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  • Bio Mathieu Chauzu (aka Sadoo) is born in France in 1980. He grew up between Europe, Asia and Africa. Growing up in a mixed of cultures and rocked by traditional world music, his interest grows up first for drumming instruments such as djembe, darbourka. Then he starts learning guitar, singing and recording.

    In 2002,Sadoo recorded his first album Reality which was auto produced. This album contains 10 songs influenced by reggae music. The songs are composed with acoustic guitars, drums and it is a mixed of French and English texts. Reality was available in some FNAC stores (famous music stores in France) in Paris and Lyon. However no promotion was ever done in France as Sadoo went to live in Senegal just after the release looking for an exotic music path.

    In Senegal, Sadoo worked in recording studios such as Studio Yes which was specialized in Hip Hop music and also in Youssou NDour Xippi Studio. Outside work, Sadoo played acoustically every day in one of the beach of Dakar along side one of his friend David playing bass.

    In Studio Yes, he had the opportunity to meet Lamine Kouyate, a well-known Griot who knows how to play perfectly the traditional Mandingue repertory with his kora. He is so talented that not only he can play the traditional repertory but also can play on any kind of music outside African traditional music. Together they decide to create SILABA and released their first album also called SILABA, the long African road in 2004. This album is composed of 7 roots songs mixed between traditional African music and reggae. They promoted their album in Senegal from Casamance to Dakar and in Ireland from Dublin to Cork.

    Then Sadoo released one additional solo album Samawoy (my friend in Wolof). This is a12 titles album influenced by reggae, and African music with text in English, French and Wolof. Friendship, love and Africa are the main themes of this album. Samawoy was first played in the street of Ireland which inspired the title In the street that can be found on the album Roots. After his stay in Ireland, Sadoo moved to Alpes DHuez and goes back to Dakar (as a resident artist in Viviers Almadies).

    In 2007, Emilie Degrange (Silabas manager) proposed Silaba school project to the Dublin city council. This project aimed at introducing children to Africa and its culture through music. Sadoo toured in libraries, summer school, social centres in July 2007. Between France, Ireland and Senegal, Sadoo played gigs, and also recorded songs during his travels. In 2008 he released the album Roots. In this album you can hear various musicians that Sadoo met during his travels such as Jacques Diatta, drummer from Senegal, or the bass player from the Irish band Seven Deadly skin or the singer Jim Daddy.

    Since 2009, Sadoo is based in Lyon and is playing in the area. He proposed a solo called Acoustically that you can hear in some caf bar of Lyon and surroundings. He also released his last album called Solo acoustic session based on this last more intimate experience with the public. Since 2012, Sadoo is also involved in a new band called Ethno Combo where he is playing along a drummer and a contrebass.

  • Disco

    Reality Silaba (10 titles) (7 titles)

    Samawoy Roots (12 titles) ( 14 titles)

    Song travelling Solo Acoustic Session (From Urban Sedated) (8 titles) (1 title)

  • Concerts

    Festivals / Events (2014):

    15 November in Concert for Amnesty International, Thatre Tho Argence (Saint Priest)

    17 October in Live on Radio Canut (Invit du Dancehall Social Club )

    9 October en Concert for the ALPADEF (Alliance Panafricaine pour le Dveloppement et l'Entreprenariat Fminin) in City council of Croix Rousse (Lyon4)

    30 October in concert for the release of the video of Les Amants

    17 October : Theme night Brassens (Lyon 1er)

    11 September in Concert for Rentre de l'escalade (rock climbing national show)

    16 August in Concert for march de Brive la Gaillarde

    14 August in Concert for march de Brive la Gaillarde

    9 August in Festival Vibration Verte

    11 July in ONENESS GATHERING FESTIVAL, (Glastonbury, UK)

  • 5 July in L'art Scne Festival (01)

    3 July in Festival Fougou fougou (Lyon 1er)

    24 May in Show Case of Cultura de Bourg en Bresse

    4 April in March de la Cration de Trvoux

    25 March in Concert for foire de Lyon

    19 January in Festival monde collectif

    University tour: MIDI MUSIC (2014)(In collaboration with le Crous Lyon- St Etienne)

    Caf-concert / Restaurant:

    12 December in Camlon (Lyon 6)

    29 November in La Fourmillre (Lyon 7)

  • 21 November in Camlon (Lyon 6)

    20 November in Paddy's Corner (Croix Rousse)

    31 October in Camlon (Lyon 6)

    26 September in Camlon (Lyon 6)

    15 August in Bout du monde (Argentat, Corrze)

    17 July in MOKI (Paris, 20me)

    6 June in Camlon (Lyon 6)

    30 May in 3 Gaules (Lyon 1)

    16 May in Camlon (Lyon 6)

    11 April in 3 Gaules (Lyon 1)

    Vendredi 28 March in Camlon (Lyon 6)

    Vendredi 28 March in Ninkasi Sans Soucis

    15 March in ONZE BAR (Paris 11)

    14 March in MOKI (Paris 20)

    8 March in Caf de la Mairie (Saint Chef)

    26 February in Ninkasi Hotel de Ville (Lyon1)

    15 February in G Restaurant

    14 February in Camlon (Lyon 6)

    7 February in 3 Gaules (Lyon 1)

    24 February in 3 Gaules (Lyon 1

    17 February in Camlon (Lyon 1)

    15 January in Dock 40 (Lyon Confluence)

  • Press

  • Acoustically

    Acoustically is the name of Sadoo solos show. His albums Samawoy and Roots have been adapted to be played with acoustic guitar alongside some drumming with the guitar , voices and vibrations. The melodies and rhythms are mixed and give birth to an intimate live but colourful. While touring with this show, new songs came up and they composed the album Solo Acoustic Session.

    Ethno ComboEthno Combo is the new band project from Sadoo. Ethno refers to the influences from world music. The melodies and rhythms are influenced by Caribbean, African and even South American popular music. We can hear roots reggae, rumba, bolero, ska, African blues, zouk,etc. The songs are in English, Wolof, French and Creole de Cap Vert. Combo refers to the mix between all these music, languages aiming to give a very different and unique show to the public. It also refers to the mix of musicians.

    Ethno Combo only plays with acoustic instruments to be able to reproduce a warm and authentic sound. The band is composed of Sadoo (guitar and voice), Alex Argyre (drummer), Contrebass ( Ftrank Deets). The songs that are played are Sadoos songs. We can listen to titles from various albums such Roots, Samawoy but also from his last album Solo acoustic session. Some new songs have also been created with this project. Ethno Combo started to play at 6me continent in Lyon and then in caf-concert places and festival in Lyon and surroundings. The band is now ready and looking to play in bigger concert places and world music festivals.


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