher released earlier in the semester. You ask IT to investigate. IT informs you that over 14 different students have logged on and used the computer in the last 8 months, in addition to the teacher and 2 subs. The pictures are stored in a common area of the local hard drive. Note: One of the 14 students is a board members daughter and another is a District employees son.

    Q. What do you do?

  • Scenario #3A man who claims to be from the Sacramento FBI branch office calls you up and demands that you give him the address, phone number and email of a girl that in enrolled in one of your schools. He explains that they are investigating a crime and he needs the information ASAP and the girls safety depends on it.

    Q. What do you do?

  • AUP

  • AUPAcceptable Use Policy AUPDo you have one?Do you make everyone sign it every year?StudentsTeachersStaffNote: place the AUP in the Teacher and Stud