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Text of (A UNIT OF SECURITY PRINTING & MINTING CORPORATION OF ... Tender Number: 6000014689 Relaxation of...

  • Tender Number: 6000014689

    India Security Press, (A UNIT OF SECURITY PRINTING & MINTING CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD.)WHOLLY OWNED BY GOVERNMENT OF INDIA Nashik Road-422101 (Maharashtra) (ISO-9001:2008 & 14001:2004 Certified Company) Miniratna Category-I, CPSE Tel.No:+91-253-2402200;Fax No:+91-253-2462718,2466389 e-mail: purchase.isp@spmcil.com Web:http://ispnasik.spmcil.com CIN: U22213DL2006GOI144763 GSTIN: 27AAJCS6111J2Z7 PR Number PR Date Indenter Department 11007985 10.03.2020 PURCHASE Purchase

    Not Transferable

    Security Classification:

    TENDER DOCUMENT FOR PURCHASE OF: TRANSPORTATION OF SECURITY PAPER / OTHER MATERIAL/ MACHINES FROM JAWAHARLAL NEHRU PORT TRUST (NHAVA-SHEVA)/ PORTS AT MUMBAI TO INDIA SECURITY PRESS, NASHIK ROAD & EMPTY CONTAINER RETURN BACK TO THOSE PLACES ON RATE CONTRACT BASIS Tender Number: 6000014689/007/NCB/SY-15- 23(94)/2020, Dated: 23.05.2020 This Tender Document Contains__________Pages. Details of Contact person in SPMCIL regarding this tender: Name: ASHOK SHARMA Designation: Dy. General Manager (Materials) Address: ISPN (India Security Press, Nashik) India

  • Tender Number: 6000014689

    Section1: Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) 6000014689/007/NCB/SY-15-23(94)/2020 08.05.2020

    (SPMCIL's Tender SI No.) (Date) 1. Sealed tenders are invited from eligible and qualified tenderers for supply of following goods & services: Sch d. No.

    Brief Description Of Goods/services

    Quantity (with unit)

    Earnest Money (In Rupee)


    10 Transportation of Paper & Material. 1.000 AU 50000.00 FIFTY THOUSAND ONLY

    Type of Tender (Two Bid/ PQB/ EOI/ RC/ Development/Indigenization/ Disposal of Scrap/ Security Item etc.)

    TWO-BID National Competitive Bid

    Dates of sale of tender documents: From 25.05.2019 to 25.06.2020 during office hours.

    Place of sale of tender documents INDIA SECURITY PRESS, NASHIK ROAD

    Closing date and time for receipt of tenders 26.06.2020 14:30:00 Place of receipt of tenders GREEN GATE, INDIA SECURITY

    PRESS, NASHIK ROAD - 422101 Time and date of opening of tenders 26.06.2020 15:00:00 Place of opening of tenders INDIA SECURITY PRESS, NASHIK

    ROAD Nominated Person/ Designation to Receive Bulky Tenders (Clause 21.21.1 of GIT)

    ASHESHBHAI AVINASHI Deputy General Manager (HR)

    2. Interested tenderers may obtain further information about this requirement from the above

    office selling the documents. They may also visit our website mentioned above for further details. 3. Tender documents may be purchased on payment of non-refundable fee of Rs. 118/- (Rs. One Hundred & Eighteen only) per set in the form of account payee demand draft/ cashier’s cheque/ certified cheque, drawn on a scheduled commercial bank in India, in favour of SPMCIL, Unit ISP, payable at Nashik. 4. If requested, the tender documents will be mailed by registered post/ speed post to the domestic tenderers, for which extra expenditure per set will be Rs 100 for post charges. The tenderer is to add the applicable postage cost in the non-refundable fee mentioned in Para 3 above. 5. Tenderer may also download the tender documents from the web site www.spmcil.com and submit its tender by utilizing the downloaded document, along with the required non-refundable fee as mentioned in Para 3 above. 6. Tenderers shall ensure that their tenders, duly sealed and signed, complete in all respects as per instructions contained in the Tender Documents, are dropped in the tender box located at the address given below on or before the closing date and time indicated in the Para 1 above, failing which the tenders will be treated as late and rejected. 7. Micro and Small Enterprises firm are exempted from submitting Earnest Money Deposit. Please send the copy of valid registration certificate of Micro and Small Enterprises along with the bid/ quotation otherwise the offer will not be considered for above exemption.

  • Tender Number: 6000014689

    Relaxation of norms for Startups on Prior Experience, Prior Turnover Criteria may be given subject to meeting of quality and technical specifications as per circular No. 1(2)(1)2016-MA dated 10.03.2016 issued by Govt. of India, Ministry of Micro, small Enterprises, New Delhi. Make in India Clause/ Registered under startup campaign: The provisions of the Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India/ Registered under startup campaign) order 2017 dated June 15, 2017 (and subsequent amendments, if any) by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, GoI shall apply to this PQB to the extent feasible. The local suppliers are exempted from experience and past performance criteria, and Average Turnover. Local suppliers are not required to provide any proof of supply to other countries/ exports. The bidder company may use the financial criteria of its own holding company or its Principal manufacturer in this case. However, the Holding company and/ or the principal manufacturer/ collaborator will have to counter guarantee the financials and / or bank guarantee as issued for the purpose of this Technical Bid. 8. Price Preference: (a) In tender, participating Micro and Small Enterprises quoting price within price band of L1 + 15 per cent shall also be allowed to supply a portion of requirement by bringing down their price to L1 price in a situation where L1 price is from someone other than a Micro and Small Enterprise and such Micro and Small Enterprise shall be allowed to supply up to 25 per cent of total tendered value. (b) Special provisions for micro and small enterprises owned by SC or ST and Women: Out of 25 percent allowed for procurement from Micro and Small Enterprises, a sub-target of 4% and 3% shall be reserved for procurement from Micro and Small Enterprises owned by the Scheduled Caste or the Scheduled Tribe and Women entrepreneurs respectively. Provided that, in event of failure of such Micro and Small Enterprises to participate in tender process or meet tender requirements and L1 price, 4% and 3% sub- targets for procurement earmarked for Micro and Small Enterprises owned by Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe and Women entrepreneurs shall be met from other Micro and Small Enterprises. 9. MSEs firms are also requested to indicate clearly in their offer if their company is owned by SC/ST/Women proprietorship. 10. NO EXEMPTION WILL BE GIVEN FOR DEPOSITING OF SECURITY DEPOSIT (S.D.) TO ANY DIC/SSI/MSME/NSIC REGISTERED FIRM. 11. If the bidder or any representative of the bidder wants to attend the Bid opening then that person should carry with him /her letter of Authority (Section XVII of SBD) in the same format to be produced at the time of Bid opening and before the bids are opened. 12. The venue of arbitration shall be at Nashik only for all firms i.e. MSME, NSIC registered... 13. Right of acceptance: - The Chief General Manager, India Security Press reserves the right to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof. 14. Clarification of Tender Documents: A Tenderer requiring any clarification or elucidation on any issue of the tender documents may take up the same with SPMCIL in writing or by fax / e-mail/ telex not later than twenty one days (unless otherwise specified in the SIT) prior to the prescribed date of submission of tender. 15. For any queries regarding the tender, you may please contact at 0253-2402219 and 2402419. E-mail purchase.isp@spmcil. com. 16. In the event of any of the above mentioned dates being declared as a holiday/ closed day for the purchase organisation, the tenders will be sold/ received/ opened on the next working day at the appointed time.

  • Tender Number: 6000014689

    17. No correspondence beyond bid due date will be made for shortfall of documentary evidence. Such offers received with shortfall of documentary evidence will be summarily rejected. 18. The tender documents are not transferable.

    .......................................... .......................................... (Name Designation, Adress telephone number etc of the officer signing the document) For and on behalf of ...........................................

  • Tender Number: 6000014689

    Section II: General Instructions to Tenderers (GIT)

    Part 1: General Instructions Applicable to all type of Tenderers


  • Tender Number: 6000014689

    Section III: Specific Instructions to Tenderers (SIT) The following Special Instructions to Tenderers will apply for this purchase. These special instructions will modify/substitute/ supplement the corresponding General Instructions to Tenderers (GIT)incorporated in Section II. The corresponding GIT clause numbers have also been indicated in the text below:In case of any conflict between the provision in the GIT and that in the SIT, the provision contai