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  • 8/14/2019 About the Inquirer Lifestyle Series Fitness Fashion with Samsung Fashion Show.docx


    About the celebration

    The Sixth Inquirer Lifestyle Series: Fitness and Fashion with Samsung Festival wasthe 2013 occurrence of Inquirer Lifestyle Series: Fitness and Fashion with Samsung

    Festival, a lifestyle event held from June 30, 2013 to November 24, 2013 focused on

    multiple sectors. The flagship runway project of Samsung, Philippine Daily InquirerLifestyle, together with HSBC and the Peninsula Manila.

    Exactly eight years, seven months and thirty-one days ago, on Saturday, January 1,

    2000 at twelve midnight, the Philippines and the rest of the whole world celebrate

    the New Year 2000 and the first decade of the third millennium and twenty-first

    centuries. It's twenty-two years after the first EDSA People-Power Revolution and

    the downfall of former President Ferdinand Marcos on February 25, 1986 and seven

    years after the second revolution on January 20, 2001, 25 years after Ninoy Aquino

    was assassinated on August 21, 1983 and 36 years after Martial Law was declared

    by former president Ferdinand E. Marcos on September 21, 1972.

    The Inquirer Lifestyle Series: Fitness.Fashion with Samsung, the flagship runwayproject of Samsung and the Philippine Daily Inquirer Lifestyle. The fashion show is

    in cooperation with the Makati Business Club (MBC), the National Commission for

    the Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the Philippine Amusement and Gaming

    Corporation (PAGCor), the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and the Philippine

    Olympic Committee (POC).

    Fashion becomes less a spectator sport when sport itself becomes the fashion.

    Last Thursday, July 31, 2008, Inquirer Lifestyle staged the rousing, filled-to-the-bleachers (despite the heavy rains and flooding) curtain-raiser to its Lifestyle Series ofevents with Fitness.Fashion, a catwalk team-up between some of the countrys top

    designers and best-selling activewear brands, at the Rigodon Ballroom of the PeninsulaManila in Makati City.

    Co-presented with Samsung, it drew guests who cut across the fields of fashion,

    business and commerce, arts, media and entertainment. With the support of HSBC

    and Peninsula, the show had 12 sought-after designers melding their creations with

    the latest brand collections: Kipling with Vic Barba; Fila with Lulu Tan-Gan; Nike

    Golf with Anthony Nocom; Speedo with Louis Claparols; Adidas with Patrice Ramos-

    Diaz and Rhett Eala; Marks & Spencer with Arcy Gayatin; Aigle and Oxbow with Rajo

    Laurel; Bench with Joey Samson; and Puma with Ivarluski Aseron and Randy Ortiz.

    (Read the fashion report in this Friday s Lifestyle Fashion and B eauty.)"Fitness.Fashion" also scored a coup with the runway debut of fitness enthusiastand sports advocate Sen. Pia Cayetano. Other guest models were Akiko Thompson,

    Amanda Carpo, Rina Go, Paolo Abrera, Phoemela Baranda, Svetlana Osmea, Jeena

    Lopez, Enchong Dee, Ruby Gan, Fely Atienza, Trishan Cuazo, catwalk queens

    Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez and Apples Aberin-Sadhwani, and Inquirer's own Tessa

    Prieto-Valdes and Leica Carpo.

    Plus our newest additions in the Manila leg of the Inquirer Lifestyle Series:

    Fitness.Fashion with Samsung fashion show for its 5th anniversary as a fashion

  • 8/14/2019 About the Inquirer Lifestyle Series Fitness Fashion with Samsung Fashion Show.docx


    show in July 2013 are: Magnificent 7 ofRandy OrtizRichard Gomez, Lucy Torres,

    Ogie Alcasid, John Estrada, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, Dingdong Dantes, beauty queens

    Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup, and actors Rayver Cruz and Daniel Matsunaga,

    volley star Gretchen Ho, Robi Domingo and TechnoMarines newest ambassadors

    Bianca Gonzalez, Kiefer Ravena, VJ Alvin Alfonso, Phil Younghusband and Heart


    The show was supported by L'Oreal Philippines, Swatch and Technomarine.

    Gold sponsors are Air21, Sun Life Financial, Globe Telecom, PLDT, Smart

    Communications, Sun Cellular, Meralco, Maynilad Water, Intel and Microsoft


    Official mall partners are SM Supermalls, Robinsons Malls, Ayala Malls, Araneta

    Center, Star Malls and Trinoma Mall.

    Our official media partners are ABS-CBN, PTV-4, ABC-5, GMA-7, RPN-9, QTV-11, IBC-

    13, Studio 23, Net 25, ANC: The ABS-CBN News Channel, ETC: Entertainment

    Central, GNN: Global News Network, Lifestyle Network, Living Asia Channel,Philippine Daily INQUIRER, INQUIRER Libre, INQUIRER Bandera, Balikbayan

    Magazine, Asian Journal, GFC, Panay News, DZRH 666, DZRB Radyo ng Bayan 738,

    DZIQ Radyo INQUIRER 990, INQUIRER.net, XFM 92.3, RJ 100.3 FM and Focus Media.

    What Went Before the event in 2008

    THE tape recording starts with the sound of the plane landing and people talking

    among themselves.

    Everybody remains on board, one of them says.

    Moments later, a single gunshot rings out and women are wailing.

    What happened? What was that? a womans voice asks.

    More gunshots. The wailing becomes louder.

    Then an order from several men: Inside, inside, inside!

    The soldiers shot Ninoy. Hes dead out there, a woman cries out.

    These are the voices Time Magazine correspondent Sandra Burton captured on

    her microcassette recorder on the afternoon of Aug. 21, 1983, right after China

    Airlines Flight 811 carrying former Sen. Benigno Ninoy Aquino Jr. landed at the

    then Manila International Airport.

    Burton and several foreign correspondents had accompanied Aquino on the

    final leg of his journey home from three years of exile in the United States.

    When the plane landed, three soldiers boarded and escorted Aquino out.

    Seconds later, he was dead.

    For the past 20 years, Burtons recording has been in the Sandiganbayans

    custody, forming part of the evidence20,000 pages of documents, hundreds of

    photographs, video and audio recordingsthe court had collected in the

    course of the trial against the military men involved in Aquinos assassination.

  • 8/14/2019 About the Inquirer Lifestyle Series Fitness Fashion with Samsung Fashion Show.docx


    For the first time, the Sandiganbayan has made the recording available for

    broadcast. A portion of it will be heard on the ABS-CBN documentary Agosto

    Beinte Uno: Ang Pagpatay kay Ninoy Aquino commemorating the slain

    senators 30th death anniversary.

    The sounds on Burtons tape capture the atmosphere in the plane in the finalseconds before Aquino disembarks, the moment he is shot, and the passengers

    reactions when they realized that the person they had just shared a flight with

    was now dead on the tarmac.

    Burton, then in her 40s, was called to testify and became one of close to 200

    witnesses who appeared before the Agrava Fact-Finding Board that

    investigated the assassination. She turned her tape over to prosecutors.

    After an inquiry that lasted a year, the Agrava Board recommended the filing of

    murder charges against several military men before the Sandiganbayan under

    then Justice Manuel Pamaran.

    In December 1985, the Pamaran court acquitted all respondents.In 1986, concerned citizens petitioned the Supreme Court to reopen the case,

    slamming the Pamaran trial as a sham.

    The proof they presented to the Supreme Court: the statement made by former

    Deputy Tanodbayan Manuel Herrera, chief of the prosecution panel in the

    Aquino case, that ousted president Ferdinand Marcos had influenced the

    Tanodbayan (now the Ombudsman) and the Sandiganbayan into acquitting all

    respondents, including Marcos trusted ally and friend, Armed Forces Chief of

    Staff Gen. Fabian C. Ver.

    Magmoro-moro na lang kayo (You just put up a show), Herrera quoted Marcos

    saying in a two-hour meeting with justices and prosecutors in Malacanang whenthe case started.

    Marcos parting words, according to Herrera, were: Thank you for your

    cooperation. I know how to reciprocate.

    Herrera said the trial was scripted, right from the start when the case was

    assigned in a make-believe raffle done in the absence of the media to the

    installation of TV monitors beaming the trial directly to Malacanang, and the

    suppression of vital evidence.

    When Aquinos widow Corazon (Cory) became president, the Supreme Court

    ordered a retrial. The case became a landmark in Philippine jurisprudence on

    exemptions to the rule on double jeopardy.The case was sent back to the Sandiganbayan. The highest official charged in

    the case was Brig. Gen. Luther Custodio, head of the Aviation Security

    Command, the unit of the AFP that maintained security at the airport.

    Ver, one of the respondents in the original case, had fled the country after the

    EDSA People Power revolt toppled the Marcos government. He lived in exile in


  • 8/14/2019 About the Inquirer Lifestyle Series Fitness Fashion with Samsung Fashion Show.docx


    Also charged but later acquitted was Gen. Jesus Singson, deputy chief of the

    Civil Aeronautics Board in 1983.

    Singsons lawyer and son-in-law Mario Bautista remembers the trial and in

    particular the day the Sandiganbayan listened to Burtons tape.

    The court decided to listen to it in the sound studio of former actor Jose MariGonzales in San Juan. The studio was packed with the usual courtroom crowd

    court personnel, prosecutors, defense attorneys, witnesses.

    I remember they decided to dim the lights so that those listening could focus on

    the tape, said Bautista, who is also ABS-CBN legal counsel. And shortly before